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The Restorators of Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings, NRW Mission to the UK 3-4 November 2010

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Organised by: Marie-Theres Lütje Außenwirtschaftsberaterin Handwerkskammer Düsseldorf Handwerkszentrum Ruhr Mülheimer Str. 6 46049 Oberhausen Tel.: 0208-82055-58 Fax.: 0208-82055-33 E-Mail:

Realised by: Mark Dodsworth (UK Mission Manager) Europartnerships Ltd 1 Church Street Warwick CV34 4AB Tel.: +44 (0) 1684 564550 Fax.:+44 (0) 1926 405522 E-Mail: Partners: Dr Chris Thomas (interpreter and seminar facilitator) Nora Aguirre (UK Mission Administrator) Nick Thomas Miriam Palaschinski Audra Green Helen Murfin

1 Welcome! Wir begrüßen Sie herzlich als Teilnehmer an der Marktsondierungsreise für Restauratoren in London. Wir haben ein vielseitiges und gut gefülltes Programm für Sie zusammengestellt, um Ihnen einen möglichst breit gefächerten Einblick in die Restaurierungsarbeit im Vereinigten Königreich zu bieten. Neben der Besichtigung von denkmalgeschützten Gebäuden erhalten Sie auch einen exklusiven Blick hinter die Kulissen – im National Trust eigenen Wimpole Hall oder in der deutschen Botschaft. Bei dem Zusammentreffen mit Architekten und weiteren Multiplikatoren bekommen Sie die Möglichkeit, Ihr Know-how auf dem Gebiet der Restaurierung darzustellen. Sie haben am Donnerstagabend beim gemeinsamen Dinner die Möglichkeit, die englische Küche und Bier kennenzulernen und damit ein Stück britische Kultur live zu erleben. Mit Ihrer Teilnahme an der Reise haben Sie den ersten Schritt in Richtung Großbritannien schon gemacht. Nehmen Sie unsere Unterstützung vor Ort in Anspruch um das Beste aus dieser Geschäftsreise für Sie zu gewinnen. Ihr bilaterales Team Marie-Theres Lütje & Mark Dodsworth Welcome! A warm welcome to you, the UK experts, organisations, architects and businesses who are key players in the restoration of historic buildings and monuments in the UK. Thank you for meeting with this delegation from North-Rhine Westphalia. This region is a major economic partner with the UK and also contains its own collection of historic sites, buildings and monuments. Our delegates represent a wide cross-section of the skilled companies and their craftsmen entrusted with maintaining this heritage. We hope that your meetings with the delegates will provide a chance to share your skills and experiences and identify opportunities for future cross-border collaboration. Thank you for participating! Your DE-GB team. Marie-Theres Lütje & Mark Dodsworth

2 Program: Wednesday 3rd November 11:00h Arrival at Canning House 11:30h Coffee and light refreshments in the Salon Colombia 12:30h Welcome and Introduction by Mark Dodsworth, Europartnerships and Marie-Theres Lütje, HWK Düsseldorf. Facilitator Dr Chris Thomas. Guest speakers: Cordula Zeidler (Donald Insall Architects ), Nick Thomas (Rider, Levett, Bucknall Christian Käser (Geldards Lawyers Followed by informal meetings with the guests who will also be joined by Florian Kirchetz (London Stone Conservation) and a member of the German Embassy's Economics Department (to be confirmed). 14:30h Meeting with Robert Powell (Llewelyn, Davies, Yeang Architects TBC. To discuss planned renovations to Canning House followed by guided 'forensic' tour of the building and questions/discussion. Collect luggage and bring to the Salon Colombia. 15.30h Meeting with Steve Sutton (Embassy Properties, Depart with Steve to site visit at 15 Lebanon Gardens, Wandsworth – travel by taxi. 16.00h Meeting on site with Steve and Alexander Malmaeus (Architect). Guided tour of the residential property under renovation. 17.30h Bus will collect Delegates outside the property and transport them to their hotel – luggage will already be on the bus. Delegates are staying in North London at the West Lodge Park Hotel, Cockfosters Road, Hadley Wood EN4 0PY 20.00h Evening visit to Covent Garden by Underground (Piccadilly line) – optional. Dinner at Carluccio's – optional.

