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In Colour Chris Thomas

Polarisation LCD screens emit polarised light So boot up your laptop And Create a white page Cover with layers of cling film Then place plastic items on top View through polaroid sunglasses Or glasses from your last 3D film visit And enjoy the colours! The pictures of hair in this book Were taken through a microscope Using the same lighting principle

Petri dish and cling film on LCD screen, Photographed through polarising filter

Bat (unknown species) 400 x magnification

Beaver Hair 100x magnification

Elephant Tail Hair 100x magnification

Human Hair 400 x magnification

Lion Hair 100x magnification

Lion Hair 400 x magnification

Mole Hair 100x magnification

Mouse Hair 100 x magnification

Mouse Hair 250 x magnification

Norway Rat Hair 100x magnification

100 year old Polar Bear Hair 100x magnification

Part of a Walruss Whisker 100x magnification

HAIR in Colour Photographs and Text Copyright Chris Thomas 2010

HAIR in Colour  

Photographs of hair from 10 different animals taken using polarised light.

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