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Immigration Status In Asian Marriages & Domestic Violence

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off with some great choices for holidays and destinations to places like Maldives and Goa with some of the best beaches to discover. With UK now under a coalition government, we wait to see how the economy improves in 2010/2011 with many cutbacks still planned in coming months and year ahead to reduce the huge public expenditure deficit. Topics such as successful financial planning and current property markets explore areas as to what you can do during these tough times. In meantime, India is a booming destination for investments still and we cover the Indian realty scenario in detail together with the growth in the twin city Navi Mumbai. On legal issues, we examine the status of Immigration in Asian marriages and some delicate issues to recognise the signs in domestic violence which may be occurring in communities but the signs go unrecognised. With the wedding season also in full swing, the edition provides choices on various venues and many wedding services including bridal artists giving you useful tips for the bride and groom. Those prospective candidates still in search for their partner can avail themselves to confidential listings in the magazine or log on to with a comprehensive selection and search. Our special thanks to all the contributors in the magazine and their kind support to produce this type of magazine for the Asian community used as a valuable resource offline by so many people all over UK. With this level of support we are able to bring you interesting topics and hope to do so for forthcoming editions this Diwali and in 2011. You can now also view this production online on the Internet website Bharat Raithatha Business Editor


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Maldives - An Island of Natural Beauty Goa - Why Colva and Varca Beach? Cruises & Tours Indian Realty Scenario & Navi Mumbai Financial Planning for Success Property Markets Immigration Status in Marriages Domestic Violence Hair Styling for Weddings Wedding Venues & Banqueting Diamond Jewellery Catering Business Classifieds Summary of Matrimonial Services Classified Male Matrimonials Classified Female Matrimonials Entertainments & Wedding Photography

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M.I.L. Travel Tips

The natural beauty surrounding Maldives

Sun, sand and sea, a thousand ‘Robinson Crusoe’ islands, massive lagoons with different depths and infinite shades of blue and turquoise, dazzling underwater coral gardens; a perfect natural combination for the ideal tropical holiday destination. However there is more to the Maldives than just that.

Travelling in a sea plane and watching the beautiful islands from the window is the most wonderful experience you could ever have. Islands are formed in a way that makes a round which is called as an atoll. When you see them from sea plane view, it will look like a chain of pearls.

No prior visa is required to enter the Republic of Maldives. Entry permit will be granted to visitors on arrival at designated ports of entry, based on the immigration requirements

With the natural and beautiful surrounding, you could have a memorable honeymoon trip in Maldives. It is also an ideal place to have a family holiday, where you can spend lovely moments with fun and enjoyment in the beautiful pure white beaches.

Maldives is called as “the tropical paradise” for many reasons. Its beauty is none like other. Maldives is a tropical country with separated islands, which are separated by sea. And each island is surrounded by stunning white sandy beaches. It is a wonderful experience to visit and explore the beauty of the islands. The sea covers about 99% of the Maldives and it is where most attractive things lie in. The natural beauty lies in the Maldivian sea beats no other. There are over five thousand coral reefs and plenty of reef fish, corals, marine mammals, and so many other marine lives. And that is the reason people say, diving in Maldives is unforgettable. Almost all the islands in Maldives are surrounded by beautiful pure white sandy beaches. Looking at an island from a distance, you can find green trees before anything else, and specially the coconut palms. That brings more beauty to the islands, plus you get amazing drink out of the coconut palms.

Southall Travel Group is one of the largest travel agencies in the UK and can offer you many choices at unbeatable prices all over the world. You can call them 24 hours 7 days a week with access to their website and instantly search on any destination and book online. Currently there are some great packages on offer for Summer holidays to Maldives with a choice of over 40 resorts from 3* to 5* ratings starting from as little as £809 to include Flight & Accommodation, bed and breakfast basis for 7 nights but you only pay for 6 nights! Travel consultants at Southall Travel can guide you and advise on the best choices available within the Island. For further details you can visit the website or email

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By Visiting

Why choose to go to Goa’s Colva and Varca beach? By Bharat Raithatha

Colva Beach The frilly movements of the sea appear as if the sea is lazily enjoying the tickling sensations spread by the waves riding over it. This is how you can describe the sea at Colva beach. You go to Colva beach just to laze, laze and laze. Just gather your collection of interesting books and head for Goa's Colva beach. You can enjoy the day reading the book with just the whispers of the sea to disturb you. Why Colva beach is so special? Many choose to go to the Goa Colva beach to experience a change from the crowded Baga, Calangute or Candolim beaches in the North. Colva beach in South Goa is one beach which is usually less crowded. There are many shacks lined up along the Colva beach which offers you delicious Goan cuisine to be washed down by innovative cocktails. Sit in one of those shack, savour the mouth watering food while looking at the vast sea in front of you. Though there are eating joints and hotels around Colva, the Colva beach still manages to keep its serenity in tact. Unlike in the North, Colva beach in Goa gained popularity only lately. Over the years, many hotels and property developments have sprung up in and around these beaches in Goa. Colva beach is one of those beaches in this small Indian state of Goa that is developing at a very good pace. NRI visitors are buying apartments from reputed real estate developers like Akar Creations, a real estate arm of the Borkar Group whose projects are located within 2km of Colva Beach with luxurious surrounding in complex and amenities.

