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Funky Button Accessories from the Milomade Studio

My name is Evie Milo and I’m a designer/maker who works with rare and recycled materials from my clifftop home on the east coast of Scotland. Here, in the Milomade Studio, I handcraft a range of jewellery, stationery, accessories and decorations perfect for the eco conscious consumer who doesn’t buy wastefully and cares about reducing, reusing and recycling but in a unique, stylish and creative way.

I've always been interested in found objects and the imagined narratives they conjure up. Who used to own them? Where have they travelled from? What tales could they tell? Were they once cherished and lost or unwanted and discarded? Honing in on the little details that often go unnoticed I breath new life into forgotten things - weaving together histories and materials to transform the everyday into something extraordinary and unique. This catalogue focuses on my Eco Chic collection of funky accessories made from recycled buttons, leather and copper.


Only the funkiest and brightest buttons make it into this collection of eco chic accessories. With button brooches, rings, bracelets, pendants, hair clips and bobbles you can mix and match and add a little bit of button bling to each and every outfit - whatever the occassion! Handpicked for their uniqueness from my ever increasing hoard of buttons, these Eco Chic accessories are made with a variety of recycled, vintage and new buttons that come in lots of different colours, sizes and styles. Mixed with recycled leather and accents of recycled copper here and there, each item in the collection is stitched or securely fastened by hand, making each piece incredibly hard wearing and long lasting. Evoking the playfulness and nostalgia of our childhood, the pieces suit young and old and all the ages in between.

Button Flower Brooches RRP ÂŁ15.95


Button flower brooches are made from vintage buttons and recycled leather. Each brooch has 5 petals made from shirt buttons, stitched in place with colourful embroidery thread. The flowers are finished off with unique centre buttons in different colours and styles. Measuring 3.5cm in diameter, the brooches are finished at the back with a small metal brooch pin and supplied on an Eco Chic branded display card. The cards can stand upright for display on a shelf, or laid flat as shown.


Vintage Button Rings RRP ÂŁ14.95

Using strong waxed thread, stacks of vintage buttons are stiched to handcrafted adjustable ring shanks made from thick copper wire. These vintage button rings come in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes and make a perfect 'green' gift for someone special.

The copper ring shanks are open and adjustable and each ring is totally unique. A round kraft box is supplied with each ring which not only is perfect for packaging, it can also be used for point of sale display.

Button stack pendants are fun, funky and made from a mix of new and recycled buttons. The buttons are stacked onto strong coloured cotton cord and finished off with a polished copper dome (which conveniently hides the knot in the cord). They hang low but can be adjusted in length if required.

Button Stack Pendants RRP ÂŁ8.95


Equally funky are these elasticated button bracelets, also made from a mix of new and recycled buttons. The buttons are threaded onto doubled up elastic thread and tied securely to form a round. The bracelets come in different colours and patterns and can be made to match the button stack pendants you order so you can buy a matching set.


Elasticated Button Bracelets RRP ÂŁ12.95


Button Hair Clips RRP ÂŁ9.95

What better way to accessorise than with a set of vintage button hair clips to match the colours of your outfit. I’ve picked out the most distinstive buttons from my collection and individually handstitched them to sturdy hair clips. The stitching is then secured with a dab of glue at the back, making these button hair clips incredibly hard wearing and long lasting. Available in packs of 6, these hair clips come in a range of colours and styles. Packs are either themed by colour or contain a random mix of different coloured clips.


Button Hair Bobbles RRP £7.95

Fabulous vintage shank buttons are securely fastened by hand to strong elastic hair bands. Available in packs of 6 these hair bobbles, like their clip equivalent, also come in a variety of colours and styles and the packs are either themed by colour or contain a random mix of different colours. The packaging for both hair clip and bobble packs is the same and the hair accessories are displayed as 6 flowers standing in a row.

To request information about wholesale orders and prices, please use the contact details below.

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Funky unique button Accessories from the Milomade Studio. All prices listed are RRPs. For Wholesale prices and information get in touch via...

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