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ISWiB 2014


International Student Week in Belgrade 2014 • 13th – 20th July • World Youth WaveMakedonska 22, V floor• 11000 Beograd • SerbiaTel: +381 66 948 38 28 • web: • e-mail:

GENERAL INFORMATION Who are we? World Youth Wave (Serbian: Svetski omladinski talas) is a youth organization, founded in 2005 by a group of students and young professionals from Serbia. The main aim of the WYW is to create a global platform where young people will be encouraged to present their ideas and beliefs whereas have a chance to connect with other young people and eminent professionalists in the youth field. WYW also does its best to fight prejudices, hate speech, dicrimination and promote peace through its main project, International Student Week in Belgrade (ISWiB). What is ISWiB? The International Student Week in Belgrade (ISWiB) is a one-week student festival which has been traditionally held every year since 2006 in the city of Belgrade, Serbia and is organized by association World Youth Wave. Every year, ISWiB gathers over 200 young people, including participants, moderators and volunteers.The idea of the festival is binding young people from all over the world through work in several different workshops dealing with different topics and problems. Participants also have an opportunity to establish professional contacts with eminent professors and professionals from different sectors and to develop and create new projects by themselves. Every year ISWiB tends to keep up with contemporary topics round the globe. Therefore it changes its concept and main focus. This year ISWiB has the themeSYNERGY FOR CHANGE! We are witnessing all kids of problems around us on a daily basis. Have you ever wondered how you can help? ISWiB has a solution that will start with raising awarness about current social problems in the world and continue with a successful try out of finding the best possible and applicable solutions! ISWiB wants to motivate you to change the future by actively participating in the present. We want you to use all your potential, entusiasm and willingness to create a positive change. As a final step and the main aim of this year‟s ISWiB, we would like to see your implementation of gathered knowledge and skills in your own society. This will signify your upgrade to the next level where you will be able to commense a new project, fully implement it and watch as all the positive changes happen around you. What should you know about Serbia? With a central spot on the Balkan peninsula, Serbia has for centuries been a connecting land between East and West, which civilisation, culture, faith, climate and landscape meet and mingle. Serbia is landlocked but as a Danube country it is connected to distant seas and oceans. Serbia is a crossroads of Europe and a geopolitically important territory. Many times during its rich, centuries-long history, Serbia has been at the centre of Europe‟s and the world‟s attention, out of all proportion to its modest size, economic might and number of inhabitants. Many lessons on bravery, patriotism and the struggle for freedom can be learned wherever you turn in Serbia, as you pass through its cities and regions.

The cultural and historical heritage of Serbia begins with prehistoric archaeological sites and its legacy from classical antiquity. Perhaps its greatest riches, though, are in the many mediaeval Serbian churches and monasteries, some of which are included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Today, Serbia is a modern, democratic European country, on the path to membership of the European Union, which a diverse range of visitors – from young backpackers to participants in congresses and fairs – visit every day. The most-visited tourist destinations are the cities of Belgrade and Novi Sad, the mountains of Kopaonik and Zlatibor and the spa towns of Vrnjačka Banja and Sokobanja. The official language in Serbia is Serbian, but is also spoken Montenegrin, Bosnian and Croation. Belgrade – Have you ever been there? If your answer is ‟no‟, then we are glad that you have a chance to visit Belgrade while attending ISWiB 2014. It will be our honor to welcome you to the Serbian capital and show you around! Those of you who have already payed a visit to Belgrade, then you know what we are talking about!  Belgrade is situated in the most beatiful place in Serbia – at the confluence of the river Sava into the Danube. As a capital of Serbia, it has around 1.7 million. Because of this position, Belgrade is fittingly referred to as the Gateway to the Balkans and the Door to Central Europe.Belgrade is surrounded by the peaks of Kosmaj and Avala mountains whereas at the same time enriched with the banks of the Sava and the Danube of which Ada Ciganlija is the largest and longest, and an island at the confluence the Great War Island (Serbian: Veliko ratno ostrvo). Belgrade has rich cultural history – from nearby archeological sites as Vinča, through medieval fortress of Kalemegdan to the modern buildings of nowadays such as Crowne Plaza hotel, KomBank Arena, UŠĆE shopping center and many more. Belgrade is the capital of Serbian culture, education and science. Also of interest to tourists are Skadarlija, the central bohemian quarter; the Residence of Princess Ljubica (Serbian: Konak Kneginje Ljubice); Captain Miša‟s Building (Serbian: Kapetan Mišino Zdanje); the Old Palace and New Palace (Serbian: Stari Dvor and Novi Dvor); the Serbian National Assembly building (Serbian: Narodna skupština Srbije) and the Cathedral of Saint Sava (Serbian: Hram Svetog Save). What language is spoken in ISWiB festival? English is the official langiage of the festival. Workshops, Open Discussion Day, Official Ceremonies of Opening and Closing and every other program event will be held in English. However, you can use parties to learn as much Serbian as you can!  What is ISWiB EMERGENCY NUMBER? In case of emergency or any problem you can contact us via our emergency number which is (+381)614794214. You can easily memorize this number by just typing (+381)61, then ISWIB on your mobile (I-4, S-7, W-9, I-4, B-2) and adding 14 as the year of 2014. 

