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Volume 2 | Issue 9| February 2014

Playing A Game You Can Win: Profit Big in 2014

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Feature Artice Playing A Game You Can Win: Profit Big in 2014


Special Contributor Article Facebook’s Vicious Cycle of Self-Destruction


Special Contributor Article Networking or Working?


Informational Article How To Make New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Keep


Special Contributor Article The Uncommitted

Article 10 Informational Do You Know The Most Certain Route To Success?




Informational Article 3 Profit Multipliers for 2014

Article 12 Informational I’ll Just Borrow This Article For Now And…



Informational Article Is Do-It-Yourself Really Cheaper in Business?


Article 14 Informational Not So Secret Weapons That Will Have You Dominating in 2014

Learn More About Scott Manning...

Scott J. Manning is best known for his ability to develop, create and market Area-Exclusive Information Businesses in any industry. He first got his start, not selling Area Exclusive Businesses, but by buying one when he became a Dan Kennedy Advisor. Scott’s reputation in the GKIC Universe is for his aggressive and pro¬lific style of implementation, copywriting and as one of the top Business Advisors. He actively runs one of the largest chapters in the country in Indianapolis, Indiana. This led him to be chosen by Bill Glazer to facilitate and develop the Extreme Marketing Makeover Program that was unveiled early this year by GKIC. Scott and Bill have continued working with together on other projects. Scott has been labeled as “the coach to the coaches” by his peers. Scott has successfully added hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bottom line of local chapter advisors across the coun¬try through his coaching and guidance. Where Scott spends the majority of his time, though, is in personally mentoring Business Owners and Entrepreneurs on how to break into the Info-Marketing Business.


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Feature Article | Scott Manning Playing A Game You Can Win: Profit Big in 2014


oday... a different article with a BOLD New Year Lesson for you. A principle, if applied to your life and business, that will result in nearly instantaneous results, certainly looking back 12 months from now this message will have been one of the most impactful and guiding forces of your decisions, your control over others and yourself, and most importantly your ability to prosper.

and you have to have a support system and team around you that you are willing to listen to, to be beat up and called out by, you need people watching your back to make sure you don’t fall into the victim mode.

I know you have played this game before, we all have. It’s called “the blame game.”

Here’s what you should know about your business…

The game is played like this, we take any circumstance in our life, any result, any problem, or challenge and we as fast as possible quickly make up an excuse by directing the blame at someone or something or some other reason that explains why it wasn’t our fault and we had no control over the outcome.

It is your single solitary and sole responsibility to make it work, to make it profitable, to proactively figure out the puzzle and crack the code. No one will do it for you, no one cares to do it for you, they all have their own puzzles and problems they are trying to solve.

I can tell whether or not a person will be successful in the first 10-15 minutes of a conversation, usually 1-2 minutes based on how they describe their current state of affairs, if they are instantly How you handle what I’m about to tell you will bitching and moaning, complaining and blaming directly relate to the amount of profitable opportu- everything but themselves for all the problems in nities that come your way. It is about more than a the world and in their life, versus telling me what belief or a mindset it is a way of doing business and THEY are doing to make a change, to make things living life. better, to make things different.

The unfortunate thing about this game is that the only loser is You! I think this came to me most when I heard the saying about a football coach who said, “when the team loses the coach didn’t do his job, when the team wins, the coach had really good players.” The point was the coach was willing to take all the blame and give all the credit. That is what leader does. A superstar athlete doesn’t blame the loss on his teammates rather he asks him or herself what they could have, should have done better, how could they have won the game instead of losing. This is something that takes a great deal of practice

When you wake up in the morning and go to work playing the game of business that you have created for yourself instead of the game of blame for why things aren’t the way you want, you will win, every time, every day, in some way even though maybe small some days and big on others, when you play your game you always win, because you get to make the rules. When you play others, you lose because you aren’t suppose to win. That is why the marketing I teach, the methods we use, are always built and created for people who want to build their own games and play by their own rules. continued on next page...

