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Special Contributor Article The Right Way And Wrong Way To Generate Leads


Informational Article You Are Not Your Customer: 3 Fatal Mistakes


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Informational Article 12 Infusionsoft Tag Categories You Should Be Using


Informational Article What We Look For In Employees

Learn More About Scott Manning... Scott J. Manning is best known for his ability to develop, create and market Area-Exclusive Information Businesses in any industry. He first got his start, not selling Area Exclusive Businesses, but by buying one when he became a Dan Kennedy Advisor. Scott’s reputation in the GKIC Universe is for his aggressive and pro¬lific style of implementation, copywriting and as one of the top Business Advisors. He actively runs one of the largest chapters in the country in Indianapolis, Indiana. This led him to be chosen by Bill Glazer to facilitate and develop the Extreme Marketing Makeover Program that was unveiled early this year by GKIC. Scott and Bill have continued working with together on other projects. Scott has been labeled as “the coach to the coaches” by his peers. Scott has successfully added hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bottom line of local chapter advisors across the coun¬try through his coaching and guidance. Where Scott spends the majority of his time, though, is in personally mentoring Business Owners and Entrepreneurs on how to break into the Info-Marketing Business. 2

Million Dollar Methods

Feature Article | Scott Manning



here’s a lot that goes into achieving “7-figures” for anyone in a start up business, fresh idea or new income stream within an existing enterprise. I suppose I’m best known for my “7-figure” blueprints, focused on shaping an entrepreneur’s vision, desired business, and lifestyle into a Million Dollar opportunity.

Next you identify the lowest barrier of entry into this market ideally setting you up for instant access to the “A+” customer group. This is most often done through a joint venture or bonus resource added on to companies already selling to (or maintain a database of relationships with) the ideal future customer you have chosen.

I always tell Entrepreneurs you can hustle your way to “six-figures” even high six-figures can be earned or “made” through working hard and putting in the time and getting in front of enough people or opportunities.

Crafting and courting the approach to this key person or company is again a step most completely ignore and overlook. It is worth of all your attention and strategy and time. Most people go throwing marketing dollars into a cold “don’t know you from Adam” list and blow through a bunch of money and think the entire business, customer, idea, concept is no good.

7-figures, not so much. At least not sustainably. Anyone can create a “launch” to put up big numbers if they have enough support and exposure and the right money pyramid over the course of a year or so, but, building an actual company where you develop what I call “income stacking” takes orchestration. Most business owners, entrepreneurs, and high paid professionals never move much beyond the role of “salesperson” and while the old cliché of “its all selling” and that everyone is a salesperson can be true, it is the lowest level of a role a person plays. When you move to a true position of power, real entrepreneurship, you may always be your own best salesperson but you must move beyond linear driven income and build a system of creating prospects, customers, revenue, profit, and wealth. I thought it would be instructive for you to see some of the ingredients of what this looks like and then I will show you the magic of the money math. Your steps to creating a 7-figure business. Identify a high quality opportunity driven market with enough “A+” customers that you can access so that even a mild or less than par victory would still warrant a full time robust business. This is a critical and most important first step, most everyone neglects this “customer selection” process on the front end and it is what ultimately determines your fate to prosper or die and how hard it’s going to be to get there.

Not true, just your approach was naïve and childish and assumptive instead of smart, strategic, and calculated and most importantly warranted and relevant to the people getting the message. Now that we have “introduction” and space to spread the message we carefully manufacture celebrity status with in group by doing three vital things. First, bring dramatic value, Second, in a way that is unique, different, and bold or provocative, and Third, acknowledge that there should be some courtship process of you proving your worth to the new market…by steadily and consistently communicating before asking for the sale or any commitment from the prospect. Okay, so here we are 4 major steps in and we have yet to ask for money or even craft an offer. Most people rush to those things, we are patient on the front end so we can be aggressive on the back end. Here, we design the fastest sales approach to get people “in front” of you to learn about the prospect and present and offer your first entry point of transaction for money. My preference is to always offer phone or face time for this, it speeds up testing and allows you to build trust versus trying to do everything automated or online. My recommendation is to move from: One-on-One Consult request to tele-seminar/group presentations to Live small group events; or Speaking with cold lead generation to the list.

