2020 Annual Report

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March–May 2021 Annual Report Edition

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An Instrument’s Hundred-Year Journey to MIM


New Sights and Sounds in MIM’s Galleries


Flagbearer Spotlight: Musicnotes


Assembling Congo Masks and Music: Masterpieces from Central Africa


Instruments from the State of Zulia Showcase Venezuela’s Unique Musical Genres


MIM Appoints New Curator for Asia

Internationally renowned Yellow Bird Productions presents a performance of music, dances, and stories representing the Apache, Arikara, and Hidatsa Nations during MIM’s Celebrate Local event in January 2021. The event highlighted the state’s vibrant community of musicians, featuring Latin jazz and Americana as well as Native American music in outdoor and socially distant performances. Join MIM on February 27 and 28 for a second Celebrate Local event and support local artists while safely enjoying live music.


Donor List


Teacher Spotlight: Julia Georges


New Spring Virtual Programs Now Available


Donor Spotlight: KPMG


Spring Has Sprung at MIM


MIM in 2020

Rated Phoenix’s #1 attraction and ranked in the top 15 museums in the United States.


MISSION STATEMENT The Musical Instrument Museum® (MIM) enriches our world by collecting, preserving, and making accessible an astonishing variety of musical instruments and performance videos from every country in the world. MIM offers guests a welcoming and fun experience, incomparable interactive technology, dynamic programming, and exceptional musical performances. MIM fosters appreciation of the world’s diverse cultures by showing how we innovate, adapt, and learn from each other to create music—the language of the soul. 2

MIM’s STEM virtual field trip contributor and Arizona State University physics demonstration specialist Don Balanzat films a frequency and resonance demonstration. Launched in January, this new virtual field trip video collection explains how science brings music to life using inquiry, hands-on exploratory investigation, and demonstrations. Learn more on page 22.

LETTER FROM THE DIRECTOR Dear MIM Friends and Supporters, Deeply embedded in our core values is the practice of consistently improving all aspects of the MIM experience. Often, that happens by changing the objects on display that reflect the world’s diverse musical traditions and cultures. Over the last few weeks, the team has continued updating exhibits with rich, engaging new content and recent acquisitions (page 4). The Turkey and Egypt displays in the Middle East Gallery have changed dramatically, in addition to several updates made at the Switzerland and France exhibits that feature local and traditional music styles. Within the Europe Gallery, the new Keyboard Instruments display highlights the historical evolution of one of the most recognizable instruments in the world. As interpreters and storytellers of the world’s musical traditions, MIM’s curators focus on delivering an interesting and fun experience for guests that invites appreciation of different global cultures. In an interview on page 5 with MIM’s deputy director and chief curator Manuel Jordán, PhD, you’ll read about what it was like to develop the extraordinary Congo Masks and Music: Masterpieces from Central Africa exhibition that has inspired and delighted our audiences. Completing the curatorial team, MIM recently appointed a new curator for Asia, and we are delighted to welcome Eddie Chia-Hao Hsu to the organization (page 12). Originally from Taiwan and most recently an adjunct faculty member at Temple University, Eddie arrived at MIM just a few weeks ago and has already turned his attention to exciting improvements throughout the Asia Gallery. Virtual programming continues to fulfill an important need in our educational community. MIM is fortunate to have strong partners like KPMG, who recognize MIM’s commitment to helping children develop cognitively, emotionally, and physically with music, whether through on-site field trip experiences or high-quality virtual content. MIM is grateful for KPMG’s enduring partnership (page 24), and we look forward to continuing our work together to enrich even more lives. Your ongoing support of MIM is greatly appreciated, and we hope to see you again very soon! Very best wishes,

April A. Salomon Executive Director

Community Champion (2020) —Greater Phoenix Chamber IMPACT Awards




BOARD OF DIRECTORS Forward-looking leaders keep MIM on track in its mission and strategic plan. Their vision guides us. Their enthusiasm inspires us. Their commitment carries us into the future.

ADVISORY BOARD MIM’s Advisory Board is composed of individuals with a breadth of skills, leadership talents, and resources that help MIM move forward. We are thankful for their support.

Robert J. Ulrich Founder and Board Chairman, MIM; Retired CEO and Chairman Emeritus, Target Corporation Eric J. Bieber President and Chief Executive Officer, Rochester Regional Health Richard T. Burke Board Vice Chairman, MIM; Chairman and Founder, UnitedHealth Group; General Partner, Rainy Partners Richard D. Burns Board Vice Chairman, MIM; The Richard and Babette Addona Burns Charitable Fund John D’Addario Jr. President, D’Addario Foundation Gail J. Dorn Board Secretary, MIM; Chairwoman and CEO, Catholic Schools Center of Excellence (CSCOE) Matthew P. Feeney Chair, Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. Marc L. Felix International Expert on African Art; Organizer and Curator of International Exhibitions on African Arts Michael R. Francis Founder and CEO, Farview Associates Robert G. McMahon Retired SVP, Property Development, Target Corporation Judith C. Pelham President Emerita, Trinity Health April A. Salomon Executive Director, MIM Gary R. Tobey Chairman and CEO, Haworth Marketing and Media Robert G. Weston, Jr. CFO, Alliance Residential Company

Stacia Andersen Executive Vice President, Merchandising and Customer Experience, PetSmart Patrick F. Heigl Brand Manager, Sanderson Lincoln-Ford Jeanne L. Herberger, PhD Vice President, Herberger Enterprises, Inc.; Honorary MIM Advisory Board Member Ronald L. Jones President, Ron & Linda Jones Family Foundation; Chair & CEO, Help in Healing Home Foundation, The Village at Mayo Clinic Justin Karim Senior Manager, Global Security Operations Center, Amazon Matthew K. Mains Senior Vice President and Market Manager, U.S. Bank Commercial Real Estate Randy Schneewind CEO, The Berg Group, LLC Robert E. Smith Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Pinnacle West Capital Corporation and Arizona Public Service Company Bruce Tominello Retired Senior Brand Manager, Target Corporation James J. Widland Retired Attorney, Miller Stratvert P.A. Law Offices Melinda A. Xanthos Managing Partner, KPMG Phoenix VOLUNTEER TEAM MEMBER CORE TEAM MIM’s Volunteer CORE Team is an advisory group of dedicated volunteers who give us valuable input on museum operations, support the Volunteer Department, and help increase awareness of MIM. Paula Bollogh Meredyth Corbett Dan Elder

Marjorie Moring Michael Perkins Doug Whitney

Syria Egypt



AN INSTRUMENT’S HUNDRED-YEAR JOURNEY TO MIM Each instrument in MIM’s extensive collection tells a unique story about the musicians who played it and the places it has traveled. MIM recently added to its collection an exquisitely inlayed ‘ūd that carries a remarkable narrative of global travel. The instrument was made in Egypt in 1919 by Mahmoud Ali—one of the most renowned luthiers of the time—and acquired by an affluent Syrian tobacco merchant and talented musician named Georgi Behna in the 1940s. Local musicians reportedly invited Behna, who was working and living in Egypt, to perform with them at King Farouk’s palace, where he then played this ‘ūd. The ‘ūd traveled back with Behna to Aleppo, Syria. Around 1957, the family moved to Venezuela, where MIM’s newly acquired ‘ūd became a legend in the Venezuelan Arab community for its sound quality, imaginative design, and the skillful performances of Behna’s son, Georges Mouchaty Aswad. A well-known Venezuelan performer and recording artist, Aswad worked for the Saudi Arabian embassy in Venezuela and played this ‘ūd, nicknamed “the Unique,” at diplomatic functions and on trips to the Middle East. His recordings were played on radio stations in Venezuela, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia. MIM acquired the instrument from Georgi Behna’s grandson, Mouchaty (George) Toufic, who has treasured memories of his grandfather and father playing the instrument now on display at the Egypt exhibit. ▪

‘Ūd made by Egyptian luthier Mahmoud Ali in 1919 3

Partial view of the Turkey display, which includes several new and extremely rare instruments

NEW SIGHTS AND SOUNDS IN MIM’S GALLERIES Recent acquisitions and instruments now on display A drive to innovate and find ways to constantly improve the 367 exhibits in our galleries is one of the characteristics that makes MIM a world-renowned institution. Despite customs delays and challenges related to the global health crisis, MIM curators have secured many acquisitions and made extensive updates to displays in the Middle East and North Africa Gallery and Europe Gallery over the last several months. The Turkey display has some of the most comprehensive changes within the Middle East and North Africa Gallery, with thirteen new instruments of historical significance, including nine recent acquisitions. Many of the new additions are early twentieth-century examples consistent with historical Ottoman-Turkish traditions. A notable and 4

1912 ‘ūd made by “El Gohary”

Late nineteenth-century orchestral music box made in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland

interesting exception is a cūmbūs made circa 1931, which blends the ‘ūd with features of the American banjo. The enhanced Egypt exhibit now features two significant early twentieth-century ‘ūds, among other additions. One ‘ūd was made in Egypt in 1919 by the renowned luthier Mahmoud Ali; the other was made by famous luthier Khalil Ibrahim al-Jawhari, or “El Gohary,” in 1912, and is in almost perfect condition. Gohary made instruments for Egypt’s top players until the 1960s. In addition to these rare ‘ūds, eleven other excellent instruments from MIM’s collection are now included in the display. In the Europe Gallery, updates to the Switzerland and France exhibits provide more detail about local traditional music.

The Switzerland exhibit showcases iconic instruments, such as alphorns, which are made by halving, hollowing, and binding trees bent by snow. The display also includes

Partial view of the Egypt exhibit, which now features two exquisite ‘ūds and several new instruments from MIM’s collection 5

The updated France display highlights a 500-year-old musical practice in Brittany and new instruments. a fine late nineteenth-century orchestral music box from Sainte-Croix, where the first music boxes were made using techniques developed by Swiss watchmakers.


The France exhibit features a bombarde (double-reed pipe) and biniou kozh (bagpipe) that are native to Brittany and made by well-regarded Breton pipe maker Dorig Le Voyer. MIM’s excellent example of this duo of instruments is traditionally played together in the sonneurs de couple, a 500-year-old musical practice in Brittany. The biniou kozh has a high pitch, continuously playing an octave above the bombarde, which joins in for a call-and-response style.

Biniou kozh (bagpipe) made by Dorig Le Voyer

The new Keyboard Instruments exhibit introduces guests to the historic development of the keyboard as a mechanism for initiating sound from a variety of instruments, from early keyboard instruments like the spinet, organs, and clavichord, to the grand piano, accordions, synthesizers, and more.

A bentside spinet made in London around 1700, an 1840 upright grand piano made by renowned manufacturer John Broadwood & Sons, and a mid-twentieth-century synthesizer called an Ondioline are highlights of the display. ▪

FLAGBEARER SPOTLIGHT: MUSICNOTES Flagbearers support MIMʼs exhibits and the musical stories they share By sponsoring the display of their choosing, Flagbearers support MIM’s programs and directly engage with the musical history of the collection. Special benefits include the choice of an instrument displaying their name, recognition on MIM’s donor wall, and more. A recent MIM Flagbearer and the world’s leading digital sheet music retailer, Musicnotes, selected the Chickering piano on display at the Domestic Music exhibit to sponsor. Duncan Hearn, Director of Marketing and Design at Musicnotes, says, “Millions of our customers play the piano as their primary instrument, so this partnership was a natural fit for us.

We’re proud to honor the history of the version at MIM and encourage music lovers to visit FL AGBEARER the exhibit!” When asked why Musicnotes chose MIM, Hearn says, “MIMʼs values align very closely with our own; we have over 7 million customers globally and we publish a diverse selection of sheet music from legendary composers to contemporary songwriting stars and arrangers of the future. Weʼre advocates for creating and preserving music so that everyone can enjoy it for generations to come!” Contact advancement@MIM.org for information about the Flagbearers program. ▪

The new Keyboard Instruments display, located in the Europe Gallery


Curator Manuel Jordán (second from left) with Senior Lunda Chief Ishindi (far left) and court officials

ASSEMBLING CONGO MASKS AND MUSIC: MASTERPIECES FROM CENTRAL AFRICA Interview with MIM curator Manuel Jordán MIM’s deputy director and chief curator Manuel Jordán, PhD, is an African art historian with decades of expertise. Jordán co-curated MIM’s current special exhibition, Congo Masks and Music: Masterpieces from Central Africa, with Marc Felix, MIM board member and international expert on African art, in collaboration with the prestigious Africa Museum in Brussels, Belgium. The exhibition highlights musical traditions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and nearby regions through more than 150 rare and elaborate masks, instruments, and authentic outfits worn in ceremonies. We asked Jordán to discuss his background and share some insights about assembling Congo Masks and Music. 8

How did you become interested in the Democratic Republic of the Congo? When I was a graduate student at the University of Iowa, I took a seminar about art from the DRC. I knew that the African continent had produced some of the most exquisite and creative art forms known to mankind, and I wanted to know more about it. Through a conference with African art academics held as part of the seminar, I fell in love with it. I was greatly impressed with the fact that African art is lived—it has to do with initiations, healing, and understanding human beings’ relation to spirits. I decided to switch my PhD from contemporary art to African art history. It’s been a passion of mine ever since.

