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Seniors embody Millsaps integrity M

edicine. Education. Information technology. Global healthcare. Those professions represent the aspirations of the four 2012 inductees into the Millsaps College Hall of Fame. Only four inductees are chosen to the Hall of Fame each year, and the students are recognized for their dedication to the college and community, academic achievement and leaders. Named to the Hall of Fame are Amy Patterson, Wrijoya Roy, Anne Waldrop and Oliver Galicki. In addition to those pending graduates, the college

Spring Exam Schedule

also recently announced another 18 seniors have been inducted in Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s top academic honorary. Mississippi has only two Phi Beta Kappa chapters, and Millsaps had the first. These top students from the Class of 2012 are being featured in the final edition of The Purple & White of the academic year. The Hall of Fame inductees are featured on Page 4, while information about the Phi Beta Kappa honorees is on Page 5. In addition, information about graduation events, scheduled for May 11-12, is also part of the special senior package.

Also included is a feature about the senior art show of Ksenyia Savelyeva. As students prepare for finals and a summer of work, study and fun, the P&W asks those who might be interested to consider joining the P&W staff in the fall. The award-winning newspaper welcomes those interested in writing, editing, photograph and graphic design. If interested, contact Editor-in-Chief Kenya Strong Johnston at stronkk@millsaps.edu.

Monday, April 30th 9:00 a.m. - classes that meet MWF 9-9:50 MTWF 9-9:50 9:00 a.m. - Heritage classes 9am Wednesday, May 2 and 11am (AC 215) Reading Day 2:00 p.m. - classes that meet TTH 1-2:15, TTH 1-2:40 Thursday, May 3 6:00 p.m. - classes that meet 9:00 a.m. - classes that meet Monday nights MWF 10-10:50 2:00 p.m. - classes that meet MW Tuesday, May 1 2:45-4, MWF 2:45-3:50 9:00 a.m. - classes that meet 6:00 p.m. - classes that meet MWF 11-11:50 Wednesday nights 2:00 p.m.. - classes that meet TTH 10-11:15 6:00 p.m. - classes that meet Tuesday nights

Friday, May 4 9:00 a.m. - classes that meet TTH 2:45-4 2:00 p.m. - classes that meet TTH 8:30 6:00 p.m. - classes that meet Thursday nights Saturday, May 5 9:00 a.m. - classes that meet MW 1-2:15 MW 1:30-2:45 2:00 p.m. - classes that meet MWF 8-8:50 MTWF 8 6:00 p.m. - classes that meet MW 12-12:50, 12-1:15



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Trapped in the Bubble... At least we have music

By Genny Santos Opinions Editor

The MAJORity recently surfaced as a group to encourage higher attendance at sports events. However, for me it highlighted how few people attend and participate the various events for students put on by on-campus groups such as SAPS. While the poor weather may have had a hand in it, there was a surprisingly low number of students who participated in this past Monday’s water war. I thought this to be one of SAPS’

more clever events and expected to get more soaked by students lurking in bushes than by grey clouds. This was not the first time a nifty event on campus yielded a fairly small turnout. Last semester SAPS hosted a silent disco in New South atrium. The DJ offered both a top 40 station and an alternative station and took student requests in an attempt to avoid alienation of students. In February, the traveling Buskateers graced our campus —thanks to SAPS—and put on two shows, one planned and the other impromptu. While their music may have a more narrowed appeal, I think the artistic musicality and creativity would have been enjoyed by more than the 30 students who showed up. Moving away from just SAPS events, in mid-March, the Visiting Writers Series brought three highly-acclaimed author/musicians to campus. Rick Moody, Joe Pernice and Wesley Stace read excerpts from their various

works and sang solos and duets, even preforming a German version of The Beach Boys’ “In My Room.” Although several emails were sent out about this event and bright teal posters plastered around campus, not even a third of the recital hall was filled. Not to mention the dozens of extremely talented writers the Visiting Writers Series brings to campus whose audience majority is more often than not made up of non-students. While I’ll be one of the first to own up to a certain amount of apathy and laziness, I think the fact that our campus offers stimulating, free events (so don’t give me that “I’m broke” routine) for its students is a luxury we’re taking advantage of. On the other hand, it is not entirely our fault. The advertising on campus is shoddy at best, most recently demonstrated when my roommate asked “Hey are you going to the step show?” to which I responded “What step show?”