Million Dollar Methods


Feature Article Continued... I have just laid out for you 4-5 steps of cultivating a new marketing in a Scott J. Manning is best specific order that gives known for his ability to you immediate income develop, create and results. market Area-Exclusive

Get To Know Scott...

Information Businesses in any industry.

Most do it exactly the opposite, they waste Read Scott’s extended a bunch of time and bio on page 2. money throwing offers out there that no one cares about because they haven’t asked, gone into the trenches, paid their dues, to then build lists and sell in group once again without proof, testing, or credibility, and finally move to a one-on-one close or human interaction. Mark my words and never forget this – if you want SPEED TO THE MONEY... Speed up how fast you get hand to hand, face to face, phone to phone, human to human personal interaction – accelerating relationship and trust and accelerate cashflow and sales and profits and success. You pave your way with a Yellow Brick Road of obvious answers before you when you follow the exact model I have laid out. Finally, in building this foundation you stick with one primary and core “everybody enters here” initial sales transaction – NOT opt-in marketing offer to trigger the sales funnel and follow-up – for that you need many, I pointed out 5 above this paragraph, but for selling, actually getting of money – DO NOT make the mistake to try to offer too many things or make it so confusing for you or the customer, the ideal target market. Sell FIRST what they WANT the most. That is also easiest and will give you a foot on the gas pedal fast start off the block and out of the gate – you understand. Pretty much this is everything others do backwards… that’s why my approach never fails and can be applied to any market or industry because it is based on the power of small numbers compounding into big numbers with little victories along the way. I need a few things to go “sort of right” instead of everything to go perfectly and we can hit your seven-figure business objectives in under 90-days, 6 months if you’re slow, methodical and bashful about it all.


That brings us to the MONEY MATH. Simply put, you want to be selling at premium prices above anyone else…why…as if it’s not obvious, you have to stand for something and if you are competing directly with anyone else you make it harder on yourself than necessary. You must and should want to be a category of ONE. You do this by... - what you stand for - what you promise and provide - how you go about what you do, selling, delivering, fulfilling - who you are, relationship, approach, philosophy - your price/fee/transaction My recommendation is to do all of the above and stack your advantage above anyone else – besides price points that stretch even your ability are more fun, engaging and trigger momentum and energy all by themselves. Best of all you can have a few really high quality relationships versus try to serve the masses, you will get A+ players and customers much faster and earn the respect of the target market with this approach, strategy, and way of being. Your seven figures are made up of three sources of income. Front End – initial transaction. Back End – what you sell through the initial relationship Ongoing – the retention and continuation after delivery Each one of these can and should be 7-figures by themselves with the 2nd and 3rd being multiples of the first and the 2nd being the “big money” cashflow and the 3rd being your long-term wealth building, continuity, annuity, residual income. There is a Masterpiece here in this document. Applied to any niche targeted group you create affinity, purpose, and reason with to follow you and exchange value for money. The best news of all and the icing on the cake is – the entire set-up here can be rinse and repeat all over again completely 100% based off expanding referrals sources and growing without nearly zero start-up costs or upfront marketing capital. - Scott Manning

Million Dollar Methods

Special Contributor Article | Ryan Manning

The Right Way And Wrong Way To Generate Leads


ead generation is a tricky business, because no one wants new leads for the sake of having leads. What you are really after is a pool of highly targeted, highly interested prospective customers.

Now lets assume for a moment that you are promoting EXACTLY what you are delivering. It’s possible to disguise your sales pitch as a benefit which if mastered can be very effective.

This means your lead generation has to However, if you can crack the code with complete achieve two critical goals: transparency, you will have an even more powerful 1. Entice your target market to ‘raise their hands’

lead generation system. For this sake of the exercise, let’s strive for the latter.