How did you formulate the idea to pair masks, costumes, and instruments in an exhibition? As a graduate student, I received a grant to live in Zambia for two years. I stayed with a cultural group whose territories extend into the DRC and Angola, and I experienced the initiations, rituals, and celebrations firsthand. I maintained relationships from that time, and I still call people from the same village where I worked to ask questions. I felt we had to do full outfits for MIM’s special exhibition, along with masks and instruments, so people can get an idea of what the masked characters look like and the presence they have. I had to call my friends in Zambia and ask them to recommend village leaders to speak to or help us secure the materials, which they did. Some of the mask outfits in the exhibit were made possible by our contacts in Africa who were helping us out and putting them together. Can you share some of the installation process for the exhibition? The masks that are included in the exhibition are really valuable, one-of-a-kind pieces, so mount making and any handling of the 70-plus instruments, as well as the masks,

Mannequins dressed in authentic outfits had to be done with more than usual care. The mount-making team, MIM preparators Hannes Garrett and Brian Cummings in particular, had to figure out how to display these masks and costumes from the inside out with incredible attention to detail. Costumes represent the body of an ancestor, and we’re using mannequins in place of a human being who would be wearing it and dancing it. There’s a lot of tweaking and redesigning and repositioning to make the display as realistic as possible. The team did a great job. Congo Masks and Music: Masterpieces from Central Africa, presented by U.S. Bank, has been extended to September 12, 2021. MIM is grateful to Marc Felix, the exhibition’s principal lender, Henry Lu of Ethnic Art and Culture Limited in Hong Kong, Guido Gryseels, director of the Africa Museum in Belgium, and Bob Ulrich and Diane Sillik for their significant loans to this exceptional exhibition. For more details, visit exhibition.MIM.org. ▪

Mask with perched bird headdress, Yaka people, Ukwango zone, mid-20th c. Loan courtesy of Robert J. Ulrich and Diane Sillik 9

INSTRUMENTS FROM THE STATE OF ZULIA SHOWCASE VENEZUELA’S UNIQUE MUSICAL GENRES The recently enhanced Venezuela exhibit features more than 10 musical genres, fresh content with explanations of region-specific musical traditions, and 12 new instruments from the state of Zulia. MIM curator for Latin America and the Middle East, Daniel Piper, PhD, worked tirelessly with former Museo de la Gaita directors and gaita musicians José “Cheo” Romero and Arcadio Martínez throughout the summer of 2020 to obtain pieces that represent the regional musical culture of Zulia. These acquisitions help to illustrate the fusion of diverse cultural influences within Venezuelan gaita and chimbángueles de San Benito, two of the musical genres specifically highlighted in the display.

“Cheo and Arcadio are not only researchers, but gaita musicians and devotees of San Benito, so it was very personal for them to collect and send these instruments, each bearing part of the souls of cherished individuals from these traditions. Zulianos are very proud of their regional culture, and many would be full of emotion seeing these instruments at such a prestigious global music museum,” says Piper. Gaita originated in Zulia neighborhood gatherings in the 1950s and is most often heard at Christmastime. The genre fuses African, indigenous, and Spanish influences to create improvised songs that reflect the concerns of its performers, including politics,

The Venezuela display now features several new instruments from the state of Zulia, as well as other additions. 10

A 1960s cuatro from Zulia used in gaita music

Hear examples of these vibrant Venezuelan genres on YouTube:

“Orinoco”—Rincón Morales “Chocho – Aje”—Un Solo Pueblo

religion, and family. A traditional gaita contained a six-line chorus, alternated with a four-line verse, and was accompanied by the furro (friction drum), the cuatro (a fourstringed guitar), the charrasca (a ridged metal scraper), and the maraca. Other household items could also be used as instrumentation, such as a spoon or soda bottle. From the 1960s to the 1980s, gaita became nationally popular in Venezuela and additional Latin band instruments were later added to tracks in commercial recordings. Of the many special instruments MIM acquired from Zulia, two furro, one from 1959 and another played after 1979 by famous gaiteros Rincón Morales, demonstrate the way the design of this friction drum evolved as gaita ensembles started to record and perform concerts. Another prominent musical style in Zulia is chimbángueles, an Afro-Venezuelan genre. African peoples brought to Venezuela as slaves during Spanish colonial times carried

Cheo Romero plays the chimbángueles flute acquired for MIM.

musical and spiritual elements from their past lives to their new realities. Descendants in Zulia singing in regional Spanish dialect have reinterpreted this African heritage within the genre of chimbángueles de San Benito. The genre typically features seven drums, four of which are “male” and three “female,” as well as a regional flute and maraca. The instruments are played at the feast of AjéBenito and at other religious celebrations. San Benito is a local patron saint in Zulia, while Ajé is a deity from the Dahomey Kingdom (present-day Benin). A maraca that belonged to Olivia López, a renowned singer of both the gaita and chimbángueles genres, as well as an unpainted pair of drums—the two largest of the seven played for the feast of San Benito, reserved for ancestral rites— are just a few of the instruments on display at MIM that offer a direct experience with musical diversity in Venezuela. ▪ 11

MIM curator Eddie Chia-Hao Hsu

MIM APPOINTS NEW CURATOR FOR ASIA A new chapter in the Asia Gallery MIM is delighted to welcome a new curator for the Asia Gallery, Eddie Chia-Hao Hsu. A Taiwan native and accomplished Chinese dizi flute performer, Hsu received his PhD and master’s degrees in ethnomusicology from the University of Texas at Austin. His research concentrations were Taiwanese and Chinese musical culture and the institutionalization and teaching of traditional music in East Asia. Most recently, Hsu taught as an adjunct faculty member in Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University in Philadelphia. We spoke with Hsu about his new role at MIM: What excites you about music and instruments from Asia? There are so many instrument connections in East Asia, especially instruments from China, Korea, and Japan. There were frequent cultural exchanges between the 12

regions around the seventh century—many instruments share surprising similarities in appearance, sounding mechanisms, and construction styles. I’m very interested in how each one of these instruments represents significant evidence of the development of traditional music in each country, while also demonstrating vibrant musical and cultural exchanges. What do you hope to accomplish at MIM? My main goal at MIM is to expand our collection of Asian instruments and engage guests by contributing to their understanding not just of music in Asia, but of the cultural diversity around them. I also hope to create the kind of stories that highlight the uniqueness of each tradition and cultural aspects shared among the peoples of particular geographic regions. ▪

Students enjoy instruments in the Experience Gallery.

WE GRATEFULLY ACKNOWLEDGE OUR DONORS, MEMBERS, AND COMMUNITY PARTNERS Thanks to all who help sustain MIM and fuel its growth This list reflects donors who gave $250+ from January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020. $1 MILLION+ Bob Ulrich & Diane Sillik M C $150,000+ Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust $100,000+ Richard T. Burke PNC Bank Schneewind Family Foundation $70,000+ The Molly Blank Fund John & Joan DʼAddario Foundation Roberta Flack C

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Guests participate in a bomba drumming workshop during MIM’s 10 th anniversary event in November 2020. Greg & Valerie Esgar Gary & Kathy Falk Joan & Edward Feddern Richard & Deborah Felder Tom & Janet Feldman Joanne & James Feller

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Joanne Rose-Johnson & Robert Johnson Karen & Jay Johnson Karen & Frick Jones Bob & Laura Joyner Barbara & Donald Kammerzell Shirley & George Karas Karl Kasowski Kerry-Ben & Linda Kelly Robert L. Kern Neal Kerr Joseph & Marcia Ketchum Rebecca Smith-Kevern & Thomas Kevern Marti & Steve Kiely Bill & Mary King Michael & Susan King Elayne Kitchen & Irwin Gorman Joy Kleiman Gabrielle Klein Michael Kornreich & Dona Levy

Mary Lou Lyding Michael & Denise Machell Stephen & Joyce Manes James & Nina Mann John & Connie Manogian Kellie & Don Manthe Mark + Michelle Richard & Heather Marmor Irene & William Marsh Ralph & Roxanne Martin Joseph & Carol Mattingly Janice Maudlin Stefanie Mazur Ann & David McClain Tim & Beth McDowell Joyce McGowan Beverly McLaggan J. Mednik & K. Supman Jane & Jim Meeker Janet & John Melamed Messier/Pope

“I adore this museum but my grandchildren are huge fans . . . that says it all! Magnificent.” —MIM guest, Yelp Barbara & Ken Hand Michael & Kathleen Hanley Lynn Hardin & Joey Huffman Michel Hebrant Carl & Margaret Hedlund John & Carol Henderson Maxine Henig Barbara & Trey Higgens Hite Family Brian Hofmann & Christopher Fill Ken & Beth Holec Marcia & Mark Holman Edward & LaRue Howard Delores & Warren Huebner The Huette Family Jana Huggins & Lee Nickloy Nancy Husband The Ironwood Foundation Fran Johansen Branch Johnson & Holly Daetwyler

Robert & Sandra Krause Max Krimmel In memory of H. E. & Maud Schabacker C Richard & Mary Beth Kustra Walter Lake Mark & Cynthia Lamkin Edward Lang Linda & William Langer Susan & Robert Lanting Jeff Largay Margaret & Mike Larrenaga Joseph J. & Joyce L. Lavin Thomas Leavitt & Darcy Goodman Dr. Terence & Mrs. Marcia Lenhardt Sara Lieberman Hampton & Leslie Locklear Judy M. Loker Bill & Grace Lund

Susan Miller J. P. & Monique Millon Saundra K. Minckley Debra & Rick Mishler Jack & Barb Mitchell Chad & Allison Modra George Monoson Cynthia Montague Moore Family Foundation James & Kathleen Moran Ellenor Mueller & William B. Stern Bob & Edit Murray Rosemary Nadeau Rick & Nancy Nelson John & Judy Nerison Paul Neuman Kathleen Norton Maledon Peter & Sarah Novak William & Mary Novotny Tim & Karen OʼDonovan Brian OʼKeeffe & Melinda Wilson


$500+ continued Keith & Cynthia Otsuka Scott & Terri Owen Debra Paget & Jeff Berg Jonathan & Robin Painter Cecil & Wilma Patterson Deborah & Darry Pearson James & Rosemary Peters John & Carol Peterson Petrides/Switsky Family Joe & Susan Perdew Doug & Chiquita Pierce Ellen & Walter Poor Allan & Nancy Poster William & Karen Powell Greg & Nikki Price Gerald Quartana Kyle D. Rakestraw Pat & Gilbert Raposo Barbara Montgomery-Ratcliff & James Ratcliff Rauschelbach/Krull Family

Steven & Judy Schwartz Karen & Henry Seduski Barry & George-Ann Silverman Barry & Nancy Slavin Bob Smith Ian Smith Keeley Smith Mel & Debra Smith Bob & Cathy Snair Joanne & Frederick Soued Sue & Austin Spitzer Robert Staley Melissa Stanton Jerre & Mary Joy Stead Harvey Stedman Lou & Larry Stein Rosamond Stern Bill & Lynne Stevens Jim & Judy Stoddard Mark & Susan Stodola Ann & Ryan Stone Howard & Cathy Stone

Pam & Jack Watson Rick & Rita Weinstein John & Lynn White Wiener-Levine Family Charitable Fund Gary & Nicole Williams Tom & Carol Williams Jerry & Susie Wilson Timothy J. Windle & Anne Marie Windle Gerald Wissink Elaine & Marshall Wong Karen S. Wood-Nackard Mark & Janet Worthington Diana & Del Worthington Karen Yamasaki & Patrick OʼLeary Joyce & E. Leslie Young Steve & Sue Zollner Lee Zuker

