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Lady Majors: 18-2

Drummond unfolds “Generational Anecdotes.”


Got a question? Fisher’s got an answer.


Two years ago, the Lady Majors basketball were a team that was reduced to freshmen, was 1-24 and at the bottom of the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference. Now, the Lady Majors are 18-2 (10-1 SCAC) and have already clinched a spot in the SCAC tournament. Coach Winkelman is working alongside his athletes in a journey of success. However, this journey is not over. The team is back home at The Hangar Dome for the next two weeks playing at 6pm on Feb. 3 against Birmingham-Southern College, 1pm on Feb. 5 against Oglethorpe University and at 3pm on Feb. 11 against Rhodes College.

The absurdity of Newt Gingrich’s Campaign trail

The death of Joe Paterno stirs fond memories.

Commentary by Madeline Rardin Arts & Life Editor


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ewt Gingrich’s foolish rants and recent scandals are not going to help him win the Republican nomination for the 2012 race. Gingrich is already haunted by a history of infidelity and failed marriages, but his ex-wife’s re-

cent accusation, claiming that he asked his former wife for an open marriage, has only further hindered his chances of becoming the Republican nominee. Gingrich added fuel to the fire by handling the situation with a complete lack of grace. After being confronted with the accusations in the Jan 19 Southern Republican Presidential Debate by CNN moderator John King, Gingrich responded with anger. “I think the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country, harder to attract decent people to run of for public office and I am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that,” Gingrich says. His inability to comment on the recent scandal without

throwing a temper tantrum further proves that he would be incapable of handling the Republican nomination or the presidency. Gingrich’s three failed marriages and history of infidelity did not deter him from commenting on the importance of preserving heterosexual marriage. The website Right “Wing Watch” was able to obtain excerpts of a conference call headed by Jim Garlow and other religious right wingers in which Gingrich states, “The effort to create alternatives to marriage between a man and a woman are perfectly natural pagan behaviors, but they are a fundamental violation of our civilization.” Dawn Turner Rice of the “Chicago Tribune” highlights Gin-

grich’s blatant racial profiling when he says,“(African-Americans) should demand paychecks instead of food stamps.” Finally Gingrich, managed to paint himself as utterly incapable of showing compassion in regards to child labor laws and poverty. While visiting Harvard University, Gingrich said that child labor laws are “truly stupid.” Needless to say, his actions on the campaign trail have made him appear more as a tabloid celebrity than a possible Republican nominee. If Newt Gingrich has any desire to actually gain the position of Republican presidential nominee, he needs to stop making sensational comments and start appealing to the interests of the American people.



The Sophistry of American War rights if they’re not willing to

By Kyle Howe Contributer

In 2007, Catherine Ryan and Gary Weimberg directed a political documentary titled “Soldier’s of Conscience.” In this film, made with official permission from the U.S. Army, eight American soldiers are profiled: four who believe its their duty to kill if necessary, and four who have decided, since joining the military, to become conscientious objectors. Maj. Peter Kilner, a philosophy instructor at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, provides the backbone of the “justness” of war argument propounded by the American military, and it’s his polemic philosophy I ultimately take issue with in light of America’s past and present military operations. I would like to interrogate Kilner’s central argument on the morality of killing in war. He believes a person cannot say he or she believes in human

defend them. He further explained his position by use of the Good Samaritan parable. In the story, Kilner commended the Good Samaritan for stopping to help. However, he entertained the notion: What if the Good Samaritan had travelled earlier, witnessing the man actually being assaulted? What then would the Good Samaritan have done? Would it be more just to watch the man get attacked than offer help or intervene to protect the man from an attack altogether? Kilner believes the more noble thing to do is to step in and protect the victim, injuring or killing the perpetrator(s) if necessary. In the parable told by Jesus in the Gospel of Luke, the Good Samaritan “soothed his wounds with medicine . . . and took care of him.” While proponents for the moral use of lethal violence have adopted language like “defend,” “protect” and “responsibility” to cushion their justification for killing, it’s evident this language is being used deceptively to advance less honorable agendas that otherwise might be questioned. The U.S. military justifies nearly every military operation in just war theory language using terms—“OperaWar Continued - pg 5

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Diversity: is it black T HE and (mostly) white? P URPLE

By Mo Wilson Contributor

It’s the time of year when admissions counselors are telling prospective students what makes Millsaps College better than all the other schools they’re considering. We’re all probably familiar with the catchphrases that they use: small family atmosphere, personal attention from professors and a diverse student body. Except the diverse student body isn’t so diverse. I remember hearing about what a “diverse student body” this school had when I was applying. Since I came from a semiurban public school in Atlanta, I wasn’t expecting to arrive at the pinnacle of integration once arriving at Millsaps, a school in Jackson, Mississippi. So, I wasn’t necessarily surprised when I saw how many students were white, but I was a little disappointed.