2. Educate, nurture, and increase the likelihood of The WRONG WAY them becoming a customer The wrong way to generate leads is to focus too Now, the problem here is often times Goal #1 and heavily on either Goal #1 or Goal #2. The process Goal #2 conflict with each other. Often times your must be balanced in order to produce the maximum market will not just raise their hands to be sold, number of new customers. they want something of value, and at the same time you can’t give away pure content/benefit as it will If your sales pitch is perfect and converts 100% of not lead you any closer to a closed deal. the time it will only yield as many new customers that opt in for a ‘sales pitch’(Wrong Way #1). On Typically, lead generation works as follows: the contrary, if you generate 1,000’s of leads but convert only a few; you’re left with an equally dis1. You present some bait or magnet to your target satisfying result (Wrong Way #2). audience that will allow them to self-select as a likely customer You see this played out with large corporations who spend millions on marketing simply because they 2. Some portion of your audience requests the bait have it. and exchanges contact information, and becomes a lead As an example, let’s pretend you own a local garage door company and are eager to generate new 3. The new leads consume the bait, educates them- business this year. You decide to run a radio ad to selves, and receives some follow-up from you drum up prospects who might need a new garage door installed. 4. The leads, by having consumed the bait, now want to become your customers Wrong Way #1: A simple radio ad that talks about your garage door business and tells them to call to get a free estimate on a new garage door. You’ll notice that steps 1 & 2 correspond to Goal #1; while steps 3 & 4 relate to Goal #2. Wrong Way #2: A radio ad that offers a free weekend getaway by visiting a website and regisThis is oversimplified for most savvy marketers, but tering for the drawing I will better illustrate the RIGHT vs. the WRONG way to generate leads. Continued on page 10... Million Dollar Methods


Informational Article | Scott Manning


You Are Not Your Customer: 3 Fatal Mistakes

here is a motto that goes with selling that says, “You are not Your Customer.” And it just might be one of the most important aspects of selling above all others. I think however there is a major misunderstanding about this whole thing and it results in missteps with your customer experience, lost opportunity, and more than that a whole lot of money being left on the table and customers being left behind. Most business owners would say they pretend to believe that they are their customer, that they are selling to people like them, and while this could be true, it misses the point altogether. There are two critically important points to this. First and foremost “You are not Your Customer” really means that you must not judge your customer or attempt to make decisions for them, usually resulting in being bashful about the close, asking for less money than you should or could otherwise get, and above all else doing the customer a disservice because you fail to understand or listen instead assume and expect less than your customer might actually want to do. This is probably the biggest problem with people who fall into the old Zig Ziglar line of “wimpy salepeople have skinny kids” and the essence being “Who are You to decide what your customers and clients want to spend their money on”. It is your responsibility to guide and educate and present the BEST scenario and most IDEAL product, service, opportunity for your prospects and customers and then help them to decide what fits. Yes you exert control. No you do not pre-judge. Yes you educate, influence, direct.


No you do not back off for any reason until the customers asks you to. The most common of these are marketers saying “Well I would never read that long sales letter, or watch that video, I would never pay those prices, I would THIS and THAT, and on and on, etc” WHO CARES. You are not your customer. Do your job, do right by the customer, and let them decide, you give them all of the resources to make the best decision possible. The next aspect of this “you are not your customer” comes at it from the different angle; it is when Marketers try to take short cuts to get to the end result. For example, You assume the customer already understands something because TO YOU it is common sense. You skip steps in the sales process because you are comfortable with it or just complacent. My friend and mentor Dan Kennedy always talks about the marketer will stop telling their story, the essence of why the business, product, service, guru exists (which is the most important part of building trust and credibility) BECAUSE THEY are tired of hearing it, forgetting of course that every prospect and customer are learning about you for the FIRST time and they MUST hear it for everything else to be effective for you. This case of “you are not your customer” is so important, it’s like leaving out key ingredients of a secret and complex master recipe – because you think you know it so well that you might be able to cut corners or change it up – it is familiar to you and you get bored.

Million Dollar Methods

Informational Article Continued... DON’T DO THAT – resist the urge, if you want to maximize your sales and make your life selling much much easier (including price resistance and shortening of your sales cycle), then ALWAYS remember to complete the sales process thoroughly from start to finish every time.

