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Milton Street Festival - June 7, MCRC Fun Fair - June 7 at Victoria Park 10am - 3pm Game On! - 2nd Annual Ball Hockey Tournament for Charity - June 7-8 see for info Ontario Provincial Election - June 12, see for more info Murder at the Inn - Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre - June 13 purchase tickets in advance at Relay for Life - June 13 at Milton Fairgrounds, Tea with the Animals - June 15, 1-4pm at Milton Mall. Fun for kids aged 3 to 8 Campbellville 100th Anniversary - June 20-21 see for info Milton Strawberry Fair - June 21 at Milton Fairgrounds Milton Canada Day Celebrations - July 1 at Milton Fairgrounds Summer Days Performance Series - July 2, 12-1pm at Milton Town Hall see for info Milton Senior’s Activity Centre 20th Anniversary Celebration - July 5 at Milton Senior’s Activity Centre 10am - 2pm

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MILTON TEACHER WANTS TO CHANGE THE LAW to own chickens in her backyard Story by Stuart Service | Photos by Ann Kornuta


t’s against the law to own a chicken on Milton residential properties, however, Laurie Dietrich, a Milton schoolteacher and mother of two, wants to change that.

To get the ball rolling, Dietrich formed the group CLUCK Milton, and has received praise and support upon presenting her case to Milton Green and the Halton Environmental Network. Dietrich wants to dispel the myths and misconceptions with regard to chicken ownership. They don’t harbour disease, they’re relatively quiet, and responsible husbandry will keep away predators and rodents. “Egg-laying hens. We’re not talking about roosters,” Dietrich said. “Once you get past that, the top concern would be that of noise . . . It’s an unfamiliar noise in the modern, urban setting. But it’s not much noise compared to that of a dog, or a kid that’s next door. It’s significantly quieter. They (chickens) put themselves to bed when the sun goes down, so it’s not like the neighbour’s dog that barks at 3 a.m.” Certain breeds are more vocal than others. Although Rhode Island Reds are dependable egg layers, their clucking has a reputation for testing the limits of local by-law enforcement.

Dietrich said that if the Town is willing to change the bylaw, she will purchase Barred Rock hens as they are quiet, dependable egg layers and friendly enough to be a family pet.

Tea with the Animals!

Owning a chicken costs about $300 to purchase a winterized coup. Feeding them costs about $30 a month for four birds during the winter, but that price can drop dramatically during summer months. Hens enjoy nibbling on grass, gardens, and whatever’s in the green bin. “As far as rodents and predators go, it’s the feed they’re attracted to. As long as you’re managing your feed properly that would be taken care of. It should be sealed in an airtight, metal container and not a plastic bin. As long as you’re giving them what they consume within the day, that takes care of the rodents,” she said. “Predators (like coyotes) are here, we just need to make sure we’re not giving them any reason to stay. That means a well-designed coup that is predator proof, and that you’re not leaving your chickens out unattended. “Important issues to consider, but definitely manageable.” Egg-laying hens are already permitted in heavily populated cities such as New York City and Los Angeles. Closer to Milton, chickens are permitted on residential properties in Niagara Falls, Brampton and Guelph. Guelph resident Mike Craig is a chicken consultant of sorts. He currently has 25 chickens in his backyard, which lay about 18 eggs daily. For years, friends have been calling him up for advice on whether or not owning egg-laying hens is right for them. “We’ve had chickens for so long and really loved the idea of creating resilient communities and saw chickens as a way to do that. And we have so many friends who would say ‘Oh I wish we had chickens, but —’ and then they’d have a list,” Craig said. “So how do we make it easy to support people in doing this?” To that end, Craig created a small business, Backyard Bok Boks, which specializes in setting up and renting out temporary chickens and coups, providing homeowners an opportunity to dip their feet in the waters of chicken ownership.

SUNDAY, JUNE 15th, 1 to 2 pm and 3 to 4 pm Enjoy light refreshments, story time, a 5 x 7 photo with the Cat in the Hat and a goody bag to take home, including an adorable little plush keepsake. Tickets are $20 and are available at Ruffin’s Pet Centre with all proceeds going to the OMHS.

