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M i M a V eD e s i g nP h o t o P o r t f o l i o


W h a ,t W h o M i M a V eD e s i g n

P h o t o


iMaVe is an abreviation of my Names. I have a Masters Degree in languages with studies in cultural issues, philosophy and sociology. Sociology even to the point of doing the post grad studies. I think I understand the complexities of communication, meaning, semantics/ semiotics in their specific contexts in a profound way.

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e r e c e n t s t u f f

A l l R i g h t s R e s e r v e d .

s for the practical side of things I have a vocational degree in Media and also some coding and 3d/ gamification studies at university level. In other words I understand how meaning and communication function and can also practically do and produce most of the media related tasks thinkable. But if there is something unfamiliar to me I am also a fast learner with an active inquisitive mind.

I've done in the fields of photography. Graphic Design, Multimedia and Web Design

E v e r y t h i n g b y M i M a V eD e s i g nP h o t o


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Nature is something

I hold very dear to my heart. The beauty of our sorroundings are immense, but many times our

h u m a n a c t i v i t i e s a r e t e r r i b l e t o t h e nature. There is no humans without nature.

of thinking is another.

f course I do product photography, portrait photography. And I do really like working with light, flashes, modifiers etc. studio stuff, but that's another discussion...

A l o t o f m y p h o t o g r a p h y is used on timelapse videos. The waterfall image on the side is a frame from a timelaps e project. The way
D e s i g n Digital Art Bitmap Graphic Design 3d Graphic Design Fully animatable! T I st class I've of and
r a p h i c

Character creation, animation, storytelling

These past couple of years I've mainly worked on 3d and bitmap Graphics , but ill enjoy a lot working with sical vector style graphics. worked on the integration 3d graphics on web, video ordinary graphic contexts.Both svg (vector) style graphics and 3d are viable for most things. It's in the end a question what one wants...

4k, timelapse plus graphics and multichannel field recordings. B do everything by your self

Example project in Ardour with a complex soundtrack composition for video.

From the field, from imagination, to a you perspective. From perspective comes knowledge and insight.

mes a functioning

ld of media gives s e . lps the result.

W e b D e s i g n

eb and web design is an interesting and complex whole. There is a lot of possibilities and a lot of ifs. Lately I've mostly been trying to figure out what is the best way to implement 3d graphics to web design. Game engine based web pages aren't

example case of using 3d. Bespoken 3d graphics for web design can be found on my Finnish blog and site: Where all the main pages have 3d based page images and also some 3d based gif animations.


really here quite yet, perhaps in the future?

I've come to the conclusion that using rendered stills from 3d object or for example gif animation is usable and as internet connections become quicker this and video in different forms are becoming more and more usable.

I've done some stuff on the coding side of things also, but I think with the recent and ongoing development on Wordpress, which I mostly use, has shifted the making of individual web design and sites from the coding side to the content, graphics side. You can do a lot now without needing to code anything and the development is going on.

But it's still good to have some understanding of the base of Wordpess theme building, but most of all for tweaks css understanding is important, even though the theme.json file handles more on more of this. But in the end JS, html needs css. In the future it's more layout web design, but the importance of graphics, images and of the understanding of how to implement them is in my opinion crucial.

When there is more and more material on the web to use be it free or premium the way to differentiate from all the others is by producing the graphics, images and media so that it's bespoken to the site.

W h a t e l s e ?

Ican write almost anything in most of the literary genres, from poetry to scientific at least in English, Finnish and Swedish. I also have some knowledge from many other languages. My storytelling skills and wealth if ideas are real. Give me material or a context and I'll give you an end product with or without visuals, with or without sound etc. Most of the media fields are familiar to me as you have seen from this portfolio -leaflet. Combine that with deep understanding of cultural, communicative, societal and organizational issues. Then only the lack of imagination is a hinderance. As mentioned before the borders of imagination in my case are not very near. Time and resources are the things that frame the results, this is reality and that is the way it is. This is the context we work in.

About me

usic is in the core of what I am. It is like the half formed music gives rise to everything else I do. It is not specific music, just a dancing of ideas and contexts. This is what I am. Be it music or something else, music I think is a good way to describe it. As for the real world and music. There is J. S. Bach and only J.S. Bach, the beginning and end of music. Ok, that's a bit rich. There is a lot of wonderful stuff in the world of music, but there is something in the baroque, late baroque era and especially


Bach. I really also enjoy "minimalism" Pärt, Reich etc. I see the value in most of music. I'm a big fan of progressive music: Yes, Gentle Giant, King Crimson. I try to explore everything I get my hands on be it world music, different genres etc. I even listened through a hiphop/rap anthology and it was a test of will. If there is a genre of music that has only marginally helped music further it's hiphop/rap. Of course there is some good in it also, but in the whole it is **** . In the end I always find myself going back to Bach. I'm just being honest here so you can get an Idea of who I am and what I like. I like nature, I like nature sounds. Nature makes symphonies all the time and the more you listen and hear the more beauty you find. Making field recordings and music with field recording is wonderful. I like art, I like antiques, but if there is a style I like the most it's the Jugend/ Art nouveau style period. But baroque, rococo and some of the modern Mies van der Rohe etc. stuff has it's value. I 'm open to anything and you can learn something from everything if you are open to questioning your own thoughts and feelings. If you don't explore your thoughts and feelings there is no evolution. If you are in a blissful unconsiousness you can't feel or think anything new just want to be in the safe zone. By analyzing yourself and contrasting it to the world you can see and experience new thing, but who am I to say? I end up always going back to Bach? Is this just another recursion to the safe zone? Who knows, but at least I try to evolve, or can it be that this search is only a way to strenghten my own beliefs and thoughts. Who knows? DO you? Ok enough of that Philosophical potato soup... In the end it's all about trying to learn who you are and avoiding being an idiot. I try to...

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