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Advertising & Marketing Graduate

My name is Emilia but I like to be called Millie, that way I don’t feel like I’m in trouble; I love good handbags and nice cars and generally having a good time. I am a fresh thinking advertising and marketing graduate from the University of Lincoln but I’m something different. I have always seen the world in a different way to other people and this is what inspires me and propels me into the world of advertising. For my academic record and employment history, my CV is available on my website www.

V&A Project The Campaign Objectives Celebrate the progressive and intricate relationship between the Crown and Camera. Invoke the historic and royal appeal of the exhibit, showing the progression of the queen’s reign. The photograph exhibition will display images from the past through to present day. The Campaign Concept The campaign is designed as a London timeline, the tubes and busses furthest from the V&A Museum will display the oldest billboard image getting closer to present day, essentially traveling through the Queen’s life.

Gantt Chart

48 sheets Underground

4 sheets

May 1st-8th

Hyde Park Corner Piccadilly Circus Leicester Square Covent Garden Holborn Embankment Victoria King’s Cross St. Pancras Liverpool Street Paddington St Pancras Waterloo South Kensington

Tube Car

Stair Pannel SK Tunnel DEP Runs Buses 14

Piccadily Circle line District line Knighstbridge South Kensington tunnel South Kensington Central London

The Budget £325,000 Underground 48 sheets £170,000 4 sheets £7500 Tube car’s £125,000 Stair panels and tunnel SK £50,000 SK Digital screens £8000 14 Buses = £685,500 8th-15th



June 29th-5th




July 26th-3rd




CHANEL The Chanel campaign was designed as a project to understand the effect advertising has on brand image. The following campaign was designed with a TV advertisement that continued with the brand heritage of Audrey Tautou but incorporates Marilyn Monroe iconic quote of ‘Just a few drops’ to work as the tagline for the new bath liquid. Target audience: Smart, sophisticated and intelligent AB(C1) women 30+ who are well-travelled, image conscious and cultured. The campaign will run for 6 months; the following costs were predicted from brand insight. Vogue = 25,100 (FCP) + 25,100 (FCP) + 49,200 (DPS) + 40,200 (OBC) = £139,600 Vanity Fair = 16,275 (FCP) + 16,275 (FCP) + 27,835 (DPS) + 21,180 (OBC) = £81,565 Harper’s Bazaar = 13,232 (FCP) + 26,464 (DPS) + 23,158 (OBC) = £62,854 Tatler = 11,450 (FCP) + 23,100 (DPS) + 11,450 (OBC) = £46,000 Total = 139,600 + 81,565 + 62,854 + 46,000 = £330,019

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During my time at mighton I helped with the re-branding of the company and alongside this came the responsability of brochrues and e-flyer layouts. Having worked for mighton on many occasions I have worked on all arias of their marketing from analytics to product development and launch.

Emilia Burke - Portfolio  

This is my portfolio, this document contains some of my graphics works and marketing projects through work and university.

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