Warning! Be aware that this number will be in function from July 13th in case any of you have something urgent to notify us about. Please do not send any message or call this number before July 13th! Other relevant information: Time zone in Serbia is Central European, CET (GMT + 1 hour). Both tap water and water from public fountains are safe to drink. The currency in Serbia is Serbian dinar (RSD) (pronounced: ˈdiːnɑːr). Approx. 1 EUR is 115 RSD.Paper bills of dinars are: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 dinars. See in the picture below.

Laws in Serbia prohibit buying alcoholic drinks after 10 pm. As always when travelling to foreign countries keep an eye on your stuff (money, passport, other significant documents and things) in the public transport. Pitpockets and thieves can be seen and we don‟t want you to have an unpleasant stay in Serbia. Sockets in Serbia might look a bit different from those at your home, so be sure to bring your own adapter for power in order to charge your electronic devices. The voltage in Serbia is 220 V which is the same voltage used in many European and world countries. Sockets in Serbia look like this:

ACCOMMODATION Participants will be accommodated in a student dormitory ’Petar Drapšin’ which is located in street Kralja Petra No. 83 in Belgrade. Because of its beauty the dormitory was proclaimed a national cultural monument. It is renewed in 2009 therefore modernly equipped. Rooms are with 4 or 6 beds, with separate bathrooms. There is also a kitchen with the dining room where you will be served 3 meals per day.

Participants staying at the dormitory will also have to pay a 5 EUR deposit which will be given back to them at their check-out (if they don‟t do any damage in the meantime). City centre (Knez Mihailova street, the main promenade in Belgrade) is just a 10minute walk away (around 300 m). The nearest shop and bakery are in front of the dorm, and the nearest farmacy is next to the dorm. The nearest bus and tram stop is in the street Cara Dušana (buses 24, 26 and 79, trams 2, 5 and 10). Dormitory has no free park space so participants coming by their car can park in the nearest automobile garage in Obilicevvenac No. 14-16 and in KraljiceNatalije No. 13. Parking spaces that are not within garages are charged depending on the zone (first, second or third) and are limited to 2 hours for stay (only first zone).