3 Thursday 4th November 07.30h Bus from hotel to the Wimpole Estate, Arrington, Cambridgeshire. Tour of the 18th century property Meetings with Georges Potirakis – Architect and House Manager at Wimpole Hall Sarah Bowers – Manager of the Buildings Department for East of England National Trust Lee Fish – Senior Buildings Surveyor for East of England National Trust Rory Cullen – Head of Buildings for the National Trust. Meetings with the Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce. UK guests: Tony Burrows (Enlink and Dagmar Thorsteinsdottir (HBH 12:00h Bus back to Canning House, Belgrave Square. Sandwich lunch will be provided for eating on the bus. 14.00h -18.00h Meetings with UK architects, building companies and relevant organizations at Canning House. Detailed timetable to follow. Optional tour of the German Ambassador's Residence, Belgrave Square, led by Carola Lotzenburger, Embassy Protocol Department, accompanied by Markus Seifermann, Architect, Patalab (14.30-15.15) Optional site visit to the Tower of London – hosted by Florian Kirchetz, London Stone Conservation Ltd. TBC Optional site visit to the Ambassador of Iceland's late 19th century Residence in Kensington, being renovated by contractors HBH Ltd – hosted by Project Manager Dagmar Thorsteinsdóttir. TBC. 18.30h Group travels to West London by Underground (Circle or District lines - or taxi- for dinner at The Victoria, Bayswater. A typical Victorian pub. 19.30h Dinner with a number of UK guests. 22.30h Return to hotel via Underground (Picadilly line - the terminus station is Cockfosters) End of mission

4 Company Logo if available

Ars Ligni The Art of Wood

Ars Ligni GmbH Our carpenters are dedicated to the maintenance and restoration of historic half-timbered buildings and complex roof structures. We work closely with organisations responsible for Historic monuments and buildings and with qualified architects. Our craftsmen undergo continual professional development. This ensures that you have a well planned and viable solution. We link your demands for high standards with solid craftsmanship through the experience we have gained over the past 30 years or more. Our cabinet makers have the skills to work with hand-polished shellac surfaces, natural colours and traditional wood joints. Whether the subject is historic or modern, we apply the same care and attention to detail. We are interested in a reference project in the UK, possibly in collaboration with a qualified architect. If you have demanding private clients who own large properties, historic or listed buildings, prefereably in rural locations, then please get in touch with us. Ars Ligni - Craftsmanship in perfection.

Uwe Rumeney, Owner-Manager Ars Ligni GmbH Dorfstrasse 2 D-55595 Muenchwald T: +49-6706 8362 F: +49-6706 1076 E: W:


Photo Person or Work example Restoration of a medieval window, before and after

Binsfield GmbH We have been working on the restoration of historic and modern glass since 1882. Indeed, we have been highly in demand for the past few decades for conservation and restoration of medieval stained glass. The Liebfrauenkirche in Oberwesel is just one example. There we additionally provided extra external glazing to protect the restored windows. We also design and create modern glass objects such as doors, walls and glass domes. Whilst we have a long tradition, with records and templates of work back to 1900, our restoration workshop boasts an electron microscope and photostudio, as well as 2 large kilns, capable of taking subjects up to 100 x 250cm in size. Our highly quaified craftsmen also undertake new commissions for windows in secular or religious buildings. We would like to meet with you if you are a heritage expert or architect, to find out what your needs are with churches and historic buildings or even modern commissions. Let Binsfield bring light into your projects.

Hermann-Josef Dornoff, Owner Binsfeld GmbH SaarstraĂ&#x;e 39, 54290 Trier T: 0651-948070 F: 0651-94807-18 E: W:


Photo Person or Work example Plasterwork example

Stephan Fieth We undertake planning and craftsman work with a particular core skill of plasters and stucco. Often at work in rural locations, we have considerable experience working with clay and lime plasters. We can however also provide complete solutions with smaller complex construction issues. For example, plasters often contain a final pigmented layer, making painting unnecessary. Our strengths are the technical consultation followed by the implementation of work carried out within heritage projects. This is based on our broad knowledge of the area and practical experience. We would like to meet with companies and individuals who have positive clients who, by working together in close collaboration, want to achieve the best solution for any project.

