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Welcome I am delighted to welcome you to this first edition of Members’ News. This is a new venture with the aim of becoming more accessible to all members and potential members as I am very keen to share with you how your hospital is doing and improving facilities for patients. In 2015, recognising our partnership with the University of Buckingham to create the UK’s first independent medical school, we were renamed Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. This new status reflecting the huge expansion of teaching taking place at the Trust. As Chairman I regularly visit wards and departments to hear directly from our staff how things are on the ground. The care and treatment of our patients I have witnessed reflects the care that is carried out hourly to patients who rely on us all to give them the best possible experience during their time with us. I am delighted that I am not the only person who has seen this and a perfect example of this came in a personal letter to me from a patient who has needed to use our services fairly regularly over the past few years. In his letter, he names several members of our clinical teams, nurses, x-ray and therapy staff plus others across the hospital who he and his family “couldn’t speak highly enough

Dates for your diary Annual Members’ Meeting 2016 Come along to this free event and find out all you need to know about how your hospital has been performing over the past year. The Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM) is being held on Wednesday 14 September. Refreshments will be served from 5.30pm for a prompt start at 6.30pm. This year the AMM is being held at the Venue MK Walton High, Fyfield Barrow, Milton Keynes, MK7 7WH. Call 01908 996235 to reserve your place or just come along on the day. Council of Governors’ Meetings Why not come along to one of our public meetings of your hospital’s Council of Governors that are held at Milton Keynes University Hospital. Dates and times for the next two meetings can be found below: Tuesday 15 November 2016 – 5.00pm in Room 6 at the Education Centre Wednesday 25 January 2017 – 9.30am in the Lecture Theatre at the Education Centre

Membership about” describing caring, passionate, respectful and professional behaviours shown by all. He wrote as a Member of the Trust, who had attended the first event we had organised for Members for a very long time. Organised jointly by our Head of Research and our Governor and Membership Manager, we arranged our Research & Development evening held on the 23rd March, involving our partners in the canine detection of Urological Cancer. This partnership is greatly valued and the evening was described as interesting, enjoyable and a real eye opener by the “full house” of Members over the two sessions. Finally, I am very pleased to be able to personally invite you to the 2016 Annual Public and Members’ Meeting of Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. This will take place on Wednesday 14 September from 6.30pm at The Venue MK at Walton High. The Annual Report and Accounts for 2015/16 will be formally presented and there will be an opportunity to ask questions of the Trust Board. There will also be the chance to visit information stands from local organisations and to meet the hospital Trust’s Governors who represent constituencies across Milton Keynes.


Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is committed to establishing and growing an effective membership base and during the last year there have been a number of events to engage with members and actively recruit new ones. Our Governor and Membership Manager Carol Duffy continues to develop the Trust’s membership and with the help of some of the Trust’s governors, has represented the hospital at every opportunity at many events around Milton Keynes. “We have increased the amount of members’ events we have organised this year and I have loved meeting new people in the community,” Carol explained. “With the help of some of the Governors, we have raised the the profile of what we do and this will encourage others to join. “I’m looking forward to organising even more events next year and recruiting many more members. If you’re interested in representing the Trust and helping us to recruit members, please contact me on the details at the bottom of the page.” Council of Governors The Trust’s Council of Governors provide a vital role in representing the interests of the hospital’s members and making sure services are meeting the needs of the local community. The council is made up of a mixture of staff governors, who represent certain groups of the workforce, and public governors, who represent constituencies around Milton Keynes.

This year there were a number of events where the hospital’s governors worked with their counterparts at Luton and Dunstable University Hospital to share ideas and challenges, helping both organisations to improve the services they provide. Members’ events Meet the members - March 2016 The free ‘meet the members’ event highlighted some of the pioneering research being undertaken at Milton Keynes University Hospital. Over 100 people attended to hear how specific studies could benefit patients in the future. Such was the positive feedback we are pleased to announce that we will be holding another ‘meet the members’ event on Wednesday 19 October which will focus on some other important work going on at the hospital to improve care. Book a place using the contact information below. Encouraging new members to join We are really keen to increase our membership and undertake various initiatives in the community. Recently we were invited to visit Santander Milton Keynes at Grafton Gate and recruited 39 new members on the day with many more people taking away applications to complete and return. It was so successful we have been invited back! If you have any events that you would like to let us know about please contact Carol Duffy on 01908 996235 or email

Milton Keynes University Hospital How to become a member

NHS Foundation Trust

Involving as many people as possible will make sure our services reflect the diverse needs of our patients and local residents, and we would ask that you encourage your family, friends and neighbours to join as members. As well as being completely free to join, there are many other benefits: • Be eligible for health services discounts • Receive newsletters and updates about the hospital’s activities • Hear about developments being undertaken at the hospital • Have direct access to members of the Council of Governors to raise ideas and concerns • Receive invitation to members’ meetings • Be eligible to stand for election as a Governor • Attend members’ events and medical lectures

