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I thought about the possibilities of advertising beauty treatments with wax. The practice alphabet was the 8 best part of it, and I love the contrast in textures achieved.


Something like a needle has so many connotations. To me this represents the threat and the homemaker.


Food typography giving great advice as always.

Anamorphic Type puts a new spin on perspective.

It pushes the boundaries of typography into the 3D world.


It do e

se xa c

et in


y tl


t says on t i t h a



A foamy bar of soap made up of the letters in the phrase, ‘Clean up your act.’ I wanted to continue my experiments with the soap.

This example of typography is doing what it’s saying, which could potentially enocourage people to do the same.



After learning this technique I wanted to play with the idea of ‘what someone is made of.’ Will Smith made it on his show, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ so he has been made out of the lyrics of the infamous Fresh Prince rap.

With a trend of classic movie posters being modernised, I used the knowledge I had learnt to create this poster.I tried to push the limits of readability with an experiment of blending modes.


A modern attempt to get younger people to save money for their future. This is my favourite symbol for obvious reasons.

The most vain of all the typography in my book, but still one of my favourites due to it’s bold colours.


A bold piece of type for a bold channel.



My favourite piece of 3D Typography. In order to avoid preconcieved notions of a word, I used my name so it is a all round win. Producing typography like this adds a whole nother realm of possibilities when multiple angles are taken into account.

The heights of the words allow you to see the different relections and different readability levels. Having the word ‘high’ above light adds more of literal humour to the word and breaks it down.


The light reflecting on on half of the letter gives great contrast between the two sides of each fold.


Same design of typography, completely changed and elevated through the use of contrasting materials and composition.


Evaluation: After completing this course I have become even more sensitive to how much we are actually surrounded by typography and how much of a true art it is to have a quality piece of Typography. I loved the research process; surrounding yourself with beautiful type surely appeals to everyone! I particularly loved the handmade type and how many opportunities it opened. I do regret not completing some of my initial ideas due to material cost and achievability. My pinterest is brimming with inspirational typography now!

Retrospectively looking back on my project I can see how badly I disregarded the design development and didn’t record enough of it. I probably developed my handmade type the most, as that was by far my favourite section to work on. I had already completed the work so constructing the book was not massively difficult; however if I were to do it again I think I would want more unity running through the book. If I were to do this again I would probably try harder with the digital and 3D type, as these are my weaker areas and I was not adventurous enough.

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Milly Gallacher Creative Typography  

Final Project for my Creative Typography course. Re-Upload to come to fix spelling and grammar mistakes.

Milly Gallacher Creative Typography  

Final Project for my Creative Typography course. Re-Upload to come to fix spelling and grammar mistakes.