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Alfred State College ​if you are a foreign entrepreneurs you to start a company in the Netherlands then you will need a residence permits a work permit a citizen service number and of course accommodation we're going to discuss what you need to do and how to do it with Willem toast from startup Delta and golden Qiang kaya from the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service is the I and D welcome to you both thank you Willem your work for startup Delta and you help entrepreneurs to start their businesses here how many startups do you help each year oh I see at least 200 startups every year coming from other countries and I'm looking to establish the business in the Netherlands and and as a facilitator as a mentor help them find their way in an Ellen's and to start a business and grow their business perfect and I'm very curious you work for the IND how many permits does the IND provide every year well I don't have the exact numbers but I can tell you that the Netherlands is number 4 on the ranking list of the most competitive countries so well we grown thousands of applications based on labor purposes so that's really quite a larger that's a whole lot yeah and it's also quite complex of course so I'd like to use an example to make things a bit clearer let's say we have mr. Seng and he's from India and he is a software developer so he comes from outside the EU and he wants to start a company here so how does that work for him which route should he take well first of all I assume that he's going to orientate on a Dutch market so he can go to the embassy to the Dutch embassy or consulate to gain more information about the opportunities labor opportunities business opportunities and he can also submit an application for a business visa or visa a short stay so he can travel to the Netherlands with his visa and if he is in the Netherlands and he started wants to start a business he can start up or he can submit an application for residence permit the most important part of the residence permit procedure is and this is the general procedure of the selfemployed person procedure that it has an innovative character and it has to have value for the Dutch economy so we'll request the Netherlands Enterprise Agency if the business has added value for the Dutch economy as well an innovative character Donnellan Netherlands Enterprise Agency well although there are three categories they will look to the personal experiences of mr.singh this could be education or work experience if mr. Singh has a master's degree he will gain more points instead of a bachelor degree the second part is the business plan and with a very good financial plan so the Netherlands enterprise agency will look to the continuity and insolvency of the product or services so the third part is the added value for the Dutch economy that means that his service or the business will create employment in the future as well the innovative character of the service and activities and also the investments in the future so if the Netherlands enterprise agency will give a positive advice we will proceed the application of his residence parameter and how does it work if you own startup scheme house is that exactly why well with the startup scheme it is important that there is an innovative idea and with the guidance of a facilitator that's the important part of the procedure the facilitator has to guide mr. Singh to make this innovative idea into a bloomin business a bloomin company so Willem knows a lot about the facilitating part and also the facilitator helps mr. Singh by making a step by step plan and for work out this innovative idea it's only about innovative idea we're just talking about well most of it yes them can also talk about the facilitating part of cars I think an investment part yeah so so once they once you're done with the whole permitting process in India Hague let's say then will be handed over to a player like starter Delta because now I'm is the same as going to say how did it get access to markets how did it get access to investors how do we get access to all the networks that are relevant for my business how do you get access to to talents module they're already dealing with the starter phase I already heard a story in The Hague now comes how we're going to do business if I were to fight access to markets to talents to networks if I could to that account how going to do that so we're connecting we're facilitating that and the terminal where to go to start up the business in reality so you're a big help for them yes Lee but I want to go back a bit to to startup flies and because let's see how you go about getting one of those for example in Amsterdam are you a startup from outside of Europe you want to settle down in Amsterdam start doing business in the startup capital of Western Europe we present you the startup visa the greatest way to get your boots on the ground and the most exciting startup environment worldwide the Netherlands has always been and still is a country of entrepreneurs who formed the foundation for innovation and job creation their multiple

criteria to fulfill to qualify for the startup visa the first requirement for obtaining a startup visa is working together with a facilitator a facilitator is a business mentor who will support your needs and operational management marketing research and investment acquisition but how does a facilitator select you show your MVP or prototype and prove you are innovative send a business plan to the facilitator including your role in the startup the idea behind the product or service how it is innovative how to transform the idea into a business show that the idea is already in progress to improve your chances if you get selected by the facilitator you can start your adventure in Amsterdam you should register at the Dutch chamber of commerce your facilitator will help you to get the paperwork done the final requirement includes sufficient financial resources to prove you can pay the expenses of living in the Netherlands for one year the minimum amount needed is 13,000 euros finally as a start-up entrepreneur or an authorized representative you should apply for a residence permit to the IND the application for a startup visa must be submitted to the Dutch embassy or consulate in the country of residence we advise getting professional juridical help to make sure the paperwork has correct the estimation of processing the startup visa application is seven weeks and Goten where do I apply for a startup visa well in the case of mr. Singh I will recommend him just go first to the Dutch embassy to collect a visa if he doesn't have a business visa for example or visa short-stay to really orientate the Dutch market know what's going on in the Netherlands it's really important and he will have a visa or he will he can collect a visa soon if he tells them that it's for the business activities or opportunities so that's no problem and well he needs willem but first of all yes sir enter the Netherlands and it's the freezer part so he also enters the Netherlands he can try to find a facilitator and he can check the website of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency there are reliable guide very good facilitators on their website probably can also for that so so once they come to the to startup Delta we go to find out okay where do you want to establish your business depending in the part of the country you're going to operate if you're in The Hague there's it okay then we can recommend that organizations facilitate you go to Amsterdam's another organisation to operate as a facilitator and then as a facilitator we're going to look at do they qualify are they somebody that really qualifies for the fur to start a season for instance is it discrete level operation if he's coming to the nose this is an organization that has the potential to become a major engine for economic growth a major engine for creating high quality jobs those are the things that you're looking at as a facilitator once you once you take all the boxes you hand over to the hague and there they they go on with the process of the of the of the permitting okay and who else can help you with immigration method well immigration matters is basically only IND and