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Diversity NOW All Walks Beyond the Catwalk.

“People in the fashion industry – and in the creative industries generally – genuinely want to promote and celebrate health, happiness and beauty, both inside and out” - Caryn Franklin

Team Photoshoot Different body shapes Beauty ideals Proportion, the golden formula Androgyny

Naomi Wolf - “Iron Maiden” an unachievable aspiration for women - “Women are under assault by the "beauty myth" in five areas: work, religion, sex, violence, and hunger.” - Claims that there as women achieve more socially and politically there is a bigger pressure to look better “During the past decade, women breached the power structure; meanwhile, eating disorders rose exponentially and cosmetic surgery became the fastest-growing specialty”

Beth Ditto ‘LOVE’ Cover Sensationalising or inspiring?



DOVE – CAMPAIGN FOR REAL BEAUTY NATIONAL NEWS AND STATS “In the UK half of teenage girls aged 14-15 want to lose weight” JULY 24, 2012

“Despite the fact that many 14-15 year old girls are the picture of health more than half want to lose weight. That’s the astonishing finding of a new study done by the Schools Health Education Unit who found that 58 per cent 
of female pupils that age would like to shed some weight”

The Idea ILLUSTRATION: Most fashion drawings feature an exaggerated, stretched and narrow body. Could curvaceous voluptuous bodies or the beauty of older women be showcased in a successful illustration? How would the male body be portrayed? Diversity rules.

For my competition entry I plan to produce 3 illustrations showing different body shapes and sizes. I will also address diversity in skin colour by not recognising typical skin tones but experimenting with bold bright colours such as bright blues and purples.

Inspiration Sarah Hankinson

Inspiration Grayson Perry

Inspiration Liselotte Watkins

diverity now  

presentation reflecting on my learning during my module 'communication and message' and how this has inspired my work for my entry to the Di...

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