Varca Beach Also about 2 km away from Colva beach is the Benaulim beach, which is more peaceful and serene. Benaulim provides an escape to see nature in its full bounty with few tourists to disturb its peace. One can still see old Portuguese houses. Varca Beach The soft white sandy beach is a major draw for several tourists. The Varca beach within 10-15 minutes from Colva is much quieter and cleaner when compared with the other renowned beaches in Goa in the North. The palm thatched long houses dot the sandy Varca beach. Along with the usual relaxing and rejuvenating activities like sun bathing you may indulge in Dolphin watching and boat trips. It is time to enjoy the nature at its best at the Varca beach. Besides the fun for food there are several restaurants that offer excellent seafood at reasonable prices and good service. There are many eating joints in the hotels. Many accommodation facilities are also available on the Varca beach itself. A variety of hotels and beach resorts dot Varca. Though there is ample shelter for the budget tourists too in the form of houses that may be rented in the village. The latter offers an excellent first hand experience of the true Goan lifestyle. Though you may plan your visit to the Colva or Varca beach any time of the year the months from November to March are the best in all respects when visiting Goa. Honeymoon couples would find this the perfect spot. M.I.L. MatchMaker® •


Commercial Complex

Real Estate Scenario in India

which would then accelerate real estate activities both in the residential as well as commercial segments. The retail property sector is also awaiting the boom but this wait is to get over soon as the demand for construction in this segment takes off. With developments across the whole real estate industry in India, it is surely set to make a big mark on a global level.

By Deepika Bansal

The property prices in the country are at an all time high especially in metro cities. Property costs in smaller cities including towns and suburbs are also growing as with saturation in major cities, builders are also shifting their focus to tier-II, III and IV cities. Whenever a region witnesses development, the property rates begin to grow and with whole of the cities developing, it is spiralling up higher. The huge demand and the shortage in supply is also one of the important reasons of price growth of property in India. Property rates are sky rocketing and leaving a big burning hole in buyers' pockets while investors have great investment avenues ahead in property sector.

Real estate is one of the hottest sectors in India today as skyline of the country is changing. The humongous property developments in residential, commercial and retail sectors are testimony to the fact that Indian real estate is growing at lightning speed. From shopping malls to multiplexes to integrated townships to office buildings-everything is being developed to match global standards. Real estate in India contributes heavily towards the gross domestic product (GDP) and is expected to rise in coming years. The residential segment contributes 5% and is a current favourite in the real estate sector. It now constitutes of 80% residential and the rest comprises of infrastructure related to commercial and retail sectors. India, in fact, tops the list of real estate investment destinations in Asia for 2010 according to a study by Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) and Urban Land Institute. It also points out that real estate in Delhi and Mumbai are most preferred in India while residential segment is more promising than other sectors. Indian real estate offers higher profits from construction which is nearly double as compared to countries like USA. The government has introduced many progressive reform measures to exploit the potential of the sector. This will help in meeting the property demand and impact the realty sector in a positive way. Along with the government's move, the stimulus package by the Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) allowing banks to provide special treatment to the real estate sector was also highly effective. The emphasis on affordable housing also helps developers to create international standard quality projects. The year 2010 seems to be a great year for Indian real estate sector as it will not only revive but reach unprecedented heights. The revival is expected to be driven by growth in infrastructure 8

IT Company

• M.I.L. MatchMakerŽ

Indian property is the in-thing as various NRIs and international investors come forward to pump in money in the sector. From corporate to individual investors, real estate in India is becoming a favourite with many overseas investors. Anything property related-buying, selling, renting, developing, investing- would reap huge benefits and returns. This is the ideal time to buy apartment or any property or invest in property, one of the biggest fixed assets. Residential high rises in Mumbai

Navi Mumbai: A Lucrative Realty Destination

mainly by these developments as it remains attractive to both property developers and investors with the development of International Airport in Panvel. It has, in fact, become a realty magnet for both residential and commercial development with a slew of modern residential complexes, shopping malls, IT Parks and SEZs dotting its landscape.

Mumbai is one of the most important cities in India being its financial capital. It is the second largest metro after Delhi, the national capital. Mumbai is the most populous yet the richest city in India. Navi Mumbai was developed as a twin city to Mumbai and lies on the west coast of Maharashtra.

