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Despite a little slowdown in the Indian economy, the growth in the real estate sector is still very much vibrant with Gujarat in particular Ahmedabad booming strongly. Articles on these cover the Indian real estate story and why buying plots is sometimes a better option than properties. Also we cover a topic on medical tourism where overseas surgeries are becoming popular but with a caution for buyer to be-aware attitude. For Healthy & Beauty, articles on Acupuncture explores its benefits as well as Yoga exercises which can be of immense benefit if followed regularly. Ayurveda treatment options can also be an effective therapy and these can be found inside the magazine.

Candidates who are still in search for their partner can look through a selection of various confidential matrimonial listings in the magazine as well as log on to Internet site to browse and search for profiles and make that initial contact. Gujarati candidates can also place confidential listings in Gujarat Samachar Matchmaker matrimonial column from time to time by contacting us or enquire about other matchmaking services which may help them make further progress.

Sometimes candidates who do not make progress feel a sense of rejection and an article on this demonstrates how you can overcome these feelings to attract that ideal partner.

We would like to thank all the contributors to the magazine and advertisements for continued support towards the publication which is in its 15th year. The magazine has been relied upon as a valuable resource over the years and has been produced every few months as a social initiative to help the Asian community and younger generation to find matrimonial alliances. We hope that it can continue to serve the community successfully in both offline and online mediums for all the candidates. Bharat Raithatha Business Editor

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The August to November edition brings you some wedding resorts as well as romantic holiday destinations and honeymoon locations selected as popular choices for all readers.

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INDIAN PROPERTY up, down or flat road ahead? A few months ago, one of my clients recently came and asked me to negotiate for a flat on his behalf. I gave the developer a call. I started as you would expect, to talk about how slow the market was and how my client was interested in buying a flat in his project. I asked about how much discount my client could get. I was expecting a decent discount, instead of which I was offered a measly 0.5%! Despite pulling every trick in the book, I could get him to offer any more. This is what seems to be happening in many places, particularly in Gujarat. People worry about a property crash, like what we saw a few years ago. I do not see that happening this round. Yes, there is an oversupply. Yes there is less demand. Yes 15% of flats are unoccupied. But, there is one major difference this time – the developers seem to be having a lot more holding power than they did last time. So what has happened is that the developer is not in a position where he has to offer significant discounts to sell a property, he just decides to not sell until he gets a better price. As a result, you are not seeing prices crashing like last time, just dipping or holding stable. Recently I hosted an event for some of our clients where I set out my views for people wanting to buy property in India. My opinion is that unless you intend to settle or live in India in

the next 5 years or so, it would be better to buy land rather than a flat. My reasons for this are simple. Flats require maintenance and looking after and meter starts running on your running costs. Also, I cannot see the oversupply of flats and unoccupied flats being absorbed for the next 2-3 years, maybe more. In addition, a large number of investors have bought flats on a wholesale basis, i.e. bought in bulk after negotiating very good discounts with the developer, and of course these flats have to come on the market at some point for the investor to free his funds. Buying land on the other hand, for me, is a much safer bet. One, it is much more affordable. Two, land is less susceptible to drops in value. The value of land is more dependent on the infrastructure and development on it, and the local demand around it. When roads, water and power are added to land, its value increases substantially, irrespective of the state of the property market. Of course there is also a difference in the risks and process of buying land as opposed to flats. The right paperwork is vital. Ensure that you have a lawyer with the right expertise check out the land for the right titles, plans and permissions. We have our own in-house legal team to do this for our clients. If you are buying

By Tushar Sangani a flat, check the agreements in particular for additional charges, delays in completion, lock-in periods and restrictions on sale. Finally, there is the question of exit. Buying property as an investment is no good unless you can sell it. How easy will it be to sell the property? As I mentioned above, the current market for flats is quite stagnant, there is not much turnover in the market. Land on the other hand, should be easier to sell, especially if it is in the right location with a lot of economic activity around it. A classic example is Sanand, just outside Ahmedabad. Sanand was only put on the map because of the Tata Nano factory. Since then, the land in the area has gone up multi-fold. If you were lucky enough to have bought early in this area, you will have seen a very healthy return on your purchase. To close, my recommendation is to buy land rather than flats. For the next few years, you will see better returns, fewer outgoings and maintenance, an easier exit. About the author Tushar Sangani is the director of Terra Viista Ltd, a company specialising in Indian property. They have offices in London, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. You can contact him on 0203 384 5323 or 07967 225802 or email