Tea will take place across from Brancier Jewellers with a special area for parents right next to it. Tickets limited to 30 children per seating. For more details visit and click on events. Corner of Ontario and Main

Chickens have a lifespan of about 10 years, and can lay about 300 eggs each year over for about three years. After that, the egg-laying becomes less frequent. Craig keeps his chickens for the majority of their lifespan before donating them to a Mennonite farmer in Fergus. “They’re certified and they handle it really well,” Craig said. “I mean, it’s a great question (what to do with the older chickens), but I think people can figure it out.” When asked to compare the taste of his eggs versus those in a grocery store, Craig said “Well, they’re delicious. They actually have taste and (the yolks) are rich in colour.” Craig has a potential client in Dietrich if the Town of Milton is willing to amend its by-law to permit egg laying hens on residential properties. Dietrich plans to speak to council later this year to try to sway the influential opinions in her favour. “A lot of people I’ve spoken to, when we’ve expressed an interest in getting backyard chickens, I’ve heard a lot of ‘We were going to do that too,’” she said. “But there’s a bylaw against it and couldn’t. A lot of people stopped there, whereas I at that point reached the conclusion: ‘So what?’ “It was never my intention to take it to the next level, but I feel that somebody has to do it.”

Joe Yaworski, Bruce Whitehouse, Chris Thomson, Paul Elliot, Phil Harrington, Ches Somers & Drew Tremblay

6 | Milton Villager

By Dave Spragge | Photos by Denise Cooperwhite

CKSS Athletics Fundraiser a success! O

n May 2, some 170 community members, school staff and supports turned out for the 1st Craig Kielburger Secondary School Annual Athletics Fundraiser at Halton Hills Place. The parent fundraising committee organized the event that raised more than $6,500 to support the sports program at the high school. This year, the lion’s share of the money is being used to help the school field a senior football team. Future fundraisers will be in support of all athletics’ programs – in particular, to install equipment & facilities that will benefit a number of activities (for example, a scoreboard and bleachers on the field). The fundraising committee has raised over $18,000 since its launch 8 months ago including $7,000 in private donations. Rob Dewar is the President of Sigg North America, and he has spearheaded the effort as Chair of the Committee. “What began is purely a football initiative has expanded because we quickly realized there is a huge need, and we want to support our students in every & anyway possible. It’s also been great getting to know so many fantastic people in our community,” says Dewar. He’s encouraging more people to get involved by emailing him at

M ayor G ord K rantz, Dou g W illiams, T om H arten, A lice T ob ey, R ob Dew ar, A nne O nd ercin, Donna T aylor & Dave Forsyth

S h aw n M orris ( T each er) , Dave S p rag g e ( G u id ance teach er) , S cott W illiamson ( V ice Princip al)

Move More!

J ack & Carmen N ash

SATURDAY, JUNE 14th, 10 am - 12 noon Let’s get moving, moving! Start with a cool paddle-ball* make & take craft, then try your agility at three different physical challenges and receive participation ribbons at the end. Parents are encouraged to join in, it won’t be that hard - we promise! Please note parent(s) must remain with their child(ren). The Kids’ Club is free & open to children ages 4 - 12. *One craft per child, while supplies last. For more details visit and click on the Kids’ Club icon.

J im & G loria G allip eau

Corner of Ontario and Main

8 | Milton Villager

at 2014 Milton Youth Awards

By Stuart Service | Photos by Ann Kornuta


oung people with remarkable stories of above-andbeyond volunteerism crowded the Milton Sports Centre on May 1 for the Milton Youth Advisory Committee’s annual awards ceremony. Nominated for the Community Leadership Award was Jessie Brown, 13, for her active volunteerism including being a voice against bullying in schools. “I want to change the community, I want to make it a better place,” Brown said. “I want to make sure that kids can grow up to be who they want to be and how they want to be without being bullied or harassed.” Among the nominees for the Personal Triumph Award was Kristen Hancher, a dance and gymnastics competitor whose life changed following a diagnosis of scoliosis last year. “It was really upsetting because I was on a national level,winning national titles. Dance was my everything,” she said, adding that she used to spend her entire recesses doing backflips with her friends. “Unfortunately, I had to have surgery on my back because the scoliosis got so bad. I was devastated because that was in between competition season.”