Posters are hung on doors that we shove past in attempts to make it to class on time, and student news is a joke—sorry Millsaps. Student news would be more effective run on a loop on the television outside the Caf ’. And while quite a few of the events are covered in The Purple & White, let’s not pretend that any more than half the campus reads it. Last night at 8 p.m., Spencer Nessel put on a Millsaps music showcase featuring students and faculty alike. This was a chance for Millsaps to witness and appreciate the kind of talent we have within the bubble. Tomorrow in the Bowl at 2 p.m. SAPS is throwing a tie dye party and even providing the first lucky students with free white t-shirts. I encourage everyone, myself included, to attend future events and support the students who work hard to make these events available to us.

sassysarcasm It’s entertaining to watch people Facebook creep in class. hipsterindisguise the kava house TV informs me about important things, like how there is a war on reality~ MeowsapsSenior thinking about finding a saw & installing a window in the digital art lab myself #GURLZGOTTABREATHEUKNO tennisbob It is understood that class starts late when it’s pouring cats and dogs outside. thegreekgirl Who waits around for Senioritis anymore? I’ve got a bad case of Sophomoreitis & Im ready for graduation...or summer at least #millsapsprobs MajorCheer Why does everyone in Jackson try to get on the interstate going 35mph? #speedup

loudandproud Six page paper, 2 hours? Challenge accepted. #handlinbusiness MajorMagic Madame, when the clock hits 9:50, you no longer speak French to me.

trollstar When my mother went to Millsaps in 1968, women weren’t allowed to wear pants to class... Uhhh gingerbreadgirl The sounds coming from the AC elevator are not reassuring @millsapsprobs #stilltakingit

thebeardedbard Anyone have return of the king???? I’ll pay you in left over Easter candy! MeowsapsSenior Meowsapsjunior* sororitysophomore There’s nothing like being woken up at 430 by the fire alarm. Good thing there wasn’t a real fire bc it took over 10min 4security 2respond.

thegreekgirl Whoever pees in the showers in Franklin please stop. You are not a homeless woman in a city alley, so use the toilet. #franklinprobs

tennisbob Sorry I’m late. I had to finish a Disney Channel movie. soccersister Making party cups at 2:30 in the morning... #TSM MeowsapsJunior missed class, it’s pouring, and i’m wearing chacos. i hate today. trollstar Do nice restaurants think it’s chic to not have ice in water? Am I missing something here? Am I too American?

pawzthemeowsic Last formal ever. Am I old yet?

PresidentInPink Pasta bar and fried chicken at lunch? Tonight must be “eat your own fingers” night... #millsapsprobs

PikeOnStilts laundry, we meet again. I haven’t seen you in a while

biochemblonde i just don’t understand why OEC is so delicious.

elusivesophomore everyone stop having fun, at least until I finish my paper

sassysarcasm Miss lily just pulled out a water gun. Too much. Made my day.

gingerbreadgirl A migrane on Friday, asleep by 9.15 pm on Saturday. Real crazy way to celebrate the end of #comps.

MajorCheer okay the screaming children that I can hear in the atrium need to LEAVE

hipsterindisguise i never once made legitimate party cups during my time in the bubble


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Compiled by Genny Santos Opinions Editor


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Dear Fisher

Singers inspire romance with “More Amor”

By Misa Pjevac Staff Writer

The Millsaps Singer’s Friday night Concert “More Amor” will offer students a break from the norm. The concert is set for 7:30 p.m. in the AC Recital Hall. The oldest music performance organization at Millsaps College; the Millsaps Singers perform fall, Christmas and two additional concerts every year. The Singers stand out from other colleges by including “a highly diverse repertoire of master works, international and ethnic works and recent addition to the choral repertory” according to the Millsaps Singers website. The group is lead by Dr. Timothy Coker, a Millsaps professor since 1984. Friday’s performance willconsist of German and English music from the Romantic Period, specifically Johannes Brahm’s “Liebeslieder Waltzes.” The “More Amor” concert will be slightly different than what regular at-

tendees are accustomed to. The attire will be different. Junior, Singer Miranda Tucker happily notes, “We get to wear formal dressevening gowns, so we’ll look great!” Junior, Julie Trudel is excited about an additional piano to the performance.