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Feature Article Continued... YOUR New Year Continued... I can take two people in the same industry, Scott J. Manning is best at the same time, known for his ability to and give them develop, create and the exact same market Area-Exclusive Information Businesses in thing and one any industry. will be incredibly Read Scott’s extended bio successful, thanking me profusely on page 2. and wanting more and the other will be an utter failure blaming everything on everyone else.

else around you, even when something doesn’t go right you must be taking action in a positive way to quickly correct or modify or change.

Respond to emails, treat each lead carefully, listen to feedback, monitor results, proactively pursue opportunities, survey the field, ask questions, try new things, follow through with plans, there are things you can do every day to give yourself the advantage of success.

Own your business and own your results, own your success and failure and own a bank account with money in it.

Get To Know Scott...

Make your resolution for 2014 to always be proactive, to always place the power of yourself and your business in your hands, get smarter than you people on board, get outside perspectives, get experts to help and guide, focus only on what you do best, and when doing all of these things, be the one who is outworking everyone else, be the one who always has a positive attitude, be the one who is pissed off at yourself for what could have gone better, for the things you left fall through the cracks, not the people who The difference is what you wake up in the morn- support you, not the things that life throws, do not give anything else your power. ing to go and do.

I can’t emphasize this enough. I have never seen someone who takes action, follows guidance, does what needs to be done to grow - and it not happen, unless they have a chip on their shoulder, an entitled ego or mentality that they are owed something by the market place or by anyone else for that matter. You can assume success because you have earned the right to do so. Not just for the sake of assumption. We all fight the blame game every day, we all have ups and downs and disappointments and want to not accept responsibility, even when it is actually not our fault, even when we are dealt a bad hand, it does happen, the difference is this isn’t poker, you have control over everything 4

No one wins at the blame game, everyone wins at their own game when you make the rules, choose the playing field and everything else that goes in it. I create games and businesses to look, be, operate, and reward you exactly the way you want, your field of dreams is possible... with the right model. I look forward to hearing about your victories in 2014. As I always like to say, “MAKE IT” a happy new year every single day.

-Scott Manning


.S. Read a similar article to this one from Scott on

page 11

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Special Contributer Article | Brodie Tyler Facebook’s Vicious Cycle of Self-Destruction


hose are some heavy words, right? I hate to think they’re going to be fulfilled, but I’m seeing some compelling evidence that Facebook is actually waging a war against

itself. Allow me to explain how by sharing the stark difference between a “peace time” company and a “war time” company. Peace Time YouTube is a great example of a company who is at peace with itself because of its determination to remain true to a smart, money-making strategy. You see, all the participants of YouTube’s cycle are aligned in their desires. I’m talking about the content creators, the viewers and the advertisers. Content creators want to share information or entertain, and spread their brand and name. Viewers want to be informed or entertained, and see more content from the same or similar creators. Advertisers want to insert themselves in this feedback loop and profit on the number of views. See how all three participants are happy? It’s a win-winwin situation. And as long as viewers are willing to endure an ad before they reach the content they want to consume, this cycle will perpetuate itself and remain profitable and successful for everyone involved. War Time Facebook, however, is in a bit of a civil war because they’re struggling to align the desires of their participants. They’re still trying to strike a balance between having an open platform for their users and monetizing it at the same time. 1. Content creators are too varied to group them together but in Facebook’s algorithm, they are becoming one. So businesses, non-profits, fan pages, and personal pages are all seen as the same type of entity and the same type of content creator. 2. Viewers are both consumers AND creators. There isn’t a simple distinction between the creator of the content and the viewer of the content. 3. Advertisers are trying to get views for their own content. But if you are an individual who shares an update then, theoretically, you are “an advertiser trying to get views for your content.”

And even as an individual, Facebook will charge you to promote a personal post! So, in essence, Facebook has combined and confused the roles of creators, viewers, and advertisers on their website. As a result, they’re not finding a long-term, stable way of monetizing their business and they’re losing users. But Wait, There’s More! Here’s another significant difference between YouTube and Facebook… • •

The majority of the revenue on YouTube is funneled back to the content creators. In contrast, Facebook is the recipient of all the revenue generated by content creators.

