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Thomas Hegerath Master Craftsman

Hegerath Hegerath is a company that specialises in working with natural stone, brickwork and their renovation. Founded in 1990, the company has 8 employees, under the leadership of Tilman Hegerath, a graduate engineer in stuctural engineering. The company can therefore provide analyses of the stability and structural integrity of buildings required conservation or restoration at short notice. Restorations in replacement stone or with stone substitutes can then be offered. The natural stone substitutes have been used successfully for over 22 years. Hegerath is looking for clients and partners requiring stone restoration and/or replacement work in both secular and religious buildings.

Thomas Hegerath, Owner Hegerath Wissenerweg 8-10, 47626 Kevelaer T: +49 172-9062410 F: +49 2832-930816 E:

The Restorators ofAncient Monuments andHistoric Buildings, NRW  
The Restorators ofAncient Monuments andHistoric Buildings, NRW  

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