Tucker. Due to their diversity the songs are different than what the SIngers have been used to, causing “trouble with [their pitches].”week, on Monday, April 30th. gowns, so we’ll look great!” Dr. Coker has been working hard with the singers

She says it will make it “new and different.” The pianists for the concert will be Dr. Rachel Heard and Dr. Lynn Raley. For Heard this concert should be memorable because the pieces that will be played from their wedding to Raley. Although the Singer’s are excited to peform such a different concert, practice for it has not been easy says

throughout the semester, everyone is fine tuning their voices and getting continuously better, preparing to perfection. The entire group has practiced so much and is now anxiously waiting for the concert on Friday.




Dear Fisher, My first anniversary with my girlfriend is coming up. She is not particularly girly, so I don’t want to go with the traditional jewelry and roses. I need something more creative. Sincerely, Baffled Boyfriend Dear Baffled Boyfriend, I would suggest taking her out on a date. I know it may seem painfully obviously, but I can guarantee you that if you two have been dating for a year, then you probably don’t go on as many dates as you used to and that she thinks that you do not go on enough dates (even if she will not say it outright). That quality time and specific oneon-one attention is really important and is often overlooked even in comfortable long-term relationships. Going out on a date takes you out of the normal “watching-television-on-the-couch” mode and puts you into the “I genuinely care about you and am invested in your life” mode. Just make sure that you have a specific plan. Know where you are going. There is nothing more frustrating than the “Where should we go?” argument on a special date night. No matter how girly she is, I can almost guarantee that she will appreciate a simple night out. As far as the gift goes, make sure you are specific. Think about her favorite things. What does she like to do with her spare time? What is the one place she requests to go when you two are off campus? Think about the specifics of her likes and dislikes. The last thing you want to

do is give a generic gift that implies that you bought it out of obligation. However, when combined with a thoughtful gift that shows that you know and care about her, there is nothing wrong with sticking to convention as well. If she loves daisies and chocolates, for example, then don’t be afraid to give her daisies and chocolates. But, if you want to go more creative while working in the same vein, you could take her on a walk through the park and pick daisies together and spend time making chocolate-covered strawberries. I know it might sound cheesy, but she may appreciate it. If the sentimental, sappy side of it isn’t your/ her style, then pay special attention to clues. (This might be a good idea to hold onto during dayto-day life as well though.) Since there is a special occasion approaching, chances are that she is leaving subtle or not-so-subtle hints about what she wants you to get her. If she keeps talking about a concert that is coming into town or some shoes that she found at the mall the other day, pick up on those hints. Don’t be afraid to get two tickets to see her favorite band –assuming that she will let you tag along—or the tennis shoes that she has been eyeing. There is nothing wrong with getting her something she alluded to. It actually gives you an advantage. She will know that you listened, and that is definitely bonus. Plus, you know that she will like it. Sincerely, Fisher

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liver Galicki was surprised by his Hall of Fame induction “because,” he says, “the things I have done haven’t been so main stream.” He does remember, though, during his senior year of high school when his dad, Dr. Stan Galicki, presented him with a cutout from The Purple & White about the recently inducted Hall of Fame students. “I think you can be like this one day,” his dad told him. It seems Galicki was destined to be inducted to the Hall of Fame, but his hard work at Millsaps was what got him there. Galicki served as president of the reinstated Kappa Sigma Fraternity chapter.

“It was a lot of work,” he says. “But to the alumni who were a part of the previous chapter, it meant a lot. That’s where

Galicki continued pg. 6

Contact Anna Nations, natioal@millsaps.edu


my Patterson, originally from Homewood, Ala., says she feels honored to receive the award and recognition. Reflecting on others who have received


the award this year and in the past, Patterson says she believes they “are some of the best people I have met. They have good hearts and dedication. It is amazing to be considered to be among those few. It means that other people recognize I put my heart and soul into whatever I do and that I want to be where I am,” she says.

GALICKI PATTERSON Her freshman year, when one of her role models was inducted into the Hall of Fame, Patterson remembers looking at her and thinking “I want to be able to have a life like that.” Patterson has surely created that successful life for herself at Millsaps. Patterson has been involved in the women’s lacrosse program, watching it grow from a club team to a successful varsity sport. She has been an active member of Chi Omega Fraternity where her roles as Panhellenic delegate and secretary gave her lots of opportunities. As a resident assistant, Patterson found a great community of support. She loves giving her residents “an excuse to de-stress during exam time,” she says.

