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City of Milpitas CA LI F O R N I A

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Guide designed by Kathleen De Smet



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Guide designed by Kathleen De Smet

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Table of Contents

Milpitas Map. . . . . . . . . Opposite page Milpitas History & Statistics. . . . . . . . 4 Contact Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 City Government . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6–7

City Departments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8–9 Building & Safety . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 City Attorney . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 City Clerk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12–13 Economic Development . . . . . . . 14–17 Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18–19 Fire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20–21 Human Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

Information Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Parks & Recreational Services . . . . . . 24 Sports Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Youth Programs . . . . . . . . . 26–27 Senior Center . . . . . . . . . . . 28–29 Community Center . . . . . . 30–31 City Parks & Facilities . . . . 32–33 Planning & Neighborhood Services . 34 Police . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Public Works . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36–37 Recycling & Garbage . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Resource Conservation & Protection 39 Calendar of Events . . . . . . . Back cover


A Little About Milpitas


Milpitas, one of the oldest settlements in Santa Clara Valley, has always been a major crossroads of economic activity. Settlers of all walks of life first arrived in Milpitas in 1852 and it became a major stopping place for travelers between San Jose and Oakland. During this time, Milpitas was strategically located on the southern route to the Gold Country and the Sierra Nevada. Small businesses serving the mainly farming and livestock community built their focus at these crossroads, now Main Street at Serra Street. In 1950, our population was 800, but served more than 4,200, mostly on surrounding farms. On January 26, 1954 the City was officially incorporated, after fighting off annexation attempts by neighboring San Jose. Population has grown steadily since then and with the computer boom of the 1980’s, Milpitas found itself in Silicon Valley with major transportation connections and commuter related development activity in the City. The population is now estimated at 69,000 and reflects, as noted below, the cultural diversity of the Valley - just as Milpitas did when it was settled.

STATISTICS Population1 69,419 Number of Households2 17,132 Median Age2 33.4 Average Household Income2 $88,500 Daytime Employed Population3 62,921 Size 14.5 square miles Parks • Number: 28 • Dog Park: 1 • Tennis Courts: 18 • Street Length 137 miles • Access • Interstates 680, 880 and 237 (State) • Montague Expressway (County) • Light Rail & Bus (Valley Transportation Agency) • San Jose International Airport • Oakland International Airport • Rod Diridon Rail Station • Fremont BART Station • • • • • • •

• Median Household Size2 2.92 • Household Tenure • Renter 30.4% • Owner2 69.8% • Ethnicity2 • African-American 3% • Hispanic 17% • Caucasian 24% • Asian/Other 52% • Filipino is the largest Asian ethnic group at 15% • Land Use4 • Hillside 5,625 acres • Residential 2,830 acres • Commercial/Office 848 acres • Industrial 1,804 acres • Schools/Jail 311 acres • Parks 347 acres • Streets/Transit 652 acres • Total 12,417 svtrd 1. Source: State Department of Finance, January 1, 2008 2. Source: US Census, 2000 3. Applied Development Economics: IMPLAN CEW County Employment Database 4. City of Milpitas General Plan

Main Street in Milpitas circa 1912

Contact Information

Visit the website for more information: All phone numbers listed below have a (408) area code. Building & Safety


Building Inspection Requests Building Permits City Hall Mayor’s Office City Clerk Passport Services




Business & Services

586-2400 586-2500


Crime Tip Line


Emergencies – 24/7






Public Access TV–Channel 15



Public Works


City Manager


Animal Services


Emergencies – 24/7


Athletic Facilities Maintenance


Maintenance Services




Finance Department


Business License




Billing & Services


Collection– Commercial


Earthquake Safety Information


Collection– Residential


Emergencies – 24/7


Household Dump Day


Fire Prevention


Fire Disaster Preparedness

Office of Emergency Services


Reduce, Reuse Info Utilities


586-2680 586-2600


Rates / Billing / Info


Human Resources


Emergency (after hours)




Volunteer Services



General Information


586-3207 586-3348



Billing Questions

Parks & Recreation Services


Water Hotline



Water Emergencies 8am–5pm Mon–Fri


Senior Center


Sports Center


Teen Center


Water Emergencies After Hours



Water Quality Questions


Planning & Neighborhood Services Abandoned Vehicles


Child Care Information


Code Enforcement


Graffiti HOTLINE


Housing Rehab Loan Program


Junk Cars/Private Property


Neighborhood Beautification


Planning & Zoning


Telecommunications for the Deaf (TDD) City Hall


Community Center




Police Department


Senior Center


Sports Center


IMPORTANT ADDRESSES City Hall 455 E. Calaveras Blvd. Senior Center 540 S. Abel St. Community Center 457 E. Calaveras Blvd. Sports Center 1325 E. Calaveras Blvd. Library 160 N. Main St. Teen Center 1325 E. Calaveras Blvd. Police Department 1275 N. Milpitas Blvd. Fire Department 777 S. Main St.



City Government

Mayor Robert Livengood Term Expires: Nov. 2010 (408) 586-3027

Vice Mayor Pete “Primo� McHugh Term Expires: Nov. 2012 (408) 586-3023

Councilmember Armando Gomez, Jr. Term Expires: Nov. 2010 (408) 586-3031

Councilmember Althea Polanski Term Expires: Nov. 2012 (408) 586-3024

Councilmember Debbie Giordano Term Expires: Nov. 2012 (408) 586-3032

7 The City of Milpitas was incorporated as a “general law” city on January 26, 1954 and operates under the council/manager form of government. The Council, as the legislative body, represents the entire community and is empowered by the general laws of the State of California to formulate citywide policy. The community elects the Mayor for a two-year term and the four Council members are elected at large (by the entire City) to serve staggered four-year terms. Council elections are in November of even-numbered years.


City Attorney

City Manager

City Departments • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Building & Safety City Clerk Economic Development & RDA Engineering Finance Fire Human Resources Information Services Parks & Recreational Services Planning & Neighborhood Services Police Public Works Purchasing

City Council

City Commissions • Arts Commission • Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Commission • Emergency Preparedness Commission • Community Advisory Commission • Economic Development Commission • Library Advisory Commission • Mobile Home Park Rental Review Board • Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Commission • Planning Commission • Public Art Committee • Recycling & Source Reduction Advisory Commission • Senior Advisory Commission • Sister Cities Commission • Telecommunications Commission • Youth Advisory Commission

GET INVOLVED! One of the greatest assets the City of Milpitas has is its people, especially those who devote their skills, knowledge, experiences and time to serving their community. One of the ways in which residents can serve the community is by becoming a member of one of the Commissions, which serve as advisory bodies to the City Council. If you are interested in serving your community please complete the Commission Application and mail it to: City Clerk’s Office 455 E. Calaveras Blvd. Milpitas, CA 95035 Commission Applications are available on the City’s website: For more information, call City Hall at (408) 586-3000.


City Departments

The City of Milpitas is made of several departments. Each department has specific duties and tasks that are important to the overall operation of the city. These departments provide essential day-to-day services to residents and businesses in the Milpitas community.



(408) 586-3240 Responsible for implementation of safety and quality standards in construction, providing Inspection Services, Plan Checking, Building Administration and a Permit Center.

(408) 586-3300 Provides professional management and review of new facilities. The division’s functions include: Special (RDA) Projects, Design & Construction, Land Development, Traffic, Utilities and Solid Waste Services.



(408) 586-3040 Provides general legal advice and services, prepares or approves ordinances, resolutions, agreements and amendments thereto and also represents the City in litigation.