K risten H anch er w ith h er M oth er S h erry

Hancher, 14, is back to doing backflips and, although she’ll be taking a year off from dance, she looks forward to returning to the stage in the near future to perform as an actress. Fahim Naeem won the Community Leadership Award for his efforts that include long hours volunteering at the Milton District Hospital, and for establishing a student-run charity that promotes the importance of financial literacy to youth. Musician Gavin McLeod won the Painting a Path Award for organizing the Christmas toy drive “Jammin’ for Joy” last November, and for his many live performances including the Mayor’s Gala, Miracle on Main Street, and the Milton Santa Claus parade.

J essie B row n w ith h er M oth er

Travis Gerrits won the Personal Triumph Award for overcoming a serious knee injury before he won the 201213 World Cup and before he qualified and competed in the 2014 Sochi Olympics last February. Tomiwa Adermidun won the Unity in Diversity Award for taking a leadership role in promoting Black History Month, and for encouraging unity among different religions as an active member of his local church. Jade Paxton won the Environmental Award for being the leader of Bishop Reding’s Eco Team since 2012, there she is responsible for organizing environmentally-themed events including a litter-less lunch campaign, annual competitive cleanups, and trivia contests.

Fah im N aeem, w inner of Commu nity L ead ersh ip A w ard

T omiw a A d emid u n, w inner of U nity in Diversity A w ard

J ad e Pax ton, w inner of E nvironmental A w ard

T omiw a A d emid u n w ith h is f amily

LOCAL OLYMPIANS get their props at council meeting

By Stuart Service | Photos by Ann Kornuta


ilton council opened their April 28 meeting by presenting Olympic Recognition awards to local representatives at the 2014 Sochi Winter Games: Milton aerial skier Travis Gerrits and Oakville curler Kirstin Wall.

“Thank you very much for bringing this recognition to . . . this great nation of ours at the most recent Olympics,” said Milton Mayor Gord Krantz.

10 | Milton Villager

With the pressure on, Gerrits recovered from a tumble on his nationally-televised debut on February 17 with a spectacular followup jump. Gerrits never looked back, reaching the second round of 12 and then qualified for the round of 8. Travis ended his first Olympic appearance placing 7th among 21 freestyle skiers.

Gerrits’ entire performance was viewed on a big screen by about 1,000 Miltonians packed into a Milton Sports Centre gymnasium. Upon seeing the footage and the photos, Gerrits said he was floored by the boisterously enthusiastic support. “I was almost wishing I could have been at that event,” he said with a laugh. “It really just goes to show how supportive this town is of their athletes and that’s being shown with the new Velodrome and the Sports Centre.”

Art in the Afternoon

Gerrits is taking some much-deserved time off to rest now that the multi-year grind of travelling the world to achieve an Olympic dream is complete. When he returns to training for the next Olympics, Gerrits plans to perfect a new trick called a “quintuple-twisting, triple backflip.” Also recognized for her Olympic experience on April 28 was Oakville resident Kirstin Wall, an alternate for Jennifer Jones’ goldmedal-winning women’s curling team at the Sochi Games.

“I really do appreciate the small-town feel that Milton has and still remains,” Wall told Milton council. “It was a lot of fun at Sochi and it was awesome to represent the Town of Milton, the Region of Halton and, of course, Canada. It all comes down to the grass roots and the volunteers, my parents and everyone who helped us along the way.”

Presented by:

EVERY THURDSAY IN JUNE, 1:00 - 2:30 pm Join us for free art workshops presented by the Fine Arts Society of Milton. Adults are invited to come and explore their creative side with collages, abstract art, prints and more. Located across from Brancier Jewellers. No pre-registration necessary.

For more details visit and click on events. Corner of Ontario and Main


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Music estival

Has a Grand Ending


ay 5-9, 2014 was the Milton Music Teachers’ Association (MMTA) 22nd Biennial Music Festival. Young Milton-area musicians, and singers filled local venues with subtle notes of Chopin to the harsher tones of Rachmaninoff. On May 11, they ended it with a grand concert, and scholarship awards handed out by Mayor Gord Krantz. The festival began as an annual event, but was changed to twice a year when it got too big for organizers. This year’s concerts took place in three different venues; Hugh Foster Hall, Knox Church, and New Life Church. Organizer, and the afternoon’s emcee Joyce Silverthorne talks about the parents’ sincere feelings. She was at one of the venues, and a mom told her about her son. “I’m so happy. My son got first place, and is back to playing the piano.” Silverthorne thought she’d have an issue with the grand concert being on Mother’s Day. “This is great the parents took this much interest in the kids,” Silverthorne said. The afternoon featured a little of everything from musical theatre to original composition on the piano. Christopher Martel-Fauteux performed a song from the musical the 25th annual Putnam County Spelling Bee dressed in costume. When he was asked by Silverthorne why he chose