Millsaps is very open-minded, liberal place, especially considering how conservative Mississippi is. However, anyone can see that this is a predominantly white school. Millsaps may have a lot of great things, but ethnic diversity is not one of them. In each of my classes there will be maybe one or two students who are black, if there are any at all, not to mention the even fewer number of Asian or Hispanic students whose representation is shockingly low. With many of the black students on campus involved in sports, they tend to socially hang out almost exclusively with eachother which causes further separation between the black and white people. Instead of a mix of students throughout the Caf ’, there is an all black table and a couple of black students sprinkled throughout the fraternity tables. This Caf ’ situation seems to be the same with regard to the Asian students. Something that further shows the lack of diversity on campus is the Greek system. While there are a couple of minority students that are in the five main fraternities on campus, the status of the black sororities and fraternities

hipsterindisguise I’m dressed like a robber and I’m going grocery shopping #dryweek sororitysophomore printing 120+ pages from the library right now. don’t judge me sassyfratstar Watching freshmen use the Meltemp in lab is like watching a baby gazelle walk for the first time loudandproud If I nod at the things you say and make eye contact with your good eye a few times, you’ll totally think I’m taking notes. #millsapsprobs biochemblonde Um. Yes, I can her you whispering through the halls of new south.

MillsapsProbs Should I be offended that no one’s ever tried to get me anywhere near the M bench? #ImAttractive…Right? #millsapsprobs seniorsrock Gin o’clock @parlormarket with friends galore marks a beautiful beginning of the end of a senior year at Millsaps. #jacktownforever ThatKidInPlaid I was in a bad mood and then I saw a s**tload of squirrels in the bowl, so that was cool. babyhandz I put a dollar into the drink machine for a Diet Coke, but it gave me a regular Coke instead. #FirstWorldProblems elusivesophomore brushing my teeth with brown water was definitely the perfect start to my day #fixfranklin

hipsterindisguise Major Access outrage at 5pm

sweaters. There’s a laundry thief up in ezelle hall.

MeowsapsSenior got to the library & opened my laptop, forgetting that I had been watching black swan at the highest possible volume. uhhhhhoops

artsysenior How does anyone stay awake in this library?

biochemblonde Getting whiplash in the caf due to looking at the door every time it opened. @MillsapsProbs seasonalsenior If I could major in napping, that would be just lovely. @ MillsapsProbs Not-Really-Redhead Putting off doing homework by doing other homework that is less excruciating. #IAmDefinitelyBackatSchool FroBro hide your pants, hide your shorts, and hide your ugly

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Diversity Continued - pg 5

#definitelybackatschool: A tweet cycle Compliled by Genny Santos Opinions Editor



elusivesophomore my laptop has recovered from its virus but the only things it won’t let me do is go on facebook or twitter. it’s like it knows what’s best. sportyinpink You know it’s going to be a good weekend when you lose your debit card on a thursday night. #collegelife gingerbreadgirl Dinner and a show?! Oh millsaps how you spoil me. #buskateers #kavahouse babyhandz My mom just told me she wore my old prom dress to a party last night… #whatthewhat?!

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Students present toilet paper clothing and bookpage crowns By Douglas Kennedy Contributor