(408) 586-3100 Provides management of the City’s financial operations. Finance is organized into four divisions; Administration, Accounting Services, Fiscal Services and Purchasing.


(408) 586-2800 Provides full response, preparedness, and prevention services. The response and preparedness division handles emergency incidents, safety, training, para-medicine compliance, and disaster preparedness functions. The fire prevention division handles fire plans and permits, hazardous materials regulation, inspections and investigations.

(408) 586-3003 Serves as the legislative administrator, elections official, and records manager for the City.

CITY MANAGER (408) 586-3050 Provides the administration of City government and recommends strategies and solutions to issues for Council consideration.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & RDA (408) 586-3059 Provides administration of the City’s Economic Strategic Plan and oversight of the Redevelopment Agency. Economic Development is focused on improving the economic health of the City so that the revenue stream continues to grow.


HUMAN RESOURCES (408) 586-3090 Provides recruitment, benefits administration, a self funded workers’ compensation program, labor negotiations, administration of memorandum of understanding with the various employee groups, employee relations, the safety program, compliance with State and Federal employment laws, training and maintenance of personnel systems and files.


INFORMATION SERVICES (408) 586-2700 Management of technology projects, the City’s technical architecture and infrastructure, providing automation support and training development, support of the City’s web site, Cable TV channel, AM radio station and public-access TV studio, implementation and support of security access systems and all automated data systems. Additionally, Information Services is responsible for the City’s public information function.

PARKS & RECREATION (408) 586-3225 Provides recreational opportunities, parks and facilities for all residents of Milpitas, while preserving and enhancing our city resources.

PLANNING & NEIGHBORHOOD SERVICES (408) 586-3274 Reviews land development applications and environmental assessments, insures compliance and provides information on ordinances and policies, maintains the City’s general plan, specific plans and zoning ordinance, provides key Redevelopment Agency support, insures that residential, commercial and industrial properties are maintained in accordance with city

regulations, operates programs for housing, neighborhood beautification, administers the Community Development Block Grant program, and oversees services provided by outside agencies such as fair housing and animal control.

POLICE (408) 586-2400 Keeps the peace and prevents and controls crime. The Department’s nine functions include: Administration, Patrol, Traffic, Crossing Guards, Community Relations, Investigations, Communications, Records and Personnel and Training.

PUBLIC WORKS (408) 586-2600 Provides maintenance of City infrastructure, vehicles, equipment, City buildings and facilities.

PURCHASING (408) 586-3146 A division of the Finance Department, Purchasing provides a full range of procurement services, maintains a central stores warehouse, oversees the sale of the City’s surplus property, provides the City’s internal mail service and administers the stockless office supplies warehousing program.


Building & Safety 455 E. Calaveras Blvd. Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 586-3240 • Fax: (408) 586-3285

PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE BUILD A SAFER WORLD We are committed to ensuring that all new construction meets health and safety standards and to providing exceptional service.

BE SAFE! OBTAIN PERMITS! Taking out permits and getting inspections from qualified inspectors provides a source of building expertise leading to citizen’s safety within homes and businesses while avoiding possible future problems with building sales or transactions.

TIMELY SERVICE Our goals include efficient issuance of permits and responsive building inspections for homeowners and businesses as quickly as possible.

INFORMATION AND ASSISTANCE Building & Safety Department offers a wide variety of information at the Permit Center, such as information on Plan Submittal Requirements, Permit Fees, Records Research, Hiring Contractors, Engineers and Architects, and many other topics. All this information is also available at Information Kiosk by using a touch screen monitor and at our website, which will allow customers to view and print construction guidelines, receive interactive answers to frequently asked questions and obtain general information. • E-Permits Allow customers to apply for and obtain certain types of permits on-line without leaving their home or office. • Plan Checking Assist customers in obtaining building permits by reviewing construction plans and documents to ensure building safety through compliance with technical codes, State and local regulations. • Building Inspection Assist homeowners, contractors and businesses to ensure building projects are constructed in accordance with approved plans and in accordance with applicable local and State regulations. In order to streamline inspection process, all related information is also available for inspectors to view on their portable computers at the job site. Our valuable customers are able to schedule an inspection, check the inspection results, check the status of a plan, and check or obtain other general information by either visiting our website or using IVR system (Integrated Voice Response) by calling (408) 586-2797.

EXPEDITE THE PERMITTING PROCESS BY BUILDING GREEN IN MILPITAS Building & Safety Department offers expedited building permit process for residential projects meeting “Build it Green” point rating standard and the LEED “Silver rating for commercial and industrial projects.

HIRE ONLY LICENSED CONTRACTORS Check contractor’s license number online at or by calling 1-800-321-2752.

City Attorney

The City Attorney is the chief legal advisor to the City of Milpitas and the Milpitas Redevelopment Agency. The Office advises the City Council, City Manager, City departments, and all appointed boards and commissions, as well as provides a full range of costeffective legal services, including legal representation, analysis and guidance to the City and the Redevelopment Agency. If you have questions regarding interpretation of the Municipal Code or legal questions about City processes or activities, please contact us and we will provide assistance. The City Attorney’s Office does not generally handle criminal matters and does not provide legal advice to citizens on their private matters. The public is referred to the websites below for assistance with private legal or general criminal matters.

HELPFUL WEBSITES The Santa Clara County Bar Association provides two options to locate an attorney: Public Directory of Attorneys and Attorney Referral Service. The Legal Aid Society is a local non-profit organization that provides free, civil legal services for low-income persons. The Pro Bono Project is a non-profit organization that provides legal representation to low-income citizens in family law and other civil cases. http://www.probonoproject. org/index.html Project Sentinel is a non-profit organization that provides fair housing services, tenantlandlord counseling, homeownership assistance, and more. Santa Clara County Superior Court Self-Service Center is a website with information and forms for people who are representing themselves in court. Santa Clara County Superior Court provides access to information about civil and family law cases filed in the Court. California Courts Forms provides free access to official Judicial Council approved forms for use in California Superior Court. California Courts Self-Help Center is a comprehensive website with links to various organizations on multiple topics. District Attorney The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. http://www. Adult Protective Services Santa Clara County’s Aging and Adult Services Agency (part of the Department of Social Services). Child Protective Services Santa Clara County’s Department of Family and Children Services. Animal Services. The City of Milpitas contracts with the City of San Jose Animal Care & Services for animal-related services.



City Clerk

455 E. Calaveras Blvd. Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 586-3003 •

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Where is Milpitas City Hall? 455 E. Calaveras Blvd. at the intersection of N. Milpitas Blvd. Our phone number is 586-3000. Website: www. Where is the Milpitas Library? 160 N. Main Street Where is the Milpitas Post Office? 450 S. Abel Street. I have a question about my water bill; how to start my water service; or how to disconnect my water service and receive a final bill. Who can I call? Our City’s Finance Department staff at 586-3100. You can also inquire at that number about obtaining a business license. What day is my trash or recycling pick up? Please call Allied Waste (BFI) to find out: 432-0444. Where can I report a fallen tree, cracked sidewalk, street light out or a water leak? Call our Public Works Department at 586-2600. Can I get a copy of my birth/marriage/death certificate from the City Clerk? No. Those documents are available from the County Clerk - Recorder’s Office at 70 W. Hedding St. in San Jose. The phone number is 299-2481. Where can I find out about low-income housing opportunities in Milpitas? Call the City’s Principal Housing Planner at 586-3071. Where do I obtain or renew my Driver’s License? At the CA Department of Motor Vehicles. Call DMV at 1-800-777-0133, 2 DMV offices near Milpitas are: 111 Alma St., San Jose or 4287 Central Ave., Fremont How do I get my passport from the City Clerk? You may apply for one at the City Clerk’s office, and the passport will be mailed to you. Call 586-3009 for information. How do I register to vote? Where do I vote? Register to vote on a postcard form by completing it and mailing it to the County Registrar of Voters. Call the Registrar at 299-8683 to find out where to vote. Where can I have my fingerprints taken, or get a gun permit, or file for a permit to host a parade? Call the Milpitas Police Department’s business phone at 586-2400. I got a traffic ticket, so where do I pay for it or go to contest it? Call the County’s Traffic Court in San Jose at 808-3100.