“A magical place unlike any musical museum in the world.” —MIM guest, Yelp

Richard & Linda Rich Emily-May & Jim Richards Hallie & Steve Richards Judy & James Rifkin Annabel Rimmer & Ron Cates Gail A. Rittenhouse Rosalind K. Robinson Lisa & Larry Rogoff Merle & Steve Rosskam Shari & Thomas Rotherham Coni & Gary Salwin Susan & Bill Sands Sarah Santana Joshua Sawicki Janet & Philip Schempf Jacqueline Schenkein & Michael Schwimmer Karen Scherr Jim & Jill Schlesinger Bonnie & Roger Schmidt Lyrna & Michael Schoon


Denise Stravia Dorry & Harry Sunenshine Martin & Colleen Taucher Margaret A. Taylor Roslyn & Bret Tayne David Thomas & Lynda Soucy D. Thompson & B. Kellogg Tom & Laurie Thompson William Torrey Beth & Ron Trachy Jeffrey & J.R. Trevas Carolyn & James Tripp Mark & Linda Truitt Pat & Phil Turberg Rick Ueable Chartuniewicz Vaz Craig Walker Richard Walter M C Thomas Wareing Richard Warren The Waters Family

$250+ Anonymous (68) Eric Adolph & Teresa Beam John & Sharon Ady The Ainsworth Family Judy & Rory Albert Martha & Bryan Albue Michael & Suzy Alpern Charline Anderson Ronald & Cinda Angulo Joseph & Barbara Anshell Albert Aragon & Valentina Bailey Linda S. Avery Elyssa & Chuck Baltazar Mark & Ann Barker Ron Barnes Sandy & J.B. Barnet Roy & Wendy Barnett Jeanann & Bob Bartels Robert Baryla & Deanna Ikeya Joyce & Kenneth Bash

Teacher Julia Georges and students on a 2016 field trip to MIM

TEACHER SPOTLIGHT: JULIA GEORGES Middle school educator uses MIM’s virtual programs to connect with students In past years, Osborn Middle School band teacher Julia Georges participated in MIMʼs on-site field trips with her classes many times and enjoyed watching her students improvise in the Experience Gallery and learn about new instruments from around the world. Teaching exclusively online since March 2020, Georges was one of the many educators across the country who utilized MIM’s popular fall virtual programs in her online classroom when they became available in September 2020. Georges was confident the museum’s video collections would provide engaging, standards-based content for her students. “The virtual Artist Residency was so much fun. My students really loved the live question and answer session—what a treat! As an educator, I loved the whole experience. The pre-performance materials were very thorough and interactive. The performance itself was educational, with moments along the way to explain to students what exactly they were observing, and why certain things were significant. Most importantly, it was fun. If students are having fun, theyʼre learning,” says Georges.

Georges says MIM’s engaging content especially appealed to students struggling with online learning. “I had a handful of students that, before our MIM virtual field trip, had not participated at all in virtual learning. Suddenly, they logged in for the trip. Since they logged in about a month ago, theyʼve kept coming to our band classes. MIM was the ‘hook’ I needed for some kiddos.” When asked why she thinks virtual programs like MIM’s are important, Georges says, “Music is healing and transformative, and it’s so powerful to give our students the opportunity to explore music from all over the world. These programs help facilitate those conversations in my classroom, and Iʼm so grateful for all the work MIM put into experiences like this. It makes such a huge difference.” For more details on MIM’s new spring virtual programs, visit MIM.org/virtual-education-programs. ▪


MIM’s spring virtual Artist Residency features rapper Mega Ran (center) with appearances by local visual artist Kris Rhymes (far left), music industry entrepreneur Michael “Felix” Gamarano, and dancers Leah Roman and Andrea “RaeRae” Pentecostes from Jukebox Dance Studio (right).

NEW SPRING VIRTUAL PROGRAMS NOW AVAILABLE MIM expands online repertoire with programs exploring STEM and hip hop The success of MIM’s virtual field trip and Artist Residency video collections in the fall of 2020 revealed the urgent need for quality online programming to support educators and engage students. Schools representing more than 1 million students received access to fall offerings, which included the popular virtual Musical Menagerie and Discovery Tours. MIM’s fall virtual Artist Residency provided students with an interactive, informative, and fun virtual concert, in addition to the chance to directly interact with performers. These virtual programs provided 22

at-home learners around the country—and the world—with essential access to music. Now joining the virtual Discovery and Musical Menagerie Tours, MIM’s new virtual STEM Tour examines the relationship between music and science, technology, engineering, and math. The virtual STEM Tour is built on Arizona K–12 and Next Generation Science Standards and includes seven inquiry-based tour videos, a MIM Orientation Video, an educator guide, and student activity sheets. MIM’s innovative approach to STEM education explores different types of instruments and how they work as the basis for scientific discovery. From an understanding that musical instruments vibrate—and create sound waves—in five different ways comes investigation into the physics of sound waves, the industrial design of musical instruments, and even the mathematical basis of rhythm. Throughout the tour videos, students participate in hands-on activities,

STEM demonstration: changing a talking drumʼs frequency (pitch) visit MIM exhibits, and think critically as they gain understanding of how science brings music to life. Arizona State University physics demonstration specialist Don Balanzat joins the MIM team on-screen in one video, offering special insight into instruments such as the electric guitar and the theremin. Balanzat says of the connection between music and science, “Science is all about understanding the way the world works and creating new knowledge, and this desire to understand is also an essential part of being human. It helps us to be really creative with the types of sounds that we can create— whether itʼs getting the right kind of wood and strings for your guitar or modifying the circuitry on your synthesizer—it all comes back to the principles of science! And the beautiful thing about both music and science is that they exist everywhere, for everyone to enjoy.” In MIM’s new spring virtual Artist Residency, the genre of hip hop takes center stage. Students explore the history, cultural impact, and core elements of hip hop with Phoenixbased rapper and former middle school teacher Raheem Jarbo (a.k.a. Mega Ran). Mega Ran highlights the diversity of hip hop

in an original performance in the MIM Music Theater, joined by dancers Leah Roman and Andrea “RaeRae” Pentecostes from Jukebox Dance Studio, local visual artist Kris Rhymes, and music industry entrepreneur Michael “Felix” Gamarano. In addition to Mega Ran’s dynamic performance, the virtual Artist Residency collection includes an educator guide and pre- and post-concert activities. Two optional live Q&A sessions with the artist via Zoom are also available. “Music is so important to creativity; it is so important for anybody to be able to listen to a song and feel a feeling. For that reason, music is probably the most powerful thing there is,” says Jarbo. MIM’s virtual field trips and virtual Artist Residency are made possible by generous donors, including: The Molly Blank Fund; Donald W. Collier Charitable Trust II; KPMG; Susan ShanbromKrabbe & Moe Krabbe; Meyerson Family Foundations; The Moca Fund; MUFG Union Bank, N.A.; PetSmart; Larry Polhill; The Revada Foundation of the Logan Family For more details, visit MIM.org/virtual-education-programs. ▪ 23

DONOR SPOTLIGHT: KPMG Improving children’s lives through innovative programming A dedicated sponsor of MIM’s on-site and virtual education programs, KPMG is a global network of professional firms that provide audit, tax, and advisory services. In the fall of 2020, they generously provided free museum

through their Family for Literacy program (KFFL), which strives to eradicate childhood illiteracy by putting new books into the hands of children in need and developing the next generation of young leaders through reading.

“We are so impressed with the depth of the educational programs that MIM offers to children from all over the Valley. The programs are so creative and bring unique perspectives.” —Melinda Xanthos, Managing Partner of KPMG Phoenix admission to Arizona educators during Educator Appreciation Month and supported free access for thousands of students to MIM’s virtual field trip collections. KPMG is also committed to improving children’s lives

A Musical Menagerie virtual field trip participant shows off her finished project. 24

KPMG partnered with MIM to offer musicthemed books to supplement the museum’s education offerings. KPMG recognizes that MIM’s innovative educational programming delivers access to diverse cultures through music to children in Phoenix and around the world. Melinda Xanthos, managing partner of KPMG Phoenix, says of MIM’s on-site experience, “We are so impressed with the depth of the educational programs that MIM offers to children from all over the Valley. The programs are so creative and bring unique perspectives.” MIMʼs virtual collections have now shared a part of that unique, creative programming with children all over the country. “Distance learning has been difficult for children and parents alike this year. To offer music and diverse learning experiences to children, like the virtual field trips, re-energizes the online learning experience,” says Xanthos. “I don’t believe we can put a pause on creative learning and the arts—I actually think it is more important than ever for children with the current restrictions.” ▪

$250+ continued Tom & Brenda Basoo David Baumann & Barbara Herber Karl & Zenaida Baumgartner Greg & Linda Bedson Paul & Candice Bennett Marjorie Bentz

Floyd Bienstock & Beverly Beddow Paula & Stuart Biliack C. Win & Maxine Billingsley Bart L. Black Russell & Pat Black Rachel Blank Kent & Colleen Blaylock

A guest views objects in MIM’s special exhibition, Congo Masks and Music: Masterpieces from Central Africa. Brad & Nancy Berg Marsha Bergeron Cindy Bergfield Brian & Peggy Bettini Megan E. Bevill Peter & Joanna Biedermann

Deborah Mather-Boehm & David Boehm Timothy Bommer & Vicki Rohan David & Nina Bond Dominic Boragina Kay Marie Bouma

Richard & Helen Brandt John & Patty Brissenden Jean & Robert Brooks Wendy & David Brotman Laura & Arch Brown Terry Brown Beth & Peter Bruce Stephen & Monica Buchanan Thomas & Deborah Burbeck James E. Bushey Brian & Carolyn Butler W. L. Button Kenneth & Diane Bykowski Dwight & Cheryl Cameron Elaine Campbell James Caras Ann & Rich Carr Bob & Cathy Carr Kathy & George Cawman Paul & Mary Cederberg Mark & Nancy Chance Norma & Richard Chapman Nancy & Pasquale Cheche Mike & Tina Chutz Bill & Barb Clark Suzy & Rick Clarke Diana & Steve Cobb Betty & Jack Cohen G. & G. Coleman Mary & James Combs Audrey Comstock & Scott Barclay Les & Judy Conklin Kitty & Neal Conover Lawrence Conrad Dr. J. Cooper & Dr. M. Friedman Debbie Cornell Edward Corwin & Antonette Logar Judie Cosentino James & Paula Cowley Paul Crane Mark & Paula Crawford Mr. & Mrs. Steve Creasey L.D. & K.R. Cronin Jim & Dee Cross Matthew Crum & Christine Hall Brandon & Heather Cummings John Daily & Nancy Tankersley Mary Dale & Bailey Dimmitt Joe & Denise Daly


$250+ continued Athelyn Daniel Linda Darnell & Page Cross Harryette & Jerry David Warner & Ruth Davidson Joan & Ken Davies Henry Day Joan De Jong & Bill Butkowsky Don & Jonae DeLong Penny & Jim Deshur Greg DeSimone Ann & Bill DeVinney Stephen Dibitetto & Nora Welsh Mark & Penny DiBrito Marc Dinnerstein Karen M. Doolittle Keith & Sheila Dorman Agnes & Jack Dover Dr. & Mrs. William Drobnes Duke Ducoff Family

Leonard & Diane Fine Michael & Julia Fink Deborah & Lee Finkel Charles Fiss & Jennifer Schuck Robert & Fran Fletcher Frank & Diane Flider Joe & Marcy Flynn Lorna & John Flynn Jill Ford Roger Foreman & Roberta Selmick Talie & Sam Freedman Richard & Judy French Sally & Jim Friend Sharon & Lou Gadless Grace Galliano Stephanie & Mo Garfinkle Thomas Garrison & Tina Zompetti Anna Gilreath

Rick & Linda Hanson Steven Harris William & Barbara Harrison Jeffrey & Aurelia Hartenberger Tom Harvey Lee & Jane Hathaway Milton Hathaway & Meredith Peabody Bruce W. Heffner Nancy Henry Dr. James & Evelyn Hernandez Richard C. Herrmann Richard Hertz & Doris Meyer William & Jennifer Hesse Sharon & Henry Hewitt Hibbs & Shedden Thomas & Rita Higgins Nedra & John Hill Jacqueline & Ken Hillman Brian & Beth Hindenburg