Have you ever wanted to ignore those bolded “PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH” signs in art galleries and touch the art anyway? As if that weren’t enough, have you been hankering to see what your artistic friends have been doing on the mysterious third floor of the AC? Well, now is your chance to both handle art objects and quell your curiosity. On display now in the Lewis Art Gallery of the Ford Academic Complex is the annual juried student show and studio art major Sue Carrie Drummond’s honors project titled Generational Anecdotes. “The student show gives us a chance to show off the work of our talented students once a year in a gallery setting,” says Jonathan Webb, director of the Lewis Art Gallery. “Most of the shows come from established artists(…)for many students this is their first chance to have their pieces featured which always makes for a fun,

exciting, and interesting exhibit.” Visitors to the show may find themselves looking at more traditional oil paintings or photographs, or they may end up in front of a hand sewn mustache dress. “One thing is for sure,” says Webb, “It’s obvious that the students included in this year’s exhibit are highly creative, seriously talented, and putting a lot of thought into the pieces they’re making.” “Generational Anecdotes portrays the warmth and tenderness in family relationships, as well as the darker moments that tend to hide beneath the conversation,” says Drummond, a senior. Her work—which is exhibited in the “Emerging Space” within the Lewis Art Gallery—

is part of the honors program, which requires the student to fill half of the gallery as well as complete a pa-

Genny Santos

Millsaps students offer a wide variety of media in the current student art show.

per related to their work. Drummond says, “The project began as a reflection of absence” which has molded into an homage to connections and differences between families. She presents her works in the forms of boxes and books that require the visitor to gently handle them in order to delve deeper into the meaning of the works.

A true masterpiece: Downton Abbey

By Madeline Rardin Arts & Life Editor

“Downton Abbey” is just what America needed, a divergence from the all too common trashy reality TV. “Downton Abbey” is a part of PBS’s Masterpiece Classic series that has produced such hits such as “Upstairs”,” Downstairs”, “Wuthering Heights” and “Rebecca.” The series premiered fall in the United Kingdom and became an instant success in the United States with its premiere in 2011. Alessandra Stanely of “The New York Times” reports that the show’s success was a surprise to the producers who originally viewed the showing as only being a miniseries. Stanley writes that Julian Fellows, the mastermind of “Downton Abbey”, has decided to add more seasons to the smash hit much to the delight of the growing fan base. The PBS Masterpiece Theater website describes the series as centering on the life of the Crawley family as they deal with

the difficulties World War I. “Downton Abbey” highlights the interaction of the family with their servants while exposing the lives of the help as well. The show includes a host of tal-

These books and boxes “entice the viewer with curiosity, everyone wants to go through boxes, journals, etc, to dis-

Times” reporter Aimee Lee Ball writes about “Downton Abbey” themed viewing parties that have been sweeping the nation. These parties are a serious matter for those involved in which the stereotypical English tea and biscuits are served and faux tiaras adorn eager fans’ heads. Publishers and other booksellers have hopped on the Downton Abbey bandwagon by generating reading lists that appeal to fans of the show. Julie Bosman, “New York Times” reporter highlighted the marketing being generating by including a pubContributed lishers take. “We’re just ridented actors such as Dan ing that ‘Downton Abbey’ Stevens, Elizabeth McGovern, wave,” said Stephen Morrison Hugh Bonneville and perhaps the head of Penguin Books. the most widely known MagMorrison states, “I think gie Smith as noted by the PBS the story lends itself to great Masterpiece Theater website. television, but it is also the Abbey’s success is par- themes of great literary writtially due to its popular- ing with all the twists and ity among a wide age range. turns in the characters.” Adam Kepler of “The New York “Downton Abbey” seems to Times” reported that the hit delight the American audihad a significant growth in the ence’s fascination with English 18-to-49-year-old demograph- aristocracy. Tune in on PBS ic according to Nielsen data. at 9 p.m. on Sunday nights. The series has become such an instant success that “New York

cover just what is inside the container” says Drummond.

For her, the process was rewarding, as she was able to discover that families are different but all experience similar situations. Fellow art major junior Suzanne Glemot is “very excited to see Sue Carrie’s art come to life”, and hopes that people will come interact and take part. “It’s great to see people outside of the department participating(…)there are some very creative pieces that I hope people will take the time to appreciate,” says Glemot. The show runs through Feb. 11. The gallery talk and award ceremony will be held at 2 p.m. tomorrow in the Lewis Art Gallery, and Drummond’s honors presentation will be held at 3 p.m. Feb.10.