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Aapnu Amdavad Gujarat Ka Boom! A Mega City of the future in India Growth and Ahmedabad appreciating destination investments.

development of Real Estate Industry in is on a fast track with realty prices significantly year on year making this a hot property for sound and safe

With demand expected to even surge further, Ahmedabad has joined the league of mega cities in India. Already heralded as a city of the future in India with many best educational institutions, it is also a hub of entrepreneurial activity, domestic and International trade with national as well as international brands. The consumption pattern in Ahmedabad is continuously on the upsurge with rising income levels has naturally improved the standard of living. This is also supported by proactive governance and well planned urbanization. Factors like these have contributed towards the success of the real estate story with people viewing the city not just as a place of residence but investment also and attracting NRIs from all over the world. This city has become the most favoured destination for people who want to buy good homes offering them good quality of life. Also the mega-city status has ensured plum projects revolving around Real Estate and construction Industry both in residential and commercial sectors. Ahmedabad is now “aapnu amdavad”. Gujarat region as a whole is growing at a rapid rate making its presence felt in the IT sector with upcoming knowledge corridor along

the Gandhinagar –Ahmedabad-Vadodra route. Reputed builders have purchased land and commenced with many diverse projects, from hospitals and educational institutions, to residential accommodation and hotels. With potent combination of international connectivity, skilled manpower and open land for development makes this city a promising potential for a quality lifestyle. Why choose Ahmedabad for your investments? This is the biggest city of Gujarat steeped with tradition and culture but yet has the modernity that brings people from everywhere. Ahmedabad enjoys strategic advantage of proximity to Mumbai and once known as Manchester of India due to its booming textile industry, the city also soon became a rising centre of education, IT projects, high rise buildings, shopping malls and multi-plexes and now Medical Tourism. There has been a constant surge in investments in textiles and apparel, engineering, dairy industry, chemicals, information technology, gems and jewellery, tourism and medical facilities and constructions. Investors and Gujarati migrants settled abroad have been attracted due to its mega city status and strides made in terms of healthcare, upmarket locations that offer luxury living at competitive rates. The construction activities with new projects have pushed property prices to new highs. Ahmedabad enjoys a very strong connection with Gujarati NRIs and with this strong improvements in its infrastructure and facilities, many new ventures are looking forward to come to the city. This may serve as a decent investment option for NRIs pondering over to earn some very good returns in next few years despite any slowdown symptoms in economic growth overall. M.I.L. MatchMaker® •



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Be Aware! India has emerged as one of the few countries that have beaten the economic meltdown and strengthened its position as a robust economy in the world. Amongst many of the growth sectors that have propelled the economy, healthcare is one of the most vibrant areas.

from a budget medical option, you are also offered an exotic vacation all in one –Recover then Discover. In the past several years, trip organisers say, more patients have been pursuing not just elective and cosmetic surgeries, but also medically necessary procedures like knee replacement, angioplasty or hip replacements, dental as well as corrective vision using laser technology. India has become the most preferred destination for people wanting to undergo treatment in order to not only avoid long waiting times in UK or USA but also save costs as significant differences do exist. However whilst all this sounds great, Medical tourism is an industry largely unregulated and therefore many questions arise in terms of standard of care, safety as well as surgical skills and credentials. Therefore the patient is highly recommended to do the homework properly and take a “Buyer Be-aware” attitude to get as much information as possible.