Warning! You cannnot be accommodated before July 13th and after July 20th. This is why belowyou will find a list of nearby hostels along with their prices per night. Those of you who arrive earlier than the rest, must contact us on July 13th (or before) and tell us in which hostel they are in order to arrange volunteers for a pick up and escort to the dorm. In order to help you accommodate yourselfduring the pre and post festival period, we have searched for few hostels nearest to the dormitory. Name of the hostel



The Big hostel

Jevrejska 24/1

Hostel Skadarlija Sunrise

Skadarska 15

Friends hostel Kalemegdan

Cara Uroša 7

Olive hostel Belgrade

Vase Ĉarapića 3

Hostel Capital

Zetska 4a

Hostel Backpackers Lounge

Vase Ĉarapića 15

Hostel Captain

KapetanMišina 16

Hostel Chillton 2

Vase Ĉarapića 15

Hostel Crossroad

GospodarJevremova 41

Three Black Catz Hostel

CikaLjubina 7/49

PARTICIPATION FEE Participation fee is to be paid upon your arrival in Belgrade in EUR or RSD. 1 EUR is approx. 115 RSD. Participation fee for foreign participants (and Serbian participants who want to stay in dormitory) is 100 EUR and it includes accommodation, 3 meals per day and basic workshop material (papers, pencils, etc). Participation fee for Serbian participants (who are not staying in dormitory) is 40 EUR and it includes 3 meals per day and basic workshop material (papers, pencils, etc). Participation fee does not include travel expenses. ISWiB does not reimburse your travel costs.

TRANSPORTATION Participants who are coming to Belgrade on July 13th or later will be welcomed by ISWiB volunteers at the airport/bus station/train station. They will be carrying an ISWiB sign, or wearing yellow ISWiB t-shirts so you will be able to easily recognize them. Participants who are coming to Belgrade before July 13th will not be welcomed by ISWiB volunteers. They will have to find a way to their accommodation (hostel, hotel, private accommodation) by themselves. Here are some useful information on how to reach Belgrade city center if you arrive early in Belgrade: 1. From airport Nikola Tesla Bus No. 72 (public transport) goes from airport to Zeleni venac from 5.20 am until midnight every 30 min. Cost: Ticket is 150 DIN (buy in the bus at shoffer‟s). Minibus No. A1 goes from airport to square Slavija from 5.00 am until 6.40 pm every 20 min, after 6.40 pm goes every hour. Cost: Ticket is 300 DIN (buy in the bus) Taxi takes around 15 EUR (one way ride) to the city center (Republic square). Warning! Before getting in the cab ask how much they would take you because there are ’wild’ taxis who can’t wait to rip you off! Be sure to ask for the receipt.

2. From bus/train station Bus No. 78 (direction Banjica 2) and No. 83 (direction Crveni krst) goes from bus/train station to Slavija square every few minutes. The bus stop is in front of the bus/train station. Bus No. 78 (direction Zemun novi grad) and No. 83 (direction Zemun Backa) go from bus/train station to UŠĆE shopping center every few minutes. The bus stop is in front of the bus/train station. Taxi takes around 5 EUR (one way ride) to the city center (Republic square). Warning! Before getting in the cab ask how much they would take you beacause there are ’wild’ taxis who can’t wait to rip you off! Be sure to ask for the receipt.

Be aware that volunteers are not obliged to escort you when you departure from Belgrade! As for the public transport in Belgrade, there is a system called BusPlus. Tickets for BusPlus can be bought at the newspapers stands around Belgrade. You just need to ask for the BusPlus paper ticket. It costs around 40 RSD and when you buy it you have to charge it with some money for the rides. It is not valid without the money! One ride is 73 RSD and you can pay up to 10 rides on one BusPlus paper ticket. Everytime you enter a bus you press the paper ticket against the electronic devices inside the bus at the entrance and it will validate your ride. Warning! There are lots of controllors who enter random buses and check if the travellers have their ticket. If you are caught in a bus without a ticket, it is your own resposibility to pay a fine of 1000 RSD! BusPlus paper ticket and electronic devices inside the bus look like this:


Monday 14th July

Tuesday 15th July

Wednesday 16th July

Thursday 17th July

Friday 18th July

Saturday 19th July

Sunday 20th July

08:30-09:30 Breakfast

08:30-09:30 Breakfast

08:30-09:30 Breakfast

08:30-09:30 Breakfast

08:30-09:30 Breakfast

08:30-09:30 Breakfast

08:30-09:30 Breakfast

10:00-16.00 Workshops (including lunchand break)

