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Green Building Services from North Rhine-Westphalia Mission to London 1-3 March 2011

Becker (Minden) Energy efficient Building Services

Becker Minden We are an established building services company, used to working to the high German standards and energy efficiency requirements. Our strengths are modern heating systems, ventilation, air-conditioning and sanitary solutions, including professional advice on their installation with energy efficiency in mind. Our client portfolio extends from supermarkets such as Aldi and Edeka, commercial offices e.g. Kallmeyer and Nagel Immobilien. Public bodies such as the city of Minden and the county of Schaumburg have also benefited from our services. Our offer includes: Ü Heating systems using conventional and green fuels Ü Ventilation systems from offices to supermarkets Ü Full sanitation systems from clean water supplies to heat

exchange in water systems. Ü We advise on best solutions for both new existing buildings.

Contact us if you need energy efficient building services, whether as an architect, contractor or client.

E. Becker GmbH & Co. KG Bernd Becker Königstraße 289 32427 Minden Germany T: +49 (0) 571 44464 F: +49 (0) 571 47989 E: W:

Company Logo if available BOEHM ELEKTROBAU Quality in Lighting and Building automation

BOEHM Elektrobau We are a family run business in its 3rd generation, providing reliability, security, comfort and energy efficiency for interior and external electrical, communications and security systems. Our objectives are “Solutions, Ideas and Inspiration”. We have proven customer satisfaction from major clients such as Porsche and the Igus factory in Cologne. We handle all aspects of lighting technology, data and telecoms communication networks, building automation and visualisation, media solutions. Services include: Ü Electrical installation from low voltage up to 20kV Ü In-house communication- telephony, video, data networks Ü Smart Housing - Building Automation, Visualisation & Media Ü Exterior and interior lighting systems Ü Commercial control systems Ü Bespoke service with full documentation.

Contact us if you need quality services, whether you are a planner, business, industrial or private client. Boehm Elektrobau Martin Boehm Josef-Kitz-Straße 26 53840 Troisdorf Germany T: +49 (0) 2241 75362 F: +49 (0) 2241 805727 E: W:

Company Logo if available

JOS Cleaning Heritage and other buildings

JOS Cleaning North We specialise in the thorough, yet non-destructive cleaning of facades. We have extensive international experience with heritage buildings such as the Reichstag and Schloss Neuschwanstein, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey and the US Federal Reserve Bank. Our patented JOS-system cleans without abrading wood, metal or stone. It can even be applied where the natural patina or the material must be preserved. The system uses a low pressure vortex of air, water mist and stone or glass powder. Dirt particles are therefore swept by the stream off the surface. We also provide: Ü Superheated steam cleaning technology up to 350 bar Ü Professional sandblasting with peak technology Ü High pressure water cleaning up to 2500 bar

Contact us if you are a potential UK partner or client who services heritage projects, or if you are a constructor, architect or planner. We are equally at home with private projects, communal work, industrial sites and national heritage monuments. JOS-Reinigung-Nord/Jüngst GmbH Eberhard Jüngst Gerichtstr. 6 48565 Steinfurt Germany T: +49 (0) 2551 81592 F: +49 (0) 2551 81593 E: W:

Noll: Repairing the cracks in your historic buildings

Fugunternehmen Noll

We specialise in the repair of mortar and joints in historic (and conventional) buildings and other heritage objects. Our staff is qualified to a high level, including for work in power stations. We already have experience in another EU country, the Netherlands and offer our services to interested partners and clients in the UK. We offer specialist mortar and joint repairs, including: Ü Historic Buildings Ü Working with air-hardening/non hydraulic limes Ü Work in energy production environments Ü German Certification as a modernising business Ü German SCC qualified employees for work in hazard areas

(gas storage, coalfired and electric power stations.)

Contact us if you need a long term partner in renovation and would benefit from our skills in the repair of mortar and joints in historic and conventional construction. Fugunternehmen Noll works in partnership with JOS Cleaning North

Fugunternehmen Noll Franz Noll Schlamannweg 13 48599 Gronau Germany T: +49 (0)2565 6131 T: +49 (0)2565 403894 E:

Zawierucha “Skin Care” for your building

Zawierucha Our area of expertise is the skin of your buildings, both inside and externally. We focus on energy efficiency and aesthetics. We can create the energy efficient “skin” of a building in many ways in order to save energy for you. We are equally proficient with external insulation, interior walls, basements and loft/roof areas. We can provide the analysis and quotations relevant for your surfaces. We have experience with heritage or listed buildings. For your interiors we can provide innovative clay based solutions that breathe with the house. We also provide other interior coatings that are based on natural plant and mineral products to provide a greener living environment with great aesthetics. Certified expert for ecological paintwork, up to date with current progress and technologies in the field. Years of experience in using natural materials for the client’s benefit. Contact us for a partner who works in cooperation with you. Andreas Zawierucha Malermeister Windgassen 4 42399 Wuppertal Germany T: +49 (0) 202 443966 T: +49 (0) 202 443970 E: W:

A project of NRW.International GmbH Völklinger Straße 4 D-40219 Düsseldorf phone: +49 211/71 06 71-10 fax: +49 211/71 06 71-20 email:

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Organised by: Marie-Theres Lütje International Trade Advisor Handwerkskammer Düsseldorf Handwerkszentrum Ruhr Mülheimer Str. 6 D-46049 Oberhausen Tel.: 0208-82055-58 Fax.: 0208-82055-33 E-Mail:

Realised by: Mark Dodsworth (UK Mission Manager) Europartnerships Ltd 1 Church Street Warwick GB-CV34 4AB Tel.: +44 (0) 1684 564550 Fax.:+44 (0) 1926 405522 E-Mail: Partners: Miriam Palaschinski Dr Chris Thomas (interpreter and seminar facilitator) Nora Aguirre (UK Mission Administrator) Nick Thomas

NRW.International GmbH Völklinger Straße 4 D-40219 Düsseldorf phone: +49 211/71 06 71-10 fax: +49 211/71 06 71-20 email:

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Green Building Services from North Rhine-Westphalia: Mission to London 1-3 March 2011  

This broschure introduces five germany companies that are visiting Ecobuild 2011 in London for meetings with UK partners. This is a project...