Remember this line. It does NOT matter what YOU think about what you do, it ONLY matters about the CUSTOMERS perception of what you do, how you do it and about the benefit to them. Nothing else matters.

To summarize...

There is that expression WWJD, in your business you should always remember this:

NEVER Assume Your Customer already knows about you, about the benefits of your product or services, about the value they will receive or the problems you will solve.

WDMCT What does my customer think, And HDMCF How does my customer feel.

NEVER take for granted anything. No short cuts, no preconceptions, GIVE every Prospect and Customer the very best chance at giving you as much money as possible and getting from you the best of what you have to offer.

It is their perception, understanding, comfort, trust, belief and confidence that will make you rich. Choose to take short cuts, forget the main purpose, and miss the fact that to every new customer or prospect you are starting over from scratch every time…

You should always be of the mindset that this is going to happen every time, that is why it is critical to have mastered a sales process that works and then stick with it, to create the ultimate customer experience and then always follow-through. Your customer is not you, they don’t care about your topic, business, service, product, or industry the way you do – or they would have become what you are. They do not have the passion and interest OR UNDERSTANDING about what you do, they are interested in WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM – never forget that – do not get so caught up and in love with “your thing” that you forget the customer is there for the RESULTS, the benefits, the problems you will solve. Stay focused on that, never on the THING, just because you like and love and dedicate your life to it, the customer is not You, You are not your customer. Follow these principles and prepare to open the flood gates of money and opportunity into your life. Your customers will begin doing things you never thought they would, investing money you never thought possible, because you get out of their way and YOUR way.

And you put yourself at a disadvantage. Don’t do that. It’s within your control. Remember, look at everything from the customers’ eyes and view point. You are not your customer and that’s a good thing, if you were you’d be the one paying instead of profiting, being a good and effective salesperson and business owner is also being a good and effective leader – all of these principles apply to every area of your life. Think about that. Shortcuts, assumptions, prejudging, and forgetting to see the other person’s perspective. Sounds like principles and life lessons for a lot more than just money and profit…

-Scott Manning Get To Know Scott... Scott J. Manning is best known for his ability to develop, create and market AreaExclusive Information Businesses in any industry. Read Scott’s extended bio on page 2.

Million Dollar Methods


Special Contributor Article | Kevin Kowalke

Create “Your Way”


hat is your way of doing business? A few month’s ago I made mention to my audience about the St. Louis Cardinals and the system the organization has that creates highly competitive and winning teams of the field year after year. The Cardinals follow a system that prepares them to win. It has become legendary in the baseball community known as “The Cardinal Way.” I bring this up because I have heard grumblings from individuals who are frustrated. They are frustrated by slowed growth, stagnant sales, lower than ideal profit margins and lack of time to execute, to name a few. All these frustrations can be fixed with some focused effort developing “Your Way.”

exhausted, frustrated, unhealthy and, sadly, not happy at all. My life was an empty shell. During this time of my life I was also surrounded by many people who only fueled my misery, only I didn’t recognize it and clearly put up with it. It wasn’t until I got really sick that I finally woke up and realized I needed to do something to change my life. In fact, this actually happened twice before I finally found the right “formula.” The first time my therapist (Mary Ann) looked me in the eyes and told me I was going to have a heart attack soon if I didn’t do something about it. This moment got me to start the change in 2008. The second moment, was when my doctor at the time told me I was moments away from complete adrenal failure. She didn’t even know how I was getting up in the mornings.

For years I struggled with finding “The Kowalke Way.” I had no system, no flow, no rhyme or reason for what I did. I simply out-worked everyone else in my industry to be on top and create what was perceived as success. But that success came at a high price. All this time I would say to people, “You wouldn’t want my life.”

Clearly, I was functioning on what adrenaline I had left in my body, which wasn’t much. That was back in 2011.