Which approach do you think better positions the company for long-term stability? What This Means For Businesses The obvious solution is to not be greedy like Facebook. From my perspective, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the site end up with the same fate as MySpace in 5 years… irrelevant. As businesses, we also need to recognize the motivations of our audiences. Each type of participant in our business has needs that must be met and satisfied. Create a win-win environment for everyone who interacts with your company. We also should understand that business is NOT standing still! It’s fluid and ever-changing, and because of this, we need to be flexible when it comes to our marketing strategies. So if you utilize Facebook in your marketing (and you still should!), don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify and use other means of being visible online like Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and blogs.

- Brodie Tyler Get To Know Brodie... Brodie Tyler is a life-long marketer who has channeled his innovative energy into an inbound marketing firm called Dox Marketing. He is an experienced speaker, published author, editor of the Marketing Insider newsletter, proprietor of the Small Business Marketing Ideas blog, and a husband and father of four to boot! Feel free to contact him from his company’s website,

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Special Contributer Article | AJ Clingerman Networking or Working?


n the monthly marketing meetings I run, we are always stressing that it is not a networking meeting. It is not a business card swap. It is not the time for your elevator speech. It is a time to be selfish. It is a time to work on your business instead of in it.

This has prompted her to come back and rejoin us, and that decision will again catapult her success to the next level. I am not against networking. I absolutely think there is a need for it, I just do not want you to waste away your days “networking” instead of working to make your business a true success.

This is not because we are against networking. What we are against is wasting your time at various networking events and thinking that you are actually working.

-AJ Clingerman

Far too many entrepreneurs spend far too many hours a week and far too much money to be a part of networking events. The people at these events are not there to help you with your business, they are there to get their own customers and get their own referrals. I am not trying to knock it. I am just saying that is how it is. What are you learning at these events to help grow your business, to help grow your bottom line?

Get To Know AJ... AJ Clingerman, knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur from the time she was 6 years old. Growing up in her aunt’s dance studio and seeing her mom start her own landscaping business showed AJ that being in charge of her own business, income and destiny was the way to go. 2011 winner of GKIC’s International Service Industry Marketer of the Year, AJ knew she was at home as an entrepreneur. Together with her husband James they have since built their martial arts academy into a full empire. They run the largest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Central Indiana, AJ just published her first book, and has 4 more in the pipeline.

At our events we want you to embrace being selfish for a few hours and work on your business. Work on improving your business so that you are more successful and more profitable. And you know what happens? Your business becomes more successful and you become more profitable and networking happens naturally. I had a client that decided to not attend meetings for several months. She held a large event for her company and realized that the people that were there to help and the people that were her quality customers were all people that she had met from our group. It really made her step back and realize that she had gotten so much more than she realized from being a part of our little secret society. 6

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Informational Article | Harvey Mackay How to make New Year’s resolutions you’ll keep


t is New Year’s Eve and Charlie Brown says to Lucy: “Next year I am going to be a changed person.”

As author and minister Charles M. Sheldon said, “Good resolutions are like babies crying in church. They should be carried out immediately.”

“That’s a laugh,” says Lucy sarcastically. “I mean it,” says Charlie, “I’m going to be strong and firm.”

Maybe this year you want to do something different. Forget the boring, routine promises. Try resolving to be more creative in 2014 with some of these suggestions:

“Forget it,” says Lucy. “You’ll always be wishy-washy.” Charlie Brown offers a compromise: “I’ll be wishy one day and washy the next!”

• Keep a journal. Spend a few minutes every day or so writing down your thoughts, feelings, dreams and ambitions. Record positive events, quotes and experiences.

Like Charlie Brown, most of us set New Year’s resolutions that are a little vague — lose some weight, spend more time with family and friends, quit smoking, quit drinking, enjoy life more, get out of debt, help others, get organized and on and on. Just think, if everyone kept their resolutions, the world would be a lot different: We’d have healthier people who would show up for work on time, smoke and drink less, and be more organized. Why don’t resolutions work? There are lots of reasons. Resolutions need to be specific, attainable and personal. They need to come from your heart.

• Read more. Vary your reading habits and explore different topics. If you usually read novels, try a biography. If you read only history, try a book on modern-day ¬science. Read a good book every month if possible. You’ll exercise your mind.