“We had the TIME OF OUR LIVES. . . . By the end we were in tears: I realized we were witnessing a history of the human world, told through the very best things they have done. What a day!!” —Jamie Bernstein (daughter of legendary composer Leonard Bernstein) Robert & Kristin Dudacek Melissa & Robert Dupree Dr. John & Diane Eckstein Mike & Marti Edwards Danny & Julie Elder Jillian & Austin Engle William Erchul & Ann Schulte Mark & Kay Ercius Joseph & Adrian Erman Paul & Malen Eyerly John & Kathleen Fahey Mary & Franco Farina Marcus & Terri Feder John & Alice Fedor Steven & Gwendolyne Feinberg Sandra Ferniza Barbara & Warren Field Lisa Field Arthur Fine


Margaret Ebeling-Gipson & Walter Gipson Elizabeth & Edward Goff Cheri & Stu Goldstein Janis Goldstein Julie & Tim Gonzalez Bill & Ann Gray Chris & Steve Grazzini Carl, Harlan & Brian Green Judy & Jack Green Jeff & Robin Greeson Barbara & Bernard Gronstal Dorothy Gross John & Kathleen Gross Richard & Joanne Grove John & Jill Gwazdauskas Michael & Kathy Haake Sheila Hagan William & Margaret Hall

Steve Hinders In memory of Barbara Hamann Phyllis Hirsch Jan Hoblit Dorothy Hoffman & Rudy Johnson Stuart Hoffman Kathryn Hogan Neil & Kelly Holland David & Cara Holmberg Dr. & Mrs. Horowitz Robert Hovey Gregg & Margaret Huennekens Brooks Hull & Terry Gimmellie Fred & Cathy Hutton Mary Kay & Eric Inglett Jinny Iverson Chuck & Madeleine Jackson Sandra & Stu Jacobson

Dr. Mark & Pamela Jaffe Kevin & Cheryl James Susan & Chris Joenck Bruce Johs Ida Jones Scott & Bronwen Jones Harry & Hillary Kaminsky Leslie & David Kammerer Michael & Peggy Kappy Arlene & Jerry Karel Susan & Steve Kaufman Kenneth & Judith Keene The Keithʼs Charletta & Rick Keller Joel & Elaine Kellmanson Philip Kennicott & Mary Gray James Kiefer Steve Kilner & Laura Minighini Royce & Joy Kinnaman Jennifer Kirkpatrick & Dan Silverman Ellen & Bob Kirschenbaum Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Klees Eileen Klein Steve Klein Dee & Dick Kling Faye Klitsner Frank & Leanne Koonce David & Susan Korkes Nicki J. Krafft Jeff & Chris Krause Sandra & John Krisch Henry & Eileen Kuller CW Kyle Photography & Printing, LLC Joseph & Kathay Ladrigan Cheryl & Barry LaKritz Mr. & Dr. Ryan & Wendy Lamb Drs. Agnes & Santiago Lardizabal Lora L. Larsen Eric Lauenberg Mark Lawler & Kim Poppin Michael & Doris Lawson Christine Layton Barb & Tom Leard Mary & Duwayne LeBlanc Ken & Bonnie Leckey A. Lee & Nancy Lundy Forrest Lee Milo Letsch

Planned Giving: Legacy Circle In appreciation and recognition of our loyal patrons, we extend sincere gratitude to those who have invested in MIM’s future either through an estate gift or by establishing a named endowment that provides support for MIM in perpetuity. Legacy Circle Members Shirley & Tom Bekey Babette & Richard Burns Bart & Betsy Butzer Tim & Jacqueline Byers Donald R. Dixon Trust Mary & Bob Farmer Thomas R. Granfield MGySgt Derek Hayes, USMC (ret.) & Mrs. Barbara Perry Bruce & Lily Heffner Jim & Kathy Henderson Ron & Linda Jones Christine Lindley Dan Martin Frank Michael & Mary Elizabeth Mazurco Liz Merchant Arlene & Steven Mirer

Dharani P. & Judith C. Narayana John A. Nesbit Jerry & Jo Ellen Preradovic Patricia Rolfe Evie & Mark Rostvold The M. and J. Schwing Trust J. Bruce Tominello & Lawrence E. Kirchner Robert J. Ulrich & Diane Sillik Ulrich Living Trust Curt & Karen Ulrich Irene H. Vasquez Annette Voth Margaret M. Wilson Joyce & Les Young

General Operating Endowment Fund Uta Behrens Fund Edward J. Claussen Memorial Fund Susanne and Gary Tobey Family Fund Robert J. Ulrich and Diane Sillik Fund

Collection Acquisition Endowment Fund Jill Dahlin Memorial Fund Robert J. Ulrich and Diane Sillik Fund

Education Endowment Fund Miriam S. and Louis E. Brodian Education Fund Dr. Donald W. Collier STEM Education Fund John and Joan D’Addario Fund Handwerger Master Series Fund Andrew C. Lim & Ruth T. Lim, MD Education Fund Judy Pelham Fund Robert J. Ulrich and Diane Sillik Fund

Music Theater Concert Endowment Fund Robert J. Ulrich and Diane Sillik Fund


$250+ continued Pnina Levine & Alan Gold Jim & Lori Hartman Marv & Edie Lewis Liberty Tree Experts AZ LLC Douglas Liebman Richard & Deborah Lochridge Rae Love Sandra Lubarsky & Daniel Lubarsky-Ford Thomas & Margaret Lucey Kathy Ludwig & Robert Mariano Dennis D. Lund Chris & Jeanne Luzzi George Maliga Robin & Scott Mallory Gerard Manecke & Lisa Kutner Mark J. Manente Thomas Manheim John & Joanne Manning Richard & Kathleen Markey Alex & Sandy Marr Wendy & Peter Mars Fred Martin Eugene & Kay Mascoli Evan Maurer In honor of Bob Ulrich Ann McCarthy Janice McCarthy Sanford & Barbara McCormick Jay McDonald Michael & Jerilyn McGehee Beverly & Jack McGoffin Jo & Thomas McGraw Mark McGraw Steve & Holly McRae W.K. Means & Gary Fajack Dr. Marilyn Meili Christine & Ray Menard Rebecca Merritt Donald & Cheryl Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Meza Stephen & Lenore Micatka Alan Michaelson Mary Riley Michel Douglas Miers Chuck & Judy Miller Keith Miller Mark Miller & Mary Dexter Peggy & David Miller


Nancy & Jeff Millman Mike & Jen Minarsich Dr. & Mrs. Glenn J. Miner Eleanor & George Mink Nargiz Mirzayeva Callie & Murphy Mitchell Kelly & Mark Mollison Molnar Family

Sandra C. Moses Stephen & Mickey Mott Mitch & Molly Mudick Carol Mulder Mark & Colleen Nagel Allen Nahrwold Starr Naines & Guy Sherman Ed & Cheri Najim

Artwork by a student at the International School of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, an early adopter of MIM’s online curricular materials Jo Ann Mora Patricia Mordigan Hawkins Marie Moretti & Terry McGann Teresita Morris & Scott Lynn Judee Morrison Bart Moser

Ronald & Georgia Nelson Arnold & Anita Newman Van Nguyen The Nicholas Family Walt & Karen Nielsen Joel & Lorrie Normand

Joan Norris Claudia & Michael Norris Gail Nova Greg & Sandi Novak Deborah Offenhauser & Lloyd Shaffer Judith & Donald Opatrny Alicja & Jerzy Orkiszewski James Osman & Nancy Milburn Eric & Victoria Ossowski David C. & Cathleen J. Ostermeyer Kathleen OʼSullivan & John Crabb Katie Palmer Parker/Fredenberg George & Linda Parkins Nancy & Mike Paulson Anne Peaker & Kenneth Goas Haney & Nancy Pearson

Penelope & Richard Post Jené Prince Prudential Financial Inc. R&R Lotion K Jorge Ramirez Sheilah Ravenscroft & David Clark Sharon Re Carolyn & Charles Ready Susan & Richard Reb The Right Rev. Jennifer A. Reddall Linda & Charles Redman Tom & Janet Rees Tom & Ruth Reese Susan S. Repko Angelita D. Reyes Gregory & Muriel Reynolds J. Reynolds Stephen Rice Jean M. Richau

Marlene Ross Dr. & Mrs. Stuart Ruben Mr. & Mrs. James Rubin Forrest & Beth Russell Lori & Joe Russo Cathy & Kirill Ruvinov Dennis & Sharon Ryan David & Marilyn Sager Lynne & Robert Saltz Ann & Tim Salutz Michael & Enriqueta Salvo Laurie Sandman Hurwitz & Marcel LeBec Colleen Sanger & Dave DeBusk Frank & Mary Sarwark Randy Schaaf Joe & Mary Ann Schaffer Steven & Lois Scheiner Karol & John Schlicher

“We have participated in many music classes, but your music class is by far the best. The songs, movement, and attention to child development are amazing—there is nothing like it. Thanks for making some virtual classes so that we could participate from afar!” —Mini Music Makers parent

William Pelton & Mary Jane Massie Bill & Barbara Pennock Pamelia & Frank Perno Chris & Carol Perry Randall & Roberta Perry John & Jill Peterson Matt & Janet Peterson Susan & Robert Peterson Sophia Phillips David & Doreen Picerne Larry & Linda Pincus Steven & Gayle Pincus Pitney Bowes Nancy & Fred Pocock Patricia & Christopher Pogemiller Natalie & Jacob Polley Mr. & Mrs. William V. Polleys

Betty Ridder & Dick Frasier Clarke Rigsby Lisa & Robert Rimsza Bruce E. Rittmann & Marylee MacDonald Jennifer Robb & David Robbins David & Sarah Roberts Jim Robinson & Pam Gardner Diana Roitman Robert & Eileen Rominger Douglas J. Rooney Dr. Mary Rose & Mari Rose Tautimes Mary & Mark Rose Ken & Kelly Rosegay Joan & Richard Rosenblatt Carol Rosensteel Judy & Carl Ross

Norman & Jane Schmeltzer Gail & Dan Schmidt IV Jim Schmidt Karl & Patricia Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schmidt Jay & Deedee Schneiders Olin Schocket & Joan Sparber-Schocket Dave & Ellen Schoenbeck Scott & Lisa Schoneman Alexander & Virginia Schragel Robert & Jeanne Schulz Schwartz Family Thomas & Carolyn Schwartz Cliff W. Schweitzer Joan & Mack Schwing Scott Family Dave & Ann Scovil


$250+ continued Nancy & John Settles Scott & Judi Severson Joshua Shade John Shanholt & Gail Kern Mayor Shanken & Sharon Lewis Todd & Elizabeth Sharp Hilary Sheevers & Neil Conklin Janet Shepherd Betsy Sherman Peter, Joe & Thomas Sherman Maureen Shields & Allen Shimizu Dan Shiosaka Margaret Shreves & Bill Marshall Daniel Shufelt & Cheryl Fehlner Ray Shumway & Jacquie Bushong Elena Sibley Family Stu & Nancy Siefer Jayne & Allan Siegel Marla Silverstein Joseph M. Skozen & Lisa K. Misner-Skozen Anita & Steven Slaughter SLH Medical Supply and Healthy Response K Cathy & Randall Smith Craig D. Smith & Anita Stienstra Quentin & Beverly Smith Steven & Elaine Smith Phyllis & Arthur Soben Rodo & Susan Sofranac MarLynn Spears Spencer - Thorlakson Sherri Stephens Jim & Monica Stern Priscilla Stoyanof & David Roche Nancy & William Sumner John & Chris Suppes E M Sutton, L&L, LLC Philip & Barbara Svanoe Suzanne & Richard Swift Michael Swindling Deborah Sze & Steve Modzelewski Teresa Tate David & Carolyn Taylor Joan Taylor Inge Terpening Wes & Tonja Triplett Joan Tully


