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OBJECTIVE To enhance my academic experience of architecture and learn new skills and knowledge via an eight month internship. EDUCATION College of Architecture, Planning & Design, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS -Majoring in Master of Architecture, Minoring in Art, Expected Graduation Date: May 2018

边明豪 (Milton) Minghao Bian Kansas State University Fourth Year Architecture Student (Master of Arch)

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Centro Studi Citta di Orvieto, Umbria, Italy -Italian Study Abroad Program via Kansas State University, Aug 2016 - Dec 2016 SKILL PROFILE Digital -Rhinoceros5 -3Ds Max -Revit -Photoshop -Illustrator -InDesign -Premiere -Sketch Up -Microsoft Office

Manual -Hand Drafting -Hand Modeling -Sketching -Pencil Rendering -Hand Lettering -Watercolor -Painting -Film/ Digital Photography

Language -Sichuanese -Chinese -English -Italian

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EXPERIENCE Private Mandarin Teacher 2011 NOMAS (National Organization of Minority Architecture Students) 2012-present Historian for APDesign Student Association in Kansas State University 2012 -Responsibilities were to photograph students' studio life and make notes for academic events.To make the slide show for the annual Architecture department's open house. HONORS Kansas State University Semester Honor 2015 Reference Peter Magyar I RIBA, AHA, CHA, Professor Department of Architecture 301A Seaton Hall Manhattan, KS, 66506 T: 785-532-7106 E:

My name is Minghao Bian, I am Chinese, born and raised. I am currently attending Kansas State University; Studying abroad in Orvieto, Italy at the moment. This is my academic portfolio of architecture. I am inviting you to browse through my works. The major contents of this portfolio include the architecture works during my college experience. In the first two years, I was mandated to do manual hand drafting and model making. After the second year, we began to use computers to do the drawings and models, depending on the professor's preference Throughout my three years of working on various projects in school, I have experimented with new tools and different techniques reflecting on design issues and goals, I have also learned architecture is not only about creating spaces in a functional way, but it should also convey the concept of the designer. I am looking forward to improve my analytical and visualizing skill in the future, at same time, to gain more knowledge and skills before I graduate.

One Artist Museum

Baseball Stadium

The Falls Brewery

Crossing the Nile

Sunset Funerary Chapel

Other Works

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The third year final project involved designing a brewery and public house in Cottonwood Falls, a rural town in Kansas. For this project, my main concept is "Transparency", inspired by a conversation I had during our first visit to the site in Cottonwood Falls. After completing the on-site analysis, I began to talk to some local residents in a nearby shop. They said, this is a really small town, everybody knows everybody, and if something happens, everyone knows about it. I then considered "transparency" to be a good metaphor for this town.





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During the design process, we were asked to produce a conceptual drawing. Transparency is defined as: translucent, something you can see-through, but in architectural terms transparency also implies depth of space. In the drawing, the geometric shapes represent spaces which overlay each other creating multiple layers that represent the depth of space.

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So, I started by placing a centrally located courtyard in the building in such a way that not only can people see each space from within the courtyard, but they can also look into the other spaces through the courtyard. So, having a courtyard would provide a great sense of transparency. Alsoäť&#x2020;serves as an outdoor dining area. If the courtyard represents my main concept, then the brew house would represent this building In order to relate back to my idea, I put the brewing process stacked together with a mass opening to the public space. The brewhouse also connects with the private space. Then people can see into the brew house from each space, without disturbing each other. And also people can see down to the public pub from the private dining. The building is organized with the public space on the south side with double height, while on the north side is the private space.

In order to shows the notion of transparency and depth of space. I made two layers on my facade, the first layer is a glass wall, people can easily see through, everything going on in the public space. The second layer is a sunscreen that creates a transitional space, between indoors and outdoors, which is not covered. When people come in or out of the building, they won't get a strong feeling of boundary and reinforces the feeling of transparency.

People who believe in buddhism believe that after death ones mind is detached from the physical body. It begins to experience an intermediate state before being reborn. If they are prepared, it can be a liberating experience, a place to achieve an understanding of reality. The flow through the funerary chapel evokes this feeling; the service spaces before entering the chapel, represent life before death, evoking the functional qualities of life in relation to the intermediate state. The circulation takes you around these spaces through a narrow passage, releasing into the grand open space which evokes a feeling of liberation, and openness in contrastto the service spaces.

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Architecture portfolio by M.B.