The Descendants By Josh May Contributor

Rarely does one go to the theater and leave deeply touched by the story. The Descendants is one of those rarities. In this film, the audience travels to Hawaii where landlord Matt King, played by George Clooney, tries to reconcile and reconnect with his two daughters after his wife goes into a coma following a boating accident. Clooney gives us another performance of a lifetime. I was completely mesmerized at his portrayal of a grieving husband, his wit in handling some of the difficult situations after his wife’s accident and the secret that she kept that is soon discovered. Shailene Woodley plays Clooney’s foul-mouthed, sharp-witted daughter, Alex. Woodley has come a long way from her ABC Family drama “Secret Life of the American Teenager.“ She holds her own alongside Clooney, and her performance is best part of the film apart from Clooney’s. Scotty King playing the youngest daughter gives the film some of both bursts of comedy as well as one of its most heartbreaking moments when

she says goodbye to her mother. Other cast members give good performances including Beau Bridges as Matt’s cousin, Matthew Lillard as a Hawaiian realtor with a connection to King’s wife and Judy Greer as Lillard’s wife. The production values of the film are gorgeous. The on-location sites in Hawaii are absolutely breathtaking. Alexander Payne’s directing techniques are flawless. The best scene, is when, after hearing her mother is set to die, Woodley sinks in her swimming pool to release her emotions. The execution of the scene and camera work is exquisite. The film is nominated for five Academy Awards including Best Contributed Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor for George Clooney. The film also won two Golden Globe Awards, Best Picture - Drama and Best Actor - Drama, on Jan 15. I feel that it’s going to be a tight race for Best Picture between this film and “The Artist,” with the Best Actor race even tighter with Brad Pitt for “Moneyball.” “The Descendants” certainly ranks as one of the best movies of 2011, directly behind “The Artist. “ I highly recommend this movie. You do not want to miss out on this one. “The Descendants” receives four out of four stars.



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Fisher Paris haute couture springs knows best: forward for 2012 Hope for the hopeless

By Abed Haddad

more youthful rendition of masculine silhouettes and classic pieces. Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci: Tisci maintains the edge

fabrics and heavy detailing. The most striking of looks is a sort of half skirt, adorned with silver crystals and fine fringe with an attached, one shoulder chain strap, un-

ravani, opting for a more ethereal and soft looks. News Editor And this collection was no different. Every year around this Inspired by Marie Antime, Ateliers send down the toinette’s life as an Ausrunway innovative and distrian princess tinct looks. through a This time of year surrealis particularly reist lens, served for the Paris Chiuri Haute Couture and Picshows. Each of these cioli sent designers invests an down a set of ample amount of looks that detime designing each fine the stanof these looks, paydard of haute ing particular attencouture. tion to detail and One gown craftsmanship. And of elegant orthis year was no ganza in floral exception, sending pattern took down an extravagant more than display of artistry. 1,000 hours of Here is a look at labor to comsome of the standplete, reesout collections for Contributed the Spring Haute Designers’ newest collections wait for their debut on the runways of Paris tablishing the couture stanCouture 2012. fashion week. dards of some Bouchra Jarrar: of the most reThis collection is not what with which he reinvented der which the model wore a spected of couturiers, such one would expect from a as Cristobal Balenciaga and couture show. A strong ar- Givenchy by presenting 10 simple, fitted tank top. The mixing of soft and Pierre Balmin. ray of looks, with structured strong looks that represent strong elements was a maBeaded gowns with golden tailoring, leather accents the brand today. Tisci’s carnal aesthetic is jor theme, as Tisci adorned touches moved with fluidity and a refined palette of pale roses, pewters, slates and apparent from the first look: the models with large nose down the runway, displaydeep forest greens. A loose A long skirt with a compli- rings, ones that resemble In- ing the workmanship of the blouson paired with a fluid menting long sleeve top with dian opulence of the 1550s. Rome-based atelier. Perhaps, the most strikskirt in one look contrasts attached pseduo-peplum, all A thoroughly modern colwith the architecturally tai- made by piecing together lection that challenges the ing of looks was the beaded lored jackets and coats made crocodile scales one by one institution of haute couture. silk and tulle top paired Valentino: with crisp white trousers, a from Shetland wool. Jarrar to mimic the natural look of Designer duo, Maria Gra- testament to structured taiplaces an emphasis on sepa- the animal. Similar to his past collec- zia Chiuri and Pier Paolo loring in a sea of tulle and rates, presenting the collection as a compliment to the tions, Tisici limits his pal- Piccioli, has reinvented the organza. conservative direction of ette to neutrals, concentrat- image of Valentino after the fashion today, opting for a ing on the richness of the departure of Monsieur Ga-

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Dear Fisher, I have a problem: a live-in boyfriend. One little problem, it’s not my boyfriend. He’s my roommate’s. How do I approach the situation since he always overstays his welcome? It’s just awkward, but I don’t want to be the mean about it. Any ideas?