On the surface it seemed as if I had it all. Thriving business, money, material things, “smile on my face” and so on. Deep down inside I felt beholden to my business. I was working 60-80 hour weeks. I was wasting time doing the same thing over and over without creating shortcuts or systems to automate parts of my business that were tedious and monotonous. I was 8

The two moments woke me up to realize I needed to make some serious changes in my life, both personal and business, if I were to be able to continue on without serious long-term health effects. Of course, there were other circumstances that added to these moments in life that aren’t necessary to share at the moment. Million Dollar Methods

Special Contributor Article Continued... It was after this second health scare that I finally sought out help to make the change. I started to develop the team of individuals who would help me become healthy again. I spent more time with Mary Ann to get my mind in line with my desires. I hired someone to fix my business and help me develop “The Kowalke Way.” It is now 3 years later and I am thankful for the experiences I had and the decisions I made to correct my problems. The important lesson here is that I did something about it. I stopped ignoring the issues and corrected them. I stopped complaining and having personal, private pity-parties for myself and did the work to change my ways. I walked away from the negative people in my life that were holding me back and making me feel guilty about what I wanted out of life and business. I fired clients and stopped feeling the need to help everyone. I could go on. I hope you can see the lesson. I go on these rants and make these observations because someone in your life needs to have the guts to expose you for all of the resistance you are hiding behind. I hid behind it too. I can become very passionate about this because I am no different than any of you. I wanted change and I hope you do too for wherever you are in life and whatever it is you are struggling to get past. There is a difference between myself, and the guy who stays in his own way, ignoring the work that needs to be done to create positive change. That difference is having the will to prepare for the win. I refuse to let anything or anyone beat me. I do this by preparing myself for everything I need in order to execute on a desired objective.

I may have been at the brink many times in life, but always chose to will my way to another victory. I finally created “The Kowalke Way,” so I could enjoy the fruits of my labor rather than die from them. I can only hope all of you make the decision to create “Your Way.” You deserve to have it, but need to reach deep within for the will to want to do the work necessary to prepare for the change that leads to the victory. That is the difference between winning and losing, getting what you want and not, and creating a real business that gives you all the freedoms you desire in life. The question is, will you do what’s necessary to prepare for the change you say you desire? Your answer will determine your outcome. Today, choose to be extraordinary!

-Kevin Kowalke

Founder, Thursday Morning Thing Get To Know Kevin... Kevin Kowalke is on a personal mission to restore the “Soul of America” with his commitment to help entrepreneurs and business professionals find their true purpose and gift that is to be shared with the world. Kevin accomplishes this by inspiring individuals to make a personal commitment to enhancing their lives and business 90 days at a time with his “90 Day Challenge Connection.” See and hear his passion at www.ThursdayMorningThing. com or contact him by email at Kevin@

Million Dollar Methods


Special Contributor Article Continued... Continued from page 5... Both the wrong way examples will produce customers. Perhaps you will even cover the cost of the promotion and make some money; but you can do better. We aren’t in business to break even.


• Is the Prospect Guided Down a Path to become a Customer (A lot depends on the actual resources, but I would include an offer for a create garage door consultation to ‘Have an Expert Review’ of your door, and throughout the book counter every negative about garage doors with assurance of quality and warranty)

The right way to generate leads creates a perfect balance between building a lead list and nurturing to yield customers. Having both Goal #1 and Goal #2 supporting each other, instead of competing.

The trick to figuring this process out is to work backwards. Identify what your benefits and selling points are.

We will not close 100% and we will not generate ridiculous amounts of leads. What we will do is turn out more new customers who are better qualified, more educated, and eager to refer.

Then craft a resource/bait/magnet that illustrates, educates, and sells the prospect. Write a promotion that sparks curiosity and calls out your target market (you want to disqualify and much as you want to qualify).

Let’s take our local garage door business down the right path…

Don’t forget, you can always start over with your existing unconverted leads. That is an effective, cheap way to test a new lead generation offer Right Way #1: A radio spot that promotes a free before expanding it to a cold audience. report and DVD that helps home owners evaluate their existing garage door, entitled: “The 7 Deadly -Ryan Manning Flaws That Cause Your Garage Door to Fail, and How to Spot Each One” This is just one example of a ‘Right Way’ lead generation magnet. There are literally dozens of different baits you can use that achieve the same mission. Below is a checklist to help you evaluate if your bait is strong enough, which I’ll use on the garage door example: • Does the Offer Create Interest and Curiosity (Who could ignore the 7 deadly garage door flaws?