Once a neglected area, Navi Mumbai is now giving a run for money to its high profile twin, Mumbai. Real estate in Mumbai was burdened with rapid developments around three decades ago, raising an urgent need of a substitute. Real estate in Navi Mumbai was, thus, developed to ease the realty pressure on Mumbai and became the satellite twin of Mumbai. But converting an arid landscape into a planned city came across as a mammoth challenge. Moreover, villagers in this area lived a calm life much different from the life in the neighbouring city of Mumbai, making it tougher to modernize the area.

Navi Mumbai is the largest planned city in the world. Among its most expensive and developed areas are Vashi and Nerul and are considered the king and the queen of Navi Mumbai. In some ways, Navi Mumbai is much more progressive as compared to the glamour city, Mumbai. Let us take a quick look at the factors that make it a city more developed than even Mumbai itself:

The only purpose of City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO), the governmental authority, was to plan, develop and maintain the township of Navi Mumbai. In the late 1990s, CIDCO's maintenance responsibility was shifted to a newly formed municipal corporation known as NMMC (Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation).

• The literacy rate of Navi Mumbai is 96%.

According to local developers, the acute land crisis staring at Mumbai inadvertently fuelled the rise of Navi Mumbai property fortunes. It’s contributing factors like ample land availability, adequate infrastructure together with the construction of 22-kmlong Sea Bridge linking Sewri in South Mumbai to Nhava-Sheva near Navi Mumbai across the creek has further helped in its fast paced growth.

By Deepika Bansal & Bharat Raithatha

• The average monthly family income in Navi Mumbai is around Rs. 10,000 per month whereas it is half (Rs. 5000/month) in Mumbai. • Average family size is 4 persons, whereas Mumbai's average touches 5. • Navi Mumbai has become self sufficient in its higher education facilities as only 5 percent of students go to Mumbai for higher studies. The above facts throw sufficient light on the fact that Navi Mumbai has a highly progressive economy. It offers A1 facilities in terms of law and order, commerce, education, sports and other such essential things. Property in Navi Mumbai is also encouraged

Real estate in Navi Mumbai is currently witnessing a lot of residential developments by leading property developers and what makes Navi Mumbai a lucrative realty destination is its excellent infrastructure, lower pollution levels, less traffic, 24-hour water facilities, educational facilities and affordable commercial and residential real estate. These are the key elements that attract buyers and investors towards Navi Mumbai from all over the country. M.I.L. MatchMaker® •



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M.I.L. Finance Tips

Financial Planning For Success With the UK mired in the longest recession on record and thousands of small and medium size business still failing each month clearly these are difficult times. And even though there might be signs of a recovery on the horizon it is reasonable to assume that conditions will remain tough for some time yet. Which is why it is crucially important for businesses to take time now to plan ahead. You might think that planning during such turbulent times would not be very effective and that it would be better to wait until things settle down before trying to formulate any plans. The more uncertain the times, the more necessary it is to plan ahead. Even if you already have a strategy plan in place, the chances are that so much has changed in recent months and you would benefit by revisiting it and bringing it up to speed with today’s economic realities. Developing a structured plan will give you greater control over your business, enabling you to act proactively and confidently with well thought out strategies rather than simply reacting defensively to circumstances which occur unexpectedly. The benefits of structured plan are: • • • •

Navigate your business through the downturn Position your business for the upturn Leverage your strengths ay all times Take advantage of any opportunities when they arise

Prakash Jariwala By making the planning process less intuitive and more formalised you can: • Make the various elements of the plan easier to quantify and measure • Create a plan that is communicable to others • Increase the scope for detailed analysis of how your business is performing • Make it easier to learn lessons that can be applied for future activities • Be more specific in setting future goals and objectives If you approached a Business Consultant, you would get sound financial advice and independent assessment by: • Providing a sounding board – allowing you to run your ideas by someone who has a fresh perspective and yet is fully conversant with the issues involved • Providing the key financial data in an appropriate format – the more precise the financial information the more workable the plan is likely to be • Helping to identify key performance indicators for measuring the success or otherwise of the plan • Regularly measuring and evaluating key data. Identifying and variances and suggesting corrective actions where appropriate Planning is not a one time activity but an ongoing process. One must look at management accounts periodically especially at times of financial year end and tax returns.

Most businesses are presently contending with at least one of the following:

Whether these times or some other times, it is important to regularly review your business road map by:

• • • •

• Compare your present performance to previously established targets • Analysing successes and failures and applying any lessons learnt top future plans • Identifying threats or opportunities in the current situation and defining appropriate responses to them • Setting or adjusting goals and objectives for the year ahead • Preparing cashflow projections, profit projections and balance sheet projections to ensure the plan is feasible and to provide a basis for measuring progress.

Sagging markets Unpredictable customers Uncertain Cashflow Restricted access to finance

Through structured planning process, each of these elements can be quantified and measured for success. In this way you can make informed decisions as events unfold and stay ahead of the game. Without financial planning there is always a danger of slipping into passive mode when uncertainty takes hold which then puts you on the back foot at a time when your competitors are looking to exploit your weaknesses.