City Clerk

PASSPORT SERVICES FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What are the Hours for Passport Acceptance at the City Clerk’s Office? Monday through Friday: 9:00 am–4:00 pm How long does it take to get a passport? Routine Service takes 4 weeks. Expedite Service, using overnight mail in both directions, takes 2 weeks. Where can I renew my passport? If your current passport was issued less than 15 years ago and you were 16 years or older, you must renew by mail (applications are available at City Hall). What are the fees? Two separate fees are due at the time of application: 1) a “Passport Processing” fee paid to the U.S. Department of State and 2) an “Application Execution” fee paid to the City of Milpitas. Both must be paid by check or money order (no credit cards) when you come in to City Hall. What is an acceptable Birth Certificate for passport application process? A government issued (City, County or State Registry) original Birth Certificate (not a photocopy), which includes a raised seal. California Birth Abstracts or Hospital Birth Certificates are not acceptable. Where can I get more information? Call the Passport Hotline at (408) 586-3009 or go to the website: What are the Special Requirements for children under the age of 16? Both parents and the child MUST appear and present the following: • Application form DS-11 • Proof of Citizenship • Parental identification If only one parent appears, that parent MUST submit one of the following: • Second parent’s notarized written statement of consent (form available online or at City Hall) • Primary evidence of sole authority to apply: OR • A written statement (made under penalty of perjury) explaining the second parent’s unavailability. If I’m leaving in 2 weeks (14 calendar days) or in an emergency situation, where can I get a new or renewed passport? Make an appointment in San Francisco by calling 1-877-487-2778, and make sure that you have a copy of your travel ticket when going to your appointment. If you claim citizenship through the Naturalization of parent(s), what do you need to submit as a proof of citizenship? • • • •

Original, certified foreign Birth Certificate with certified English translation Parent(s) Naturalization Certificate(s) (original, not photocopy) Alien Registration Card (Permanent Resident Alien card or Green card) Father’s certified Marriage Certificate, when claiming citizenship through the father’s Naturalization



Economic Development

The Economic Development Program is part of the City Manager’s Office and provides services to the business community to facilitate business growth and expansion consistent with the quality of life Milpitas offers. Services provided by Economic Development include: • Serving as a first point of contact for businesses locating or expanding within Milpitas • Assisting companies in understanding and working through the development review process • Connecting businesses with essential public and private sector resources • Facilitating linkages to appropriate local, regional and state agencies • Serving as an ombudsman with City Departments and, when necessary, helping to identify solutions

MILPITAS BRANDING The Citywide Economic Development Strategy includes six goals for strengthening the business climate in Milpitas: Improve Milpitas’ Image as a place to Live, Work & Shop; Improve Retail Spending Opportunities; Balance Housing Supply with Demand for Housing by Local Workers; Retain and Support the Success of Existing and New Businesses; Improve Employability of Local Residents; and Diversify Milpitas’ Economic Base. A community panel was convened to develop a brand to use in marketing Milpitas locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. The result is the brand shown.

EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING SERVICES The City of Milpitas is a partner with the NOVA, the North Santa Clara Valley Employment and Training agency. NOVA provides services for job seekers, businesses, and youth, including the programs listed below. Contact: or (408) 730-7232. • • • • • • •

One-Stop Resource Center for Job Seekers Job Search Workshops Labor Market Research Staffing and Recruitment Professional Development Programs Programs for Job Seekers Youth@Work job listing website


Who pays the salary of the Police Officer, Firefighter, Teen Center and Senior Center staff? Most of these services are paid for by the Citizens of Milpitas – as homeowners, approximately 14% of your annual property tax returns to the City for services. Another critical source of City General Fund revenue is from Sales Tax revenues. All residents and visitors who shop in the City help pay for services as nearly 1% of every sales tax dollar is returned to the City to provide City services. STOP AND SHOP MILPITAS: KEEP YOUR SALES TAX DOLLARS AT HOME!

The City of Milpitas is home to over 25 shopping districts and centers - ranging from the McCarthy Ranch and Great Mall regional shopping centers, to community shopping centers such as Town Center, Victoria Square, Milpitas Center and Serra shopping centers, to culturally focused centers like Milpitas Square and Ulferts Center. Piercey Toyota’s Milpitas location off I-880 at Great Mall Parkway is one of the most successful dealerships in the Piercey Automotive Group. It will soon be neighbor to the new South Bay Honda dealership, under construction to the north of Piercey Toyota on Thompson Way. Shopping and patronizing all these businesses helps fund the City services that you use and value, so “Stop and Shop” Milpitas merchants as much as possible. LOCAL BUYING VS. INTERNET BUYING: RESEARCH GLOBALLY, SHOP LOCALLY!

Internet shopping is a great way to research future purchases and buying from the Internet is often very convenient. Why does Internet shopping affect the City? Sales tax charged to Internet purchases are distributed throughout the state…the City of Milpitas does not retain your Internet sales tax dollars to support local services. Is there a local business that offers the same merchandise available on the Internet? Remember: Research on the Internet, but Buy Local!


Milpitas is home to more than 20 hotels that serve Silicon Valley businesses and residents. Milpitas hotels offer meeting rooms for corporate and community users and are easily accessible from the major freeways and major local streets. Hotel managers and staff participate in local events and support community events. Local hoteliers offer packages for special events to both the business and community patrons. When your overnight guest, visitor or business traveler stays in a Milpitas hotel, the room tax goes to the City’s General Fund to help maintain City parks and to provide public safety and neighborhood services.



Economic Development

STAY-CATION OPPORTUNITIES IN MILPITAS The City of Milpitas is home to nearly 2,700 hotel rooms, ranging from Class A hotels to suites hotels to moderately price hotels to serve all residents and visitors. Milpitas Hotels offer a wide range of meeting and convention space and are especially adept at supporting family and class reunions, graduation, birthday and anniversary parties along with weddings and wakes. Use the Milpitas City Guide and Yellow Pages to find the hotel right for you and your special event. Taking your “StayCation” in Milpitas puts you and your family within easy access of the east foothills with wonderful hiking, picnicking, fishing and horseback riding. Two world Class Golf Courses – Summit Pointe and Spring Valley offer 18-holes of breathtaking golfing. Grab a lunch at the golf courses, too, as they offer beautiful views of the entire South Bay. Tired of exercise? Try shopping at the Great Mall, a Simon/Mills shopping center, with 1.2 million square feet of market and discount shopping opportunities. Check out the St. John Outlet, Neiman Marcus, Off-5th Avenue, Victoria’s Secret, Timberland, H&M, 2Bebe stores just to name a few of the high quality brands located within walking distance of some of Milpitas’s hotels. Take the kids shopping at the Great Mall, too! Gymboree, Carter and Stride Rite will shoe and cloth them for less and you can top the day off with wonderful entertainment. Ready for a movie? The Great Mall Century Cinemas offer 20 screens of the top rated movies, Dave and Buster’s offers arcade fun for all ages and Bounce-A-Rama offers a unique bouncing experiencing that the young ones will never forget. Need more food suggestions while shopping? Try the Food Court with local as well as national restaurants, Chipotle, Coconut Grove, Outback Steakhouse and Dave and Busters to ease your hunger pains. A stop at McCarthy Ranch, one of the first Big Box shopping centers in the Santa Clara County, will put you in the center of fine and casual dining and convenient shopping. From Wal-Mart to Best Buy to David’s Bridal and Borders, you can find something for the entire family.