Get To Know Ryan... Ryan Manning co-founded Million Dollar Methods after completing his Master’s degree in 2008. Ryan’s expertise in business processes and systems function attracts clients who desire marketing automation and hands-free solutions. He prides himself on his track record of successfully implementing sales and marketing systems for entrepreneurs. To reach Ryan, email him at

• Does the Bait Help the Audience Self-Select as a Potential Customer (Only people with a garage door, and probably an older garage door, would be interested in request the resources) • Does the Process Educate and Nurture the Prospect (These resources should do a lot of heavy lifting once it comes time to close) 10

Million Dollar Methods

Informational Article | Jack Klemeyer


Do You Know How To Keep Customers?

he best way to keep customers is to not have any. If you don’t have customers you can’t lose them. I know you are thinking, or might even be saying, “This guy is a complete nut. Just how stupid can he be?” Before you stop reading, let me clarify what I mean by not having customers. Most people would classify a customer as someone who buys a product or service from them. If you see people who buy your products and services as simply potential buyers then you are completely missing the boat. You should view the people who purchase from you as potential clients. Clients are people with whom you build a long-term relationship. It is that long-term relationship that builds a business. The following are a few ways you can build long-term relationships and reap rewards in your business: 1. Talk with your client to determine what their needs are and what challenges they face. Be honest with them about whether your products or services can benefit them. If there isn’t a good fit – this time – tell them that and help them find someone who can help them. 2. Get to know your clients as people, because that is who is buying from you – people. Harvey MacKay created a great tool for this process called the MacKay 66, which consisted of 66 questions to answer about each client. (Let me know if you would like me to send you a copy of the MacKay 66.) 3. In a buy-sell relationship people are trying to sell you something all the time. Every time you

hear from them it is to sell you something. I don’t know about you but I really get tired of this type of relationship and your clients will, too. Pretty soon, they won’t want to hear from you. 4. You may not have heard of Joe Girard, but he was a famous car salesman that sold more cars than anyone else ever had at the time. He built his entire business by sending thank you and greeting cards. In fact, he sent so many, he employed three full-time staff members to send them out for him. He sent thousands of cards every month and on the front of each card he wrote “I like you.” There is no reason to believe Joe’s referral strategy will not work for you. Consider that that over the course of the year you spent $10 on cards sent to one family. If you got just one referral from that family you would make enough profits to send them cards for years. If you get several over the course of several years you would build a referral business like you have never imagined. Build relationships to build long-term clients. Find a strategy that feels comfortable for you and works for you. It might take a little trial and error, but the results could be profits greater than you ever imagined.

- Jack Klemeyer Get To Know Jack... Jack Klemeyer has designed several successful and highly acclaimed programs to aid participants in enhancing their performance. He is known for his warmth, originality, sense of humor and insight. He has been a student and practitioner of effective sales and communication for over 30 years.

Million Dollar Methods


Informational Article | Patrick Conley

12 Infusionsoft Tag Categories You Should Be Using


ast week Jordan Hatch from Infusionsoft gave another awesome mastermind call. (If you aren’t already registered for these, I highly recommend them! You’ll pick up some great tips and Jordan is an awesome guy. My favorite bit of this week’s call was about tag categories that everyone should be using in Infusionsoft . I think this is a big piece of confusion for people just getting started with the system, because you only get set up with a few categories by default and you need to figure out what to set up to best suit your business. This can be tough to know what to do if you haven’t already been using Infusionsoft for quite some time.

How to Set Up Tag Categories Just in case you’re not sure where to do this, here’s a quick primer. First, you need to navigate to the CRM settings. Click Infusionsoft Nav -> Settings (Under the CRM category).