Stephan Fieth Wehrstrasse 16c, 52372 Kreuzau T: +49 2422-503258 F: +49 2422-503259 E:


Photo Person or Work example Finishing the final details on a wrought iron renovation.

Schlosserei Glahn Joseph Glahn is the Master Blacksmith heading a team of 5 in the restoration of metal objects. Their work covers not only wrought iron but also working with brass, copper, steel and stainless steel. In their fully fitted workshop, they can also produce stairs, banisters, wrought work, metal furniture and other interior fittings. The varnishing and paintshop takes projects through to the completion. Joseph is also a Master Welder who handles 5 separate welding processes. Glahn have taken on demanding projects for restoration in the past. Our initial interest is in small objects for interested parties, as a trial and to build trust. This could include transport back to the Glahn workshop and restoration being conducted there. You could be a client, an association or an architect and we would be delighted to talk to you.

Josef Glahn, Owner Schlosserei Glahn PapenstraĂ&#x;e 19, 34431 Marsberg T: +49 2991 78350 F: +49 2991-78150 E:


Before and After images of a restored memorial

Ulrich Hahn - Monumental Mason Ulrich Hahn is a Master monumental mason and approved restorator in the craft as well as in sculpture. He is also a recognised Craftsman in Conservation of monuments in Venice. His portfolio includes work in the restoration and conservation in churches, historic buildings and memorials. The work also included stone replacement, extension, adhesion, disassembly and construction. The core strengths are the assessment and mapping of damage, providing documentation and then professionally implementing the work. In addition to taking on smaller restoration projects for public or private clients, Ulrich Hahn is also interested in passing on his skills to UK companies. This could be in the shape of training craftspeople in technical and educational establishments. If you are looking for a collaborative partner or require a provider of education in the field of monumental masonry and its restoration, please get in touch!

Ulrich Hahn, Sculptor Ulrich Hahn Hรถhenweg 10, 40699 Erkrath T: +49 210444 555 F: +49 210440 559 E: W:


Thomas Hegerath Master Craftsman

Hegerath Hegerath is a company that specialises in working with natural stone, brickwork and their renovation. Founded in 1990, the company has 8 employees, under the leadership of Tilman Hegerath, a graduate engineer in stuctural engineering. The company can therefore provide analyses of the stability and structural integrity of buildings required conservation or restoration at short notice. Restorations in replacement stone or with stone substitutes can then be offered. The natural stone substitutes have been used successfully for over 22 years. Hegerath is looking for clients and partners requiring stone restoration and/or replacement work in both secular and religious buildings.

Thomas Hegerath, Owner Hegerath Wissenerweg 8-10, 47626 Kevelaer T: +49 172-9062410 F: +49 2832-930816 E:


Restoring inscriptions & sculptures

Restoration Workshop Dr. Christoph Hellbrügge Dr Christopher Hellbrügge is a full qualified restorator and a member of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). He specialises in the restoration and renovation of cultural and historical assets. The team of three are experts in renovating stone, stucco and murals. They have a comprehensive knowledge and expertise on historical subjects and materials as well as on the provision of construction specific aspects from an artistic and cultural perspective. Their work begins with the diagnostic studies of a building or subject, putting forward a strategy and then goes through to implementing the plans for the client. Dr Hellbrügge is visiting the UK to learn about operating methods, technology etc. that are specific to the UK. Ideally, Dr Hellbrügge would like to meet up with investors who are interested and active in the area of protecting cultural artefacts.