Get To Know Harvey... • Learn something new. Take a class Harvey Mackay is author of the New York Times #1 bestseller “Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive.” He can be reached at harvey@mackay. com, through his website at

And here’s a tip — the fewer resolutions you have, the better. Too many changes at once, no matter how wellintentioned, become burdensome and confusing. What often happens is that people set a goal or resolution and then they falter and just want to give up. That’s understandable. Don’t cave in. Just start up again. Give yourself a new incentive. When I make a New Year’s resolution, I tell other people so it puts pressure on me to stick with it. I’m also a big believer in rewarding myself when I succeed or ¬accomplish something. This is a new year. It’s a fresh start. There will never be a better time to try something new. Maybe you want to start a blog, research your family history, learn first aid or start running. How about you just want to forgive someone? Or decide to worry less? Whatever you decide, make sure you can actually accomplish it. Don’t set yourself up for failure.

in something unrelated to your job or your usual hobbies. Mastering new skills can refresh your ¬outlook on life. • Meet new people. Make a conscious effort to make new friends or professional contacts this year. The more people you know, the better equipped you are to learn and grow.

• Create something for the heck of it. Paint a picture, write a poem or start a garden. How about starting a collection of something? You’ll find satisfaction in achieving personal goals and motivation to keep trying new things. • Volunteer. Find a cause you support, and offer your time and service. You’ll meet new people, enjoy the feeling of helping out with an important cause, and enhance your own skills. • Practice gratitude. Look for small gestures in everyday life that you are fortunate to experience. Seek out ways that you can be helpful; you will reap immediate rewards! Mackay’s Moral: A New Year’s resolution should not be something that goes in one year and out the other! Happy 2014! - Harvey Mackay

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Special Contributer Article | Kevin Kowalke The Uncommitted


he other day, a client of mine sent me a text with one phrase:

“The world filters out the uncommitted.” This was part of a quote from Andre Durand (CEO of Ping Identity) as told to the New York Times. The interview was directed towards aspiring entrepreneurs. That one phrase brought so many different thoughts and emotions as it is spot on. A big part of the problem with entrepreneurship is individuals do not give 100% of their time and energy to their business endeavors. All too often I see people struggle to get their businesses off the ground, get it to the point where it will replace their current income or move it to a level where it consistently will produce growth and profit that directly results in abundance and freedom.

I want you to reflect on something I will share with you that started when I was asked to speak at a client’s national event for all of his dealers who sell their products. I was asked to speak on the topic of building a business from the perspective of sales, referrals, relationships, etc.

“Stop waiting on your website to be done... for the right one line to add to your business card...for your book to be complete...for the market to get better... just stop the madness now.”

Back in 2001, when I made the conscious decision to put it all on the line and give 100% to my business, miraculously I had year over year growth in my production of over 400% which resulted in the beginning of real abundance...and since then I haven’t looked back.

My question for you to ponder is, “Have you put it all on the line?” This is for you to answer honestly on your own. There are two paths to follow depending on how you answer this: 1. If you have put it all on the line...congratulations! What’s next? Who is helping you take the next step? Do you have a clear direction on where you can take your business? Do you see the “hidden” opportunities that are staring you in the face? What you do here will determine the direction of your ultimate empire. 2. If you haven’t put it all on the line...why not? 8

Now is a better time than any to take that real honest look and be brutally honest. Each and every one of us has a God given talent to do something extraordinary for those who need/ want what we offer.

As the end of my time was coming due, I knew I had to shock the crowd with something that leave them that is exactly what I did and what I hope will happen with you.

Part of the company revolves around selling fire alarms that you can actually rely on...they save lives. So, the perfect moment came, I did a very dramatic pause to make sure I had everyone’s attention and then I said this... “You have a moral obligation to tell everyone you know about what you do because the product you are selling actually can save someone’s life. How would you feel if someone you know died in a fire because you weren’t committed to your craft of offering your reliable fire alarms.” continued on next page...

