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YTedK:Ted Kennedy, the truth about Chappaquiddick, and more...

Road, and that his "unfamiliarity" with the road had led him to drive off the narrow bridge. ) 2:30 PM

- Kennedy, Gargan, and Markham raced in the Regatta aboard the Victura, while the young women watched from aboard the charter boat, Bonnie Lisa. Also entered in the race were: Stan Moore (an automobile dealer on Cape Cod) aboard the Uncle Benny, and Ross Richards (a long-time racing rival of Teddy Kennedy) aboard the Bettawin. - The Victura finished ninth, well behind the victorious Bettawin.

4:30 PM

- Kennedy and Stan Moore joined the victory party aboard the Bettawin, which was tied up at the dock. Gargan stayed behind on the Victura to put up the sails and batten down. Markham returned to his hotel room, having injured his leg during the race. - Richards had run out of beer, and instead "highballs" were being served. Moore and Ted Kennedy had three drinks each. Moore remembered that specifically because they both were drinking rum and coke. ( Moore refused to comment on Ted's alcohol consumption when asked by authorities who were investigating the accident. "I was asked that question many, many times," he later said. "Ted had three rum and cokes in about twenty minutes, but I didn't think it was anybody's business.") - By the time Gargan joined the party, the Senator was ready to leave.

6:00 PM

- Kennedy and Gargan arrived at the Shiretown Inn in Edgartown. Gargan ordered 6 bottles of Heineken beer from the inn's pub and brought them up to the room which he was sharing with the Senator. Jack Crimmins was also there. Markham had already checked out, since he was planning to spend the night at the Chappaquiddick cottage.

7:00 PM

- Once the men had finished their beers, Crimmins chauffeured Kennedy to the ferry, and they crossed over to Chappaquiddick. No one was at the cottage when they arrived, so Kennedy soaked in a hot tub while Crimmins made him another rum and coke.

8:15 PM

- LaRosa picked up the girls at their motel, and dropped them off at the Edgartown ferry landing. He parked his car at the Shiretown Inn, then walked back to the dock to join the others for the ferry ride across to Chappaquiddick. Gargan was waiting on the island with the Valiant to pick up the party guests.

8:30 PM

- The party guests arrived at the Lawrence Cottage. The party was made up of six married men and six single women, crowded into a small living room. The counter dividing the living room from the kitchen was stocked with liquor Crimmins had purchased "for a price" in South Boston. - Investigators later located the package store in South Boston where it was confirmed that Jack Crimmins had purchased three half gallons of vodka, four fifths of scotch, two bottles of rum and two cases of beer for the party at Chappaquiddick. (4 of 7)5/1/2004 9:03:35 PM

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Chappaquiddick 1  

Chappaquiddick as told by Ted Kennedy's personal attorney, Jack Gargan.