For further information you can email or visit our website

The material is for general information only and does not constitute investment, tax, legal or other form of advice. You should not rely on this information to make (or refrain from making) any decisions. Always obtain independent, professional advice based on your own particular circumstances. We at Sterling will be more than happy to assist with your tax planning and execution.


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M.I.L. Property Tips

Property Markets Naveen Paul ‘Uncertainty’ is a word probably heard by everyone through the media in relation to property, foreign currencies and indeed the UK. Whilst these are truly uncertain times the whole scenario has to be analysed a bit more logically. The property market has always gone through cyclical fluctuations over the years. UK had its downturn but in due course the buyers are coming back to the market and banks are beginning to lend again albeit more cautiously. Overseas property has always been popular with people who have some spare cash and want a private bolthole abroad with good weather and guaranteed sunshine. In recent past most countries have seen a downturn in the property market more so in countries where construction activity has been explosive and unabated. Notably Spain and Dubai that have been very popular with investors have suffered considerable falls in demand and consequently prices. Cyprus has traditionally been a strong market for property especially since the local population has a very strong property ownership ethos. In line with the global downturn Cyprus too has had its fair share of drop in demand and prices. However the extent of the downturn is relatively modest compared with some other European countries. India is another destination currently in boom period at expense of others and the Realty prices there are rocketing. The Scenario in India is extensively covered in this edition already. Investors who have the money to invest are advised that it is still not too late to invest in India, of course you have to look at the locations and growth areas and side with reputed developers. Therefore it is not all doom and gloom as there is always a silver lining to a dark cloud, for someone who wants to enter the overseas

market now, can bag some very good bargains. A word of caution though for potential investors, if you have limited funds and wish to borrow most of the money then it may not be such a good idea as the banks abroad are very cautious and conservative in their lending. In addition the criteria for overseas buyers have also been made a lot more stringent. Many investors who were ill advised or who took risks at the height of the market are now finding themselves in a difficult position and are willing to sell at much more sensible prices. In addition the developers who had been adding to the inflation of property prices by their ever increasing profits, have now realised that they are left with a stock of unsold properties. These properties can be bought at bargain prices as the developers and investors both clamber to sell. The interest rates are historically low in the UK so the returns on savings are extremely low. The Euro has also weakened recently giving a higher exchange rate. Therefore a shrewd investor with foresight could do well investing in property abroad but only if a substantial part of the investment is readily available and one is willing to be patient. Currently we have access to a wide variety of bargain properties both from individual sellers and new developments. We at Paul Overseas Properties provide a full service for potential investors from negotiating the best deal and follow through to completion. We also have contacts with local English speaking solicitors should this be required. At Paul Overseas Properties we take pride in providing a “one stop shop” service where client needs and requirements are paramount. For further details and without any obligation please contact Naveen Paul on +44 (0) 7930 403401 or Email him at


Overseas Properties

Paul Overseas Properties, 8 Sequoia Park, Hatch End, Middlesex. HA5 4BS. U.K. Tel (U.K.): +44 7932637645 / +44 7930403401 Tel (Cyprus): +357 96372028 / +357 99245995 Tel (India): +91 9868450568 Email: Web: M.I.L. MatchMaker® •

19 13

India Visas Rules Growth in Tourism In the Spring edition of M.I.L. MatchMaker magazine, the new rules of obtaining visas to India were explored and below is a follow up for readers on the recent change affecting tourists to India. After a great deal of lobbying the Ministry of Home Affairs, it seems the strong reactions and objections have had an effect in revising the rules and guidelines applicable last year. There are no restrictions for Indians settled abroad and holding People of Indian Origin (PIO) or Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) cards but the two month gap rule for those having tourist visas have been relaxed. Those people with 90 day or 180 visas will now be able to visit India three times during the validity of the visa without having to wait for the cooling period. Indian missions abroad and Immigration authorities in India have been issued these instructions on the revised set of guidelines. The Minister of Tourism and various Industry stakeholders had raised objections on the restrictions in force since a tourist had to wait for two months to re-enter India even if the visas were valid. With the relaxation of rules, the tourist will still need to show supporting documents with ticket bookings in different countries. The rules state that the total period of stay during the three entries cannot exceed the stipulated 90 days or 180 days. Furthermore, if the tourist has availed the use of three re-entries completing the visa term, then there has to be a gap of two months from the date of final exit. In Emergency situations where the tourist needs to visit India within the gap period then permission must be obtained from the Indian missions abroad or from foreign regional registration offices in such situations. The Indian mission can issue visa in an emergency such as death or serious illness in the family on the basis of proper documentation presented.