Sincerely, NotHisGirlfriend Dear NotHisGirlfriend, Your concern is definitely justified. Number one: If him staying over is making you uncomfortable, then that is not alright. Number two: If he is staying over past visiting hours, then that is against the rules. When approaching the situation, you just need to be straightforward with your roommate. Tell her that it is not ok with you that her boyfriend is always around, but make sure to stay open and really listen to what she has to say. To be honest, she might not even realize that it is a problem. Just bringing it up to her might be enough. If just bringing it up isn’t enough for her to tell him that he needs to sleep somewhere else, then setting up ground rules for the room might be a good option. You might suggest that she spend some time over at his dorm room while you are doing homework or when you should be sleeping or designates times when you know you will want to be in the room alone. She may not be receptive of the idea, but it is worth a try at least for your sanity. If it is an issue that he is always around and you cannot talk to just her, then make a point to let her know that you need to talk to just her. Alone. The last thing you want is for him to be sitting around while you tell her that her inconsiderate, sleazeball of a boyfriend can’t live with you anymore. Just be prepared in case thing go awry. There is the possibility that she will not take it well. But, if this happens, know that you shouldn’t be afraid to call your R.A. That is what they are there for: to help solve disputes. He or she may be able to help calm things down. You might even consider talking to your R.A. before trying to talk to her to see what the policies are and to make sure that what she is doing is, in fact, against the rules. Hopefully, she will respect your opinions and concerns enough to remedy the situation. But really, the worst thing that could happen would be that one of you moves out, and that might not be all that bad because if that is the case, then your problem is taken care of twofold. The boyfriend is out of the picture, and you have your own room. Sincerely, Fisher If you would like to receive a response from Fisher, please email your question to natioal@millsaps.edu



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bu M m i l p Tr s er lsa ip ay st ps s & it ic k a tra ll: ers ve ls

be Tak wh en, e a at wh loo we at k a ’ve we t w ex ’ve he pe se re rie en w nc an e’ve ed d .

War contined from pg. 2 Cause,” “Operation Iraqi Freedom” and “Operation Enduring Freedom”—that will pacify the American constituents, painting America as the Good Samaritan of the world. In a 2001 article by the “progressive” Howard Zinn, an American social activist, he gives his opinion on the justness of war in Afghanistan. He reports that “twice, US planes bombed Red Cross warehouses” by mistake. A Red Cross spokesman said in response that “now we’ve got 55,000 people without food and blankets, with nothing at all.” Zinn continues with more documentation of the destruction of the city of Kandahar, which was “attacked for seventeen straight days,” with more than “500,000 people fleeing the bombs.” Zinn accurately deduces that

“the war on terrorism has become a war against innocent men, women and children, who are in no way responsible for the terrorist attack on New York.” American armed forces, framed as the Good Samaritan, ostensibly intervene to “protect the innocent and defend the human rights of the victim,” as Kilner would advocate. However, they do so with ruthless and indiscriminate force. I In attempting to “protect the innocent,” the Good Samaritan has now injured, maimed and/ or killed everyone else who happens to be traveling on the road that day. Inevitably, due to this aggressive and excessive use of violence, the Good Samaritan usually ends up killing the victim it was purported to protect. Kilner’s specious use of the Good Samaritan story to validate America’s military aggression is hypocriti-

cal and detached from reality. In direct response to America’s definition of a moral war, I also conscientiously object. Diversity contined from pg. 2 troubles me. ese organizations operate largely out of the public, or white, eye of campus. e black fraternity, whose name an average student cannot remember, does not have a house on campus, and the black sororities lack a lodge. is diminishes their presence on campus, a campus where about 60 percent of the population is Greek and where most socializing takes place at the frat houses. e Greek party scene is even whiter. Except for the couple of members who are racial minorities, the black and other minority students on campus do not normally attend the frat parties. I rarely see a black per-

son at a fraternity house unless it is one of the few black members of that fraternity. Now, the fact that Millsaps does not have as a diverse student body as it sometimes claims is not a death sentence. No matter how good our intentions may be, Millsaps is an expensive liberal arts school located in Mississippi. e lack of diversity on campus is not surprising, but it is troublesome. I would encourage Millsaps students, faculty members, admissions counselors, Greek members and anyone else who has an interest in this campus to start thinking about how we could make this campus more inclusive and diverse. Talk to minority students to hear their ideas about it and really listen to what they have to say. ey have a perspective that you may not, and it is important to listen to their

voice when considering race. In the meantime, stop referring to Millsaps as a “diverse campus.” It’s not.