Allyn & Audrey Tuschen Linda & Barry Ullman Rita Ulrich Bert & Scott Umbreit Jo Van Loo Jerry & Joan Vandevoort Victoria Velarde John & Mary Versosky David & Donna Vessey Linda Vollstedt Ann & Dan Von Hoff Lorna & Duane Wadsworth Michael & Sharon Walker Dave & Marci Walsh Donald & Cidney Walter Larry & Cherris Walton Warrior Restoration Claire & Myron Warshaw John Watkinson Carlton Watson & Anita Masterson Don & Sandy Weir Gary Weiss & Debra Berkowitz Lawrence Wellman & Barbara Aanonson Western Union Jean & Dan Wheeler Susan White R. Whiteaker & B. Crowe Tim & Muriel Wieland Annie Williams & Steve Sampson Ross & Debra Wilson Guy & Vickie Winters Phyllis & Barry Winters With Strings Attached Penelope Wong & Tim Kochis Denege Wright Neal & Elizabeth Wring Marilyn Wurzburger Walt Young Caroline & John Zachary Patricia K. Zajac Diana & Joseph Zerella Robert Zinkhan $119+ Anonymous (70) Brian & Patricia Abrams William & Marian Adcock Stan & Linda Albert

Jessica & Mhylee Allen Ken & Becky Allison Amol & Deepika Tamaran Appelbaum Mark & Christine Asplund Diana J. Austin Mike & Cathy Aydelott Stephen Baclini Bill & Jean Baird John & Melissa Baker Peter & Mary Bankoff Rebecca & Brandon Barakat Marla & Joey Barba Cheryl Barber Emma Barber Jessica Barranco Phil & Wendy Barry Daaron Battle & Raquel Francoeur Joseph Bayer James Gary Bazlen Mary & Dale Chris Bell James & Kathy Bender Tim Benson Roberta Berger & Ike Schneider Ron & Masako Berman Denise Blanchette Sylvia Block Jane & Bryan Block Donna & John Bodensteiner Eugene & Billie Bonfiglio E. Peter & Gundula Bosch Kristen & John Brady Paula Breen Joseph & Julie Brennan Harold & Christina Bright Brighton Family Leslie Brill Summer Brooks Ross Brotman & Karyn Larocca Jennifer Brower Tahirih Brown Delisa Brown-Guc Roberta Buchanan Valerie & Christopher Buchert Charles & Susan Burke Suzanne & Ronald Burkey Robert & Paulette Burns Nurit & Simon Burrow Gerald & Lisa Bush Melissa Buss

Christopher Butler & Melissa Seil-Butler C. F. Angela & Misael Cabrera Alex Calder, Inventor/Scientist Camille Campbell Sue & Joel Canfield Carefree Duo Wylie & Lauren Carhartt Brett & Sharon Carlson Shauna Case Christopher & Kristl Chavez William & Amanda Cho Wendy Chovnick Amy Cleary Rich Cohan Carol Cohen & Leonard Mactas Jerome Cohen & Chloe Renter Merry Cole & Bruce Bender Mary Colgan Rosemarie Colledge Megan & Matt Collins Michaela & Jeffrey Colquhoun Stephen & Torrey Commisso Renae & Richard Costa Kevin & Alexis Coulston Cowan Family Bonnie & Stephen Crosby Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Crosby John Crossman & Lynette Price Tom & Mary Lynn Crowley Albert George Cursi & Corinne Cursi Robin & Matthew Cusick Amberleigh & Michael Dabrowski Karen Davis Alycia de Mesa Lee Ann Dellasala Barbara Dickerson Carl Dins & Eun Joo Kim Thomas Disney Brian & Carol Donahue Tammy & Stephen Down Michael Dunton Kathryn Dutchin Margaret Ebert Emily Edington Cathy & Jim Eide Wendi & William Ennis Jenny Erickson

Allen Fagel Lisa & Ron Farmer Richard Farmer Sandra & Tim Farrell Marianne & Gregory Fett William & Myra Feuqua Erik M. Flodin Jodi Floyd Christine Flury Jeremy & Bernadette Forman Cheryl Foster & William Coghlan James Franklin & Tammy Lee Helen Freeman Andrew Frew & Paula Di Sano Paul & Judith Friedman Colleen Frojen Carol & Thomas Fuller Xin & Yueran Gao Malinda Garner Carol Gasser Patricia Genuardi Joseph & Elaine Geoghegan Lucero Beebe-Giudice & Jonathan Giudice James Glasscock & James William Melvin & Elaine Glazer Sandra & Harvey Goldstein Cindy & Steve Golston Julian Goni & Adriana Socol David & Naomi Goodell Cathleen Gorham & Isabel Fastiggi Howard & Mara Gossack L. & N. Gough Cheryl Grandfield Deborah Gray Greenbaum Family Greenleaves Charlie & Becky Griefer Gordon & Joan Griffes Nina & Richard Grossman Kenji & Lillian Hamada Dianne Hampton & Candace Johnson-Hampton Larry & Debbie Harlan Carter Harris & Kaitlyn Verbanic Dane Harwood & Amy Uhrbach Cara & Jeff Haughey Alice Hausman & Jesse Berlin Graeme & Dana Hay

James & Stephanie Hayes Miranda & Christian Heaton Joe & Judy Hickey Sheiren & Robert Hillman Pat & Bob Holder Tyrone & Mary Holt Tiffany & Michael Holtrup K. & F. Hosner Nancy & James Huebner John & Barbara Huff Daniel & Irene Hunting Pat Hurley Anna Melissa Ibarra & Michael Yu Christopher & Jasmine Inocencio Susan & Mike Jeffreys Don W. Jensen & Valerie A. Nucera Bryce & Paula Johnson Joylene Johnson & Lynette Bunzell Mike Johnson Tracy & James Johnston Philip & Patrice Jones Roger & Maggie Jorgenson Fify Juliana & Thanh Dang Susan Dicker Kahn & Kenneth Kahn Samantha & Jeffrey Karr Robert Keane & Cheyenne Russell Natalia Kelly James & Tiffany Kelly Peter & Judy Kennedy Marla & Kevin Kerr Susan & Paul Kewin Gonzalo & Viridiana Keymolent Jennifer Kiley & Bret Williams Moonsoo Kim & Eunju Lee Mark Klamrzynski Ann M. Koenig Joan Konecki & Michelle Prins Jemma Kopel Jason Kostal & Kostal Guitars Mario Kowalski Joe & Deborah Kozak Rachel Kraft & Douglas Brown David & Vanessa Krassner Ellen Kryc & Shannon Kolacevski Josephine & Glenn Kunishige Kris Kyle Martin & Carmen Lambert Yigal Lampert & Stephanie Heller


$119+ continued Richard & Mary Larson Pamela Lauber & Richard West Heather & Mike Laumb Yuying & Lydia Lee Dr. Nancy & Walter Lees Legere Family Molly Lemke & Mark Cowley John & Linda Leng Jessica & Joshua Lentz Michele & Mike Lenz Janet Lewis-Aarons Nancy & Robert Lewis Myron & Rachel Lieberman Joanna Lilquist Sari & Eugene Lipitz Maryann Locke Cathleen Long & George Rnjak Beth & Rob Lowery Jennifer W. Machamer Margot Madsen Adam & Cristina Magana Mark & Christine Malcolm Jason & Amy Maneely Roger & Victoria Marce Carol Marcus David Markenson Chanel & Jose Marquez Nancy & Vance Marshall Lawrence Martell Charles & Julie Martinez Danielle Martinez & Rosa Coleman Anoop Mathew Christine Matovich Jennifer & Kolin Mattingly John & Heather McCann Margaret & John McCauley William & Linda McConnell Steven & Erin McDermitt Carol & William McDonald Jacquelyn & Jason McDugle JoLene McFarland Michele McGarry & Kelly Voss Melinda & Brandon McLaughlin William McMillen Laura & Michael McNelis Ramon & Laura Medina Donald Messenger & Virginia Ellinger


Debbie & Rich Meyer Donna Meyerovitz Eva & Michael Meyers Craig & Sheila Mick Microsoft Corporation Julius Miller Joalyn Miller Marion Miller Patricia & Neal Miller Grant & Gerrie Mills My Mingus The Mirro Family Richard Moncrieff Alexander Morawa Angela & Jason Morgan Morgan Family Morgan Stanley Jean Motal Barbara Murdack Ivan & Beverly Murphy Mike & Lou Murphy Maryann Myers Jeffrey Myers Donna Nardi & Tayloe Wise William Neitzke & Tricia Ponce de Leon Scott & Susan Nelson Daniel Nelson & Nazzani Abdool John A. Nesbit John Nickerson Jessica & Steve Nolan Maureen Norton Javier & Shari Ochoa Mattie Ohl Karl Olson & Tressa Bitto Laura Olteanu ON Semiconductor Melissa Orlov Nancy & Donald Orr Stephen & Nancy Osterholt Paula Owen Glenn & Felicia Pahnke Michele Panzek & Jed Elliott Christopher & Stephannie Parrish Mary & Steve Parrish Michelle & James Parsons Stanley Parzen & Lynne Raimando Roberta & James Pazol Roy Pederson & Mary Jane Oring Ann Penfield

Tonya Penkrot & Shawn Zack Kevin & Maria Pensky Alvin Perelmanʼs Fan Club Kelly Perkins & Kori Stearns Monica Perkins Maureen & Baird Peterson Darnell & Donna Pettengill Dennis Pike Walt & Lori Pitts Emil & Judy Poggi Sherry Polec Julie & Jack Poucher Bianca & Juan Preciado Nancy & Peter Prinsze Alison Pulaski Carter & Linda Pulaski James & Charlene Puryear Thomas Pytel & Erin Heys Mr. & Mrs. Michael Radomski Kendra Raine & Brett Chemaly Lynda & Robert Rando Richard Rasmussen Jeff Rattiner & Diane Sweeney Aimee & Ben Readhead Scott Redfield Peter Reilly Jennifer Retterer Reginald C. Reyes & Jeffry Lusiak Brandi & John Reynolds Deris & Kristin Rice The Ridolfiʼs Sally & Doug Robinette Michael Robinson Linda & Ken Rodenberg Kristin Roepke Steven Rosenthal Kimya Rosivach Jeannie & John Rotner Cloi & Robert Rowley Gordon & Nancy Rubin Nancy Russell Joleen Ruth Maryann & Thiru Sadagopan Tom & Mary Sadvary Michael & Carol Salter Betsy Sandlin Robert & Penny Sayre Nancy Schamadan Jane Schelstrate Shirley & Douglas Schermer

Esther & Bill Schindler Danya Schlang & Lexi Striker Barry & Willa Schneider Richard Scholl & Altina Scholl Michael & Elana Schwab Nancy Schwander Joseph & Delice Serritella Dale Shafer Barry Sharp Meg Sheehan Eva Shine Carol Shirley & Lori Ford Maxim Shkarayev & Marina Permiakova Justin & Natasha Sikonia Kai & Karen Singbartl Robert & Donna Sioles Khamsone Sirimanivong Matt Sitchanoff & Motoko Kitazumi Bruce & Cheryl Skalbeck Dr. & Mrs. Howard Slater Terri & John Sloan Meredith & Karl Slosberg Alfonso Martinez Smith & Margarita Cortez Brian Smith Kim Smith-Stout & Michael Traubert David & Mary Smitten Edward Solares & Jessica Sanchez-Solares Constance Solera Gerald & Elizabeth Sonnenfeld Lucia Spears & Jay Smith David & Margy Squires Millie & Marv Stammen Linda Stark & Peyton George Carl Stein Patricia Stevens Tom Stokes & Debra Aubrey Stacey Stone & Cary Edgar Courtney & Kevin Streelman Jeremy & Susan Stringer Carrie Strong Richard Symchak & Marceline Lavelle Lauren & Derrick Taylor Terrie Teutsch Richard & Susan Thies

Peter & Cynthia Thomas Debra Tolhurst Hilary Topalian Daniel & Kelly Tougas Greg & Nancy Trautman Bethany & Keith Trybus Phillip Turner & Priscilla Rodriguez Carissa Vanitzian Sara Vizcarra Marina & Ken Vlah William Wagner Nitin Walia Rebekah Walker Annette & David Watkin Douglas & Linda Watson Mark Webster & Bao Le Karen Wechsung Dr. & Mrs. William Weese German & Ksenya Wegbrait Richard & Rebecca Weisenberg Carolyn Welsh Sylvia & K. Mark Wermes Mary Westlund & Rich Hensing Douglas Whitney & Nancy Engler Mary & Fred Widding Darrell & Carla Wilborn Diane Wilbur & Jim Szalay John & Jan Wilcynski Scott & Katie Wilken Paul Williams Natalie Williams Barbara Wilson Sariah & Lucile Winn Timothy & Susan Wise Jim & Judy Wolfe Vicki Wolfe Joseph & Pamela Womeldorf Woolf-Botts Family Bethany Woolman Wayne & Ann Worthington James & Jeanne Wright Karen Wyman Frank O. Wyse Muffy Yale Jessica & Felix Yang Jack & Diane Zelinger Cyrus & Barbara Zirakzadeh