Hall of Fame, a prestigious Millsaps award, is given to four seniors in their final semester. It is a way to honor these Millsaps students for their dedication to the college, the community and their academics and leadership. This year’s recipients are Amy Patterson, Wrijoya Roy, Oliver Galicki and Anne Waldrop.

Patterson continued pg. 6


nne Waldrop says she feels honored to receive such an honor from a school she holds in such high esteem. “I am humbled by it,” she says. “It comes from a school that has really given me everything, and continues to give.” Waldrop, a pre-med student, has displayed her capabilities as a leader, teammate and inquisitive student across many areas during her time at Millsaps. She has been a member of the women’s soccer team for four years. “I wouldn’t take back a second on the field or with the team. It taught me a lot of balance that is going to be invaluable in the future. Along with the practice of being a teammate,” says Waldrop. Waldrop was an active part of the Faith and Work program. “It has really exemplified my Millsaps experience,” she says. “I got to put vocation in my own terms and better express my own feelings on my own life.” Waldrop’s leadership projects in the course brought speakers about Mississippi rural health discrepancy to Millsaps.

Roy took the most pride in the entire Who’s Who ceremony, though. “You really get to know each of your classmates even more,” she says. “Our class has so many brilliant people.” Selected among a group of outstanding students, Roy embodies the meaning of hard work and passion. An active member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, Roy served as the Panhellenic president her junior and senior years. “It was one of the best experiences. I got to branch out and see what Greek life in general has to offer,” she says. Because of her work, she was inducted into the Order of Omega and received the highest Order of Omega scholarship in the nation. “The recognition was, like, wow!” Roy says about her recognition in the Millsaps and national Greek community. Roy was also a part of the Faith and Work program, working at the Jackson Free Press as a photographer and at the counseling center where she developed a love for psychology. Roy’s greatest personal achievement was her success with the Diwali show the past three years. Serving as president of the Millsaps Masala, Roy saw the program grow into something involving the entire camRoy continued pg. 6 pus.


WALDROP R O Y For the past two years Waldrop has participated in researching fiber optics in the chemistry lab. In November Waldrop was able to present her re-

Waldrop continued pg. 6


rijoya Roy admits she did not expect her induction into the Hall of Fame. “It means that I have done something on campus that has definitely left a long, lasting impression,” she says.



Contact Anna Nations, natioal@millsaps.edu

Savelyeva confronts ideal beauty By Madeline Rardin Arts & Life Editor

Senior art major Ksenyia Savelyeva has enjoyed painting since early childhood. She fondly recalls that her “first watercolor set was gone within a week because I was constantly painting.” Now a senior at Millsaps, Savelyeva will among those featured in an art show that open April 23. Savelyeva had made an impact on the Millsaps art world since her freshman year. Her work was featured in both the 2010 and 2011 editions of Stylus, the college’s literary magazine. The 2010 publication featured her painting “Rain,” a three dimensional painting depicting a fashionable woman and her umbrella. Her second piece, “Memories” featured in the 2010 Stylus, was a print piece of a hookah with twisting smoke. In 2011, Savelyeva won the Stylus Editor’s Choice Award for her painting “Ballerina Dream.” A stunning piece, “Ballerina Dream” depicted a ballerina mid performance among a

starry sky similar to Van Gogh’s famous “Starry Nights.” Two additional paintings were featured in the 2011 Stylus,

“Beauty Corrupted #1” and “Beauty Corrupted #2.” Both pieces reflect women’s struggle with body image especially in the fashion industry. Her senior art show’s focus will once again tackle the body image issue. She notes that her inspirations for the show were primarily fashion icon Alexander McQueen, Italian artist Vanessa Beecroft and visual artist Merlin Carpenter. The journey to complete her show hasn’t been easy, Savelyeva says. “The process has definitely been challenging in some ways, especially when trying to figure out the best way to convey my message through my paintings,” she says.

Her senior work is primarily composed of acrylic paints and mixed media such as broken glass, collage and metal. Savely-

eva remarked that her focus of her senior work is “the fashion industry and its destruction of women’s bodies.” Her work is described as being a commentary on the fashion world and the impossible standards that they set in terms of the ideal beauty. “There is a disconnect between the reality and fashions expectations for models,” Savelyeva notes. She says she hopes her work will challenge “viewers to reconsider the stereotypical beauty that is advertised in the media.” After graduation, Savelyeva plans to attend graduate school for a master’s in business administration. The show runs through May 12.

