Master thesis

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Rad sa greškom Work(ing) with Error

Diplomski projekat / M9 / Master teza: Perpetuum Mobile Mentor: dr Vladimir Milenković Saradnik: Marh Mila Mojsilović Student: Miloš Mitrović M-134/2013

Authors note: This paper within itself contains, among other error, an intentional error in the correlation between scientific and artistic views on reality diminishing their obvious differences.

Contents Abstract 1° Angle – multiple direction Chaos theory-fiction-procces-imaginary-context-Rockdeterminism-perception-assignment

2° Distance – actualization of the text Theory-theorem-text-thesis-idea-critique

3° Bug (Place) Glitch (inception-movement-usage)

4° Error True error-intentional error-unintentional errorarchitectural object and nonobject-extension-adjustment

5° Broken Image Butterfly effect-context-databending-methodology

6° Bibliography 7° Appendix 1 (notes from mobile phone) 8° Appendix 2 (automatism)