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Unique and exclusive reach.  Affluent target market.  Reaching customers with disposable income.  Target customers in specific or local area.  Build affiliation with club and loyalty from members.  Cost effective long term marketing strategy.  Low cost at approximately £11 per week.

GOLF COURSE ADVERTISING Tee Box Branding Sponsor a tee box and drive your company forward….. Individual sign size 8’ long x 1.5’ high 

Single sided and double sided opportunities available.  Signs in place all year round.  Highly visible.  Subliminal impact.

Tee Box Branding

Exclusive Advertising - Only one business type per tee box

Flag Branding Capture The Flag  Highly Exclusive, maximum of two companies per course.

 Have your company name affiliated with the Front 9, Back 9 or both.  Have your brand as the main point of focus for all golfers.

Reach       

Over 25,000 rounds of golf played per year. Affluent audience with disposable income. Reaching male and female customers. Reaching young and mature customers. Predominantly local reach. Establish member / player loyalty. Low cost. Advertising is working 7 days per week.

Cost Tee Box Marketing -

Promotion 50%

Discount on first Year.

Single Sided 8’X1.5’ sign £500 per year (Full Price £1000) Double sided 8’X1.5’ sign £650 per year (Full Price £1300) Average cost per week £11

Flag Marketing Front 9 Back 9 Average cost per week Front 9 & Back 9

Promotion 50%

Discount on first Year.

£1500 per year (Full Price £3000) £1500 per year (Full Price £3000) £29 £2500 per year (Full Price £5000)

Artwork to be provided by client but can be produced at additional cost.

Downpatrick golf course & Pin Point Marketing  
Downpatrick golf course & Pin Point Marketing  

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