Photographs by Alan Yatagai

Economic Development

During the summer months take advantage of the City’s FREE services with Open Air Movies in the Park, Summer Concert Series and “Red, White and Boom” July 4th Spectacular with fireworks and concert. Enjoy the three pools on July 4th and every summer day as part of your “StayCation.” With over 26 parks, biking and hiking trails along the many creeks that flow through Milpitas, your family will enjoy a reasonably priced, fun-filled “StayCation” by staying in Milpitas this year. Check the Parks and Recreation City Guide Pages and Yellow Page ads for more information on these fantastic events.

STAYCATION EQUATION: Family Money Saved + Fun Shopping, Dining and Playing Experiences = Happy Residents and Visitors and Revenue Generation to the City for your continued excellence in public facilities!


455 E. Calaveras Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 586-3300 • Fax: (408) 586-3305 • TDD: (408) 586-3013

URBAN DESIGN & ENVIRONMENT FOR OUR FUTURE Milpitas is a rapidly changing city. Good engineering and design of all public improvements ensures that the City of Milpitas continues to serve our residents, businesses, visitors and community at large with a safe and attractive city to live, work, and play. The City of Milpitas Engineering Department employs a staff of 35 dedicated to enhancing quality of life in Milpitas with well-engineered City infrastructure projects and safeguarding the City’s resources. The design, management, and construction of public and private construction projects and improvements is incorporated and coordinated through four sections: Design & Construction, Land Development, Special Projects, Traffic, and Utility Engineering. Two projects at the forefront during 2009 – 2010: Milpitas Senior Center and the Carlo Street Off-Ramp. The new senior center plan expands the former library site from 18,500 to 21,795 square feet. Three classrooms, a kitchen plus community, exercise, game and dining rooms will begin serving seniors in summer 2010. The Carlo St. Off-Ramp converts the existing Carlo St. on-ramp from N. Main St. onto eastbound Calaveras Blvd. (SR237) into a new off-ramp at Carlo Street. This new off-ramp will provide direct access to the Midtown district from Calaveras Blvd.

Rendering by Noll & Tam


DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION All of the City’s projects involving facility design and construction or improvements are called Capital Improvement Projects. This section manages design and construction of streets, water, sewer and storm drain projects, and improvements for parks and recreation facilities. All of the City’s needs are considered to compile a progressive five-year Capital Improvement Program that is summarized annually. This plan details cost estimates, scheduling and funding. City Council funds the first year of this ongoing five-year plan during its annual budget process.


LAND DEVELOPMENT Technical review for architects and developers ensures that residential and commercial developments are consistent with City standards and Master Plans for the City’s roadways and utilities. This section reviews construction plans and subdivision maps to issue encroachment permits. It administers the National Flood Insurance Program and manages the Local Improvement, Landscape Maintenance and Community Facilities Districts. Electronic maps of all City streets and utilities are developed and updated. And, public access to all City construction drawings, maps and aerial photos is assured.

TRAFFIC ENGINEERING Local and regional traffic impacts everyone. This section manages the City’s roadway network and balances the demands created by new development. Traffic engineering studies evaluate the appropriate traffic controls for neighborhood and commercial streets. This section also pursues grant funding from county, state, and federal sources.

UTILITY ENGINEERING Critical municipal services provide safe drinking water, preserving our environment through recycling and waste reduction services, urban runoff pollution control, wastewater management for residents and business, and recycled water delivery systems for businesses. Utility system planning and development review for connection to City water and sewer utilities, along with urban run off pollution and waste reduction programs, go beyond regulatory compliance to ensure quality of life in Milpitas.


Fire Department

Our mission is to serve and protect the community of Milpitas. Preservation of life, property, and the environment within this community is the reason for our existence. Most of you already know that the Fire Department responds to thousands of emergencies in Milpitas every year. When they are not responding to alarms, personnel are training rigorously, providing safety classes to citizens, making sure that the emergency equipment remains in a state of readiness, cleaning the firehouse, or making a great pot of chili at the end of a hard day’s work. What many people don’t realize is how much time the Fire Department spends preventing the emergencies from occurring in the first place. The Prevention Division is dedicated to helping residents and business owners comply with federal, state, and local fire codes that save countless lives each year. Contact the Prevention Division for help with fire code compliance:

• • • • •

New construction, remodels, additions, change of occupancy Hazardous materials storage and/or use Fire detection and/or extinguishing systems Fire safety inspections for businesses & apartments in Milpitas Weed abatement

RESPONSE DIVISION (408) 586-2800 • • • •

A-Battalion B-Battalion C-Battalion D-Battalion (Disaster Preparedness)

PREVENTION DIVISION (408) 586-3365 • Fire Plans & Permits • Hazardous Materials Regulation • Inspections & Investigations


(408) 586-2800 (CALL 9-1-1 FOR EMERGENCIES)

Fire Department


The Milpitas Fire Department wants to make sure that

YOU AND YOUR FAMILY CAN SURVIVE if disaster strikes.

In the event of a disaster affecting Milpitas, tune your battery operated radio to 1620 AM and your television to Channel 15. Before disaster strikes: • Keep an emergency kit containing water, food, and supplies for a minimum of 7-days for each member of the family. Details on what to include in your kit can be found in the Earthquake Information section at: and • Create a plan for home escape and family communications in the event of a fire or a large-scale disaster. Sample plans can be found at: plan and • Help your entire neighborhood and your city’s emergency workers by enrolling in Milpitas’ citizen preparedness course, Strategic Action For Emergencies (S.A.F.E.) These courses are offered free of charge by your Milpitas Fire Department. For more information on how to make sure you and your family are SAFE, contact the Milpitas Fire Department at (408) 586-2800, visit the website at, or contact the Milpitas Citizens Emergency Preparedness Advisory Commission at (408) 586-3024.



Human Resources

The City of Milpitas Human Resources Department is responsible for ensuring that the City is well served by a high performance workforce through equitable and effective Human Resources customer service. We provide services and support in the areas of recruitment and selection, benefits administration, employee development, employee and labor relations, workers’ compensation, payroll, centralized employment records and policy administration. We are committed to providing our internal and external customers with quality human resources products and services and retain the best employees to serve the people of Milpitas. We have an array of methods that demonstrate our commitment, including: • Educating citizens about public service careers through our participation with the Milpitas Chamber of Commerce Job Faire. • Recognizing outstanding city employees through our Gene Schwab Awards—”Service Above Self ” sponsored by our Milpitas Rotary Club. • Recognizing and celebrating employees who reach 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service at our annual Service Awards Luncheon. • Aid charities through the Charitable Campaign, Milpitas’s annual work-place giving initiative. The City employs nearly 200 temporary employees in the summer to assist Parks and Recreation Summer Programs and Public Works summer projects. Our diverse public service workforce is composed of 400 full-time professionals who provide service in the areas of: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Finance/Accounting Administrative/Clerical Attorneys Building and Safety Economic Development Engineering Human Resources Information Services Public Safety – Fire and Police Planning Research & Analysis Parks and Recreation Specialized Maintenance

We are an equal opportunity employer and are proud of our employees who represent a cross-section of the people in our community.