By Laura Steiner Photos by Ann Kornuta

that song he responded: “I like crazy performances.” Singers weren’t allowed the use of a microphone and had to project their voices from either the stage, or the floor in front of the seating area. There was a section dedicated to original songs. Kayleigh Holloway sang, and accompanied herself on the piano with her composition: “The Tracks are Lonely.” She was asked where the title came from. She replied the inspiration was from her own life: “I’m in a spot in my life where I have to decide what to do with my life.” Music stayed in the family for one of the performers. Sixyear old Adeline Hodgson performed on piano in front of her parents. Her mom Cheryl had fond memories of competing in the festival when she was young. “I grew up doing the festival since I was 3-years old, so it’s very much a family affair,” she said. Adeline’s favourite part of playing is song choice: “You get to play fun songs,” she said. The organizers drew their inspiration from the students: “We do it for the kids,” Organizer Betty-Ann Burgoyne said. For more information on the Milton Music Teachers’ association visit their website:

Startling community canvas highlights

Importance of Annual Eye Check-ups 18 | Milton Villager

By Stuart Service, Photos by Ann Kornuta


n celebration of the CNIB’s vision health month each May, Milton Optometry hosted an event, the Blind Painting Challenge, featuring prize giveaways and an unusual form of artistic expression. Inside the office on 9025 Derry Road was a giant canvas and several goggles that mimic a handful of serious visual impairments.

“The CNIB has these certain types of goggles that you can put on that will give you the sort of experience of what it would be like to have glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy,” said Milton Optometry’s Dr. Philip Vrkljan. Visitors at the May 14 event put on a pair of vision impairment goggles before adding their personal touch to the community canvas. The canvas that started out in colourful blotches resembling a Rorschach Test turned into a messy masterpiece that included a sketch of Milton’s mayor, a stick figure, a firebreathing goat/flower, the phrase “Yolo,” and a timetravelling duck.

“In partnership with the CNIB and we want to raise awareness about the importance of yearly checkups for adults, kids and seniors,” Dr. Vrkljan said. “We want to make sure that part of getting your eyes checked is to make sure the eyes are healthy. When the eyes are healthy, we avoid complications for macular degeneration, glaucoma, eye disease such as diabetic retinopathy. If we can catch those early we can prevent certain forms of vision loss.”

Balance HealtH Service 647-271-4645

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20 | Milton Villager

2014 M.S. Walk Raises $160,000 By Laura Steiner | Photos by Betty Pink


ay was Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) Awareness month. It started with a flag raising at Town Hall May 1, and featured fundraising events throughout the month. On May 4, fundraising walks were held across Canada to raise money, and awareness of the disease. Over 300 walkers participated in Milton-Halton Hills, walking the 1.5km, 5km, and 10km routes through the streets of Milton beginning at Bishop Reading. I walked the 1.5 km route as a team member on the M.S. Destroyers. The team was captained by my friend Frances Seeley; we met last year thanks to the same event when I was looking for a team, and she for teammates. Frances has relapsing-remitting M.S.; the type where she goes into relapses sometimes lasting for weeks at a time. The disease effects her legs leaving her with daily mobility challenges. The other reason I participated in this is my father Jerry. He was diagnosed with Progressive M.S. in 2010. This type of disease potentially only progresses to a certain point, and can stay at that level without progressing; his is confined to his left leg. He uses a walker when walking longer distances, and has a cane. After finishing the routes, walkers were greeted with refreshments; pizza, and hot dogs. Local Musician Sean Poluk performed with acoustic guitar. Awards were given out to the teams with the most team spirit, and the largest, as well as top fundraisers. At the closing ceremonies it was announced that an anonymous donor was doubling all funds raised to-date. The $80,000 raised became $160,000. Other fundraisers held throughout the month were: A&W’s Cruisin’ for a