and tourism industry is one of the most profitable industries in the country, and also credited with contributing a substantial amount of foreign exchange. Several reasons are cited for the growth and prosperity of India’s travel and tourism industry. Economic growth has added millions annually to the ranks of India’s middle class, a group that is driving domestic tourism growth. Disposable income in India has grown by 10% annually if not more and much of that is being spent on travel. Thanks in part to its booming IT and outsourcing industry a growing number of business trips are made by foreigners to India, who will often add a weekend break or longer holiday to their trip. Foreign tourists spend more in India than almost any other country worldwide. The Tourism Ministry has also played an important role in the development of the industry, initiating advertising campaigns such as the 'Incredible India' campaign, which promoted India’s culture and tourist attractions in a fresh and memorable way. The campaign helped create a colorful image of India in the minds of consumers all over the world, and has directly led to an increase in the interest among tourists. Immigration Latest All non-European migrants will have to demonstrate basic communication skills that enable them to deal with everyday life before receiving a visa to come to UK. The measure, due to come into force this autumn, will apply to spouses and unmarried couples who are already in Britain as well as overseas applicants. Anyone wishing to come to Britain must first demonstrate they can speak English at the same level required for skilled workers admitted under the points-based system. The announcement is one of a wide range of measures the new Government is taking to ensure that immigration is properly controlled for the benefit of the UK, alongside a limit on work visas and an effective system for also regulating the students who come to UK.

Tourism in India India’s tourism industry is experiencing a strong period of growth, driven by the burgeoning Indian middle class, growth in high spending foreign tourists, and coordinated government campaigns to promote ‘Incredible India’.

Under current rules, people applying for visas to join their partners must first meet a range of criteria, including showing that their marriage or partnership is genuine, and that they can support themselves financially.

The tourism industry in India is substantial and vibrant, and the country is fast becoming a major global destination. India’s travel

These rules are likely to hit people from South Asia & Africa with the aim to crack down on “sham weddings” in the UK.

We provide a comprehensive service on all aspects of Indian Visa or PIO/OCI application process

Bhaarat Welfare Trust 1 Portsmouth Road (Corner of Loughborough Road) Leicester LE4 5DJ

Tel: 0116 266 7050 Email: 14

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M.I.L. Legal Tips

Immigration Status In Asian Marriages Ritu Sethi These days immigration solicitors are in almost the same demand as wedding planners. But dealing with your partners immigration status does not have to be as stressful as planning for your big day when you have the correct legal advice.

• the couple have met;

Weddings are times for celebrations and excitement so your partners immigration status should not stand in the way of this. Unfortunately reality is that many couples need to seek legal advice before they can confirm a wedding date! The law relating to permission to marry within the UK depends on different factors including the type of visa they have.

• there will be adequate accommodation without recourse to public funds in accommodation they own or occupy exclusively;

Immigration rules allow certain visa types which are normally issued for over 6 months to switch into the marriage category while in the UK. This depends on the type and also how long the visa is valid.

• the applicant has sufficient knowledge of the English language and sufficient knowledge about life in the United Kingdom

However following the decision of the House of Lords in the case of R (Baiai) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2009] a person can apply for a Certificate of Approval irrespective of whether they are legally in the UK or not. It is a free application which can be seen as a wedding gift from the UK government! Once married in the UK an application for a spouse visa can be made to the UK Border Agency. However bringing your husband or wife from abroad is a different ball game altogether. If you are planning to get married abroad then any application for entry clearance will need to be made at the British High Commission in the country that your partner resides in. A detailed application should be submitted which satisfies the Immigration rules and the entry clearance officer. The Immigration Rules relating to the entry of spouses and civil partners require that: • the sponsor is present and settled in UK, or is being admitted for settlement;

• they intend to live together permanently, and the marriage is subsisting;

• they are able to maintain themselves adequately without recourse to public funds

Each and every application is different and therefore more complex cases require more expert advice. However the sad fact is that over half the applications made are refused due to little or no guidance. But there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a ‘right of appeal’. You have 28 days from the date of refusal to lodge the appeal. Once the appeal is lodged you will have a chance to voice your case to an immigration Judge in the UK. It is highly recommended to have legal representation from the refusal to the Hearing stage in order to guarantee success. Once your husband/wife have their visas issued they will have ‘leave to enter or remain’ in the UK usually for 27 months. Once your husband/wife have completed the ‘probationary period’ they can then apply for permanent residence for the UK. This requires similar documents and evidence however legal advice would be recommended for this process to ensure the immigration rules are satisfied. In all the excitement and anxiety don’t be fooled by ‘agents’ and ‘advisor’s’ in the UK and abroad telling you that ‘its a piece of cake’. Always seek legal advice from a qualified immigration lawyer to ensure that the application process will go as smoothly as your Big Day!