Information Services

The Information Services Department provides technical support to all City departments as well as delivers information and services to the community through television and radio media and most recently, WiFi. Check out the different ways to receive information about the City and how you can benefit as a resident.

SUBSCRIBE TO THE MILPITAS CITY WEBSITE Is there a particular program or City Department that interests you? Want to keep yourself updated with a click of a button? The new City of Milpitas website does just that. Log on to and go to Online Services to sign up or just click “Subscribe to this Page” when you are browsing through our site!

PUBLIC, EDUCATIONAL AND GOVERNMENT TELEVISION Turn to cable Channel 15 and watch the Milpitas Government Channel! On Channel 15 you can see City Council, Planning Commission and School Board meetings. Public service announcements and information on community events are broadcasting daily. Along with Channel 15, the Information Services Department supports the operation of MCTV 26, Milpitas Community Television. This is a public access channel that broadcasts educational, cultural and entertainment programs created by Milpitas residents! A production studio is available at Milpitas City Hall for recording programming. Visit for more information on what is playing and how to schedule your own programs.

AM 1620 KMLP Did you know that the City operates an AM Radio Station? KMLP 1620 is an emergency notification radio station that can be used in case of natural disasters or other emergencies. In the event of a community emergency, tune to 1620 AM.

MUNICIPAL WIFI Over 300 WiFi nodes have been installed in Milpitas providing you wireless broadband Internet Service at no cost! This service is provided by a private non-profit organization, Silicon Valley Unwired, and a group of corporate sponsors. For more information and instructions on how to access the network, see


Parks & Recreation

RECREATIONAL SERVICES The Milpitas Parks & Recreation Services Department is dedicated to providing endless opportunities for the community to have recreational, healthful and educational experiences. The Department services all age groups (young children to senior citizens), through the various Community Programs offered. Youth & Teen programs include Preschool, after school care programs, Rainbow Theatre (dramatics), teen programs, a year-round swim team, summer swim lessons, summer day camps, and special interest classes (arts & crafts, cooking, dance, music, fitness, and individual and team sports). Adult programs include the Sports Center (fitness center and many aerobics/fitness classes, lap swim, and adult sports programs), and various special interest classes (ie: dance, music and sports). The Senior Center offers drop-in and class-style activities, day trips, a lunch program, and Case Manager services. Other offerings include city-wide special events, grants for cultural art events, and volunteer services. The Community Center, Senior Center, Teen Center and multiple outdoor facilities are also available to rent, for functions up to 300 people.

PARKS DIVISION Milpitas has 25 neighborhood parks and one dog park totaling 172 park acres available for your enjoyment. These include a football field, 21 baseball fields, 13 soccer fields, 22 tennis courts, 4.5 basketball courts, 7 volleyball and 4 handball courts, 32 playgrounds and 43 picnic areas. Park Maintenance keeps the 534 athletic and security lights bright, clears the 48 miles of pathways, cares for 3,449 trees, mows 5,600 turf acres annually, removes graffiti immediately, and provides weed and insect control. For any Parks questions call 586-3225.

Photograph by Maria Mrasek


ParksSPORTS & Recreation CENTER 1325 E. Calaveras Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 586-3225 • Fax: (408) 942-2460 • TDD: (408) 586-3289 The City of Milpitas is committed to improving the quality of life for our community. Through quality fitness instructors and equipment, we strive to meet your individual needs. The Milpitas Sports Center is a full service fitness center that offers something for everyone. Our facility includes a 33-piece fitness center, 3 pools, large gym, and two aerobics studios. Locker rooms and showers are available to members.

FITNESS PROGRAMS • • • • • • • • • •

Fit over 50 Power Sculpt Yogalates Zumba Basics Sculpt Interval Yoga - Beginning, Gentle, Hatha & F.I.T. Butts & Guts Step and Tone Prenatal Yoga Pilates

AQUATICS PROGRAMS Lap Swimming for Adults Water Excercise Arthritis Aquatic Exercise Moms in Motion pre-natal fitness • Rusty Hinges • • • •


Photograph by Maria Mrasek

• • • • •

Men’s Softball Leagues Co-ed Softball Leagues Drop-in Basketball Drop-in Volleyball Drop-in Table Tennis

For complete program information, call

(408) 586-3225 or visit the Sports Center section

of Recreation Services’ webpage at



Parks & Recreation YOUTH PROGRAMS 457 E. Calaveras Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035 408-586-3210 • Fax: 408-586-3295 • TDD: 408-586-3289 The Recreation Services Youth Program Team (YPT) mission is partner with families to promote the healthy development of youth in our community. The YPT provides programs and activities for our youth that engage them in healthy, active experiences following the core values of strength and family based practice, excellence, embrace diversity, collaboration, youth as resources and healthy lifestyles.

PRESCHOOL We offer two preschool programs that provide young children with the opportunity to learn with others in their similar age group. Animal Crackers encourage creative hands-on fun while learning cooperation, problem solving, language, music, motor skills and more. This program is offered to ages 3.2 years (38 months) and not entering Kindergarten in Fall 2009. KinderKids is a sensory-motor based, hands-on class for those energetic children. This program is offered to age 4-5 and entering Kindergarten in Fall 2009.

AFTER THE BELL After The Bell is an extension of the classroom where we stimulate children’s brains through fun and exciting learning activities by specially trained and energetic staff. Children will receive homework help, participate in teambuilding games, enjoy creative activities and experience new recreational opportunities, such as tennis, dance, science and much more. After the Bell is currently being offered at Burnett, Curtner, Weller and Zanker Elementary School from school dismissal until 6:00pm. Call the Milpitas Community Center for more information at (408) 586-3210.

RAINBOW THEATRE All children, ages 8-18 are invited to audition for these productions, with the exceptions of ages 12-18 for the Teen Show, and 8-20 for the Summer show. For children ages 5-8, the Mini Actor’s program is a great way to introduce them into acting. All shows and auditions are held at the Milpitas Community Center. For more information on the Rainbow Theatre program contact (408) 586-2777.

Parks & Recreation YOUTH PROGRAMS TEEN CENTER – Located 1325 E. Calaveras Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035 The Teen Center offers a free drop-in program for teen’s ages 12-17 years old. The Teen Center is equipped with two pool tables, a ping-pong table, computer/homework lab, flat screen TV and a full kitchen. All teens attending the Teen Center must have a registration form on file. Call the Milpitas Teen Center for information on events, registration and hours of operation at (408) 586-3296.

MILPITAS VOLUNTEER PARTNERS The City of Milpitas hosts many community programs, events, and activities throughout the year that serve the Milpitas population and local surrounding areas. Volunteers are frequently recruited to assist in various aspects of these programs, providing valuable staff support, as well as help and encouragement to citizens. Opportunities exist for working on a variety of tasks in every department within the City structure. Different opportunities are available at various times throughout the year and time commitments vary based on the specific task requirements and the volunteers’ availability. All those interested in volunteering must complete an MVP application and pass the screening and interview process specific to a given opportunity. Call (408) 586-3207 for volunteer opportunities.

SPECIAL INTEREST CLASSES FOR YOUTH, TEENS & ADULTS The City of Milpitas Parks & Recreation Services offers a wide variety of special interest classes for youth, teens and adults. Arts & Crafts Creative Writing Dance Dramatics Driver’s Education

Golf Music & Song Public Speaking Science Self Defense

Tai Chi Tennis Tumbling & Much More!!