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Positive retention rates require student input By Sara Sacks

we try to respond to issues that students have expressed to us.” When asked if responses to the surveys are conducive to Within the past three years at retention plan efforts Langley Millsaps College there has been responds that not enough stua great rise in the retention rate dents participate in the surveys. of students. From a 78% reten“We always want more responstion rate in the fall of 2008 to es than we get,” an 88% in the Langley laughs. fall of 2010, this She urges stu10% increase is dents to help impressive to the faculty to create faculty and stua more retendents at Millsaps. tive atmosphere However, this for students. past semester has “Any student seen a drop with may call or email figures still being Martha Lee for an determined by appointment to Millsaps faculty. meet with Dean So, what is it Katz to talk about about our bewhat’s on there loved instituminds,” she adds. tion that has Langley brings recently driven up an interesting students away? point; “We could And, what can Contributed have the greatwe do as Mill- From left to right: Previously a member of the class of 2014, Randall Bolden; transfer student advisor, Janet Langley; est professors saps citizens to and recent transfer from Montana to Millsaps, Rose DeVries. and the greatensure our institution’s survival? here. It was definitely the aca- grades, financial troubles and rience at Millsaps College. I met est curriculum in the world. Faculty and students demics and the feel of Mill- choosing a major not offered at friends that will always be in my But, without our students, have varying answers. saps that made me decide the school can attribute to a stu- life. However, I feel that Millsaps we wouldn’t be a college.” Similarly, it is part of those Junior Rose DeVries, a trans- to come here,” say DeVries. dent’s decision to stay or leave. still has some growing to do.” However, she understands Randall Bolden, a sophoLangley attests that Mill- students’ responsibility to voice fer student from Montana, describes her overall experi- that many students at Mill- more now at Ole Miss, says saps is trying to aid this any opinion they think may ence at Millsaps thus far as saps do not share her fascina- he left Millsaps because the growing process constantly. benefit the institution that “We are always working on re- is working to shape them as “overwhelmingly positive”. tion for the South. She says theater major was cancelled. Before his decision to leave, tention,” says Langley. “In fact, scholars and human beings. The year before her transfer that most of the students she Bolden met with the president we are in the process of writing to Millsaps, Devries read “Gone has talked to who transferred with the Wind” by Margaret away have not had a problem of the college, Dr. Robert Peari- a new retention plan. SomeMitchell from which she derived with academics, but just want to gen, and many other theater times Student Life will do stuher “captivation with the idea “get the hell out of Mississippi.” majors who faced similar issues. dent satisfaction surveys, and Contributor

of the South,” and which influenced her decision to transfer. However, Mitchell’s version of the antebellum south was not the only influence in this junior’s decision. “If I wouldn’t have liked Millsaps, I wouldn’t have come

Janet Langley, transfer student advisor, says there are many different reasons students decide to transfer from the college. “A big reason,” says Langley “is that students from far away want to be back closer to home.” This and other issues such as

“The meeting proved that the president and faculty were not sure how they were planning to solve our problems,” says Bolden. Despite the fact that Bolden felt the need to transfer schools in order to persue his theater degree, he says, “I had a great expe-

Modern day Titanic: love story included By Carpenter Stevens Contributor

Safety is one of the biggest concerns with sailing the seas on cruise ships. Travelers go on cruises trusting they are safe and secure. However, in the wake of the capsizing of a Costa Cruises ship near the coast of Giglio, Italy on Jan. 13 has some reconsidering safety on the seas. “The capsizing has made me fearful of going on another cruise,” says Millsaps freshman Christina Tilton. Emma Mitchell, also a freshman, went on a cruise for her senior trip this past May. “Even though the accident happened, I will still go on cruises because these types of accidents are very rare and unlikely to happen most of the time,” she said. “I am not put off by cruise ships because of the accident, I just think that the cruise lines have some work to

