Palimpsest Folds

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Miltos Pantelias Palimpsest Folds

17 October-29 November 2014

Folds of Sea I Acrylics, pencils and paper on linen



“Palimpsest”: A manuscript or piece of writing material on which later writing has been superimposed on effaced earlier writing. (Oxford dictionaries) This definition constitutes the framework of M. Pantelias’ experimentations. He studies and is inspired by the mechanisms of memory, the past, its recall and transformation into something new, in a new time. ‘The palimpsests refer to old manuscripts which have been erased in order to write new writings on them, this double-written reading defines a new place and becomes the carrier of new interpretation. I collect elements that attract my attention through notes then I reconstruct them in the studio producing a new image, which has become autonomous in a new reality’ (Miltos Pantelias) Pantelias refers to images, processes them and then the procedure of palimpsests is concluded with the rewriting of the new image and sensation. From the woman’s form in the sea and back concepts participate in each other’s experience. The artworks of this unity function as monumental instantanés that release an aura with intense elements of nostalgia and lust, which is also reinforced by the characteristics of M. Pantelia’s art, the obsession in the detail and the quiet use of colour. At the same time, in this tranquil frame, the detail in the folds contributes in a sense of an aerial movement. The notion of Palimpsest in memory, as it is represented through Pantelias’ work, affects his practice, too and finally is reflected through it. Multiple layers of processing which are not always visible; the fabric, the design, the frequent addition of paper all together form plaits, writings and ripples.

Unfolding Ι Acrylics, pencils and paper on linen 150x90cm

Unfolding ΙI Acrylics, pencils and paper on linen 150x90cm


Unfolding ΙII Acrylics, pencils and paper on linen 220x160cm

Folds of Sea II

Acrylics, pencils and paper on linen


Folds of Sea III

Acrylics, pencils and paper on wood


Unfolding IV Acrylics, pencils and paper on wood 38x31cm

Folds of Sea IV

Acrylics, pencils and paper on wood


Unfolding V Acrylics, pencils and paper on linen 102x62cm

Folds of Sea V

Acrylics, pencils and paper on wood


Unfolding VI Acrylics, pencils and paper on linen 100x60cm


Mes racines Acrylics, pencil on paper on linen 73x45cm

Unfolding VII Acrylics, pencils and paper on wood 38x31cm

Miltos Pantelias was born in 1954 in Athens. 1974-1978 : He studied engraving and lithography at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. 1980-1983 : Art Plastiques section of Paris VIII University. He lived in Paris for eleven years (1974-1985). Since 1986 he lives and worcs in Athens. Personal Exhibitions 2014: Nitra Gallery, Thessaloniki 2012: Terra Mater, Bazaios Tower, Naxos, Greece 2012: Maison Du Chevalier, Carcassonne, France 2011: Tholiai te kai apoptygmata, Atrion Gallery, Thessaloniki 2009: Arcadia in situ, Arcadian Museum of Art and History, Levidi, Greece 2009: Ek parallilou, ArtGallery, Alexandroupolis, Greece 2006: Sensus Rescriptus –Draperies, Skoufa Gallery, Athens 2006: Diosimeia, Art Gallery, Alexandroupolis, Greece 2005: Diosimeia, Alma Theater, Athens 2002: Ecritures paralleles, Espace Periple, Bruxelles 2001: Palimpsests II, Ermoupoleia 2001, Syros, Greece 1999: Palimpsests I, Gallery Trigono, Kifisia, Athens 1998: Skoufa Gallery, Αrt Athina 6, ‘98 1997: Parallel natures, Wigmore Fine Arts Gallery, London 1997: Parallel natures, Εspace Periple, Brussels 1996: Terracotta Gallery, Thessaloniki 1994: Gallery Οpus 39, Nicosia, Cyprus 1993: Hyacynthos Gallery, Kifisia, Athens 1993: Terracotta Gallery, Thessaloniki 1991: Skoufa Gallery, Athens 1990: Terracotta Gallery, Thessaloniki 1990: Astrolavos Gallery, Pireus, Greece 1989: Skoufa Gallery, Athens 1985: Nees Morfes Gallery, Athens 1981: Kamara Gallery, Monemvasia, Greece 1980: Nees Morfes Gallery, Athens He has presented his artwork in several group exhibitions in Greece, France, Cyprus, Belgium and UK and art meetings in Greece and abroad He has made numerous engravings and lithographies for special numbered editions and poetry collections. His artwork is included in many important public and private collections in Greece and abroad.