Medical Tourism has gained momentum in India over the past few years with high quality service providers and low-cost advantage. The numbers of International patients is growing by 30% annually with a prediction by the government that this sector as a whole could see significant growths for the next five years with inflow of international patients. There are a large number of overseas Indians and foreigners who have started looking at India as a very attractive healthcare destination. The future of Medical Tourism looks very bright as hospitals in Western world continue to remain overburdened. Indian hospitals are gearing up to set up offices abroad to encourage international patients to contact them with representatives and doctors in potential markets. They offer value addition to medical treatment including tourism in India with tie-ups with doctors, hospitals and tourism companies to offer a comprehensive service to the international patient. Medical Costs in USA & UK are ever-rising and the search for cheaper options make sense for NRIs across the globe who are waiting for operations in various hospitals. Medical Tourism is the latest trend where apart

Some Tips: • Check out all references and credentials of Hospital and Doctors • Research website and other literature provided by the agency or Hospital, including on obtaining past video of operative procedure to judge and assurance of outcome and Surgeons credentials and direct contact with Surgeon to have conference calls • Ask questions about pre-operative examination and post operative follow up as patient’s legal resource could be limited if something goes wrong • Ask to speak to former patients –Good clinics should allow this M.I.L. MatchMaker® •


Contact TONY GUAN - Registered Acupuncturist Tel: 020 8869 9314 Web: sanshengtang/ Email: 60a Bridge Street, Pinner, Middx HA5 3JF


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NAVEEDA make-up artist & beauty therapist

make up with passion Specialising in Bridal, Day, Eve, Photography & Media Make-up & all Beauty Treatments Now also based in the North Co-author of The Asian Bridal Look Book & The Masterclass DVD New Make-up Brushes Available Make-up Training Courses Available Free Consultation (trained by BBC Make-up Artist) salon: +44 (0) 20 8551 4707 bridal enquiries: +44 (0) 7958 635 857

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We specialize in Gem Stones

Custom Designed Jewellery made to order

Tel: 0208 572 7700 24

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Priyanka Chopra Brand Ambassador for

D i a m o n d Je w e l l e r y For the woman of spirit 26

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Bhaarat Welfare Trust Leicester For my smile credit goes to you... Bhaarat Welfare Trust collect funds for cancer projects, natural disasters and other humanitarian causes and donations can be made to any charity of your choice. Feedback will always be given. Other Projects: For a small donation, Bhaarat Welfare Trust also provide a comprehensive service on all aspects of India Visa or PIO/OCI application process. Contact Kantibhai or Rashmiben on 0116 266 7050 or email

Amount £5 £10 £20 £20 £20 £30 £66 £250

Cause Gauchara Monthly Widow support Satya Narayan ni Katha One cataract operation Annadan Yearly Education for a Child One Polio operation For Eye/Medical Camp

Please complete the Donation Form below: Ref: MIL/India Aid I/We enclose cheque/cash/P.O. of _______________________for_________________________________________________ Name:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________Post Code_______________________________________ Tel:_____________________ Mobile:_____________________ Email________________________________________________ Do you pay tax: YES/NO Please treat my donation as Gift Aid. You may reclaim tax on my donation. Signed:_______________________________________________________________ FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: Ref:____________________________ Receipt No:____________________________ Date:____________________________ Please send completed Form to: Bhaarat Welfare Trust Administration Office, 55 Loughborough Road, Leicester LE4 5LJ Tel: 0116 266 7050 / 233 9536 • Fax: 0870 135 3072 • Charity Registration Number: 1077821 32

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Utsav Bollywood Pan Centre

Stockist of M.I.L. MatchMaker® magazine 238 Ealing Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA0 4QL

Stockist of M.I.L. MatchMaker® magazine

Kapuri Pan • Banarsi Pan • Calcutti Pan • Maghai Pan Party Orders Welcome A Wide Selection of Religious Murtis, Wedding and Pooja Items

Tel: 020 8902 9962

Meera Paan House

India Visa Service Available Banarasi Pan • Khara Pan • Sweet Pan Calcutti Pan • Attarpan Sweet • Quiwam Pan Magai Pan • Bollywood Special Pan

181 Streatfield Road, Kenton,Middx, HA3 9DA Tel: Ashwin 07956 278 228 or 020 8204 7807


Banarsi Paan • Khara Paan • Sweet Paan Calcutti Paan •Anarkali Paan • Ataarpaan Sweet Quiwam Paan • Magai Paan • Meera Special Paan

Banarasi Pan • Khara Pan • Sweet Pan Calcutti Pan • Quiwam Pan • Magai Pan • Diabetic Pan