Jordan provided a pretty huge list of tags, but here’s my condensed list of tags that just about anyone using Infusionsoft should be utilizing. After you’ve set up the tag categories, the next step is to actually go through and add your specific tags. (You can do this by clicking “Tags” on the left hand panel on this same page.) For example, if you have someone who bought product XYZ, you’d want to create a tag for “Product XYZ” in the “Ordered” tag category.

Without further ado… here’s the list: Clicked When anyone is clicking links in your emails, you should be tagging them with this category. You can start building some pretty impressive psychographic data about your customers and prospects with this alone. Ordered This one is probably obvious, but it’s important none the less. It’s essential to easily be able to identify which of your customers ordered which products.

Next, click “Tag Categories” on the left side panel. Now that you’re on the right page, you just click “Add Tag Category” and start adding as many as you’d like. 12

Problem Client When you’re running a business, it’s an unfortunate reality that some of your customers are just going to give you way more trouble than others. Why not reduce your headaches by creating tags to avoid them for products that aren’t quite perfected yet?

Million Dollar Methods

Informational Article Continued... Get To Know Patrick... I’m the Founder of Automation Heroes. I’ve taken my background and experience as a robotics & manufacturing engineer to help small businesses generate massive profits through the killer systems and strategies. Referred to by some as an “Infusionsoft wizard”, I like to think of myself as more of a mad scientist – if there’s something you want to accomplish, it’s my mission to figure out how to make it happen.

Financial Issues Use this for clients that have billing issues like failed credit card payments. Refund/Return It’s very helpful to know which customers have requested a refund for you. Often you can re-capture them as a future buyer with the right nurture sequence lovin’. Event Registered Hosting a webinar, teleconference, or live event? Set up tags to know which prospects are registered so you can target your emails towards this group. Event Attended Take the last one a step further: figure out which people actually attended the list. This way you can be sure to send the ones who didn’t attend another chance to see a replay, attend an encore event, etc. You can figure this out by filtering for people WITH the “event registered” tag, and WITHOUT the “event attended” tag. Web Form Filled Out You definitely want to know where your leads are coming from. This is super easy by applying tags based on which web forms lead them into your CRM database.

psychographic data just as much your demographic data. If someone fills out a web form where you offer a free giveaway to fix a particular problem, you can capture their motivation and be sure to target them with similar solutions in the future. When you can solve your prospects pains, you’ll have plenty of happy customers ready to buy anything you throw towards them. Goals Similarly to pains, what goals are your prospects and customers trying to achieve? Create these tags and it will be easy to see which people in your database are looking for your solutions. More targeted email = better conversion and less opt-outs = profit! Social Media How are your prospects finding you? In addition to making a custom field in your CRM for their social media handles, you can also tag where they came from. From Partner Have some joint venture partners? You better know which customers came from them so you can offers some special incentives and really capture them as YOUR customers now.

Time to Take Action Start by automating these tags in your Infusionsoft campaigns and action sets, even if you do one per week. It takes time to utilize the automation power of Infusionsoft so you can maximize your business growth with targeted campaigns.

-Patrick Conley

Pains When you are building your infusionsoft system, you really want to build out your Million Dollar Methods


Informational Article | Harvey Mackay

What We Look For In Employees


’ve hired about a thousand employees over the years. It’s one of the joys of owning a business – giving opportunities to people who want to work and succeed. It’s also one of the challenges of owning a business – hoping that you have been a sharp judge of character and ability. To me, ability is secondary to character. Granted, applicants need to be qualified for the positions for which they are being interviewed. But I’m willing to hire someone who doesn’t have perfect credentials, but is willing to learn because skills can be taught. A finely-tuned training program can weed out those who are not up to the job. Character is a little more complicated. Multiple interviews expose different parts of someone’s personality. For key hires, I always insist that candidates meet with an industrial psychologist to detect any red flags. Even then, we’ve had a few slip through. Once that new person has started on the job, it’s only fair to be very clear about what is important to your organization. If you don’t define your expectations, you can’t fault someone for failing to live up to them.