Join today To become a member, please contact Carol Duffy on 01908 996235 or email

The Year in Review 2015/16

Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Highlights 2015/16 A University Hospital In April 2015, we became Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust following our partnership with the University of Buckingham. This new status reflects the huge expansion of teaching taking place at the Trust, creating the UK’s first independent medical school. This partnership will help us attract, train and retain the best doctors and nurses to ensure that we are providing exceptional care and experience for our patients. The first cohort of students arrived in May 2015 and by next year; an academic centre will have been built at the hospital which produces many exciting opportunities for staff in the fields of clinical research and education.

Improving and Developing the Hospital Estate Over the course of the last year, a tremendous amount of work has been undertaken behind the scenes to improve the hospital’s buildings. Following the closure of our main entrance in June 2015, we are now working hard on developing a modern and welcoming new main entrance which will be situated where the current entrances four, five and six stand.

New signage and walkways have been erected to ensure that patients and visitors arriving on the hospital site can travel to their required destination safely and under cover. Car parking information screens have recently been installed to advise both staff and patients how many spaces are available in each car park.

Electronic Patient Record (EPR) Introduction

The hospital also planned the move of some non-clinical staff to modern offices in Central Milton Keynes. The extra space on-site will be used to increase space for clinical staff which will happen later this year.

This project will support staff through accessing real-time information, managing referrals and completing assessments online; all of which will help improve patient safety and experience. The introduction of real-time information sharing will ensure that patient flow through the hospital is conducted safely, efficiently and effectively.

A Great Place to Work The hospital was named in the top 120 best places to work, as compiled by the Health Service Journal (HSJ), Nursing Times and supported by NHS Employers. The list celebrated the healthcare workplaces that are working the hardest for their staff and striving to ensure a positive workplace experience. It was collated using data from the NHS Staff Survey and analysed by the Health Service Journal (HSJ) and Best Companies Group, an independent workplace research firm. We are also increasing the number of work experience and apprenticeship opportunities that are available at the hospital in both clinical and nonclinical. The hope is to introduce these individuals to the hospital to encourage them to pursue a career with the Trust.

The numbers 2015/16

We have significantly progressed with the implementation of our EPR which will see electronic access to patient records for clinical staff being introduced across the Trust.

Research Partnership with the Medical Detection Dogs

The local charity, based in Great Horwood, have carefully selected 10 bio detection dogs who are able to detect traces of prostate cancer using only their noses. With their incredible sense of smell, dogs can detect the minute odours now understood to be associated with many diseases including prostate, bladder and kidney cancer.

4,000+ staff

32,200 patients were admitted as an emergency, 2,700 more than 2014/15

84,051 people attended

Our finances £m



200 150

First University of Buckingham

medical students

50 0 10/11






welcomed in May

4,195 patients recruited to participate in research – making us the top recruiting small acute trust for research in the country

57 apprenticeships

the emergency department, 5,600 more than 2014/15

completed, increased from 5 in 2013/14

6.8% 30 Day Readmission rate

Over 52,000 hours completed by our

at 6.8% - a reduction from 7.3% in 2014/15 and 8.1% in 2013/14

In the 2015/16 year, the charity raised a phenomenal £225,801 to help improve the care and experience of patients here at the hospital. Momentum for this year has already begun to build so look out for events happening soon.


elective admissions admitted babies delivered, 200 more than 2014/15

Milton Keynes Hospital Charity

Our people

322,220 23,242 patients were


Research is one of the fundamental strategies of the Trust which has been significantly boosted by our partnership with the University of Buckingham. In May 2016, we were named as the top small acute Trust for recruiting patients into clinical research trials. Through investment into technology as well as resources, we hope that our number of trials and recruits continues to increase.

Over the course of the year, our hospital charity has continued to raise money to fund equipment for patients through various events and activities.

Our pioneering research study with the charity Medical Detection Dogs has attracted worldwide acknowledgement and support.

Our performance outpatient attendances, 2,000 more than 2014/5

The hospital is providing 3,000 urine samples for the three-year study. It is hoped the study will help us to develop an early and accurate way to test for prostate cancer.

200+ volunteers

Total income of £191.6m, an increase of £12.3m (7%) on the previous year

Income from clinical activities was up by £9.9m (6%) at £176.8m

Retained deficit for year increased to £31.8m from £24.9m the previous year Against Monitor’s Financial Sustainability Rating the Trust scored 2 in a scale of 1’-‘4, where ‘4’ is the highest performance rating and the lowest level of financial risk.

The Year in Review - 2015/16  
The Year in Review - 2015/16