Graduation announcements On the morning of May 12, Millsaps’ senior class will prepare to make the steps that they have long awaited, passing over the sacred Millsaps College seal and walking across the stage as their names are announced. Leading up the even, graduating students –both seniors and graduate students—will attend Commence rehearsal at 2 p.m. on May 11, gathering in the Boyd College Center’s main floor to attend Commencement rehearsal. This event is required for all those graduating students who plan to attend Commencement. Later that evening, graduating seniors are required to attend Baccalaureate service at Galloway United Methodist Church, which is located just a few miles from campus at 305 North Congress Street. United Methodist At 5:15 p.m. the seniors will meet in the church’s courtyard wearing caps and gowns, The Millsaps Singers will be per-

forming. Friends and family members should arrive early, as the sanctuary will be crowed making it hard to find seats. All the seniors and their families are invited to attend the Last Hurrah! Reception after Baccalaureate to celebrate the upcoming graduation. This reception that is hosted by both the Office of Alumni Relations and the Senior Year Experience Committee and located at the South Warehouse at 627 East Silas Brown Street will offer light desserts, punch, coffee and a cash bar. The Commencement ceremony on the twelfth begins at 9:30 a.m. in the Bowl. Seniors will meet at 8:45 a.m. in the Ford Academic Complex atrium dressed in their caps and gowns. Female graduates are expected to wear dark shoes and dark dresses, and the male graduates should wear dark shoes, dark pants and a white shirt. The student speakers who are

still to be determined will be the recipients of the Millsaps College Founder’s Medal and the Frank and Rachel Anne Laney Award. The Millsaps College founder is awarded to the senior with the highest grade point average who also received an excellent his or her comprehensive exams. The Frank and Rachel Laney Award will be given to the senior who wrote the best essay that reflects the impact that a liberal arts education at Millsaps College made to them. After the ceremony, students will return their caps and gowns in the foyer of the first floor of the Academic Complex, then retrieve their diplomas from the atrium of the second floor of the Academic Complex. Graduating students will need to pick up their caps and gowns in the Millsaps College Bookstore from 1:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. on May 9 or from 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. on May 10 and 11.

Phi Beta Kappa welcomes its newest class of inductees National honor society Phi Beta Kappa recently selected 18 new members from Millsaps’ graduating class. The Phi Beta Kappa society was formed in 1776 at the College of William and Mary and today stands as the oldest and most prestigious honorary in the nation. It was founded with the purpose to encourage diverse areas of learning and promote education as understanding rather than simply knowledge. The Alpha Chapter of Mississippi was founded at Millsaps in 1989. In order to be eligible for

membership into Phi Beta Kappa, one must be acquiring a liberal arts degree, have earned a minimum of a 3.7 GPA, have completed a math course of calculus or above and have completed at least an intermediate course in a foreign language. In the seniors’ spring semester, a committee from the Phi Beta Kappa chapter evaluates all the eligible candidate and, based on their credentials, anonymously selects those to be granted membership. The number selected cannot exceed 10 percent of the graduating class.

Congratulations to the class of 2012 Phi Beta Kappa initiates: Kelly Brignac Susanna Drummond Meghan Giurintano Mary Gorham David Guyott Shaka Moody Devon Morris Amy Patterson Jennifer Pickren

Madeleine Porter Megan Redhead James Roach Kailey Rocker Jennifer Serwan Kaitlin Short Margaret Tumminello Anne Waldrop William Webb

6 Contact Kenya Strong Johnston, stronkk@millsaps.edu

Millsaps alumni returns to broaden minds Kristen Lucas Staff Writer

Last week’s Friday Forum featured guest speaker Duncan McCollugh on the “Transgender experience.” The event was sponsored by the women’s and gender studies department and Millsaps’ College Feminists. Millsaps alumnus Duncan McCullough’s speech focused on transgender issues and his own experience in changing genders. McCullough struggled throughout his life in regards to his gender, feeling out of place. It was not until after college graduation when McCollugh

realized that it was best that he go through the gender transition with a hormone regime. More than just a personal story about being transgender, McCullough offered an enlightening perspective on gender and sexuality. McCullough says sex, scientifically is chromosomal. Females have XX and males have XY. McCullough

also noted that the traditional gender binary, male or female does not always work because those who feel in between get left out. Laura Franey, chair of Millsaps women and gender studies department, gave a short presentation on the science of sex. She described that many people are not born into either of these categories. Some people are born neither XX or