$100+ Anonymous (151) Randall & Sandra Abbey Bill & Sandra Abbott Walter Abbott & Linda Quartaro Katherine Adams William & Sandy Adams Phil & Jean Addante Steve Adelson Henry & Kim Afinowich Luke Agliardo & Kelly Frank Saehirk & Injoong Ahn Alaska USA Federal Credit Union Denis & Kathryn Alcock Jennine Alesandrelli Richard Alfano Susan Algert Barbara Allen Lane Allen & Eva Myres Mark & Carmen Allen Rick Allen Wilma Allen Michael & Diane Allison Rebecca Allison & Margaux Schaffer Larry & Patricia Alquist Richard C. Alter & Eric D. Johnson John & Lynne Ambrose Candace Amundsen Kate Anavy & Tyler Sanders Eleanor Anderla Daniel Anderson Darrell & Wendy Anderson Sarah Anderson Miriam Anderson Sara Anderson Herbert Andreen Andrisevic Family David Annis & Elizabeth Miller Sharon Antes Alvin Apple Apple Inc. Kay & Tom Archer Gary & Susan Ardrey Edna & Richard Armanini Carol Armstrong & Stephanie Hauk Denise & Douglas Armstrong Marie & Orville Armstrong Alyson & Amy Arnold


$100+ continued Ron & Cathy Aron Kathleen & Lawrence Arthur Michael Artman & Anita Shagena Douglas Arvanites Dr. James C. Aten & Mrs. Luz Marina Aten Judy Auernheimer Marie & Nate Ausberry Karen & Glenn Austad Francis & Jennifer Awinda Carole Baali Ken Baca Rochelle & Barry Bader Kamiran & Alice Badrkhan Kevin Bailey & Patricia Reilly Bonnie Baker & Mark Atkinson Gary & Janet Baker Karyn Baker Joseph Balazs Lyn Ballam Mary Ballard Louis & Jennifer Barbone Virginia Barker & Kenneth Gilbert Arthur Barkey & Debra Martin Ron & Jan Barstad Mary Bartlett Paul & Patricia Basar Walter & Barbara Baturka Stephen & Kathryn Baughman Aaron & Georgia Baumann Nancy Bausom Gary & Teresa Baxter David & Barbara Bayer Tom & Karen Bays Frederick & Karren Beaubien Richard Becherer & Charlene Castenllano Paul Beck Randy & Nikki Becker Ronald & Valerie Bedoe Karen & Alan Behning Mary Belle Catherine Belliveau & Dan Isard Marta Bello Joan Benedict Guy & Jeralynn Benoit Karen Benson & Dave White William Bercu & Pamela Potter Kendall & Cynthia Berg


Madelaine Berg Dean & Lona Berko Christa Berlanti & Edwin Goldstein Annie & Larry Berle Ann Berry & Mart Finley Mary Berry Zina & Phil Berry William & Betty Betts Donna Bieselin The Bigbee Family Linda & William Bigos BillingTree Kathy Binke Larry & Jean Binkovitz Robert & Debra Bird Jan & Ann Birkelbach Meredith & Winfred Blevins Richard & Barbara Blum Kimberly Barnes-Blumberg & Lee Blumberg Roberta & David Blumenfeld Joanne Boerth Richard & Amy Lou Bogen June & Matthew Bohr Paula Bollogh Robert W. Bonar Karen Bond John & Teresa Bonutto Cynthia B. Borum David Bosworth & Jose Torres Ellen & Calvin Boyd Kenlyn Boyd & William Otto Marcia G. Boyer Randy & Laurel Braa Bill Brand Diane Brandenburg Art & Carol Brandon Donna Brandsey John & Barbara Brannan Brendan P. Donahue Gary & Evie Brennan Sheri Bretan Laurie & Joel Brill Jan Briski Allan & Katharine Britt Janet Brock Lee A. Brodsky Elisabeth & Michael Broeker April & Gavin Brooks

Michael Brooks Susan Brosse John S Brower Jeanne & Dennis Brown Marian Brown Brush Family Linda Bryant Ginger & Arnold Buchman Budavari Family Noah Burbank & Abby Zeitlin Jeffrey & Emma Burch Michele Burgad Marcia Burland Lily Burman & Mark Weissman Michael Burnett Michael Burns Linda Byers Cristina Caballero Cain Design Studio, Inc. P. Calderon & M. Crawford Anthony & Whitney Caldwell Bruce & Jo Caldwell Sharron Callaghan Sheila & Thomas Calvert Polly Cameron Jean Campbell Nancy Campbell & Tim Wingate Melanie & David Candia Rita Cantu & Jay Grant M. & M. Carmichael Mario & Maria Carranza Patricia Carroll & Richard Strahota Patricia Carson Jeffrey & Cynthia Carter Joyce Carter & James Thomas Linda Caruso Clifford Cauthen & Karen Nally Bruce & Cathy Cavitt Lara Cerri & William Mclaren Lisa Cerri & Darlene Watson Robert Chadderton Nicole & Owen Chamberlin Jennifer & Greg Chambers Robert & Elspeth Chambers Shridhar Channagiri Lisa & Daniel Chapa David & Catherine Chapman Donald & Pamela Charnofsky Melanie Chase & Dan Studiner Jane & Dane Chavers

Ann Chesley Joanna & Dale Chesnut Debra Chester Lili Chester Rachael & Siddharth Chhabria Marilyn & Dale Childs Gilbert & Deborah Christopher Cynthia Churgin Raymond Cioni Susan Cirocco Christy Clark & Bob Pruett Janice Clark Patricia & Paul Clark Wade & Linda Clarke Brian Clelland Michael & Carla Cline William & Lindsay Clove Alfred Cocanower & Trina Reilly Claudia Cocco & Denny Dick Barbara R. Cohen Linda Cohen Lynda Cohen James & Leslie Cole Karen Cole & Robert Cook Steven Cole William & Mary Ann Collins Eleanor Collver & Levon Aslanyan Barbara & Dennis Colwell Melvin & Amanda Comstock Diane Condray Theodore Connell Kevin Connor Sharon Connors Bruce & Laura Conrey Elizabeth & Scott Coons The Cooper Family Anthony Cosacchi & Christy Bell Susan Cotner Elaine & Paul Cottey Robert & Marsha Cotton Richard & Cordy Coupland Catherine Covert & Peter Gow Sandra Crabtree Gary & Kathryn Crandell Annette & Cyril Crane Christopher Creager & Donna Becker Jan Crews John Crone Gretchen Crossley

Kit Cullen John Cummings Scott & Cheryl Cummings Gerry Cunningham Kathie Cuomo Gloria Curry Barbara & J. Douglas Cusick Sean D. Carol Dahl & Nancy Dunwell Manhar Dalal & Melissa Leuschel David & Beverly Damore William & Judith Davidson Roy & Rosaline Davin Pamela Jacquet Davis, M.D. Richard & Erin Dawson Geoffrey & Cathy Day Sara Day & Robert Baer Anita & Steven De Frates Gail & Pat De Giulio Ralph DeCesare & Lynn Heimlich Diane Dechaine David & Maureen DeFrance Mr. & Mrs. Rick & Gina Degraw Miguel & Gertrude Del Toro Lisa Del Valle Richard Demers Melissa & William Dempsey Marnie & Harvey Dietrich Barbara Digges Wayne & Carol Dinelli Dawn & Tim Dinovo Joseph & Mary Jane Dix Randy & Sheri Dixon Teresa & Matthew Dlouhy Norma R. Dobbins Adele & William Dobbins Madelyn Doerr Ronald & Patricia Donnell Lori & Matt Dortch Bruce & Barabra Dosdall Robert Dowd & Terry Dowd Sandy & Kent DuCray Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dulberg Suneet Dullet & Navkirat Bajwa LaRhonda Duncan Christine Dunn Diane Duschatko & Greg Stanton Cheryl E. Eames Alan Ecker Justus Eddy

Helen Edwards & Michael Rhodes Michael Edwards Tom Edwards & Sharon Legge Cornelia & James Eichorn Marla Eisenberg & Gerald Ronnebeck Steve & Karolyn Eisenberg Gerald Elgarten & Janet Scheer Stan & Donna Elianow Robert & Barbara Elk Jane & Rod Ellickson Mohammed El-shwahyk Mary Emerson & Judith Blumberg Geriann Engle & Stephanie Hoffman Pamela Engle Lucy & William English Renee Ergazos Kirby & Kathyrn Everingham Noreen Eversmeyer F & J Investments Natalie Fabert & Nestor Pinillos Dennis & Sue Fagan Marge Fahrenbach Suzanne & Michael Fair Delores & Jim Fangman Geraldine Farrell Margaret Fashingbauer & Mary Wolfenson Fyllis & Steve Feldman Martin & Elizabeth Feldman Murray & Judy Feldstein Diana Felix & Daniel Oporto John & Ellen Ferguson William Ferrari June & Mel Fessenden Tim & Eleanor Fields Kimble & Karen Fieldstad Steve & Kay Fike Charles Filipek & Sandy Luedke Marian Fisher Kevin & Cindy Fitzgerald Mary & Brooks Fitzpatrick Laura & Victor Flaviani Rob & Susan Fleming Yvonne Fleming Allyson Flowers Joseph & Barbara Flynn Michael Flynn


$100+ continued Patricia Fontana & Ellen Fankhanel Kilroy William & Sue Foote Beverly Ford Suzanne Forier & Elizabeth Kuttner David Foster & J. C. Drobac Meredith Fowler The Fowles Family James Fox & Sandra Marrero Epifania Carter-France & Donald France Colleen Frankie Richard Franklin Darla & Steve Frantz Samantha Frazier & Christopher Radliff The Fredrickson Family Ilene & Nathan Friedland Dr. Howard Friedman Joseph Friedman & Merle Morgenstern Neil & Adam Friedman Anita & Bob Friesen Lynn & Foster Friess Margaret Frihart Jennifer Frost & Robert Gilson Andre & Kim Fuchs Joan Fulrath Glenn & Dassi Gabin Barry Gabriel & T.J. Froggatt Tania Gabrielle & Clara Haslop Michael Gallagher Donna Garcia Nicholas Garcia Rita Gardner Kayleah & Eric Garner Glenna Gaudy & Sue Mazzone Helyn & Randall Gault Stuart & Jan Gavzy Mary Ann & Richard Gayle Charles Gedge & Alex Wendt Lewis Geer Rick & Mary Lynn Geiger Maureen & Amanda George Al & Elisabeth Gephart Aimee Gerharter Elizabeth Giannini Paul & Athena Gibbons


Mitch & Gloria Gibbs Jane Gillespie Robert Gilmore Marilyn & Michael Ginsberg Lynn Giunta Elaine Glazer Thea Glicksman Global Financial & Leasing Services, LLC John Gohl Vivian Golbus Karen & Gary Goldberg Bob & Suzanne Golub Suresh & Shubha Golwalkar Martha & Marcelino Gomez Gail Gonsalves Benny & Lidia Goodman James Goodman & Carlota Sontoyo-Goodman Peggy & Greg Goodwin Jennifer Gosden Adrienne Gosnell & Boyan Xu Henry Gostony Warren & Carrol Gottfried Lynn & Adam Gottlob James & Deb Graber Correne & Charles Grady Mindy & Steve Grady Richard Granum Barbara & Richard Graw John Gray & Susan Kiel Scott & Alison Gray Great Hearts Academies AZ K-12 Etty Green & Stuart Warner Mary Jane Green Ronald & Bette Green Mark & Sandra Greenberg Nancy & Jerry Greenberg Deborah Greenwood Suzanne Gregory Julia & John Griffin Robert Grill & Leisa Luis-Grill Debbie & Michael Grimes Ian & Donna Smith Grindlay Michael & Ellen Gross Susan Gross Patti & Irwin Grossman Mary & Charles Grube Tom & Karen Grudzinski Mari Elena Guido & Ernie Estrada