For more information, check out our current Activity Guide, call the Milpitas Community Center at (408) 586-3210., or visit our website at



ParksSENIOR & Recreation CENTER

Rendering by Noll & Tam

540 S. Abel St., Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 586-2775 • Fax: (408) 942-3958 • TDD: (408) 586-3292

If you are looking for a place to have fun, come on down to the Barbara Lee Senior Center at the Sal Cracolice Building! Senior citizens, as young as 50 years, are invited to participate in the activities and programs offered at the Milpitas Senior Center (Sal Cracolice Building). The Senior Center offers classes, trips, socials and a weekday lunch program. For more information on upcoming events and programs, call and request a copy of the “Senior Connection” newsletter. The rendering above shows the proposed design for the new Senior Center. Construction has already started on it and it is projected to open some time in 2010.



Senior Nutrition Lunch Program Live Entertainment Monthly Birthday Parties BINGO (Wednesday & 4th Tuesday) Pool & Ping Pong Table Day and Overnight Trips Potluck Dinners & Bingo Mah Jong Games Classes: (Guitar, Dance, Painting, AARP Mature Driving, English and Citizenship) • Book Club

• • • •

• • • • • • • • •

• • • •

BART Passes Blood Pressure Checks County Transit Stickers Financial & Tax Advice (February-April) Insurance Billing (HICAP) Legal Assistance (SALA) Project Match - home sharing Outreach Paratransit Resource


Many activities are also offered in Mandarin, such as Chinese Opera, Karaoke and Calligraphy.

• Social Services: Medicare, Medi-Cal, Social Security • In-Home health care needs • Transportation • Housing


Call (408) 586-2775 for an appointment.

Looking for a place for up to 100 people? Try the Senior Center!

Parks & Recreation SENIOR PROGRAMS EVENING BINGO & FITNESS ACTIVITIES 1st Tuesday of the Month, 6:00-8:00 pm (doors open at 5:00 pm) Do you enjoy Bingo and are looking for a place in Milpitas to play? Milpitas’ Barbara Lee Senior Center offers a monthly evening session that is open to the general public (minimum age 18 years). Minimum buy-in is $5.00 per person for a Game Pack (includes 10 games/6 cards per game). A snack bar is also available for purchasing food. Weekly sessions are also played on Wednesdays at 1:00 pm for those ages 50 and up, with the same minimum buy-in required.

SIT & FIT EXERCISES Mondays & Thursdays, 11:00 am Come excercise with us using video tapes and gentle/no-threatening movements to stretch and tone muscles, improve balance and enhance the strength in your legs and arms. If you have limited mobility, these videos are perfect for you because they can be done while standing or sitting down!

STAR TRACKERS WALKING GROUP Wednesdays & Fridays, 10:30 am The Star Trackers walking program allows you to track how far you walk each week with us, and receive incentive rewards as you reach certain mileage markers. Staff leads walks around the Senior Center area and local shopping centers. For more detailed information on our programs, call the Barbare Lee Senior Center at (408) 586-2775 or visit our website at



Parks & Recreation COMMUNITY CENTER 457 E. Calaveras Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 586-3210 • Fax: (408) 586-3295 • TDD: (408) 586-3267 Many City parks and facilities may be reserved for a variety of functions throughout the year. Rental fees vary by facility type and reservations are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is a $15 non-refundable application fee for all park and facility reservation applications, in addition to any applicable rental and insurance fees. This application fee is already included in the park reservation fees. Community Center, Senior Center (Sal Cracolice Building), Sports Center, Teen Center and Jose Higuera Adobe Building facility reservations can be made up to a year in advance by Milpitas residents and up to 6 months in advance by non-residents. Rooms accommodating 25 to 300 people along with other ammenities are available. Please call the center you are interested in and ask to have detailed facility rental information mailed to you. All fees and facility rules and regulations are subject to change. Park Reservations. Park reservations can be made up to a year in advance by Milpitas residents and up to 6 months in advance by non-residents. Park reservations must be made a minimum of 5 busi-

ness days in advance. Park Rental Fees: Small Parks (less than 50 people capacity) are $35* per day for residents, $49* per day for non-residents. Large Parks (50+ capacity) are $55* per day for residents, $69* per day for non-residents. These rental fees include the $15 non-refundable application fee. *Depending on the type of event, additional charges and/or insurance may be required. Please Note: All fees and facility rules and regulations are subject to change. Picnic Kit Rentals. Picnic kits, complete with frisbee, softball bat, softball, football, horseshoes, soccer ball and volleyball with net, are available to rent. Junior Picnic Kits are also available at no additional cost when renting picnic kits. A Junior Kit includes a child size football, soccer ball, playground ball, wiffle ball and bat and jumprope. A $150.00 refundable deposit is required, plus a non-refundable rental fee of $12.50 per day for residents and resident businesses ($25 per day for nonresidents and non-resident businesses). For information, call Milpitas Recreation Services at (408) 586-3210.

Parks & Recreation RENTAL FEES All rentals require a $15 application fee. All application fees, insurance and custodial fees are non-refundable. Please Note: All fees and facility rules and regulations are subject to change. COMMUNITY CENTER (408) 586-3210 Res. N/Res. Rental Deposits: Auditorium $250 $350 Other Rooms $100 $150 Auditorium (3 hr min.) $100/hr $130/hr Conference Room (full) $50/hr $73/hr Conference Room (half ) $22.50/hr $30/hr Classroom/Dance Studio $21.50/hr $28/hr (2 hr min.) HIGUERA ADOBE BUILDING (408) 586-3210 Res. $250 $50/hr

N/Res. $350 $7250/hr

MILPITAS SENIOR CENTER (Sal Cracolice Building) (408) 586-2775 Res. Rental Deposit $250 Auditorium (3 hr min.) $70/hr Classrooms: $25/hr

N/Res. $350 $90/hr $35/hr

Rental Deposit Building Rental (3 hr min.)

SPORTS CENTER (408) 586-3225 Res. Large Gym (3 hour minimum) Deposit $250 Custodial* $75 Attendant (each) $15/hr Gym Use Fee $30/hr Pools (2 hour minimum rental fee and lifeguards fees) Deposit $250 Lifeguard (per guard) $15/hr Wading Pool $10/hr Training Pool $15/hr Yard Pool $20/hr Meter Pool $25/hr Locker Rooms $20/hr

N/Res. $350 $75 $15/hr $75/hr

$350 $15/hr $20/hr $30/hr $40/hr $50/hr $50/hr

FIELDS & OUTDOOR FACILITY RENTALS (408) 586-3225 TEEN CENTER (408) 586-3225 Res. N/Res. Rental Deposit $500 Facility Rental Fee $50/hr Attendant (each) $15/hr (1 sta per 50 guests ratio required)

$600 $60/hr $15/hr



Parks & Recreation CITY PARKS & FACILITIES GUIDE Many City parks and facilities may be reserved for a variety of functions throughout the year. Rental fees vary by facility type and reservations are available on a first-come, firstserve basis. There is a $15 non-refundable application fee for all park and facility reservation applications, in addition to any applicable rental and insurance fees. This application fee is already included in the park reservation fees. Milpitas Residents can reserve rental facilities up to one year in advance (6 months in advance for non-residents). Rental facilities reservation require a minimum of 30 days from the rental date. Park rentals require a minimum of 5 business days. For information on facility rentals, please call Parks and Recreation Services at (408) 586-3210, or the specific facility itself.










