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Look Forward for CES 2013

As the one of the largest showcases of new technology in the world, the consumer electronics show is attracted so much attention. For 2013 CES , what are expect?

Samsung announces major new product

Hold onto your oversized souvenir drink - Samsung has an earth shattering announcement planned for CES.

While short on details, the video implores the world to "get ready" for something we've all been waiting for. We've touched on the rebranding rumors, the Galaxy S4 and even a QWERTY tablet.

While Samsung could announce one, none or all three of these products, it could have a product up its sleeve that leaves up entirely blindsided. We kind of hope for that...

HTC might unveil a new phone or two

The first rumbling came back in June when a possible line-up of HTC Windows Phone 8 devices was leaked, the headliner being the 4.7-inch HTC Zenith. Then another WP8 device, the HTC Titan III registered on our radar thanks to a survey on Xbox Live. Now just a few days ago we caught wind of the HTC M7, which the rumors peg as a possible 5-inch flagship device.

LG gives CPU making a try A report out of Korea has the tech firm producing in-house made CPUs next year, starting with chips for its web-capable Smart TVs.

Galaxy S4 with Full HD Super AMOLED display

This one has a Full HD Super AMOLED display arriving at the show,

but that's not all: chances are we'll see such a screen housed inside the Galaxy S4.

A Samsung source reported that the display's resolution will reach 1920 x 1080 and a staggering 441 ppi, but the real point of interest is in the ultra-thin and energy efficient AMOLED technology.

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Intel introduces a new mobile processor, stakes its claim

We expect Intel to show up big at the event, schooling the competition on how it's done, and very likely announcing a new mobile processor or two as well as some destined for PCs.

The CEA estimates that factory-installed automotive technology will generate $8.7 billion dollars in 2013, So which tech hardware would want to buy?

Note: if you want to know more detailed,you can also follow our Youtube video :

Look Forward for CES 2013  
Look Forward for CES 2013  

There will be many phones , cameras, computers, tablets etc in CES 2013 and What are you expect.