Rick Gustafson & Dottie Anderson Judy Guten James & Donna Guyor Songyuan Hai & Jingyi Shi Mike & Pam Hair Jo Haitbrink James & Midori Hall Trudy Halla Beth & Dave Halpern Dean & Geoffery T. Hamilton Joshua & Wendy Hamilton Alan Hansen Frances & Kenneth Harder Mary Ann Hare Justin Harkins CRNA Joan Harris Katherine & Gordon Harris Rita Kay Harris Valerie Harris Jean Harris Dean & Kathleen Harrison Ellen & Mark Harrison Terri Lanham Harwood Julie Haskell & Eduardo Bautista Nancy Hasson & Paul Weintraub Robert Hatch & Lori Smith Morris & Gretchen Hatley Edwin Hatter Jeff & Courtney Hatton Donna Hawk Jeff Hawks Stephen & Maureen Hays Sandra Hays Adina Hayton Denae & Allen Hebert Geoffrey & Jane Heffington Sonia Heiman & Michael Johnson Josiah & Alissy Heisey Steven & Patti Helfand Michael & Laura Helminski Chaunda Henley Ellen Hepner Robert Hernandez Theresa & William Herren Susan Hershberger & Don Zoss Maris Herzog Sharon & Kenneth Hettick Suzanne Hetts & Daniel Estep Hewitt Trust

Steven & Patti Hibbeler Gary Hickey & Cathleen Kappen Zoe Hildebrand Johanna Hill Desiree Hils & Tom Scanlon Helen Himes & David Schmitz The Edward Hine Family Mary Katherine Hinkle-Allin Joanne Hirsch Margaret Mellon Hitchcock Foundation William & Sandy Hitchcock June & Blake Hobby Bernard J. Hochman Thomas & Sue Hoecker Dominique & David Hoelzinger Karen & William Hoffman Sanford & Beth Hoffman Sophia & Tad Hofkin Jamie & David Holdeman Helen-Marie & Paul Holmgren Deborah & Michael Horn Penelope & Steven Hornig Cheryl Hosea Robert & Greta Hoshibata Dean & Julie Hovey Jim & Joan Howard Michael & Aleida Howard Keri Hoyme & Barbara Else Courtney & James Hrdlicka Stephen Huckaby Denise Hughes Nora Hughes Elaine Hugunin Humana Elizabeth Huneycutt & Ashley Stopka Martha Hunt & Zach Zeigler Gloriana Hunter & Valissa Witmer Sue Hunter Sheryl Huntoon Corey & Patricia Hutchinson Jan Hutton & Gary Pannell Lorian Ink Hyatt Rose M. Iannaccone Edward Irons Nancy & Guy Jackson Richard & Jacqueline Jacob Janet Jacobs & Chris Jaron James Janidas & Natalie Carpenter

Carole & David Jarchow Wendy Jedeikin Kathleen Jeffrey & Camille Newman Jean Jenkins Karen & Thomas Jenkins Gloria & Sharan Jensen William & Kathryn Jensen Bruce Jespersen Benjamin Joerg Christa John Marietta & Ted Johns Charles & Bonnie Johnson Jean & Lee Johnson Kathryn & Steve Johnson Percell & Tina Johnson Susana & John Johnson William Johnson & Theodora Gordon Frances Johnsongibbs Erika Johnston & David Boyce Joan & Niven Jones Teresa & Mark Jorgensen Alyse Joswiak Eileen Joy M/M Christopher Juneau Just Bliss Bruce & Laurie Kaplan Pam Kaplan Sanford & Bunny Cherish Kaplan Louise Kapner Martha & Marti Kasovac Dawn Kast Richard Katz M.S. & Linda Kayes Mary & Roger Kearney Kathleen Kearny Jim Keef & Becky Markle Rosemary Keenan James & Carolyn Keith Suzanne Kellis George Kelly Karen Kelly Olivia Kendrick & Jordan Greer Virginia Kennaway Rob & Cynthia Kennedy Robert Kennedy & Marilyn Slovak Dave Kenney B.J. & Lowell Keppel

Patricia Kersey & Charles Erlichman Keerat Khanuja & Sivani Poonaji Parvinder & Parveen Khanuja Mary Kilzer & Rodney Sands Jiji Kim & Julli Bjornson Rhonda & Michael Kimmel Joel & Nancy Kindle Laurel & Jamie King Shari Kirshner Marijo & Virginia Kist Luanne & Bob Kittle Lisa & Jay Klein Maurice Mike & Sandy Klein Esther & David Kletter Lois & Duncan Kline Christine Kling Catherine Klinger & John Fick Madison Klug & Steven Pehoski Amy Knight Lynda & Gerhard Koemp Beth Koeritzer Robert & Deanna Kohlburn Katrina & Tyler Kokjohn William Kollar Conrad & Rita Koller Mark Konecki Bandie & Anthony Koontz Cynthia & David Koraleski James & Teresa Kornelly Halina & Angelina Korsun Carla & Karl Kraehenbuehl Kierstie Kraemer Jolene & Dave Kramer Suzanne Kraus Dr. & Mrs. Robert Kravetz Tobias Kreidl & Jessica Lorey Harvey & Eve Kronen Phil & Patty Kropelnicki Matthew Krull In memory of Karl & Ruth Krull Shuang & Yiwen Krus Janice Kruse Rev. James Kubajak Lorraine Kucik Martin Kudler Anshula Kulkarni Sandra & Sam Kuller Mary Lalli & Bill Stankey Joyce LaMance


$100+ continued Bethany & Joseph Lambrecht Richard & Frances Lamden Stacy & Zane Lankford Dr. Jeff & Barbara Larson William & Joyce Larson Robin & Jerry Laskin Susan Lavenson Dianne Lawson & Sharon Philipson Patricia & Byron Layman David & Peggy Le Moine Amy Leanse Diana Lee Gladys Lee Larry Lee Sharon Lee Thomas J. Lee & Mary Geraldine Lee Claire Kiehl Lefkowitz Jeanette Leglu-Guerrero Nancy Lehman & Doug McDaniel Cindy & John Lenihan Kathryn Leonard Steven Lerch Howard & Kay Lerner Michael & Irene Lerner Neva Lesser-Bolan Gayle & Ron Levin Martin & Susan Levy Sandra & Richard Levy Alan Lewine & Ana Maria Ruimnonte Marie Lewis Susan Lewkowicz & Roy Bottomley Amy & Tom Lieberman Kathryn Lindahl & Pamela Sievers Connie Lindell Al & Carolynn Lindeman Steve Lindenbaum & Toni Anker Lisa & Ted Lindquist Bill & Phillis Lindsey Lois Lindskog & Lynn Peterson Maurice & Rita Linnens Melanie & Dave Little Gail Litton Gerald Locke & Marlene Greteman Randall Loemker & Carol Johnson


Nick Lombardo Jay & Fran London Natalie Lopez & Andrew Hagberg Marlene Loringer Jean Loudon & Gorden Hedahl Barbara & Ken Love Chandra Love Celestina Lowe & Daniel Mahoney Bob Lowery Anne Lucke Jose Lujan David & Lee Lundberg Pat Lundquist Clark & Grace Lusk Judy Lutgring John & Jason Lynn Karen & Adam Lyons Harris M. Donald & Alexandria Macintyre Joan MacKay Sharon MacKay Jane & Reed Mackenzie Deborah & Tom Mackey Helen MacLean Joy Maclean Herdis & Archie Maclellan Michael & Svetlana Madson Donald Maggi Constance Mahaney Robert Mains & Kathy Justice-Mains Mr. & Mrs. Carl Malinowski Lawson S. Malnory Cheryl Mandala Nirmal Manerikar James & Vicki Mangin Katherine Manker & Bruce Gardner Jimmy & Nina Mann Vicki Mann Margaret Janet Margrave & Ascencion Reyes Helen Mark Tom & Ellie Marks Marsha Marshall Nancy Martin B.J. Martindale Kathie Martine & Gayle Kirkeby Robin Martinez

Thomas Martinsen & Rita Koppinger Melissa & Thomas Masles Barry & Barbara Masloff Dianne & Robert Mason Carol & Robert Massengill Sharon Massion & Sheridan Wheeler Peter Mather Christine Matsche Richard & Margaret Matsuishi Joseph & Pamela Matt Jeffrey & Lisa Maxcy Roger May & Timothy Edwards Randall & Allis Maydew Jeanne & Timothy Mayes Rebecca Mazza James & Amy McAuley Rose McClanahan Perry & Sylvia McCown Moni & Dan McCoy James & Penelope McCready Courtney McCrory David McElroy & Edith Barrowclough Elaine & Scott McEwen Joseph McGrath Kevin McHenry Linda McIntier David McIntire Mary McIntyre Marina McIsaac & Bill Leek Beverly & Brian McKenna Craig & Camy McLaren Christina & Heath McLaughlin Barbara & Jerome McMahon Donna McMenamin Mary McMichael Lori McMillan Kenneth Mcneil Carol McSweeney & William Haring Lydia Medina Paul & Molly Meisenzahl Joye & Lynn Melby Mike & Sharon Mendlick Avery & Meg Merriman Gene Merwin & Karleen Merwin Richard Messenger Dominick & Bonnie Messina

Betty Meyer David Meyer & Rita Cho Robert & Jeannie Meyer Teresa Myers & John Burns Kathleen Mickelson & James Stansfield Karl Milbauer Ann Miller Edna & Terry Miller MaryAnn & Duane Miller Patricia Miller Robert Miller Sandra Miller & Edward Cavallo Curtis & Joan Miller Dr. Wendy Miller-Schneider & Richard Schneider Valerie Millet & Scott Douglas Jazz & Akim Mimoun Regina Marie Miskewitz Charles & Marie Mitchell Jacquie Mitchell Eugene & Elizabeth Mitofsky John Mocarski & Yunju Pak Charles & Barbara Moen Linda Monheit Ava Monson Jane & Michael Moon Donald & Denise Moore Warren Moore Chris Moreno & Colleen Collins-Moreno Ruby Moreno Gaylene Morgan Julie Mori Tim Morrison Justin & Emily Moser Larry & Debbie Moudy Judith Moura Michael Muente Manfred Muenter Roger & Donna Muhlenkamp Anne & Charles Mullany Philip Mullin & Linda Rutz Carol Mungas & Dennis DeFrain T. & D. Munley Todd & Nicole Murchison Mary Ann & William Murphy David Muschler & Ann Becker Ellen & Jim Myerberg Amy & John Myers

George & Sue Myers Margot Myers & Gordon Helm Robert & Marilyn Myers Monique Mynlieff Frederick Nack John & JoAnne Nadalin Dale & Mercedeh Nance Mona Nance & Hayedeh Rowshangah Diana Nashban Anthony Natale Dan & Peggy Neal Jacqueline Neckels & Dana Robinson Teresa Brennan Neilson Eileen & Dennis Neiman Brian & Penne Nelson Dan & Diana Nelson Taylor Nelson Van Nelson & Yury Grevtsev Charles Nessel & Suzanne Kraincz Neudell/Manoguerra Donna Neuhauser Irwin & Barbara Neulight John & Jawn McKinley Neville Carol & Joe Newman Wendy & Richard Nickel Ray & Marla Niemeir Michael & Sharon Nikonchuk Patti & Douglas Nishimura Patricia Nolan Craig & Sharon Noll Patricia Nordahl & Robert Schmidt Barbara Nordlund Hugh & Mary Norsted Tom Northup Chris & J. OʼBrien Trent OʼBrien Jeni & Michael OʼCallaghan Candace Oehler Audrey Oh James & Laura Ohm Cary & Helen Oleisky Cleiton & Eleuza Oliveira Faye Olivieri & Ronald Kozich Nancy Olmsted Lorre Olsen Julie Olson Kevin OʼMalley & Christie Dames

Michael & Carolyn OʼNeal Laure & Tony OʼNeal Riley OʼNeil William & Janet OʼNeil Ashley Oneill Ann Ongerth Sharon Orsi Garry & Kathy Osborn Liz Osborn Mark & Karla Osmun Bill Otis & Marythea Grebner Elizabeth & Curtis Overall Gregory Owen Michael & Helen Padgett Ronald Palmer Helenlee Pardi Timothy Paree Dan & Elise Parish Kevin Parkes Dennis & Marcia Parle John & Marie Parsey Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pastorek Addie & June Paul Rosina & Jerry Pavelko Natalie Payne Heloise Pechan The Pediatric Oncology Unit Tucson, AZ Louise Pelissier & Emma Luna Donald Pennell & Nico Seal Marjorie Perkins Gerald & Janet Perlman Sharon Perna Barbara Perry & Derek Hayes Cary & Barbara Peskin Howard & Sondra Peters Douglas & Julie Peterson Jason & Glynis Peterson Kendra & Susan Peterson Sierra & Darrell Peterson Fred & Andrea Peterssen William & Linda Pettit Arlene Pfeil Laraine Pfirrmann Sandra Philipson Helen Pierson & Duane McClanahan Mary Ann Pikulas Ronald & Christine Pikus Robert Pilskaln & Lavinia Wright