Dr. Christoph Hellbrügge, Owner Restoration Workshop Dr. Christoph Hellbrügge Sandstraße 13a, 59387 Ascheberg T: +49 171 6427485 F: +49 2593 98691 E: W:


Rinkenburger Objektbau GmbH We manage all stages of the process, from initial planning to the turnkey construction and furnishing of large projects such as hotels. We coordinate all the partners involved in the project to ensure that budgets, deadlines and standards are met. Our 16 employees include engineers, technicians, economists and skilled staff who combine their qualifications and experience, to allow us to provide the following services: Ÿ Construction

management: planning, engineering,

control, turnkey execution Ÿ Planning and installation of domestic engineering Ÿ Site management Ÿ Cost and time management

We are looking for partners in the UK who can benefit from our services in the renovation of old hotels and larger buildings or in the re-configuration of buildings. Please get in touch to meet with Rinkenburger during their visit to the UK.

Roland Rinkenburger Rinkenburger Objektbau GmbH Große Allee 31, 89407 Dillingen T: +49 9071 500050 F: +49 9071 50005-22 E: W:


Schleiff Denkmalentwicklung GmbH & Co.KG Schleiff is a leading regional, specialist, construction company that enables clients to have their monuments, historic buildings and other properties renovated in a professional yet economic fashion. Examples of their services include the leak-proofing of buildings, renovation of walls and balconies, repair and renovation of concrete and other specialist solutions. For example, they can use CFK Lamellae, resins and synthetics processing for construction. Schleiff have the RAL-mark for concrete renovation, are WMTA members and have MaBV Approval. Schleiff are seeking a strong local partner (contractor, architect’s office or investor) with whom they could run a reference project in the UK. Please get in touch to meet with Georg Wilms and Ingo Reifgerste during their UK visit.

Georg Wilms, Managing Partner Schleiff Denkmalentwicklung GmbH & Co.KG BrĂźsseler Allee 15, 41812 Erkelenz T: +49 2431 96410 F: +49 2431 964124 E: E: W: W:


Example of a complex roof renovation

Norbert Schwarz Bedachungen GmbH The Norbert Schwarz Bedachungen GmbH has years of experience, making it a competent partner for British companies. We have UK experience over a number of years. Our strengths are in roofs, timber frame construction and plumbing. Our skills are in technical cooperation, the collaborative development of new products and partnerships for distribution. We offer you more than attic conversions, roof repair and new roofing. We can describe new ideas and solutions for you with regards to aesthetic design, ecological aspects and of course optimised price planning. Ÿ Personalised planning and consultation for all services Ÿ Experience of the British market Ÿ Fast Turnkey construction due to in-house production Ÿ Utilisation fo clay tiles manufactured specifically for the UK Ÿ Production of metal roofs in folded flange style Ÿ Member of Germany’s top 100 roofers

Please get in touch to meet with Norbert Schwarz.

Norbert Schwarz, Director Norbert Schwarz Bedachungen GmbH Schlossstr. 109 46535 Dinslaken T: +49 2064 733437 F: +49 2064 733438 E: W:


Patrik Thost Master Craftsman, Plaster

Stuck-Atelier Thost Patrik Thost is a Master in Stucco Craftsmanship. We specialise in the restoration of stucco in interior and exterior areas. We are able to produce stucco elements in all styles in own workshop, including model construction and mold, re-profiling. We have our own workshop, with its specially created production facilities, that can be adapted within a short period of time for all stucco elements. This results in savings, giving a pricing advantage for our clients. We also have our own catalogue of stucco elements. Whether old or modern, we can accommodate all styles in interior and exterior facade stucco. Our company has over 20 years experience in projects for listed/protected buildings. We are so confident in out stucco craftsmanship, that we would like to establish a presence in the UK market. Therefore, if you are a private investor, architect studio, a contractor who appreciate the wide range of our services; please contact us to arrange a meeting with Patrik during his UK visit. Patrik Thost Stuck-Atelier Thost Brunnenstr. 15, 42929 Wermelskirchen T: +49 2196 920 57 F: +49 2196 920 57 E: W:


Painting - large & small projects

Karl-Heinrich Weiler Karl-Heinrich Weiler is a prize winning artist, painter and state approved restorator. We work in paint and varnish; can draft historical stucco profiles, manufacture stucco rosettes and restore historical plaster. In addition, we can recreate imitation wood grain of different timbers, undertake oil and chalk gilding as well as the recolouring of delicate figures and paintings. Our workshop uses a variety of modern and historical tools, permitting milling, dry-ice- and sand- blasting in addition to the painting and gilding. We can due investigative studies to identify the causes of damage to material requiring renovation and repair, effect the repair and provide the relevant documentation for you. Whether you are a private or a public institution, we would like to hear from you so that we can arrange a meeting with Karl Heinrich Weiler during his UK visit.