Stockist of M.I.L. MatchMaker® magazine

Stockist of M.I.L. MatchMaker® magazine

22 Queensbury Station Parade, Queensbury, Edgware, Middlesex

For Wedding Pan Orders, Please contact Younus Mir on Mob: 07578 162133

Tel: 020 8952 0412

Branch Inside Sakonis: 6-7 Dominion Parade, Station Road, Harrow HA1 2TR


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M.I.L MatchMaker Magazine with confidential matrimonial listing

£9 (UK) & £15 International

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£39 up to 30 words

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magazine in next edition 2012, we must receive your order form no later than 5th October 2012

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How to handle rejection and attract your ideal partner! Amarinder Vadera: Empowering People (Coach and NLP Practitioner) How often do we feel the pain of being rejected, especially after it may have taken a lot of courage to express your interest in an ideal partner? How equipped are you to handle this and move on with your head held high without letting it impact on your confidence and self esteem? And finally are you really sending out the right signals and being yourself in order to attract who you desire?

Rejection is often one of the products that come along with dating and finding your life partner. It is sometimes more magnetised when there is pressure from the family to get married. It’s about being able to take constructive feedback and not take it personally. Most of us aren’t as thick skinned to completely ward off the effects of rejection; after all we are only human. Therefore, when one person tells another that they are not a good match, politely or otherwise, we can’t help feel the pinch of rejection.

It is important to address any pain you feel but dwelling on the situation will only make you feel worse. Rejection hurts, so its good to embrace it, face it, fix it and move on! Always remember that the world is huge and the right person is out there for you. Having that positive sense of belief tells the universe that you have faith in it and will make your dreams come true faster than you can imagine!

Be grateful instead that you discovered early on that the person was not the right match and keep that self-belief that your perfect partner, be it your soul mate or companion is around the corner. Keep up the momentum and don’t give up. It is extremely important to stay positive and keep smiling throughout this process. If you end up feeling defeated, feel like giving up or even get depressed about the situation you will not be helping yourself. Try not to entertain those negative thoughts and flip it instead to come up with positive affirmations. Stand in front of the mirror and be completely content with yourself. If you love yourself no matter how others perceive you, you will naturally attract the 42

• M.I.L. MatchMaker®

brain and help you relax. Channel this nervous energy into movement and you will see the difference. Remember that the other person might be just as nervous as you are so use your sense of humour to diffuse the situation. Everybody likes people who make them laugh and can be the best ice-breaker! Often when we take the situation more lightly we naturally eliminate nerves and can come across more relaxed and stronger in confidence. In turn this will make your potential partner more at ease! Finally just thinking about your ideal partner is not enough…you need action to go with it! Spread the word within family and friends that you are available, go to the right places with the right attitude and sign up to appropriate match making events! Both online and in real life.

ideal partner. How can you love somebody else fully if you don’t learn to accept and love yourself first? Repeat out loud that you are confident you will meet somebody soon.

The universe works in mysterious ways: an effective way to attract what you want in life is to create a vision board. Get a large card and stick magazine cut outs and pictures/images related to your ideal partner and keep it somewhere where you can easily access it. Put all your energy into each picture and believe that it will come to you soon. Keep in mind that when on door closes another one opens.

Make a list of all your top values in life as this will help in finding common ground and meeting the right match. Know yourself and what you are looking for. Be realistic about your goals and be brave to go for them. If you are about to meet somebody for the first time it is only natural to feel slightly anxious. You can reduce your nerves by doing some simple breathing exercises and keep smiling to send positive signals to the

Top Tips for attracting your ideal partner • Pick yourself up and keep going if you have been rejected • Keep smiling • Be yourself • Dress to impress; we all like it if one makes that extra special effort • Look good and feel good • Allow your inner beauty to radiate • Highlight your strengths and ambitions • Have a sense of humour • Be honest • Give compliments (in an honest way) to boost their confidence • Show an interest and ask the right questions • Avoid talking too much about the past and keep your answers about yourself simple, leave them curious wanting to know more! • Believe in yourself and confidence will shine through • Enjoy the whole process, take it seriously whilst having fun! • Remember your search for ‘The One’ will succeed after you are totally content with yourself Good luck! Please feel free to email me with further questions: By Amarinder Vadera Coach and NLP Practitioner







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