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Control made for the wipers, a trigger that is going to the left of the wheel, so I can control it with my left hand.


The problem is that when I turn on the flasher to go right, I immediately pull the trigger for the wipers at the same time.

I can’t turn on the back wipers myself when driving.

Buttons to pull on both sides of the wheel to control the switching system. On the right (+) to go for instance from 3 to 4 On the left (-) to go for instance from 2 to 1

Problem is, I can reach it with my left hand, so I can switch down (-), but I can’t reach it with my right hand to switch up (+).


‘‘One task of the nerves is controlling muscles and transmit sensation. If the nerves are effective the arm (or a part of the arm) will not move properly. Sometimes the feeling in the arm is also less than normal. If the nerve is seriously damaged, the paralysis will not completely disappear and it wilI create functional and cosmetic disabilities.’’

In a lot cases, the child can not use is arm properly, but the movement and touch of fingers still works good.

Things I want to make working better/easier:

The idea now is to create something with Arduino , which makes it easier and more safe to control specific things in the car for people who can only drive with one arm. I can add something on the wheel with buttons, but I can’t reach that and I doubt if other people will reach it with their arm. My research and my own life showed me that it will work the best with the touch of fingers, close to their hand

Ideas: Gloves Controller on pockets

Control wipers Flashers Switching system

Finger-sensitive gloves




Automatic car


Communicate wirelessly




Front wipers

Sorry. I can’t drive with 1 arm, letting the car switch up AND making pictures at the same time

Switching up

Back wipers

Switching down



Right flasher Touch

Back wipers

Click it one time for turning it on and off.

Touch How many times you touch, how faster the wipers will go.

Left flasher

Backwards Touch

Click it one time for going backwards and click again for driving again in 1.

Touch Click it one time for turning it on and off.

Ability for switching system Movement Move fingers vertically to control the switching system. This controls the system from 5 till neutral.

Controlling button Touch

Front wipers Touch How many times you touch, how faster the wipers will go.

Button to activate every action on the glove.

Driving system