Karl-Heinrich Weiler Malerwerkstatt M端llheimer Talstr. 50, 69469 Weinheim T: +49 6201 12452 F: +49 6201 8439971 E: W:


London-Chiswick: Restoration of Russian Orthodox Cathedral

Ochsenfarth Wibbeke Denkmalpflege GmbH Thomas Wibbeke heads a group of 20 -25 restorators as the company Ochsenfarth Wibbeke Denkmalpflege. Thomas himself is a visting professor in Restoration/Plaster in the US. Our company has already undertaken work outside of Germany, in the USA, UK and Austria We can undertake diagnostic analyses, provide documentation and conduct construction research. Our services include working with church painting, trompe l'oeil, gilding, facades (stone, stucco, plaster), paintings, sculptures, half-timbered or clay. We employ traditional artisanry and use ecologically sound construction methods (without industrial products). We are looking for collaboration with architects who are knowledgeable in the preservation of monuments and historic buildings. Please contact us to arrange a meeting with Thomas Wibbeke during his UK visit. Mr Wibbeke, Mrs Wibbeke Ochsenfarth Wibbeke Denkmalpflege GmbH B端cklerweg 34, 33104 Paderborn T: +49 5252 977756 F: +49 5252 977759 E: W:

A Health and Safety Notice for Castles with Damsels

Da droben auf jenem Berge, Da steht ein feines Schloss, Da wohnen drei schöne Fräulein, Von denen ich Liebe genoss. Sonnabend küsste mich Jette, Und Sonntag die Julia, Und Montag die Kunigunde, Die hat mich erdrückt beinah. Doch Dienstag war eine Fete Bei meinen drei Fräulein im Schloss; Die Nachbarschafts-Herren und Damen, Die kamen zu Wagen und Ross. Ich aber war nicht geladen, Und das habt ihr dumm gemacht! Die zischelnden Muhmen und Basen, Die merktens und haben gelacht. Heinrich Heine Up yonder on the mountain, There stands a castle tall; There dwelt three beauteous maidens, And I was loved by all. On Saturday Hetty kissed me, And Sunday was Julia's day; On Monday Kunigunda Nigh hugged my breath away. On Tuesday, in the castle, My maidens gave a ball. The neighboring lords and ladies Came riding one and all. But I was not invited. Amazed they all appeared; The gossiping aunts and cousins Remarked the fact, and sneered. Translation by Emma Lazarus.

Londons Bells

GAY go up, and gay go down, To ring the bells of London town. Bull's eyes and targets, Say the bells of St. Marg'ret's. Brickbats and tiles, Say the bells of St. Giles'. Halfpence and farthings, Say the bells of St. Martin's. Oranges and lemons, Say the bells of St. Clement's. Pancakes and fritters, Say the bells of St. Peter's. Two sticks and an apple, Say the bells at Whitechapel. Old Father Baldpate, Say the slow bells at Aldgate. You owe me ten shillings, Say the bells at St. Helen's. Pokers and tongs, Say the bells at St. John's. Kettles and pans, Say the bells at St. Ann's. When will you pay me? Say the bells at Old Bailey. When I grow rich, Say the bells at Shoreditch. Pray when will that be? Say the bells at Stepney. I am sure I don't know, Say the great bell at Bow. Here comes a candle to light you to bed, And here comes a chopper to chop off your head. Older version of the 17th or 18th Children’s Nursery Rhyme The rhymes all contain elements of professions at or near the different Bells

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The Restorators ofAncient Monuments andHistoric Buildings, NRW  
The Restorators ofAncient Monuments andHistoric Buildings, NRW  

Brochure for the delegation from North-Rhine Westphalia. This region is a major economic partner with the UK and also contains its own colle...