do to make sure these accidents do not keep occurring.” While accidents are rare, cruise liners are making a more thorough effort to make sure that there are safety precautions for any s i t u a t i o n . One hundred years after the Titanic sank, some travelers still fear sinking. The cruise ship Costa Concordia began taking on water after hitting rocks off the Italian coastline. The ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino, said in a statement to CNN reporters that

he was pressured by some of the ships managers to steer the ship to an area where collisions had previously occurred. However, the cruise line and its affiliates are criticizing the captain’s behavior. When the ship began to sink, the captain fled on a life raft and was then ordered back to his ship. Later, in another interview with CNN, Schettino said that he

was tossed into the water even though p r e v i ously he admitted to abandoning the sinking ship and its passengers. The lack of precaution and preparedness of Graphic by Sonum Sanjanwala the Costa Cruises staff is coming under fire by news sources everywhere such as CNN, USA Today and The New York Times. Fear resulting from the Costa Concordia accident is likely to hurt the $29.4 billion cruise industry. Among the sad tales of this ac-

cident is that of Jerry and Barbara Heil of Minneapolis. Devote Catholics and volunteers; the elderly couple saved their entire life for a cruise. They were described by their church community to Huffington Post reporter Patrick Condon as “kind and good people that brought fudge on Christmas.” Those sentiments are what keep the couple’s four children hopeful that their parent’s bodies will be found. “We are waiting patiently for the rescuers to safely try to find our parents. Our prayers and thoughts are with our parents,” said a family friend who was reporting on behalf of the family. Daughter Sarah Heil, tells WBBM radio in Chicago, “They raised four kids and sent them all to private school, elementary to college, so they never had any money. When they retired this was to be a big deal- a 16-day trip. They were really excited”.



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Olympic dreams

Kenya Strong Johnston Editor-in-Chief

Although they’re still months away, the excitement of the upcoming Olympics is growing daily. The biannual prospect of international community sends a tingle of hope through the lives of people everywhere. Every year I watch the Olympics on television (praying that one day I will be in attendance). I cannot help but be in awe at the thought of how many other people are watching the same exact thing as me. How cool is it that in those moments of transfixion to a screen, we all put aside our differences and become engrossed in a close finish, a tragic loss or an underdog win? Here in the United States, we currently boast the most medals (110) won in the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing. The Chinese came in a close second with 100 medals. Thinking about this race for medal circles though, it appears that

the Olympic games are so much more. To the people of the world they are a chance to understand a global commitment to not only their countries, but also their passions and hope that they too can be represented on a world stage. The Olympics bring a chance to those “common” to become world-class athletes. They bring a chance for 10 minutes of fame. They offer a global opportunity to support your country in a non-political, worry free way. The Olympic games bring to the world a threemonth commonality that shields us all, momentarily from evils of the world. Our news becomes joyous and filled with inspiration. Our conversations turn from opinions on Obama to the strength of Michael Phelps. Of course, (and unfortunately) “evils” still continue but for that period of time they do not prevail, leaving everyone with a new sense of ease and freedom. As the dawn of the London Games emerges ever clearer on the horizon, it is my goal to take the excitement and passion that is found during those months and apply it now, to my life. By no means do I wish to ignore those things important in our world, but more to translate that feeling of awe and ease into my conversations, my thoughts, and my actions.

Joe Pa’s living legacy Commentary by Andrew Rafferty

not only on the field, but also in the community. Paterno won 409 football games during his Penn Sate coaching career, placing him as the all time leader for wins in the Football Bowl Series. He also led the Nittany Li-

cially after his death. Students, faculty, friends and community members gathered around Contributor the contributed statue on the Penn State campus to wish PaCoach Joe Paterno, or “Joe terno a peaceful passing and Pa” to most, ranked among mourn the loss of a great man. the best football coaches ever. Amid the confusion of the The legendJerry Sandusky ary Penn State case, Paterno was football coach diagnosed with gave everything severe lung canhe could to crecer. The diagnoses ate a successful came only 65 days football proprior to his death; gram and imhowever, many prove the lives believe emotional of the young turmoil was truly men he coached. the death of him. Paterno’s passFormer Florida ing on Jan. 22 State Univeroccurred only sity coach Bobthree months by Bowden was after being quoted on ESPN. fired from his “You can die head coachfrom hearting position. Contributed break and I am At age 85, Pa- Joe Paterno’s contributed statue at Penn State certain that is terno was caught University where many mourned his passing. what happened in the unforgivons to 37 bowl games, two nato Joe Pa, ” says Bowden. ing details of the Jerry Santional title appearances and With the success Paterno had dusky child sex-abuse scandal. He was plastered across news sent more than 250 players to on the field, it is a shame that he stations and magazine cov- the National Football League. will be remembered, by some, However, Paterno did not for the reason he was fired. ers for the last months of his When looking back, people life. Allegation after allega- only contribute on the field. To many, he was a backbone should be able to commend his tion brought plenty of negaof the Penn State community. accomplishments and successes tive attention that surely left Even those who did not at Penn State and elsewhere. lasting impressions for some. attend the university recJoe Paterno is easily one of Even amid the chaos, ognized Paterno as both a the greatest football coaches. Paterno’s accomplishleader and an inspiration. It is too bad that is not how he ments are hard to overlook. The widespread support and will be remembered by most. In his previous 46 years at recognition was apparent, espePenn State he was a strength