• the couple are married/ in a civil partnership; • both parties to the relationship are 21 years old or over;

For further information you can contact Gurprit Kaur Rakhra of The Sethi Partnership Solicitors directly on Tel: 020 8866 6464 or Email:

The Sethi Partnership Solicitors “We are in partnership with our clients” The Barn house, 38 Meadow Way, Eastcote, Ruislip, Middlesex HA4 8TB

Tel: 020 8866 6464 • Web: • Email: M.I.L. MatchMaker® •


Airnetz At Your Service Ritesh Kakkad Airnetz Charter, Inc. based in India is revolutionizing the already revolutionary private aviation by introducing Global Distribution System. Individuals can now rent private aircrafts just like they book tickets for schedule airlines. This complete online booking service will make chartering flights on private jets, helicopters and turboprops much easier. “We are beginning our GDS solution to meet the record increase in demand for private charter flights,” says Atul Khekade, CEO and co-founder of Airnetz. “The flexibility that private aviation provides has increased its popularity amongst regular fliers. This facility makes it possible to have meetings in various regions, as per your convenience, carry out business while travelling, and it also allows them to reach more cities quickly. A larger group travelling together also becomes cost-effective for companies as well as individuals.” GDS is a Global Distribution System which had revolutionized commercial aviation around half a century ago. This worldwide computerized reservation network is since used as a single point of access for reserving airline seats, hotel rooms, rental cars, and other travel related items by travel agents, online reservation sites, and large corporations. Efforts are being made to allow people to book private aircrafts

online and through travel agents. Customers can also check instant availability and pricing of the aircrafts. The travel market is a universal showground where millions of consumers (travel agents and the public) and vendors (hotels, airlines, car rental companies, etc) work together to exchange travel services. Airnetz also provides customers with prepaid cards, which lets them buy flying time in advance. This service allows them to fly with only half an hour notice when other companies at least need a day to arrange for the flight. The system of getting instant information about availability of the aircraft, quote and booking also exists in Airnetz. This manages a consumer’s entire booking from end-to-end makes it simpler than ever to book private flight. Final Quote depends on availability of aircraft, actual flying time and type of aircraft used. Ritesh Kakkad, Co-founder of Airnetz, said “Airnetz concept is tomorrow’s future with control of online GDS, customer care, In-flight service and Ground service, the online booking system at allows you to have a quick quote between any two airports in the world and you can send a booking request as easy as you order Pizza”. For further information and details you can contact Ritesh at as well as log on to


AIRNETZ In 4 simple steps  Get a quick quote  Fill up details and send charter request  Receive quotes from different operators  Select operator and get ready for executive flying TELE-BOOKING USA: +1 440 804 6003 • UK: +44 2081448025 INDIA: +91 9930403019 / +91 9920620986 16

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Domestic Violence Would You Recognise The Signs? Like any other community the Asian community is affected by domestic violence. It affects people irrespective of race, ethnic or religious group or class. It also affects men as well as same sex relationships. Different cultures may have different views and be subjected to different pressures; however the rights afforded under English Law are available regardless of ethnicity. Would you consider the following as domestic violence? • Belittling your partner in front of others? • Unjustly accusing a partner of having affairs or flirting? • Preventing them from seeing family/friends? • Constantly checking up on them by calling them/following them? • Controlling them by threatening deportation? If the answer to one or more of these is yes then they may be experiencing domestic violence. Domestic violence is usually a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour. People may only think of domestic violence as being physical violence however it includes psychological, sexual and financial control. Forced marriages are also a form of domestic violence, although there is now a specific Act governing this. It is often referred to as domestic abuse which takes place within a family type relationship. Domestic violence can also be carried out by persons other than a partner. It can often be the case that when living with extended families, a common living arrangement in Asian households, that it is a member of the extended family responsible or encouraging the behaviour. The Family Law Act sets out who may apply and a good solicitor should be able to advise you if you can do so or whether it is more appropriate for you to seek alternative legal action.

Priti Patel Protection is available in the form of an injunction forbidding the abusive behaviour. In certain cases a child maybe included to protect them. An emergency injunction can often be obtained without notice to the other party where there has been a recent use or threat of violence. On other occasions it may be more appropriate for the other party to be notified of the application. This would depend on the circumstances of the case and a good solicitor should be able to advise you on how to proceed. An order can also be obtained regulating the family home such as evicting an abuser from the home or preventing them from returning or coming within a specified distance of the home. Threats are often made to remove children from your care and can be further impacted by a fear that the child will be removed from the country. This can be a common fear in the Asian community when partner’s are from abroad like India or Pakistan and/or their family remain there. Orders can be obtained to prohibit this. There are of course criteria that need to be met before a court would grant any orders and a good family solicitor would be able to advise you if your particular circumstances meet the criteria and advise you which orders you require. Unfortunately often as a result of cultural, family influence and pressure women do not seek help and are left vulnerable. Remember no one should suffer in silence and domestic violence is not acceptable behaviour in any community. It is important to get help and advice. In an emergency you should always call 999 for police assistance. Organisations such as can provide help and refuge. Visit which gives details of advice lines for men and women to call. For legal advice on this or any other family matters contact Ash Norton Solicitors by email or telephone on 020 8991 3330/1

Ash Norton Solicitors UK Immigration Specialists

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Hair Styling For Weddings Seema Ladwa Summer 2010 will be a special year for many people, whether it is your wedding or the wedding of a close family member or friend. The choice of hair style is important for both men and women as it can enhance your natural beauty.

