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Steel Box Framing

Fourth Floor/Library

Skin/Third floor

Office & Library/Computer Lab

Admin. Off.

Student Lounge/Kitchen

Studio/ Second floor

Computer Lab & Capsule Hotel

Existing Bldg Removed Existing Bldg/ New Commercial Existing Bldg/Ground

The ACSA Structural steel competition is open design competition which the primary structural material of your structure emphasizes steel construction. My inspiration came from Philip Johnson’s Glass House, the idea was to emulate the steel construction and the minimal use of it. The idea was to take the existing structures column grid and build on them. The building follows the existing buildings north-east wall and the south-west exterior wall, and slightly cantilevers over the sidewalk. The main structure is a column grid, and has operable glass panels, which fucntion as noise barriers and shading screens, which still allow ventilation to come through and can adapt throughout the seasons. Program The existing building is Woodbzury University San Diego, currently it functions a purely in Los Angeles. This Campus’s program consists of Lecture Hall (1) Studios (3) Archive (1) Library (1) Computer Lab (1) Fabrication Lab (1) Administration (5) Woodshop (1)

Roof Garden/Plaza

as a satellite campus for the main campus

Commercial & Gallery

exploded axon

As a current student at Woodbury I’ve seen the classrooms get crowded, and have felt the over night dreads of paying for an apartment that I never stay at. So as a major part of the addition was dorms, we incorporated some commercial spaces on the ground floor to bring in some support from the community and give more oppourtunities for work study programs. The addition of new studio spaces were for the emphasize of bringing a new Major to our satellite school, the addition of a outdoor plaza was for the landscape architecture department which is proposed to be added. Along with the dorms a necessity of kitchen and a lounge was appropriate to add for students, as a current student I thought of the idea of wasting no space, for the past year I’ve been paying rent to for no reason, during the school year I had no intentions of ever going home I was always so busy with school I would stay sometimes over night. The Idea of the capsule dorms was a play on of trying to maximize our space, and time. As architecture student I know sustainability is a prerequisite in designing. This gesture is for the students to understand the among of space is needed versus wanted.

15 Sampson St

existing building

New Program

n St

Lecture Hall Studios Archive Library Computer Lab Fabrication Lab Administration Woodshop

L shape


Angled box

box diagram

Glass box



evolution of form

structural model

(1) (3) (1) (1) (1) (1) (5) (1)

Commercial Spaces Studios Student Lounge Kitchen/Dinning Outdoor plaza Capsule Dorms Showers/bathrooms

(2+) (3+) (1+) (1+) (1+) (50+) (14+)

Glazing Connection

Steel Column

Glazing Pattern

Connection Detail

Dorm rooms 48’-0”

stucture/skin studies


48’-0” 36’-0”


form studies

longitudial section

“Architecture is the art“Architecture of how to waste is the space” art of how to waste space” - Phillip Johnson

- Phillip Johnson

wasting SPACE


Milo Rivera Extra  
Milo Rivera Extra