Cause and Mr. Lube’s Oil Change where $2 from every oil change went to the M.S. Society. The best part of this fundraiser is the money stays in the local community. The bulk of the money we raised goes to support programs; helping people afford walkers, wheel chairs, a cleaning service, even renovations to a house in order to make it accessible. Some of it goes to research into the disease’s origins, and treatments. Earlier this year the M.S. Society announced a partnership with The Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD) in British Columbia. The M.S. Society established a $1 million fund for researchers to look at how to translate the most promising discoveries into treatments. To learn more about this disease visit the M.S. Society’s official website: To pre-register for next year’s M.S. Walk, visit

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By Genevieve Ruston-Givens

22 | Milton Villager

Campbellville Celebrates 100th Anniversary


ll day on Saturday, June 21st, Campbellville will be celebrating its 100th anniversary with live entertainment, kids activities, artisans and many other fun things to do. This celebration is a special edition of the Sixth Annual Celebrate Campbellville Street Festival and it is being put together by Destination Campbellville Community Association. 50 years ago, there was a similar celebration for Campbellville’s 50th anniversary. Friday night, June 20th will feature a Campbellville 100 race at Mohawk Racetrack, followed by Fireworks at 10:30 sponsored by the Hands Fireworks, the OLG, and Woodbine Entertainment.

There is an exciting schedule of events for the day, including a heritage tractor procession a historical walking tour highlighting points in Campbellville’s history, live music, the burial of a time capsule, a Zumba demonstration, a talent showcase, a standardbred horse on display, an artisan market (including art by Linda Shantz), a birthday tea at St. Georges Anglican Church and the Campbellville Vintage and Classic Car Show. At beginning of the day, there will be a baseball game between original members of the Campbellville Merchants and several youth groups. There will also be a ceremony dedicating the new Campbellville welcome sign which will include a horse monument and a community garden with walking paths. From 12 noon to 12 midnight, Campbellville residents will be entertained by Evan Champagne, Steve Rivers, Gavin

McLeod, Matt Storch, The Usual Suspects and Two Dollar Bills. Kids can take part in arts and crafts, a scavenger hunt, Monkeynastix, pony rides, three legged race and an inflatable Mount Rushmore slide, all organized by momstown Milton. Gourmet food trucks and a beer tent will provide refreshments. Campbellville is named after John Campbell, who built the village’s first sawmill. These events mark 100 years since it became a Police Village in 1914. Many of its landmarks date back to the Mid-1800s. Sandy Prong, the event organizer and long-time Campbellville resident, said: “I used to come here right through till I was twenty years old, I used to come and stay here on weekends [with my friend who lived here] and just be in awe of the beauty of the environment and what a great atmosphere it was with all the beautiful trees and everybody had a piece of property and privacy and it was just a unique environment.” In attendance at the day’s events will be local celebrity Scott Fox, the host of the Morning Show on Z103.5. The celebration is sponsored by many generous local businesses, including Mohawk Racetrack, OLG Slots, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Halton Region and the Milton Community Fund. For more information, visit

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s Day Welcome Home! This beautiful 3 bedroom, energy star home is perfect for a young family or first time home buyer. Equipped with Tons of upgrades like 9ft ceilings, full open concept, Maple hardwood, granite and quartz counters, Kitchen island with pot and pan drawers, extended cabinets with Crown and Valances, a fully finished basement complete with 2pc bath and office, this home has it all! Just move in and enjoy. It's All About Location. This 3 Bed, 3 Bath Detached Home Is Nestled On A Quiet Family Friendly Crescent And Is Minutes From All Major Routes, Schools, Parks, Shopping And Entertainment! With A Double Car Garage, 9Ft Ceilings, Hardwood Flooring, Potlights, A Spacious Eat-In Kitchen, Main Floor Laundry, Garage Entry And A Large 2nd Floor Family Room Complete With A Gas Fireplace And Walk-Out To The Covered Porch, This Home Has Everything You Could Ever Want!

758 Irving Terrace Welcome to Mattamy’s Springridge Model. This home boasts 3 Bedrooms, 4 baths, Maple Hardwood floors, granite counters, a finished basement and sits beside wide open green space.

1393 Costigan Road Welcome Home! This 3 Bed, 3 Bath Townhouse Is Just What You’ve Been Looking For. Complete With Double Door Entry, Beautiful Hardwood Floors, Granite Counters, Stainless Steel Appliances, His/ Hers Walk In Closets, 4Pc Ensuite And A Fully Finished Basement. Surrounded By Schools And Parks, At 1466Sq Ft, This Townhouse Will Be Called Home For A Long Time