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Mime Very Own Book will leave you speechless. It’s a hilarious, visual smorgasbord of some of life’s most awkward moments. It’s an eclectic mix of pop culture, social commentary, and parodies of fairy-tale favorites fi lled with witty prose. Reminiscent of the hit television show Seinfeld or classic newspaper comic strip The Far Side, Mime Very Own Book is a poignant and relevant commentary on humanity that still manages to be about nothing. The creators are convinced you’ll love this book as much as you hate mimes! Words can’t describe the feeling you’ll have after reading Mime Very Own Book!

Frank ’n mime

We don’t talk anymore

Mime, a Llama, ding-dong

MIME VERY OWN BOOK Model: Doug Jones Photographer: Eric Curtis Authors: Scott Allen Perry and Adam C. Mock ISBN# 978-1605422-55-8 256 Pages 8.25” X 10.25” Trade Paperback US $24.95 / CDN $27.95 DECEMBER 2011

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814 North Franklin Street Chicago, IL 60610 800-888-4741 p: 312-337-0747 f: 312-337-5985

1020 Cedar Avenue Suite 216 Saint Charles, IL 60174 p: 630-513-8316 f: 630-513-8362

Mime Very Own Book  

Mime Very Own Book

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