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Frequently Asked Questions 455 E. Calaveras Blvd. Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 586-3003 • Where is Milpitas City Hall? 455 E. Calaveras Blvd. at the intersection of N. Milpitas Blvd. Our phone number is 586-3000. Website: Where is the Milpitas Library? 160 N. Main Street Where is the Milpitas Post Office? 450 S. Abel Street. I have a question about my water bill; how to start my water service; or how to disconnect my water service and receive a final bill. Who can I call? Our City’s Finance Department staff at 586-3100. You can also inquire at that number about obtaining a business license. What day is my trash or recycling pick up? Please call Allied Waste (BFI) to find out: 432-0444. Where can I report a fallen tree, cracked sidewalk, street light out or a water leak? Call our Public Works Department at 586-2600. Can I get a copy of my birth/marriage/ death certificate from the City Clerk? No. Those documents are available from the County Clerk - Recorder’s Office at 70 W. Hedding St. in San Jose. The phone number is 299-2481. Where can I find out about low-income housing opportunities in Milpitas? Call the City’s Principal Housing Planner at 586-3071. Where do I obtain or renew my Driver’s License? At the CA Department of Motor Vehicles. Call DMV at 1-800-777-0133, 2 DMV offices near Milpitas are: 111 Alma St., San Jose or 4287 Central Ave., Fremont How do I get my passport from the City Clerk? You may apply for one at the City Clerk’s office, and the passport will be mailed to you. Call 586-3009 for information. How do I register to vote? Where do I vote? Register to vote on a postcard form by completing it and mailing it to the County Registrar of Voters. Call the Registrar at 299-8683 to find out where to vote.

Where can I have my fingerprints taken, or get a gun permit, or file for a permit to host a parade? Call the Milpitas Police Department’s business phone at 586-2400. I got a traffic ticket, so where do I pay for it or go to contest it? Call the County’s Traffic Court in San Jose at 808-3100.

What are the Hours for Passport Acceptance at the City Clerk’s Office? Monday through Friday: 9:00 am–4:00 pm How long does it take to get a passport? Routine Service takes 4 weeks. Expedite Service, using overnight mail in both directions, takes 2 weeks. Where can I renew my passport? If your current passport was issued less than 15 years ago and you were 16 years or older, you must renew by mail (applications are available at City Hall). What are the fees? Two separate fees are due at the time of application: 1) a “Passport Processing” fee paid to the U.S. Department of State and 2) an “Application Execution” fee paid to the City of Milpitas. Both must be paid by check or money order (no credit cards) when you come in to City Hall. What is an acceptable Birth Certificate for passport application process? A government issued (City, County or State Registry) original Birth Certificate (not a photocopy), which includes a raised seal. California Birth Abstracts or Hospital Birth Certificates are not acceptable. Where can I get more information? Call the Passport Hotline at (408) 5863009 or go to the website:

Get Involved!

The City of Milpitas was incorporated as a “general law” city on January 26, 1954 and operates under the council/manager form of government. The Council, as the legislative body, represents the entire community and is empowered by the general laws of the State of California to formulate citywide policy. The community elects the Mayor for a two-year term and the four Council members are elected at large (by the entire City) to serve staggered four-year terms. Council elections are in November of even-numbered years. Citizens

City Attorney

City Manager

City Departments • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Building & Safety City Clerk Economic Development & RDA Engineering Finance Fire Human Resources Information Services Parks & Recreational Services Planning & Neighborhood Services Police Public Works Purchasing Redevelopment Agency

City Council

City Commissions • Arts Commission • Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Commission • Emergency Preparedness Commission • Community Advisory Commission • Economic Development Commission • Library Advisory Commission • Mobile Home Park Rental Review Board • Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Commission • Planning Commission • Public Art Committee • Recycling & Source Reduction Advisory Commission • Senior Advisory Commission • Sister Cities Commission • Telecommunications Commission • Youth Advisory Commission • Veteran’s Commission

GET INVOLVED! One of the greatest assets the City of Milpitas has is its people, especially those who devote their skills, knowledge, experiences and time to serving their community. One of the ways in which residents can serve the community is by becoming a member of one of the Commissions, which serve as advisory bodies to the City Council. If you are interested in serving your community please complete the Commission Application and mail it to: City Clerk’s Office 455 E. Calaveras Blvd. Milpitas, CA 95035 Commission Applications are available on the City’s website: For more information, call City Hall at (408) 586-3000.



City Departments

The City of Milpitas is made of several departments. Each department has specific duties and tasks that are important to the overall operation of the city. These departments provide essential day-to-day services to residents and businesses in the Milpitas community.



(408) 586-3240 Responsible for implementation of safety and quality standards in construction, providing Inspection Services, Plan Checking, Building Administration and a Permit Center.

(408) 586-3300 Provides professional management and review of new facilities. The division’s functions include: Special (RDA) Projects, Design & Construction, Land Development, Traffic, Utilities and Solid Waste Services.



(408) 586-3040 Provides general legal advice and services, prepares or approves ordinances, resolutions, agreements and amendments thereto and also represents the City in litigation.