I came across this spot-on assessment that I think can apply to any organization, business or nonprofit, from the late legendary David Ogilvy, who was chief executive officer of the advertising company, Ogilvy & Mather. He was giving a talk at the company’s annual year-end party. Speaking particularly to newcomers in the business, he said: I want the newcomers to know what kind of behavior we admire and what kind of behavior we deplore. 1. First, we admire people who work hard. We dislike passengers who don’t pull their weight in the boat. 2. We admire people with first-class brains, because you cannot run a great advertising agency without brainy people. 3. We admire people who avoid politics – office politics, I mean. 4. We despise toadies who suck up to their bosses. They are generally the same people who bully their subordinates.

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other departments.

5. We admire the great professionals, the craftsmen who do their jobs with superlative excellence. We notice that these people always respect the professional expertise of their colleagues in

6. We admire people who hire subordinates who are good enough to succeed them. We pity people who are so insecure that they feel compelled to hire inferior specimens as their subordinates. 7. We admire people who build up and develop their subordinates, because this is the only way we can promote from within the ranks. We detest having to go outside to fill important jobs, and I look forward to the day when that will never be necessary. 8. We admire people who practice delegation. The more you delegate, the more responsibility will be loaded upon you. 9. We admire kindly people with gentle manners who treat other people as human beings – particularly the people who sell things to us. We abhor quarrelsome people. We abhor people who wage paper warfare. We abhor buck passers, and people who don’t tell the truth.

heir local hospitals, their church, the PTA, the Community Chest and so on. I’m not sure whether these remarks were framed and hung in every office at Ogilvy and Mather. But I think the sentiments bear repeating for employees in so many organizations. Just imagine what company morale would be like if everyone followed these guidelines. David Ogilvy seized an opportunity to share his thoughts on the corporate culture explicitly and publicly. Some organizations may not have the luxury of such an event, but they nonetheless owe employees a clear explanation of expectations. When you’ve worked hard to hire and train the best people you can find, it only makes sense to help them succeed in your organization. Managers bear the responsibility for establishing policy. They serve as role models, cheerleaders and enforcers. They absolutely must set the example for all employees. Believe me, your efforts will not go unnoticed by your customers – or your competitors. When your shop becomes the company everyone wants to work for, it will be because you have made corporate culture a priority. Mackay’s Moral: Taking care of employees is taking care of business.

-Harvey Mackay Reprinted with permission from nationally syndicated columnist Harvey Mackay, author of the New York Times #1 bestseller “Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive.”

10. We admire well-organized people who keep their offices shipshape, and deliver their work on time. 11. We admire people who are good citizens in their communities – people who work for Million Dollar Methods


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A Note From Scott Manning... At the end of the day, after all, why are we here? It’s not to just bring in new customers. It’s not even to make a little bit more money. Really, it’s to go back to the reason, the purpose, the PASSION behind why you became an entrepreneur in the first place. It’s to reawaken the vision and the mission and the drive that you have to do that. You see, every day you and I wake up and we go out into the field to do battle to build our businesses. But the work is in a conspiracy to stop us dead in our tracks. It tries to ruin our goals and destroy our plans. It makes doing business very difficult. That’s why we have a saying that the business owner is the loneliest person on the planet. Any and every entrepreneur knows this. Who is it really that you go out every day and share your big-ass crazy dreams with? You have all these crazy ideas that you drum up in the middle of the night and you want to go out in the world and do them to make a living. There’s nobody that is going to understand how you feel and what you are trying to do and be able to help you, unless they are one of you. Because of Million Dollar Methods, you are very fortunate. You have an opportunity each and every month to be sitting in a room full of like-minded people with their own crazy ideas and dreams. We call them entrepreneurs and we want you to come back each and every month to a meeting where you can get tools and resources to add your success toolbox. That way you will be better equipped to go out and do more things for your business, better and faster.

Million Dollar Methods Magazine - Sept 2014  

The September 2014 MDM Magazine features Scott Manning

Million Dollar Methods Magazine - Sept 2014  

The September 2014 MDM Magazine features Scott Manning