. RD





























1 Milpitas Community Center 457 E. Calaveras Blvd. 2 Milpitas Senior Center

540 S. Abel St.

3 Milpitas Sports Center

1325 E. Calaveras Blvd.

3 Milpitas Teen Center

1325 E. Calaveras Blvd.

4 Community Library

40 N. Milpitas Blvd.

5 Ben Rodgers Park 6 Calle Oriente Mini-Park 7 Cardoza Park 8 Creighton Park 9 Dixon Landing Park 10 Foothill Park 11 Gill Memorial Park 12 Hall Memorial Park 13 Hidden Lake Park 14 Higuera Adobe Park 15 Hillcrest Park

9.5 Grand Teton at Sequoia Calle Oriente off N. Park Victoria Kennedy Dr. at N. Park 10 Victoria Olympic west of S. Park 5 Victoria Dixon Landing at 11 Milmont Roswell Dr. at Roswell 4 Ct. Paseo Rufugio and 8.1 Santa Rita LaHonda and Cayote N. Milpitas Blvd., N. of Esquela Pkwy. Wessex off N. Park Victoria

16 Murphy Park

Fieldcrest off Crescent Yellowstone east of S. Park Victoria

17 Pinewood Park

Lonetree & Starlite Ct.

18 Sandalwood Park


Clear Lake & Tahoe Rudyard & Abbott Ave. Martil & Gemma, off Tramway Cortez & Coelho, off Esquela

25 Yellowstone Park 26 Rancho Softball Field

1915 Yellowstone

27 Milpitas High School Pool

1285 Escuela Pkwy

28 Sal Cracolice Building

30 Pecot Park

540 S. Abel St. Sandy Wool Lake (Ed Levin Co. Park) Dixon Landing, west of Conway

31 Parc Metro - East

Curtis, east of Main St.

32 Parc Metro - Middle

Curtis, east of Main St.

33 Parc Metro - West

Curtis, east of Main St.

34 Hetch Hetchy Linear Pkwy

East side of Santa Rita Calaveras, east of Piedmond Calaveras Ridge, so. of Country Club

35 Alviso Adobe 36 Calaveras Ridge




• • • • •

5.2 8.7



• •

10 30

4 5.7


6 5.2 4

• •


125 19 20









6 3


Jacklin at Hillview Yellowstone east of S. Park Victoria

29 Milpitas Dog Park



20 Sinnott Park

24 Jones Memorial Park




23 Augustine Memorial Park



19 Selwyn Park

22 Strickroth Park


• •

25 10


Escuela Pkwy & Russell Selwyn Dr. off 0.25 Dempsey Rd.

21 Starlite Park
























• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• •

• • • • • • • •


2 3

• • • • •

• •

Par Course

Handball Courts

Horseshoe Pits

Basketball Courts

Volleyball Poles

Softball Diamond

Tennis Courts

Play Equipment

BBQ Units

Picnic Table

Group Capacity



Parking Spaces



Map Location



Planning & Neighborhood Services

The Planning and Neighborhood Services Department consists of the Planning, Housing and Neighborhood Services Divisions. Child Care Resources is now also included.

NEIGHBORHOOD BEAUTIFICATION Committed to Improving the Quality of Life in Milpitas PLANNING The planning reviews private development projects ranging from new housing development and business signs to large office buildings. Reviews are based on City Codes, the General Plan, Specific Plans and other adopted goals and policies. The Division is also responsible for planning the future physical, social, and economic development of the City. Examples of Advanced Planning would include the Midtown Specific Plan, the Transit Area Study and General Plan Updates. Planning Division activities include: • Review of individual development proposals for compliance with the City’s General Plan, the City’s Zoning Ordinance and Environmental Regulations. • Providing information about planning, zoning and planning permit requirements to the public. • Providing staff to the Planning Commission and the Community Advisory Commission. Contact Information for Planning: Phone (408) 586-3279 or visit our website at and select the Planning and Neighborhood Services Department.

HOUSING AND NEIGHBORHOOD SERVICES The Neighborhood Services Division ensures that residential, commercial and industrial properties are maintained in accordance with the City Codes and Uniform Housing Code. Neighborhood Services Division activities include: • Administration of the Graffiti Abatement and the Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Programs and the Animal Regulations • Administration of the Neighborhood Beautification Ordinance • Oversight of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) fund • Oversight of the City’s Affordable Housing and Rehabilitation Loan Programs Contact Information for Neighborhood Services: Graffiti Hotline: (408) 586-3079 Housing: (408) 586-3071 Neighborhood Beautification Hotline: (408) 586-3074 Neighborhood Preservation: (408) 586-3075

CHILD CARE SERVICES The Child Care Resource mission is committed to advocating for quality child care and to supporting and educating child care providers, parents and the general public. Our vision in providing quality child care is an investment in the future of children, families and our community. Are you in need of child care? Child care resource and referral assistance is available through the City of Milpitas Recreation Services’ Child Care Program. Call (408) 586-3077, or email



POLICE ACTIVITIES LEAGUE PAL is a program offering healthy, safe activities to the youth of our community as an alternative to street crime, drugs and violence. Currently, three well established sporting activities are in the PAL program: Milpitas PAL Soccer, Milpitas PAL Knights Football and Jr. Giant’s Baseball. For more information, contact the PAL Executive Director at (408) 586-2527.



Public Works

1265 N. Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 586-2600 • Fax: (408) 586-2610 • TDD: (408) 586-2611

A FULL SERVICE DEPARTMENT Travel on a city street, stroll through your neighborhood park, drink a glass of water and you benefit from services provided by the City of Milpitas Public Works Department. This diverse department shares one common goal: a high standard of infrastructure maintenance for our quality of life in Milpitas. Staffed with 95 full time employees, Public Works houses five maintenance sections: Streets, Trees & Landscape, Utilities (water, sewer and storm drains), City Facilities, and Fleet Maintenance.

STREET MAINTENANCE & SWEEPING Regular and 24-hour emergency street maintenance includes lights, signs, signals and repairs. This section is responsible for repairing 139 street miles and sidewalks, including striping every 12 months and pavement marking every 18 months, as well as asphalt repairs. Street Maintenance watches over 7,523 street signs, keeps 4,354 street lights and 68 traffic signals in operation, and tests 29 alarms for your safety. It also provides graffiti removal and pick-up of dead animals on public property. Allied Waste Services provides bi-weekly street sweeping. Call 432-0444 for a schedule.

TREES & LANDSCAPE Neighborhood trees and street landscaping benefit our community economically, environmentally, and visually. The Street Tree Program provides regular pruning of 13,000 city street trees, and best management practices to control pests and diseases. This crew plants 500 public street trees annually, and follows a pruning cycle to ensure that each city street tree is cared for to maintain a healthy urban forest. The Landscape Program maintains 108 acres of street landscaping including two new trails along Coyote and Berryessa Creeks.

Public Works

UTILITY MAINTENANCE The City’s entire water, sewer, and storm systems are operated and maintained 24 hours a day. Utility Maintenance operates and maintains 203 miles of water lines, 1,756 fire hydrants, 5 water tanks with a capacity of 15.64 million gallon capacity, 4 water pump stations, and 53 test stations. The sewer system includes 173 miles of pipeline, 2,608 manholes, and two sewage pump stations. The storm system includes 105 miles of pipeline, 3,665 catch basins, 1,404 manholes, and 13 storm pump stations. And, our recycled water system serves business and landscape areas with 11 miles of pipeline and 90 service connections. Utility Maintenance crews respond to all service requests within 30 minutes regardless of time or day.