that's the only place to go for true immigration issues and that's not what a facilitator there's a facilitator looks more at the the business aspect of this is innovative it scalable this is a company that will release our collective and contributing to the to the Dutch economy then you hand them back over to the IND once you take all the boxes okay so if you start your business here so which Dutch organizations do you need to approach well there is multiple for instance most of the tech regions in analysis you have big organizations like bring four to nine to offer or innovation quarter in The Hague they are organizations that have that are very well connected not only was the government's also as a corporates was all of the networks that you need and and that's also why they are providing those facilitator surfaces because they're all operating as a spider in a wrap for these companies that want to orientate themselves about opportunities in analysis and you need to start at the embassy I think and there's like a sort of a process where you have to go great and after that how does it work well if we have the application for the startup regulation and the residence permit of course he has to collect if we talk about mr. Singh he has to go to the front office to collect his residence permit but before the residence permit he has to go to the front office for biometrical testing and the pictures as well from preparing the residents card and he has to go to the municipality to register himself in the municipality who is going to live yes of course afterwards he has to go if he has his resident card he has to undergo a TB test because he has an Indian nationality that that means that he has to go to the Municipal Health Service okay and the form is really on our website so he can download the form on our website and you of course need to go to the Chamber of Commerce well to written the his business in the Chamber of Commerce that's really a must and probably the facilitator will help him and guide him by doing that you today shoe Bank I presume sure you know you first start with it was a Chamber of Commerce before you do that you need to figure out well what's the legal form that we're going to form are we going to be a BV is as a single operator so you need to make those choices ahead of time before you go to the Chamber of Commerce you need to make a list choice ahead of time and as an online process can be very quick and once you make the disk election you go to the chamber of commerce then you get your registration with that you can go to a bank you open up a business account so that's the sequence of operations at that end okay well let's say that mr. C he has a family in India as well well they also all receive a residency permit when they come here no well mr. Singh is a sponsor for his family for his spouse or a partner or even the children so he has to submit an application for his family members depends on the situation if he's married we need a marriage certificate legalized translated if he has

children we need birth certificates mr. Singh also need a birth certificate for the registration in a municipality if he has a partner and married we need declarations of being unmarried not older than six months and if he has a registered partnership we will need the declaration or that he has a registered partnership you need a lot man is that the same it really depends of the situation it is really if he's married we need a marriage certificate if he's unmarried having a partner we will need a declaration of being unmarried for those all the documents really have to be translated and legalized so you can beat it in Holland as well but how is it when you come from the EU and not from India well for you you memorize it's really different because if they have a passport or ID card that they are UN citizen it they can travel to the Netherlands and they don't have to register themselves they have to register themselves if they want to live more than four months in an islands because they need citizen service number so that means if they register themselves in the municipality where they're going to live they will automatically get the citizen sir number so that's very important if you want to work in the Netherlands as a citizen yeah because as soon as you have that sort of what they call here to be as n number with the B as a number you can also get your health insurance which is a mandatory deal in an island so you have different options but as soon as you have your B is n number then you can also enroll for you for your medical insurance for yourself for your family and negative stuff which is a mandatory deal this is the whole other party we deal with whispers of funding in America it's in the talents and and that's an hello a tragic trajectory for for the business side of it yes how do they do that well as I said that's that's what the role if is a facilitator so the facilitator is going to tell them to identify if they comes in analysis what's the business you're you're you're aiming for what is your target market because we can connect you with the right parties in this country we can target you with the places where you can find a tech talent we can play we can connect you with governmental agencies or private funding to get your business off the ground so that's that's the role of the off the facilitator so the government just may need the older permanent side in a fiscal side the other players the facilitators connecting all the players who are involved with getting here access to market access to talent access to funding access to networks and how do you get in contact with those investor stands between you well is his role or her role is the person who is as a spider in Rome AB between all these organizations so there are multiple there is literally hundreds of sources for funding in and that was just in the private sphere then you get the government there's a whole bunch of wonderful tools to help startup companies was early-stage funding there's innovation credits there's all kind of extra credits so there's a wonderful tools and that's so that the facilitator connects all these parties so that's what I do as a mentor to they tell people said okay I think that your companies at this stage is you need to looking at early stage funding or you need to go to innovation credit or make sure that you're going to apply for WOB as oh tax credits for for tech workers so that's that's the role of the facilitator okay and there's a point where you can do a quick scan as well in the government right yes great yet they have an advising part in in this all and the procedure that's true and that's that's a very quick way so it looks like it's a lot of work you're going on there but but interesting enough most of the documents not all of them but most of them are all in English so when you have for instance a company coming to you your facilitated for them and you're going to help them we're saying well I think that this states of your company you should get access to that kind of funding from the government you can do indeed your QuickScan @rv are the netherlands enterprise agency within a week they'll tell you well we agree with mr. drawers I think you could you qualify for early stage funding or you should do something else so it's a wonderful tool that you within a week they'll call you in person and to let you know what the options are and what if mr. Singh already works in the Netherlands and he wants to do some freelance gigs as well that is possible he can hear the notification on his residence card that he can work at the islands called marooned and a self-employed person other labor labor is not allowed just with the work permit so but the most important part is that he always have to fulfill the conditions of the highest good migrant scheme so if it is oh if he's doing that that's no problem he can work as a freelancer activities perfect well thank you so much both of you for all this information very helpful well coming through the Netherlands isn't complicated if you know the way if you're a highly skilled migrant your employer can help you if you're a self-employed professional you can acquire points in a system and if you want to launch a startup you can team up with a facilitator you Vassar College.