XY; instead they are born XXY or XYY. As a transgender man, McCullough described the challenges that many transgender face. He shared statistics on prejudice: unemployment among transgender Americans is double the national average. Nearly all transgender Americans have experienced harrasment on the job and 26 percent have lost their jobs because of being transgender. In addition to discrimination in the workplace, transgender individuals have a high suicide rate. According to the American Bar Association Journal, more than

“41 percent of transgender individuals have attempted suicide.” McCullough expressed the importance that society stop this discrimination. An audience member asked why McCullough decided to stay in his native Mississippi instead of a more liberal environment. McCullough expressed that part of the reason he stays is his job. But more importantly, he says, “Think about the changes I made for myself in a place where I knew it was acceptable. If just one person can change this much, think about what we could do if we all work together.”

Hall of Fame continued Galicki continued from pg. 4

most of the meaning came for me.” Originally not interested in Greek life, Galicki’s experience as a leader helped him see value in something he wouldn’t have otherwise seen. It also helped him understand organization on a close scale, and he knows it will benefit him in the long run. Galick’s best memories and closest friends come from his time as a member of the Millsaps football team. “I enjoyed the teamwork aspect of it,” he says. Unfortunately, due to an injury, Galicki was only able to play for three years. However, when he returned to the field his junior year, he saw how important teamwork was. “The hardest thing was giving it up this year,” he laments about not being able to play his senior year. Regardless, his time with the team helped define his time at Millsaps. Galicki believes his most rewarding work was serving as Honor Council chair. “I feel like it is important to the academic aspect of the school, and ultimately that’s why we’re here,” he says. During his time on the Honor Council, Galicki enjoyed making difficult decisions he knew would have an impact on another’s life. “You really had to learn to get down to the facts,” he says. “And, hopefully, that person can benefit by learning to do their own work.” Galicki feels he learned a lot about working with people with different viewpoints from his own. Already working full time doing computer programming at

St. Dominic hospital, Galicki has been able to apply all that he learned at Millsaps to real life. He still lives on campus as a resident assistant though, saying that “it’s always nice to come back to Millsaps.” He has gotten close to his residents in the past two years and appreciates the group of resident assistants on campus. The close community is one of many aspects of Millsaps Galicki is going to miss. “I think the general small size of the environment and being able to know people and be involved in different things is really special,” he says. “There is a level the students are able to be at and almost expected to be at.” Galicki greatly appreciates the opportunities he has been offered here and says he is nervous for what’s ahead. With the next approximate year of his career lined out, Galicki feels as though his time at Millsaps gave him a degree he can fully utilize along with experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

Patterson continued from pg. 4

Patterson found her greatest Millsaps passion through her Faith and Work minor though. “It was something that drew me to Millsaps,” she says. “When I took (the Meaning of Work) with Steve Smith it rocked my world and part of why I wanted a Ford Fellowship was to work alongside Darby Ray while she taught the class. It was the most challenging class I’ve taken. You have to be thinking about moral and ethical issues…with so many diverse mind sets and academic backgrounds.” Patterson’s Lily Internship landed her at Galloway United

Methodist Church working with homeless men and women. “I was seeing all of these immediate needs,” she reflects on her experience at the church, “but also getting a grasp of these greater systematic issues.” When Patterson discovered her love for helping others, she became involved in different racial reconciliation discussion groups, worked with the 50th anniversary Freedom Riders and found herself involved in the depths of the recent Dream Act. Because of her work with the Faith and Work program, Patterson felt “forced to confront these issues, not just with a “let’s throw money at it mentality.” This fall, Patterson will pursue her passions as she works for Teach for America, stationed in the Mississippi Delta teaching elementary school. Patterson was one of only 310 teachers for the region that were hired this year. “I am nervous,” she admits. “But they have great resources.” Patterson is prepared to succeed in her new endeavor hailing from a passionate career at Millsaps.