CITY FACILITIES Milpitas City Hall, Public Works & Police Dept. Buildings, and the Community, Senior, Sports, and Teen Centers, plus15 acres of grounds upkeep and daily maintenance operations from this section. Departments rely on this section’s efficiency to provide services for public benefit. City Facilities also maintains historical buildings such as the Higuera and Alviso Adobes.

FLEET MAINTENANCE The City of Milpitas maintains the entire city fleet of 362 unlicensed and 269 licensed vehicles including police and fire apparatus. This section orders and maintains its own stock of parts and is responsible for providing diesel and unleaded fuel. It recycles tires, batteries, motor oil, antifreeze, and cardboard. “Automotive Service Excellence” Certified Master Technicians keep this fleet in safe, running order.


Recycling & Garbage Services F MILPI YO


Whether you live in an apartment, condominium, townhome, mobilehome or single family house the City of Milpitas and Allied Waste Services provide efficient solid waste services to your home.


There are three important things to remember: • Keep accepted recycling materials separate from garbage. W • Keep access to containers and sidewalks open. E R E YCL C • Don’t overload recycling and garbage containers. These services do not accept bulky items, sod, concrete, dirt and hazardous materials.



APARTMENTS & MULTI-FAMILY HOMES For recycling, your complex may use blue carts or large white bins. Large blue bins are used for garbage. Depending on your complex, you either place recycling and garbage in the proper container or it is collected from a central area and placed for you. Sorry, complexes with large garbage bins do not receive motor oil recycling. Check out the info below for hazardous materials disposal and to Recycle Right!

CONDOMINIUMS, TOWNHOMES, & MOBILEHOMES Your complex may have “curbside collection” or the collection style described for apartments. You do not receive the Yard Trimmings Recycling Program. Check out the info below for hazardous materials disposal and to Recycle Right! Motor oil recycling is offered with curbside collection, however most complexes do not allow car repair on premises. Contact your HOA or resident manager before recycling motor oil with your regular recycling.

SINGLE FAMILY CURBSIDE COLLECTION Your neighborhood receives a variety of recycling and garbage options. Please refer to the graphic for set out requirements. Containers may be set out 12 hours before, and left out 12 hours after, your collection day. At all other times, containers must be kept out of public view. Place recycling and garbage carts in the street, wheels against the curb and lids closed. Please do not buy your own carts. These cannot be collected. The 96-gallon garbage cart is an optional service that costs an additional $5.52 bimonthly. You may also use 32-gallon garbage cans with lids (no 45-gallon cans) and 32-gallon garbage bags tied at the top. Cans cannot exceed 75 lbs. and bags cannot exceed 25 lbs.

Questions? Call 432-0444. Hazardous Wastes …in MY home?!?! Yes! Do a “Safety Cleaning” and call the Hazardous Waste Hotline at 299-7300 for a FREE Saturday

New Composting Classes New Location

Recycle Right! • Plastic containers labeled Please: no black plastic, no Styrofoam! • White plastic shopping bags

Learn how to turn your grass, leaves, and kitchen scraps into a wonderful soil amendment.

• Aluminum & metal cans • Glass bottles & jars

Mountain View Community Center in Rengstorff Park

Got Motor Oil?

• Mixed paper & newspapers

201 S. Rengstorff Ave., Room 2

Don’t dump it! Motor oil pollutes our groundwater. Call the City of Milpitas Recycling Hotline at 586-2680 for a list of local businesses that accept motor oil and filters. For curbside collection, get approved recycling jugs at Milpitas fire stations and Allied Waste Services.

• Flattened cardboard. Place in cart. If full, fold to cart size & stack next to cart.

Call now to sign-up: (408) 918-4640


• Set out motor oil at the curb (not in the street!). Only use jugs available at Milpitas fire stations.

Third Saturdays, March - September 10AM - Noon




S I DE WAL K 4-feet



Remember: Keep cars off the street from 7AM to 5 PM on sweep days.


Resource Conservation & Protection

The Utility Engineering Section manages water conservation, urban run off pollution control and waste reduction programs to help ensure quality of life for Milpitas residents and best management practices for businesses. Your participation at home and work is critical to conserving resources for our future.

SAVE WATER Milpitas residents and businesses use water wisely throughout the year. Thank you for maintaining a 12 percent reduction citywide with voluntary water reduction efforts. As drought conditions continue, we’ll need to try new ideas that help Milpitas save water. Call SCVWD at 265-2607, ext. 2554, or visit • Commercial Water Conservation • Water Wise House Call from the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD). Programs & Rebates • Weather-based Irrigation Controller Call (800) 548-1822 or visit Installation • Irrigation Hardware, Clothes Washer & • Faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads High Efficiency Toilet Rebates • Water Efficient Landscape Workshops

YOU’RE THE SOLUTION TO WATER POLLUTION! Urban water run-off flows from streets into storm drains and travels untreated directly into South San Francisco Bay. On its way water washes over chemicals from cars and landscapes, picks up litter and debris in the street, or it contains detergents from car washing. You can minimize the impacts of pollution in our waterways and to fish and marine life: • Call 911 immediately when you see • Keep leaves and grass clippings out of anyone dumping into creeks, gutters or the gutter storm drains • Wash your car on a landscaped area • Keep your car in tune and fix leaks using small amounts of soaps without promptly detergents or use a commercial car wash • Use safer alternatives to pesticides and • Call the City of Milpitas Pollution herbicides Prevention Hotline at 586-2605 • Never litter or let trash get into waterways

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, BUY RECYCLED Milpitas achieved a 60 percent disposal reduction rate (based upon waste generated in our city in 2002). Your important efforts to recycle and reduce waste extends the useful “life” of the Newby Island Landfill, supports recycling jobs, sustains the environment and keeps Milpitas clean.

Recycling is important, but remember: • Reduce what you use • Reuse what you can

• Recycle and compost • Buy recycled-content products

Try “PRECYCLE” – PREvent waste before you reCYCLE: • • • • • •

Shop locally Shop with cloth totes Reuse packaging materials Buy in bulk whenever possible Remove your address from mailing lists Stop using throw-away plates, cups, utensils, paper towels and napkins • Use washable water and food containers, plates, utensils and cloth napkins at home and work

• Buy products made with recycled content, such as glass and plastic or containers bottom-stamped with , and recycled toiled paper and tissues • Carry a lightweight coffee cup with safety lid—and ask for a discount at the coffee shop • Call the City of Milpitas Reuse Line at 586-2680 for a free reusable tote bag!




Calendar of Events

Clean-A-Park Event

FEBRUARY Cultural Arts Events

MARCH Cultural Arts Events Community Concert Band Performance



Cultural Arts Events Community Concert Band Performance Summer Concert Series

Movies in the Park

SEPTEMBER Cultural Arts Events



Halloween Event

Fourth of July Festivities Summer Concert Series

NOVEMBER Veterans Day Ceremony Community Concert Band Performance


MAY Cultural Arts Events Memorial Day Ceremony Older Americans Month Senior Center BBQ & Dance

DECEMBER Photographs by Alan Yatagai

Cultural Arts Events Month of the Young Child Arbor Day Tree Planting & Clean-A-Park Event

Tree Lighting Ceremony Breakfast with Santa Senior Center Holiday Dinner & Dance Festival of Trees

Rainbow Theatre also performs many productions throughout the year, usually in March, May, July/ August and October. For information on these shows, call us or see Recreation Services’ Cultural Arts/ Theatre section on our website. For detailed information, call Milpitas Parks and Recreation Services at (408) 586-3210 or visit our website at

Milpitas City Guide 2009