10:00-12:00 Workshops (including break)

10:00-12:30 Free time and ODD final preparation

10:00-16.00 Workshops (including lunch and break)

10:00-14:45 Workshops(i ncluding lunch and break)

11:00-14:30 Workshops (including lunch and break)

15:00-16:00 Official Opening Ceremony

16:30-19.00 Belgrade City Tour& free time around Belgrade

19:30-21:00 Dinner

19:30-21:00 Dinner

22:00 Get-to-Know Party

22:00 Summer Breeze Party @Povetarac

19:00-21:00 CountryFair

13:00-18:00 Sports Day at Ada Ciganlija

13:00-18:00 Open Discussion Day (ODD)

16:00-19:00 Free Time

16:30-18:30 Official Closing Ceremony & Final workshop presentation

18:45-19:15 Flag Parade at Knez Mihailova street

21:00 Country Fair Afterparty @Pobednik

19:30-21:00 Dinner

19:30-21:00 Dinner

19:30-21:00 Dinner

20:00-21:30 Dinner

22:00 Chill Out Zone

22:00 Mingle Party @Maska

22:00 Surprise Party ď Š

22:00 Graffiti Farewell Party @Cinema

Check-out until 11:00 am Participant'sDeparture

Check-in from 07:00 am Participant'sarrival andregistration

10:00-11:00 Ice-breakers & energizers

WORKSHOPS ISWiB offers 9 workshops to participants this year. They are:

1. Big City Trouble Subject: Video Moderator: Antonio Aleixo and Mario Guilherme (Experimentaculo, Portugal) Problem: Urban Problems Desription:Modern cities all over the world face the same problems. Urbanization is a mark of developing society and an advancing human civilization, but what challenges will we have to tackle in order to continue with our progress? Cities today face many social and environmental problems and many are overlooked. This workshop‟s task is unveiling these problems. What you need to bring: DSLR cameras (e.g.: Canon 600D, Canon 550D, Canon 5D Mark II,...) with lenses, batteriesand chargers, SD cards, SD card readers or USB cables, Camera tripods, Sound recorders and/or microphones.

2. Capture the Smile Subject: Photography Moderator: Dejan Ĉabrilo (Forum mladih BN, Bosnia&Herzegovina) Problem: Vulnerable Groups Desription:The aim of the workshop is to present everyday life and problems of those people coming from vulnerable groups, such as ethnic minorities, migrants, disabled people, homeless etc. Through different types of photo genres, participants will present their final work at the special documentary photography exhibition. What you need to bring:Your cameras and your creativity. 

3. Redesigning Humanity Subject: Fashion Design Moderator: Ivana Mitić and Ivana Andrejić (freelancers, Serbia) Problem: Children without parental care Desription:This workshop aims to change the view on ordinary clothing, and make you express yourself in the best way. The background idea is to use fashion to bridge the gap between the privileged and unprivileged. Our creative team will help you create the part of your own fashion lines by using second – hand materials. Everything we create will be given to charity, helping children with no parental care or the ones who need clothes. What you need to bring: worn-out T-shirts, old toys, accessories, pants/shorts (whatever you have that you don‟t wear anymore).

4. CSI: Case Study Investigation Subject: Case Study Moderator:ESTIEM, Serbia Problem: Corporate and Business problems Desription:It is a reality that big companies and corporations in every country create a large system without which the economy would not survive. However, even the most organized and profitable companies have problems they must deal with. That is where case studies come in. A case study is a description of an actual situation involving a decision to be made or a problem to be solved. Through this workshop, the participants will be presented a problem by a big company and they will face a great challenge – to find the best possible solution for the given problem. The aim is to understand that problems are being solved even with restricted amount of time and resources. The purpose of the workshop is to build the capacity of the participants and provide guidance for conducting the case studies. What you need to bring:Loads of spectacular ideas suitable for one hell-of-a brainstorming! 