(408) 586-3100 Provides management of the City’s financial operations. Finance is organized into four divisions; Administration, Accounting Services, Fiscal Services and Purchasing.


(408) 586-2800 Provides full response, preparedness, and prevention services. The response and preparedness division handles emergency incidents, safety, training, para-medicine compliance, and disaster preparedness functions. The fire prevention division handles fire plans and permits, hazardous materials regulation, inspections and investigations.

(408) 586-3003 Serves as the legislative administrator, elections official, and records manager for the City.

CITY MANAGER (408) 586-3050 Provides the administration of City government and recommends strategies and solutions to issues for Council consideration.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & RDA (408) 586-3059 Provides administration of the City’s Economic Strategic Plan. Economic Development is focused on improving the economic health of the City so that the revenue stream continues to grow.


HUMAN RESOURCES (408) 586-3090 Provides recruitment, benefits administration, a self funded workers’ compensation program, labor negotiations, administration of memorandum of understanding with the various employee groups, employee relations, the safety program, compliance with State and Federal employment laws, training and maintenance of personnel systems and files.




(408) 586-2700 Management of technology projects, the City’s technical architecture and infrastructure, providing automation support and training development, support of the City’s web site, Cable TV channel, AM radio station and public-access TV studio, implementation and support of security access systems and all automated data systems. Additionally, Information Services is responsible for the City’s public information function.

(408) 586-2400 Keeps the peace and prevents and controls crime. The Department’s nine functions include: Administration, Patrol, Traffic, Crossing Guards, Community Relations, Investigations, Communications, Records and Personnel and Training.

PARKS & RECREATION (408) 586-3210 Provides recreational opportunities, parks and facilities for all residents of Milpitas, while preserving and enhancing our city resources.

PLANNING & NEIGHBORHOOD SERVICES (408) 586-3274 Reviews land development applications and environmental assessments, insures compliance and provides information on ordinances and policies, maintains the City’s general plan, specific plans and zoning ordinance, provides key Redevelopment Agency support, insures that residential, commercial and industrial properties are maintained in accordance with city regulations, operates programs for housing, neighborhood beautification, administers the Community Development Block Grant program, and oversees services provided by outside agencies such as fair housing and animal control.

PUBLIC WORKS (408) 586-2600 Provides maintenance of City infrastructure, vehicles, equipment, City buildings and facilities.

PURCHASING (408) 586-3146 A division of the Finance Department, Purchasing provides a full range of procurement services, maintains a central stores warehouse, oversees the sale of the City’s surplus property, provides the City’s internal mail service and administers the stockless office supplies warehousing program. Redevelopment Agency (408) 586-3059 The Milpitas Redevelopment Agency is responsible for the elimination of blight in the two redevelopment project areas and achieving goals for development, reconstruction, rehabilitation, community facilities, infrastructure and affordable housing. Projects are consistent with the goals of the adopted Redevelopment Plans for Milpitas Project Area No. 1 and the Great Mall Redevelopment Project Area.


Contact Information

Visit the website for more information: All phone numbers listed below have a (408) area code. Building & Safety


Building Inspection Requests


Building Permits

Planning & Zoning Police

586-3279 586-2400


Business & Services


City Attorney


Crime Tip Line


City Hall


Emergencies – 24/7





Mayor’s Office City Clerk Passport Services


Public Access TV–Channel 15



Public Works



Animal Services


Emergencies – 24/7

9-1-1 586-3300

Athletic Facilities Maintenance


Engineering Finance Department


Maintenance Services


City Manager

Business License




Billing & Services


Collection– Commercial


Earthquake Safety Information 586-2810

Collection– Residential


Emergencies – 24/7


Household Dump Day


Fire Prevention


Reduce, Reuse Info


Office of Emergency Services


Fire Disaster Preparedness

General Information


Human Resources


Jobs HOTLINE Library

Utilities Rates / Billing / Info Emergency (after hours)


Volunteer Services




586-2600 586-3100 586-2400 586-3207 586-3348



Billing Questions

Parks & Recreation Services & Community Center


Water Hotline

586-2605 586-2600

Senior Center


Water Emergencies 8am–5pm Mon–Fri

Sports Center



Teen Center


Water Emergencies After Hours Water Quality Questions


Planning & Neighborhood Services



Telecommunications for the Deaf (TDD)

Abandoned Vehicles


Child Care Information


City Hall


Code Enforcement


Community Center


Graffiti HOTLINE




Housing Rehab Loan Program


Police Department


Junk Cars/Private Property


Senior Center



Sports Center


Neighborhood Beautification

IMPORTANT ADDRESSES City Hall 455 E. Calaveras Blvd. Senior Center 40 N. Milpitas Blvd. Community Center 457 E. Calaveras Blvd. Sports Center 1325 E. Calaveras Blvd. Library 160 N. Main St. Teen Center 1325 E. Calaveras Blvd. Police Department 1275 N. Milpitas Blvd. Fire Department 777 S. Main St.

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