$100+ continued Kevin & Kara Pint Ann & Vince Plachecki Terry & Susan Pletkovich Loren Plumb & Carolyn Seidel Norris & Cay Plumley Tiffany Poetsch Mar Pollock Teresa Pool & Andrew Rael Judy & Howard Potts Francine Powell John Powell Judy Pratt Laurie & John Prebarich Arnie & Lena Press Donna Petzold Pritchard Andra & Peter Privert Mike Prokes Penny Pryor Billie Dawn Pulcini Steve Purtell Karen B. Quick Stewart & Sharon Quisling David Rachor & Sharon Hansen Kathleen & John Raife Tribhawan Ram Jan Ramirez & Mario Puente Charles & Cherry Ramsay Manuel Rangel John & Jane Rank Arthur & Ginger Ranz Wendy Ray & Gaylord Finley Kimberly Redhage Clayton & Heather Reed Gayle & Robert Reed Albert & Diana Regal Rose & Michael Regan Lon Reiman & Mary Ann Szulinski Larry Reineck Barbara Reisinger Lisa & Andy Remack Dvorak Remis Family Nina Renee Mark & Rebecca Rentz Don & Sandra Rex Barbara Rhein Kenneth & Gay Rhoades Scott & Phyllis Rhyner Fontaine Richardson & Joe Alston Frederick & Nancy Richardson


Patricia & Gregory Richardson Jeannine & Sid Richison Marvin & Amy Richman Susan Richwine Carla & Rick Riedel Debbi Risinger Brandy Rivera & Karl Dutson Lawrence & Simma Robbins Barbara & Bill Robertson Heidi Robertson & Russ Pyle Nancy & James Robinson Howard Robinson Steve Robinson Donna & Daniel Roche Elise Roenigk Jeffrey Rogers & Kris Schaefer-Rogers Douglas & Bonnie Roill David & Laurel Roland Josephine Romito Sally Ronning Sharon Rooker Evelyn Roseberry Gil & Harriet Rosen Wendy Rosenberg Mike Ross & Lisa Larr Susanna Roth Melvyn & Barbara Rothman Eddie & Janet Roush Joanne Roviaro Marie Roviello Marianne & Leon Rubin Ronald Rubin Diane & Ronald Rudnick Elmer Ruehling Lynnae Rusk Russell Family Roslyn Russovenditti & Edward Venditti Jack & Holly Rutkowski Ronald & Kathleen Rutowski David & Kathleen Rybarczyk Jack Saba Bob Sachs & Merle Daniels Heather & Brian Sachs Judy Sadler & Barbara Barnard M. Safadi Teresa & Fady Salama Michael & Debra Saling Myra & Steven Salmirs

Christina & Louis Salute Wendy Samurin Audrey Sanchez Wendy Sanchez Sandra Sanders Marcia G. Sandground Brant & Linda Saperstein Brett Sapowith Dr. Patricia Sargent Ronald Sargis Sargis & Sirarpi Saribekyan Michael & Chrissie Savage Kathy & Dean Savas Aaron Schasse & Arabella White Don Scherer & Lee Hanson Marie & Max Schirtzinger Margaret Schmidt Judy Schneider & Mona Guarino Kathleen & John Schnobrich Jan Scholes & Rose Hollins Milton & Mary Schroeder Adam & Camille Schuster Gerald Schwab Walter Schwartz & Jeff Ekery Robert & Karen Schwarz Ashley Scott Scottsdale Solar LLC Margie & Rod Scrivener Elizabeth Segal Frank Segall Ann & Perry Sells Michael & Lori Seltzer Elizabeth & Larry Senderhauf Susan & Mark Sendrow Karen Shafer & Stephen Murphy Manisha Shah & Thomas Lybrook Arlene Shapero Lynne A. Shapiro & Thomas A. Gregory Michael Shapiro & Elaine Fox Karen Sharf Carol & Lew Shaw Richard & Joan Shaw James Shay & Suzanne Webb Dr. & Mrs. Michael Sheehan John Shepherd & Marcia Kneisley Rodger & Tara Shepherd Alex & Austin Shields Bonnie & Nouri Shirakhoon Loren Shirk

Sandra Short Allan & Judith Shriber Talea Shupe Louise & Larry Shwartz Eric Siegel & Denise Ross-Siegel Marty Siegel Marty & Bobbi Siegel Cynthia Siegle Madeleine & Nigel Sifantus Silicon Valley Bank Marc Silver & Meredith Murray Ken & Gay Simeral Lynn & Eric Simon Donna Sites & Deborah Oakley Frank Skinner Terry Slaven & Chris Coffey Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Sloan Mary & Ed Slomba Michael & Ruth Smilg Alyshia & Miguel Smith Art & Corinne Smith Charles & Emily Smith Frank Smith Kerry Smith & Alicia Palacio Laura Smith Linda Smith Marilyne Smith Paul Smith Richard & Candace Smith Seri Smith & Kraig Tolliver Shawn & Sylvia Smith Mary & Larry Smith Craig & Linda Fontana Smith Sylvia Smolensky Jackie Smylie & Richard Smith Dan & Cindy Snead Deborah Snite Blair & Patricia Snyder John Soby & Cydney Demodica Audrey & Frank Soldano Kathleen Solorio & Nihat Hanioglu Susan Sorgen & Jeff Jones Charles & Jeanne Sosland Ashley Sparks-Jamal James & Christina Speros Pamela & Martin Spong David Sprentall & Karen Beckvar Kent & Becky Sprunger Steven Squier

Natasha & Harvey Starbuck Mary Ann & Richard Stark Jennifer Starr & Eugene Lesser Dolores & Gregory Steinbis Cita Stelzer Don & Colleen Stephens Elaine & Robert Stephens Linda Stephens Marcia Sterhan Nancy Steriotis Sheila & Paul Sterna Curtis & Sharon Stetter Eila Stevens Elaine Stevens Gunisigi & Bert Stevens Greg & Patricia Stewart Doris & John Stipech Anne Stokes Connie Stone Pamela & Gregory Stone John & Marcia Stout Laura Strait Earl Strassberger Ralph Strickland Terrence Stull Paul Sullivan & Lynn Hart Denise & Russ Surber Marlene Swarts & Julie Croak Leon & Barbara Swerin Dorothy Sydnor Douglas & Linda Syme Heather Szlichcinski & Antoni Sclichcinki Thomasina Tafur Helen Tang & Andrew Torelli Mengyi Tang & Ping Zhu Frank & Linda Tantone Irene Tarbell Bob & Pam Taylor Kerry Taylor Jesus Tellez & Layla Gonzalez Sheila Tempel Jefferey Templeton & Jill Davidson Monica & Francis Tenbarge Molly Thacker Eugenia Theodosopoulos & Gilles Combes Malorie Thies Cheryl Thomas Jim Thomas

Launette Thompson Luella Thompson Kathleen Thompson Kay Thompson Diane & Bob Thomson Peter & Mary Beth Thorkelson Elena & James Thornton Kathleen & Willey Thurman Joyce & Charles Tiber Mary Jo & Dennis Tietge Mark & Mary Timpany Tara Tippy Donn-Allan Gerard Titus Nancie Kozel-Tobison & David Tobison Lita & James Tope Pat Toye Ann Marie Trask Burton & Gwen Traub Trish Triemert & Ivar Langseth Michael & Pamela Tripp Stephen & Irene Trudell James & Annette Trujillo Robert Tucker & Elizabeth Kepuraitis John & Susan Twiggs Michael Tyson Elaine Uehara Steven Urke Barbara Vacanti Bob & Donna Vadas Lorna Vail The Valenti Family Iris Van Clague & Marjorie Van Slyke Paul & Melody Vanderveen Nancy & George Vavricka Evelyn Vazquez Jessica Vendegna & Sierra Heil Candy & Mark Verville Lois & Paul Visconti John & Pamela Vogler Lisa Vollendorf & Scott Votey Axel & Rev. Janice Von Rappard Lois VonHalle Stephen Vorenberg & Kerry Marshall Raymond & Julia Vos Mary & Dave Voytek Joan Vrtis & Diane Brown


$100+ continued Marvin & Rita Wachs Sherry & Benjamin Waddell Ken & Matthew Waddell Jerry & Mary Waehner Carol Wagner Esperanza Wagner Jack Wahlen Patricia Waldman Cathleen & Steve Walker John F. Wallace Lynette & Charles Wallin Anne Walsh & Steven Buller Jim & Sandy Walt Marlene Walter Renee Walter Lulu Wang Siying Wang Howard & Chris Ward Ginger & Douglas Ward Caroline Ware & Marcus Simmers Kurt & Vicki Warning Linda Warren Stacy Wasson & Robert Meacham Jeff & Carol Waters Elaine & William Watson Ronald & Linda Watters Sandra Webb & B. Meyer Dwight & Maureen Weber Marlys Weberg Alice Wedd & John Green Larry Weinberg Diana Weinberg Todd & Beth Weinstein Weintraub Family Jolene & Harv Weisblat Joseph & Kristine Weiss Renee Weiss & Malcolm Loeb Susan & Richard Wellek Laurie & Gordon Wells Kenneth & Judy Wensley Tammy Wentworth Leslie Westbay E. Whitney & Tammy Westgate Cory & Mary Wheeler Danny White & Laura Lamberto-White Michael & Donna White Gina & Bill Whiteside Joe & Ellen Widoff


Rebecca Wiegand Eugene & Susan Wikle Eleanor Wildstein Anna & Christopher Williams Larry & Jane Williams Martha Williams & J.P. Blackmon Sharon & Richard Williams Thomas Williams Robert & Joni Williamson Robert & Mary Jo Wilmes David Wilson Diane Wilson & Michael Craig Judy Wilson & James Schornak Michael & Misha Wilson Robert & Karen Wilson Todd & Laurie Wilson Susanne Wilt Mr. & Mrs. Winebrenner Jane Lee Winter George Wirtjes & Mary Starost Brent Wisseman Dwayne Witten Harlan F. Woelfel Martin Wojcik Twila Wolfe Jinger Wolfe Karen & Andrew Wolfendon Donald & Carol Wolniak John Wonderly Andrea Wondra Margaret Wonhof Donovan Wood Lisa Woodburn Dennis Woods Charles & Sharon Woodward Barbara & David Woolf Dr. Rebecca Wynn Melinda & Robert Xanthos Lin Xiao & Alex Kramer William & Ellen Yeckley John & Dianne Young Tracy Young Ronald & Debby Zambo Pamela & Michael Zanders Ted & Anne Zemper Lynda & John Zimmer Mary Zolkiewicz Eileen Zornow & David Simkins Robert & Deborah Zucker

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MIM IN 2020


Instruments in Collection 4,338 Instruments on Display


Greatest Distance Traveled to MIM

Instruments Acquired in 2020 Representing

Largest Acquisition Pipe Organ 14 ft. x 9 ft.

21 Countries

Smallest Acquisition Kaskawillas (handbells) 6½ in. x 1¼ in.

New York, USA, 1859 Thomas Robjohn, maker

6,740 Miles Traveled by the Turkish Kudüm

Mapuche people, Chile, 1960s

Gift of the Robert J. Ulrich and Diane Sillik Fund

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Local & National Recognition Including

Best Museum —Phoenix Magazine Silver Telly Winner for “The Electric Guitar: Inventing an American Icon”


Recognized as a Phoenix Point of Pride Featured in The New York Times

“How to Staycation in 6 American Cities”

1,102,106 Students with Access to MIMʼs Virtual Education Content in 2020

596 Arizona Schools 1,668 Out-of-State Schools in 36 States 3 Other Countries

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72 Online MIMkids Classes (Ages 0–12) 1,110 Participants

15 Virtual Memory Care and Music Sessions 300+ Participants

21 States and 2 Other Countries

20+ Senior Communities


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