Roy continued from pg. 4

“It was a unique experience,” she reflects. “It became a great collaboration of the entire campus. People were excited to do it.” Even with all her accomplishments at Millsaps, Roy says that there was not “any particu-

lar thing that gave me the whole Millsaps experience because my involvement in different things gave me a huge spectrum. All of them made me become a better person.” Roy also contributed much of her success to Millsaps itself. Recently, she traveled to another school for a dance program, and when she returned she realized how thankful she was that she had been at Millsaps. “(At the other school) people were not comfortable being independent on their own,” she says. “People here are so open minded and are strong as leaders to accomplish something on their own. Millsaps definitely gives opportunities to people who want to be active and pushes people to be the best they can be.” After graduation, Roy plans to attend graduate school in pursuit of her Master’s in public health with a concentration in global health. Though undecided, Emory is her top choice school. “I have dreams of working with the Gates and Bill Clinton Foundations because of their strong international health focus,” says Roy.

Waldrop continued from pg. 4

search at a conference in California. “It taught me about the science world outside of undergraduate,” she says. It also inspired her to pursue graduate studies in health. Although she is unsure where she will be attending, Waldrop will be enrolling in medical school in the fall of 2013. First though, she will spend next year studying in Paris. “I was lucky enough to receive a Rotary Ambassadorial scholarship,” she says. “I will be working with a Rotary global health drive for polio eradication.” Waldrop will also be studying French in classes that meet 20 hours every week. Her time at Millsaps has been rewarding, and although Waldrop is thrilled to be pursuing new adventures, she says she will definitely miss the people. “There is a bubble community of learning, giving, teaching that I will never have outside of this. It is a safe haven for all those things,” says Waldrop.


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Beat the heat this summer By Ellen Bouyelas Sports Editor

Washing Your Car If you are stuck around the house this summer, with only the hose and a bucket of water you can cool off and have fun too. If you are like me, I know my younger siblings are always complaining about being bored, so get them involved. By the end of the day you will have a clean car, a nice tan, and some family bonding. There are many other options beyond these few simple ideas to keep active during the months off from school. Take advantage of them, and make your summer the healthiest and most enjoyable it can be.

With summer fast approaching and school sports coming to a close, students need ways to keep active during their months off. In the heat of the season, there are plenty of ways to not only cool off, but let loose some energy as well, whether you are on vacation or at home. Swimming This idea may seem basic and obvious, but swimming in a pool is a great way to exercise. Most of the time it does not even feel like exercise. Games in the pool can range from water volleyball to swimming races to the childhood game of diving for the rings. Long walks along the beach When on vacation, basking and relaxing in the sun is what many prefer. However, a light, brisk walk on the beach with not only get your heart pumping, but the cool ocean waves will help to keep the heat off as well.

Water Parks This more elaborate idea is sure to keep you out of the heat. With waterslides and misters throughout the park, walking around all day is sure not to feel like a hassle. But by the end of the trip, your pedometer will be off the charts.

Water Balloon/Water Gun Fights Get a group of friends together, find an open field or maybe even an area with obstacles. Make rules and establish teams to create the most epic water game that requires players to use tactics and skill.

Major Athlete:


Lauren Barattini


Classification: Freshman Major: Undecided Hometown: Covington, La. Sport/Position: Golf or Tan All Month for $19.95.*

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Ridgeland t Flowood Brandon t Madison

How old were you when you started playing golf?

What is your favorite thing about being the only girl on the golf team?

Freshman year of high school, so when I was about 14 or 15

I like having my own room when we travel, but I like having teammates.

All time favorite golf course?

How do you celebrate after a good round?

TPC Louisiana, Coosa Country Club, Timberlane Country Club, Cottonwoods Country Club, or Money Hill SR-31195

I usually reflect on the good aspects of a round knowing I could do better.


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It’s a wrap: Spring sports coming to a close


Current Record: 16-18, 11-5, SCAC Seniors: Jade Hewitt & Allison Tarbox The Millsaps softball team has made progress on the field and as a team this season. Despite multiple injuries in the beginning of the season, the Majors started off well but experienced a mid-season slump. Recently clenching second seed in the SCAC tournament, shows that the team has gotten back on track. Head Coach Roland Rodriguez says he “gives credit to the players for managing themselves and paying attention to where we wanted to go.” Softball takes on Centenary College at 2p.m. today at Millsaps. The SCAC tournament is the following weekend in Jackson, Tenn .