Try Different Looks.

For the Men

My advice would be to speak to your stylist who will be able to try various styles and discuss what looks nice and what does not. Most women will be able to choose several different styles of hair to go with different outfits.

Yes I know all you bald men out there will be thinking, “but if I have no hair how can it look good?” Well the answer is that even if you have no hair you still have a lot of skin that will need to be maintained. Even men with very little or no hair can still look good by making sure that the skin that is exposed to the elements and the rest of the world on your wedding day, can still look well moisturised and healthy and not dry and flaky.

With the right choice of hairstyle you can create any image you want. For example having your hair piled on top of your head can add height for someone who feels that they are short. Some hairstyles can create the image of having a slimmer face. Your hair style should compliment you. Everyone has different face shapes and for that reason the same hairstyle will not look the same on two people.

For you men who plan on having a clean shaven head for your big day make sure you have your head shaved as late as possible on the wedding day. Moisturise your head with a good moisturising cream and Bay Rum lotion. This will give your head a nice shine without looking greasy.

The best way to choose the hairstyle is actually wear your outfit and jewellery as the hair will not look the same whilst wearing your work clothes or jeans and t-shirt.

For all of you lucky men who still have hair, a good hair cut a few days before the wedding day is best. On the day - style with a little mouse and top off with a little hair spray. Try not to use wax on the wedding day as it will melt under the lights.

This will also inspire your stylist to create something that works for you and you will get a better picture of how you will look on the day. Good luck to all of you who are getting married this year and happy hair days to you all. Warning:

For the Ladies

(Guys this one is not for you. I do not want to see any guys wearing feathers or tiaras thank you!)

These days “The hair straightener” has ruined the old fashioned way of styling and so many women resort to a simple straight hair look. There are so many hairstyles that are possible for women who would like to look different on their big day.

Accessories play an important part in the hairstyle. Tiaras, diamante hair pins, fascinators and even feathers can add that something special to your look.

BRIDAL HAIR • MAKE UP • MEHNDI Tel: 020 8656 0512  Mob: 07939 257 845 Email: Web: M.I.L. MatchMaker® •



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The VIP Lounge The moment you enter, you are a VIP... The Wedding occasion is a very big and happy event for the couple and those of you who are planning a wedding this year or in 2011- it can also be very stressful. In a competitive market today where there are so many providers of wedding services and no shortage of venues, it can become a daunting task for anyone to begin a search and then side with a party who might disappoint you later on because of lack of expertise or experience in dealing with such events. The VIP Lounge has established itself as one of London’s leading banqueting venues offering all possible in-house services, from stunning decor to exquisite cuisines. The VIP Lounge has made planning your function a stress free affair with state of the art lighting and innovative design. Our experienced team with dedicated Events Co-ordinators will help and guide you through every step from matching your Chair Covers & Bows to planning a detailed itinerary. Every one of The VIP Lounge's clients have varied visions of how their big day will look, hence all our packages are tailor made to suit all clients needs. We aim to make packages as all inclusive as possible to relieve you of the botheration of out sourcing your own caterers & decor, with competitive rates. We can arrange everything from mouth watering catering, visually innovative decor and even the most captivating Live Band or DJ to round off a perfect package. We have two lounges to provide a memorable occasion. THE VIP LOUNGE The VIP Lounge is an exclusive suite which can be transformed to accommodate any function from an elegant Mandap Ceremony, Wedding Reception, or an alluring Mehfil evening. The VIP Lounge is fully air conditioned and boasts the most innovative state of the art lighting facilities to match any colour theme of your choice. With a subtle mix of coloured Wall Washers, a hit of star lights and a pinch of pin spot lighting, we can mix the perfect cocktail to create the perfect ambience... And that’s only one of many mixes! For any visual displays you would like to show

off during that memorable best mans speech. The Lounge holds two 8 inch fixed projector screens and a large 3 x 3 42 inch Plasma Screen display, all included within all VIP packages. The screens can be viewed from any possible angle within the Lounge as there are no pillars to block any aspect, making any and every view a great view. The VIP Lounge comes ready draped with our finest Contemporary White Backdrops which add elegance suitable for any function. However should you wish to customise the venue to your own taste, The VIP Lounge have many more detailed backdrops in their extensive decor catalogue. The VIP Lounge is the perfect venue to host your perfect function. THE REGAL LOUNGE The VIP Lounge does not hold any two functions at the same time, the whole venue and staff are dedicated to your function. This includes the versatile Regal Lounge. The Regal Lounge can be converted from a romantic, intimate Civil Ceremony setting to an all out glamorous Champagne Cocktail Reception. When catering for buffet style dinners, The Regal Lounge is reformed in to a luxurious dining area, with beautifully arranged food displays. The Regal Lounge comes complete with coloured Backdrops and Fairy Lights, a 3 x 1 Plasma Screen display, a 'Welcome Message' Plasma Screen (also located at entrance) and set lighting to complement all Civil Ceremonies. If you have not yet had the pleasure of attending The VIP Lounge, we very much recommend you book a viewing where we can then show you around the venue go through our extensive catalogue and create your perfect package and we assure you that the moment you enter you are a VIP to us. For further details, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8951 4441 or visit the website or email us at