5. I can do IT Subject: IT / Internet Moderator: Robert Ţuljević(UNION University, Serbia) Problem: Youth Unemployment Desription:A set of professional educators will share the skills of selfemployment IT. This workshop will emphasize how important it is to acknowledge one‟s skill and qualities no matter which field of study you come from, and use them for the right purpose – whether you want to create your own online identity or start up you own business. What you need to bring:Just determination and will to share experience.

6. Play Against the Hate Subject: Musical/Theatre Moderator:(WYW‟s partner from Serbia) Problem: Hate Speech VS Free Speech Desription:It is very common to hear hate speech among both youth and adults. When talking about freedom, we are targeting the freedom of choice and the freedom of speech and the aim of the workshop is expressing one‟s opinion without even saying a word, trough roaring silence of the movement. What you need to bring:Your creativity and talent. 

7. Bio – Hacking Subject: Bio-Chemistry Moderator: Kristijan Tkalec (Biotehna, Slovenia) Problem: Organic Food, GMO, Guerilla Gardening Desription:This workshop will cover several different areas, such as GMO (genetically modified organisms), ecology and health issues in general. What makes this workshop different from every other covering this topic is that you don‟t just learn, you learn how to act on what you have learned. A very special part of this workshop will be oriented towards guerilla gardening. What you need to bring:Precaution and innovative ideas. 

8. Creative Lobbying Subject: Project Management Moderator: Jan Z. Kulenović (Youth Information Agency, Bosnia&Herzegovina) Problem: Corruption Desription:Corruption manifests itself in different ways in different countries, cultures and periods, as well as depending on the variable and the definition of corruption, or activities that are considered part of the phenomenon. The objective of the workshop is to build capacities and improve skills of students in different techniques in lobbying, advocacy work and campaigning. Can lobbying be used in a positive way to fight the corruption, or not? Through examples from the field of corruption and ways of cutting it down, interactive lectures including simulations, role plays, group work and the final practical joint advocacy exercise, participants will be able to directly experience the art of lobbying and to use in their own future work. What you need to bring: A lot of great ideas and examples! 

9. Sex (in)tolerance Subject: Analysis and Discussion Moderator: Ana Galić and Vladan Đukanović (World Youth Wave, Serbia) Problem: Gender & Sexuality Issues Desription:Sex. Sexuality. Freedom of choice. Equality. Equity. Discrimination. Stereotypes. In a world of many freedoms, people still face discrimination when it comes to the most intimate decisions – gender equality, choice of partner, parenthood, marriage… This workshop‟s goal is to show all the aspects of human rights and discrimination some people are facing with and it will teach how to change your mind and minds of the people around you. What you need to bring: Lots of innovative ideas, examples and tolerance! 

OFFICIAL OPENING CEREMONY When:Monday, July 14th, 15:00 – 16:00 Where:The Assembly of the City of Belgrade Description:This event will represent an official welcome and the beginning of the festival. During this ceremony there will be several speakers from the Organizational board of ISWiB, representatives of the City of Belgrade, Ministry of Youth and Sports, and Ministry of Education, as well as friends and partners of ISWiB 2014. After a welcome word from each and every representative, there will be coctail, after which we all go outside and take a group photo in front of the Assembly, which is a tradition of ISWiB festival since 2006. Dress code:Formal, meaning no short skirts, strapless T-shirts, shorts, slippers, flip flops, crocs or open toe shoes are forbidden. Also, we advise girls not to wear high heels since immediately after this Ceremony we will go sightseeing Belgrade 

BELGRADE TOUR When: Monday, July 14th, 16:30 – 19:00 Where: Around Belgrade city center Description:After Official Opening Ceremony, you will be able to experience Belgrade from firts hand. You tour guides for this sightseeing tour will be ISWiB volunteers and members of Organizational Board. You will visit some of the most attractive and most popular points in the city center, such as Nikola Pasic‟s square, Republic square, National Museum, National Theatre, Students square, Kalemegdan Fortress, but also places like the oldest ‟kafana‟ in Belgrade, named ‟?‟ and bohemian part of the city, Skadarlija. We strongly reccommend you to attend this interesting tour and find you favourite place in Belgrade. Also, it will help you orienteer in Belgrade and you will have no problems getting around further on. What to bring:Flat shoes, water, hat (summers know to be very hot), and of course, your cameras! 