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Special Contributer Article Continued... The Uncommitted Continued... You should have seen the looks on the all the faces in the crowd. I am sure I had plenty of people say all sorts of nasty things about me, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t there to make friends. I was there to wake people up and get them to sell more products and protect more people. I know you may be thinking to yourself right now, “Kevin, what I do isn’t that important or doesn’t have such a dramatic impact on someone.” To that I would say you are wrong. Each and every one of us does something that has a big impact on someone’s life. If you sell promotional products and help a client put together an ultra successful marketing campaign you may have just saved their job. If you sell books and get the right book in the hands of the right person, that person could create something that changes their community or sparks what is needed to become one of tomorrow’s leaders or saves someone’s marriage. If you help fix someone’s physical ailments faster and better than other “professional,” then you will save someone precious time, money, emotional agony and added stress by actually doing it right the first time. If I didn’t put it all on the line, how many people that I helped would have been lured into those financially devastating mortgage loans that could ruin one’s life. The list goes on and on and on. Everyone of us has a gift and talent that needs

to be shared with as many people as possible. So, are you laying it all on the line? If not why and what do you need to make it happen? I hope this message will hit home with those of you who need that push to make sure you are using your gifts and talents to their fullest. Get To Know Caspar...

Stop waiting on your website to be done...for the right one line to add to your business card... for your book to be complete...for the market to get better...just stop the madness now. We are all doers...let’s make sure we continue to do what we are blessed to do and put it all on the line.

-Kevin Kowalke Get To Know Kevin... Kevin Kowalke is on a personal mission to restore the “Soul of America” with his commitment to help entrepreneurs and business professionals find their true purpose and gift that is to be shared with the world. Kevin accomplishes this by inspiring individuals to make a personal commitment to enhancing their lives and business 90 days at a time with his “90 Day Challenge Connection.” See and hear his passion at or contact him by email at

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Informational Article | Caspar Craven Do You Know The Most Certain Route To Success?


ugust 2012 saw Team GB secure eight Olympic Titles in the Cycling events. It marked a run of outstanding performance for British cycling including Bradley Wiggins winning the yellow jersey in the Tour de France. Out of all the sports that Britain does, cycling stood out as such a powerful the best that the world could offer? It luck. Part if it could have been the momentum created overall by Team GB, but that wasn’t at the heart of it. The reality is that it was down to a carefully planned and orchestrated strategy. Success on that scale doesn’t happen by luck or co-incidence.

why was it that force – beating certainly wasn’t

Get To Know Caspar... Caspar Craven also known as The Straight Talk Money Guy is the foremost authority when it comes to how to profit from your business. Responsible for over $500,000,000 of capital raised, consulted and work deep within some of the largest most successful companies on the planet, Caspar is the go-to guy when it comes to funding your enterprises. He is one of the highest paid independent consultant in the world on finance and profit strategy for business development.

This is the type of thinking and mind-set that needs to be modelled if you want to increase the certainty of achieving any given goal. Any goal in business, sport, in fact any area of your life. So let’s dig in. Just who was the mastermind behind the strategy and what was their thinking. The strategist came with the title of “Performance Director”. Not a title you hear every day in business (maybe this is just one of the many expected facets of the role of a CEO). You may not have heard his name, Dave Brailsford, but he is becoming well known for the philosophy which he sums up as “the aggregation of marginal gains”. It’s all those little improvements by a few percent here that when added up make a big difference.

Psychologically, it has a big impact how you approach this stuff. If you say to your team who have been working really hard that you want them to improve their performance next year and grow your business, division or department by 50% or 150% or more, then the odds are that they won’t believe you and will switch off. Impossible they may say. We can’t give any more. That’s not achievable. These are all the likely responses. However, if you break if down and


show how with a 1 or 2% improvement in lots of different areas can add up to a big difference, then you have a different story entirely. It makes it more believable, achievable and by far the most important thing, you engage and enrol your team in the process. This is the approach that Dave Brailsford took. Taking everything and breaking it down into all the 1% improvements that could be made. 100 improvements of 1% is a lot easier to achieve than a 100% improvement. The thing is, when you are competing at a high level, the difference between first place and last place is usually miniscule. All you need for success is those tiny improvements. When England won the Rugby World Cup in 2003, they had a Performance Director, Humphrey Walters who used exactly the same approach. He focused on all the marginal gains to get the results.