What do you think... Who will win the Super bowl?

Tim Gillis Junior “Giants. Manning.”

Edna Chukwuemeka Freshman “I’d have to say Giants, because I saw them play and they have way cuter players.”

Adi Sabharwal Senior “I think the Patriots, but it’s going to be a close game.”

Logan Dukes Sophomore “Patriots, because Tom Brady is hot!”

Ghali Haddad Freshman “Dude, Giants. Because Bill Belichick is an a**hole. I mean jerk.”


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Majors develop family atmosphere “Team bonding is an understatement” By Ellen Bouyelas Sports Editor

Millsaps track and field has a challenging season ahead of it this year. With the program so new and a small number of athletes on the team compared to competitors, the ultimate goal of winning conference will take enthusiasm and willpower from the players. Even with this in mind, the team seems more determined to succeed than ever. “I think our program is a very young program. I do think that we have a lot of potential if we all stick to the program in the upcoming years,” says Freshman sprinter and hurdler Shane Harrington. “It is great because Coach Andy Till is the driving force to inspire us all to be our best and work hard towards a common goal.” Harrington says his biggest personal goal is to try and benefit from the team in as many ways as possible, whether through points or helping the team grow.

Genny Santos

Preparing for the season ahead of them, the Millsaps track and field team is training daily and focusing on building positive team chemistry.

“It is definitely something special you don’t see on every track team,” Senior thrower Kasey Laird says of the team’s growth. “We pride ourselves on the fact that we support each other on every event.”

“Team bonding is an understatement; we are a family,” Harrington states. “We all come together twice a week for practices as well as eat in the Caf together after practice. This past weekend we

all went to the reservoir to play ultimate Frisbee. The little things are what make us stand out, and our close-knit team is the heartbeat of our program.” The two athletes agree that

the constant goal for each team member is to continue bonding, and also to keep breaking personal records and accumulating points in each meet. Laird points out that she would love to see the women this year place higher than fifth place like they did last season. Harrington says the athletes’ strength this year is that they want to see the team succeed so badly they push each other to do the best they can. They are dedicated and train hard, and he cannot wait for all of their hard work to pay off this season, he says. Laird echoes, “As a team we have a lot of people who are ready to dig in and give all that they can. Pretty much everyone is buying into the program. They would do anything coach told them to do. We trust him. We trust each other.” The track team will be hosting a 5K run on Feb. 11 as a fundraising event. A table is set up in front of the Caf or forms are also available in the athletic office for anyone interested in signing up.

Major Athlete: Janice Okeke Classification: Senior Sport: Basketball Hero stats: 9.9 points per game 10.3 rebounds per game 35 steals 24 blocked shots


1. If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be? The United States Surgeon General 2. If you were a super hero what would your super powers be? The ability to be invisible and fly 3. What is your favorite movie? Remember the Titans and Brown Sugar 4. Ultimate goal in life: To have a fulfilling career in health care. At the moment I’m shooting for state epidemiologist or some field in preventive medicine.

5. If you had six months to live, what would you do before you died? Forgive those who have done things to me that I thought were unforgivable; and do 3 good deeds a day even if it’s as simple as making someone smile! 6. Plans for after graduation: I’m planning on going to graduate school and getting a Maters in Public Health 7. If you inherited a million dollars and were forced to spend it in a week, what would you do with the money? I would travel to Nigeria; make sure my family is taken care of financially, especially my baby brother; and give the rest to cancer research.