COUNTRY FAIR When:Tuesday, July 15th, 19:00 – 21:00 Where:Kalemegdan, café ‟Pobednik‟ Description:Within the Country Fair participants havethe opportunity to represent their country through food, drink, costumes, culture, dance, promotional materials or in any other way participant considers appropriate. This year, we will have around 50 different countries presented at this event. Each country will have a booth with clearly distinguished name of their country on it. The main point of Country Fair is meeting other cultures and understanding their customs. So feel free to visit each booth and learn somethng new. What to bring:Traditional food and drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), flag of your country tourist and promotional material, postcards, garments andanything you think represents your country. You will be able to store your food and drink in a refrigerator to keep it fresh until Country Fair. Just ask about this at check-in. Dress code:Casual clothes, a folk costume of your country or whichever garment makes you feel comfortable or you consider to represent your country.

FREE DAY When:Wednesday, July 16th, 13:00 – 18:00 Where:Ada Ciganlija (Ada Lake) Description:Ada Ciganlija is a river island that has artificially been turned into a peninsula, located in the Sava River‟s course through central Belgrade. It was turned into immensely popular recreational zone, most notable for its beaches and sports facilities, which, during the summer time, can have over 100,000 visitors daily. The entire Ada Ciganlija ecological complex covers an area of 8 km2, including the islands od Ada Ciganlija, Ada Međica, waterways between the two Adas and Lake Sava. Ada Lake is 4.2 km long, has an average width of 200 m and is 4-6 m deep. It covers an area of 0.8 km2 and 7 km of its shore on both sides have been transformed into beaches. The water regularly reaches temperature 24°C during summer. ISWiB volunteers will pick you up in front of the dormitory and escort you to Ada Ciganlija by bus. Bus ride takes 20-30 minutes from Zeleni Venac which is 5-10 minutes distant from the dormitory by walk. To make this day fun and unforgettable we have organized Beach Volleyball and Games Without Borders. What you need to bring: Swimsuit, sun glasses, beach towel, suntan cream and good mood! Warning:July temperatures in Belgrade are usually high and you don’t want to get sun burns. Having a suntan cream is necessary. Try not to forget it.

OPEN DISCUSSION DAY (ODD) When: Thursday,July 17th, 13:00-18:00 Where:The Assembly of municipality of Stari Grad Description:Open Discussion Day will give the participants, as well as any other interested individuals, a new way to exchange opinions, ideas and valid arguments and fight fairly for what they believe. Since this year‟s theme is “Synergy for Change”, don‟t expect your typical debate. Quick wits, sharp tongues and fair-play is always welcome, but be sure your arguments are rock-solid before you enter this arena. The goal is exchange of information and broadening of horizons – by combining different ways of debating, so prepared for various types of games. Debate topics will be announced a few days previous the event, while the debate teams will be assembled the day before.Attendance of every participant is obligatory. What to bring:Fruitful ideas, strong will and determination for persuation. Dress code:Unformal.

FLAG PARADE When:Saturday, July 19th, 18:45 – 19:15 Where:Knez Mihailova street Description:Last day of the festival is reserved not only for final presentations of workshop and Closing ceremony, but for one of the best events during the festival, Flag Parade. As during Country Fair, we will have around 50 different countries! Participants will pass through Knez Mihailova street with the flags of their countries risen up high so that everybody could see them. The goal of this event is to send a message about the importance of international cooperation between young people and promoting the values of multiculturalism. This year for the very first time we will organize a special event happening at the end of the Flag parade, but let‟s keep some things hidden until the festival. After all, we have told you almost every detail. What to bring: The flag of your country and your voice and smile  Dress code:Unformal clothing.