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Mohini Photos Keep all your sweet memories by a professional digital photographer Examples are available on request Complete Wedding Portfolio - Lowest Price Guaranteed

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D D Jewellers Finest Jewellery To Suit Any Occasion

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Specialist in Gujarati Food

B JF Celebrating 25 Years of Success In Providing Vegetarian Catering for Weddings & Parties

Head Office & Warehouse Unit 1, 260 Church Road Leyton, London, E10 7JQ Tel: 020 8556 9283 Fax: 020 8539 3282

Retail Outlet 372 Romford Road Forest Gate, London E7 8BS Tel/Fax: 020 8548 1622

Specialists in Catering for Authentic Vegetarian Foods for Weddings & Parties 34

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Pandit Manoj Tiwari Astrologer Astrology Horoscope Numerology Palmistry Puja Tantra Mantra Yantra Talisman Gemstones

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Do not hesitate to contact Pandit Manoj Tiwari if you have any problem or anxiety - you will be treated with the utmost respect and honesty. Panditjee is a genuine and highly reputable Vedic Astrologer from Benares (Varanasi,India). He is trusted and respected by many clients who regularly recommend him to their friends and family - real proof of his ability.

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Stockist of M.I.L. MatchMaker® magazine

Stockist of M.I.L. MatchMaker® magazine

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Dear Bharatbhai Congrats for keeping up the good work and I must say that all the editorials I read in the publication on legal issues especially and other topics also are so refreshing and at same time keeps many readers aware of the changes taking place. I await to see what the next edition will bring eagerly. Thanks Ritesh Dear Ritesh Thank you for your comments and appreciation. The panel of experts in their respective fields do their best to bring you latest topics and news which I am sure many read with interest including myself and it is thanks to them also for contributing to the magazine and sharing their views. Bharat Dear Harshaben I saw listings in Gujarat Samachar recently. How often do you print this and next time can you please Let me know. Thanks Meena



Dear Bharatbhai Wow, you did finally write on Asian marriages in Spring edition on change in marriage patterns within our society and I totally agree with your article. Nothing is same any more with so many parents feeling worried about their children. Thanks for such an interesting piece. Nila


M.I.L. Readers

020 8868 1879

Dear Meena We try to help candidates every quarter in Gujarat Samachar where possible. Will keep you posted. Harsha

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CONFIDENTIAL Personal Service The M.I.L MatchMaker Gold Introduction Service is a fully personalised and confidential matchmaking service, whereby your completed application form will be handled by a specialist in matchmaking who will send you suitable matched introductions with added personal support in searching for candidates. Our Annual membership costs £195.00 per annum to include Free Copies of M.I.L MatchMaker magazine and Free reply service within the magazine which is independent of the matchmaking process. There are no further fees to pay during the year. We can assist members from all sections of the Asian Community including Hindu, Punjabi Sikh, Muslim and South or North Indian of any background.

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For Direct Telephone Contact Service –Call 020 8868 1879 Debit/Credit Card Payments For amounts up to value of £10, Only Debit Cards will be accepted due to charges. Amounts over £15, normal credit card payments can be accepted. Contact details will only be passed after processing the transactions.

Gold Member Policy Those members who have joined the Personalised Gold Introduction Service Package, kindly contact Harsha on 0208 868 1879 Mondays to Fridays 10am to 2pm (during Gold hours) for further discussion on Box Numbers of interest for Introduction purposes only.

Note And Remember It is then up to the parties to make contact directly. All adverts are classified and Matchmaker International Ltd does not accept responsibility for non-responses although every effort is made to request to all advertisers to make an effort to reply back to you as a matter of courtesy. If for some reason, a contact number or email-id is not valid, M.I.L. MatchMaker® will provide an alternative means of contact. M.I.L. MatchMaker® cannot engage in correspondences between any parties for further details. No refunds apply once contact details have been passed and processed.

Safety Tip When meeting people for the first time, do take precautions to ensure your safety. Always arrange to meet in a public place and be sure to leave details of your meeting with a member of your family or a friend. When sending or exchanging photographs, we suggest you write your name and address at the back of your photograph and enclose an S.A.E. for its return. Readers are reminded that they reply to classified advertisements at their own risk entirely. M.I.L. MatchMaker • 43 ®









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For Advertising Booking Contact:

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