Men’s Record: 8-8 Women’s Record: 13-4 Women’s Seniors: Elizabeth Meyer & Lauren Williams Men’s Seniors: David Bastian & Beau Hinton The Millsaps tennis teams have had a good season. The men played what Head Coach Jason Box refers to as a “tough season.” He believes though, that the team has done well in spite of the challenging competition. “Our best wins were against Piedmont College, Southwestern University, and LeTourneau University” he says. The men are playing their best tennis right now and expect to finish the season strong,

challenging for a top four spot in the conference tournament. The women’s team has seen one of the best seasons in recent Millsaps history. The women recently beat Rhodes College for the first time in more than ten years and clenched their 13th win for the season which is the most they’ve seen in over a decade. “Like the men,” says Box. “We are playing our best right now and I expect us to challenge for a top four finish.”

Track & Field

Team Seniors: Nate Davis & Kasey Laird The Millsaps track & field team continued to grow during the 2012 season. “The biggest accomplishment,” believes Head Coach Andy Till, “is having very different event groups come together.” The throwers have set the tone at the majority of the meets, coming out strong and putting points on the board. The runners have been setting personal records meet after meet. At Mississippi College, Millsaps entered 28 of 38 events and received 23 personal records. Till has seen his athletes “learn to give their best effort and lay it out there.” The team is still young and are constantly working on seeing the big picture of competing individually in a team sport. “They are finding out how much fun it is to win,” remarks Till. “They are really fighting for the inches and the seconds.”


During their first seasons under the leadership of Head Coach Eddie Brescher, the Millsaps golf teams made strides. The men’s team, a young team consisting primarily of freshmen and sophomores, followed up their successful fall season with a strong spring start. The Majors came in tenth place at the Rome News Tribune Invitational in Rome, Ga. followed by a 23rd place finish at Jekyll Island, Ga. where they competed against the top teams in Division III golf. Most recently, the Majors placed fifth in the West Region Invitational. The women’s team, composed of sole member Lauren Barattini, continued to improve as the season progressed. At the Rome News Tribune Invitational “the women’s course saw Lauren post her career low round of her college career with an 87,” says Brescher. “Curently, both teams are in preparation for the SCAC Championship where we to hope to end our season on a positive note.” Both teams will compete on April 26 in Tunica.

Women’s Lacrosse

Current Record: 3-9, 1-3 SCAC Seniors: Amy Patterson & Laura Gray The team has excelled in its second season as a varsity sport. “We did really, really well,” says Head Coach Tracy Cepnio. “Compared to last season, wow, you can’t even compare it. I am

at a loss for words about how much better we did.” The Majors proved their progression in a positive direction during their last home game against Birmingham Southern that Cepnio believes was the best performance of the season, regardless of the score (11-12). Although the team will not be moving on to the conference tournament, it will wrap up its season this weekend in Sewanee, Tenn.

Men’s Lacrosse

Current Record: 3-9, 2-5 SCAC Seniors: Michael Hiller The Millsaps men’s lacrosse team has seen a year of firsts – first wins, first upsets and first times where it’s really felt like a missed opportunity. “There was a genuine level of passion and excitement,” says Head Coach Luke Beam. “It was nice to see how physically and mentally though we were.” The Majors really learned to fight through anything. The game against Rhodes College that was the team’s first home win and also its first conference win, proved its ability to fight. Millsaps came back with less than a minute in the game to score two back to back goals to take the win. “It was a tremendous team and individual effort,” says Beam. He is

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excited to see what next season will bring. The Majors play their final games against Hendrix and Colorado College this weekend on Harper Davis Field.


Current Record: 23-12, 8-3 SCAC Seniors: Jules Roussel, Drew Leonard, Ryan Zemke, Jordan Nolan, Drew Respess, Andrew Evans, Alex Granier As explained by Head Coach Jim Page, every member of the Millsaps baseball team embodied what it means to be a teammate this past season. “When I look back on 2012,” says Page, “the word ‘unselfish’ is what will stand out. Looking at the season overall, I couldn’t be more proud of the our guys and how they have battled and gone about this whole year.” With the number of new people and spots the team had this year, there is success behind where it is currently standing. This past Tuesday night Millsaps won the Maloney Trophy in their final game against Belhaven University. In their final conference game this weekend, Page believes the Majors can be the first conference team to beat Birmingham Southern College this season. “Every guy on the team is the ultimate teammate,” he says. “They are all prepared to perform whenever their number is called.”