OFFICIAL CLOSING CEREMONY When:Saturday, July 19th, 16:30 – 18:30 Where:Dom Omladine Description:Closing ceremony is the official event during which the results of every workshop will be presented. This event will be open for partners and friends of ISWiB 2014, of which some, as well as the president of Organizational Board of ISWiB 2014, shall say a few „thank you‟ words. Dress code:This event is not as formal as the Opening Ceremony, but unappropriate clothes such as shorts or strapless T-shirts are not welcome.



Last but not the least, we would like to inform you that ISWiB will organize a charity during festival days for people endangered by the floods in Serbia. Many of you are already well-informed, but for those who are not, here is a short explaination. Late May floods left lots of casualties behind. Many people lost their family members and now have no assets. It was all caused by heavy rain showers lasting for couple of days. That amount of water has not been recorded since 1890. The river Kolubara and the river Sava outpoured from their riverbeds and affected the habitatof 1.6 mil people. Over 32.000 residents had to be evacuated from their homes. Also, many roads and bridges have been damaged or destroyed. Currently, most of evacuated people are still in some of the 140 help centers around Belgrade such as sports facilities. Total damage is estimated to 1,5 billion EUR and we are very grateful that we had a lot of help from our neighboring countries Croatia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro, but also from the rest of the world. World Youth Wave and ISWiB are working hard on helping evacuated people, so we would like to invite you to join us. Any donations of yours can be left at the Info&Host desk reception at the dorm and in the charity box in the hall. The list of most needed things will be pointed out in the dormitory hall so that anyone who wants to help can see what they should donate, meaning there is no need to bring with you anything for now. We will let you know how to help once you arrive in Belgrade. Since we are being humane, we invite you to bring with you some piece of your worn-out clothing or an old toy or accessories for Redesigning Humanity workshop. Everything made out of those things will be donated to children without parental care in one of the centers around Belgrade. Thank you for being humane! Organizational Board of ISWiB really appreciates it! 

ISWiB PARTIES SUNDAY, 13th July Get-to-Know PARTY After a long day of travelling, it is time for you to chill out. In a cozy and a laid back atmosphere near the dorm, this is a perfect opportunity for you to meet your workshop colleagues, other participants, moderators, volunteers and the organizers. TIME: 22:00

TUESDAY, 15th July Country Fair AFTER PARTY @ cafe ’Pobednik’

MONDAY, 14th July Summer Breeze PARTY @ Povetarac Traditionally, after the first working day, ISWiB story moves to the river. Feel the hot summer breeze at one of the most interesting boat-clubs at the river Sava in Belgrade. Trust us, you do not want to miss Monday! TIME: 22:00

WEDNESDAY, 16th July Chill Out Zone

It is time to get the party started at the historical part of the city! With an amazing view on the river mouth and the statue of Victor, a symbol of Belgrade, let us continue Country Fair at the ancient city of Singidunum. TIME: 21:00

After the long day at the Ada lake, the night is arranged for the chill out session. Take some time to relax, make a short summary of the so far ISWiB experience with your ISWiB mates and enjoy the hot night near the dorm. TIME: 22:00

THURSDAY, 17th July Mingle PARTY @ Maska

SATURDAY, 19th July Graffiti Farewell PARTY @ Cinema

Do you like live music? Are you mixing around? If your answers are YES, we prepared a perfect night for you! Join us in a totally crazy atmosphere of the Maska club and prepare yourself to mingle around! TIME: 22:00

The best comes at the very end. You will experience Belgrade from the roof top and we promise you one amazing panorama of the city! And, of course, be sure to bring a white Tshirt for writing ISWiB memories! TIME: 22:00

ISWiB 2014 Info Pack  
ISWiB 2014 Info Pack