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YTedK:Ted Kennedy, the truth about Chappaquiddick, and more...

Chapter 1 ~ The Regatta and the Party ~

Wednesday July 16, 1969 - Jack Crimmins, Ted Kennedy's chauffeur, arrives on Martha's Vineyard driving Ted's 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88. He spends the night alone at the Lawrence Cottage on Chappaquiddick.

Thursday July 17, 1969 - Joseph Gargan and Paul Markham arrive in Edgartown aboard the Victura. They check into the Shiretown Inn, where Gargan had reserved rooms for them. Gargan had also secured rooms at the Inn for Ray LaRosa, Charles Tretter, and Senator Kennedy, who would arrive the following day. - In a rented white Valiant, Gargan goes to Vineyard Haven to pick up the "Boiler Room Girls" who had arrived on the ferry and did not have a car. The young women are taken to their rooms at the Katama Shores Motor Inn.

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Friday July 18, 1969 - In the morning, the young women shopped the fashionable boutiques of Edgartown, and then went swimming at East Beach on Chappaquiddick. - Crimmins picked up Senator Kennedy at the Martha's Vineyard airport. They crossed over on the ferry to Chappaquiddick, and drove to the cottage on the island's only paved road Chappaquiddick Rd. - Ted changed into swim trunks, and then was driven down a dirt road (Dike Road) and across a narrow bridge (Dike Bridge) to join the others on the beach. After a swim, Kennedy was driven back over Dike Bridge, up Dike Road and returned to the cottage. He changed clothes, and was driven back along Chappaquiddick Rd to the landing, where Crimmins and the Senator caught the ferry back to Edgartown for the Regatta. [- See Map -] ( Following the accident, Kennedy would claim that he had made a "wrong turn" onto Dike (3 of 7)5/1/2004 9:03:35 PM

Chappaquiddick 1  
Chappaquiddick 1  

Chappaquiddick as told by Ted Kennedy's personal attorney, Jack Gargan.