Humphrey sailed the BT Global Challenged Yacht Race in 1996-7 and used this formula to get results there. Humphrey coached me and my team when we sailed the same race that I did in 2000-1. We applied the marginal gains formula – I recall well on one leg sailing from Cape Town to La Rochelle that we beat another boat by 11 seconds. That was after 38 days at sea. 11 seconds. That was the difference. You don’t need many marginal gains to start getting real improvements. Want to apply this to your business? Much of this comes down to data. Identifying all the different data points – remember you manage what you can measure. That is the key to making the 1% improvements in lots of different places which add up to the big number overall. Business has so much to learn from sport – it is about competing and continual improvement. To get gold medals doesn’t happen by accident. The most successful companies on the planet don’t happen by accident – they happen by design.

- Casper Craven

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Informational Article | Scott Manning 3 Profit Multipliers for 2014


hat will you do differently this year?! Isn’t this the question we all ask ourselves and others, or it is usually asked “what will be different in 2014” but the key change of words in my question is “what will you do differently.” This gives us the saying that we’ve all heard, you can’t do the same thing and expect a different result. I would assume that your goals fit into the 3 most common goals of all entrepreneurs, make more money, spend more time with their family, and grow their business (preferably with less effort). I want to give you some action steps that would help you achieve your goals. Before I do that, it’s important to assess why anyone usually falls short of their expectations, and the answer is simple, every client I work with, we try to accomplish more, more time, more money, more customers, more/better lifestyle and we do it by doing something different, because the business you have as it is will only give you the results you are getting, unless you change some key factors. When business owners come to me with a list of goals they are most often goals that aren’t able to be achieved unless we first fix the foundational model of their business, not necessary change their business (although sometimes that is desirable) but realign the business so that bigger money is possible, leveraged growth for more customers is possible, so that working smarter not harder is possible. This is done by affecting three things first, and my suggestion as you dive back into your “routine” for the New Year – what I call my 3 Profit Multipliers. First, we want to reverse engineer your business income flow or what is known as your money pyramid by restructuring price that will get you to your goals. If you take any existing business it is an uphill battle to achieve the revenue they want doing business the way it’s being done. That is why we must adjust your price and transaction value for maximum profit in 2014. Second, we are going to establish who exactly your ideal clients/customers/patients should be based on

this new pricing structure, which services or products are the most lucrative and who will willingly and happily line up to pay these fees without you having to convince or coerce them. Successful selling in the New Year should not be selling at all, rather when you choose the best ideal clients/customers/patients you will influence them through your marketing and experience they go through in your business. That is why it is critical to your growth and money objectives in 2014 to make sure you are attracting the right people with your marketing and focusing on the top 20% of valuable clients/customers/patients. You see, when we do this 20% thing and then fill up your pipeline with the best, we get an automatic 5x results. Multiply that by the new pricing structure and you can see how growth and income or less work and more money is possible. Finally that brings us to the 3rd Profit Multiplier. We have to make both one and two possible by creating marketing systems and materials that leverage your time and enhance your ability to command premium prices and sell without selling. This is done through high quality professional psychological based marketing. Here’s the thing, going forward into the New Year I can take one look at someone’s business and by knowing just one of the 3 items, their current prices, their current target market, or the extent of their marketing systems and know whether or not they will hit their goals. Mastering marketing systems and having effective selling material and processes is the secret to making money easily (once you have the other 2 Profit Multipliers in order). This is the key that no one takes the time to really develop; unless you and I have developed these systems together. And usually I can come within a few thousand dollars as to their actual revenue. It really is about a formula. Your profit will be dictated by my 3 Profit Multipliers, it is only a matter of what you are doing to affect and control and increase them. Good news. Because I want to help ensure you make the most you can in 2014, I have decided to give you a personal New Year’s gift, call it the present of profit!!

-Scott Manning

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Informational Article | Jack Klemeyer I’ll just borrow this article for now and…


ave you ever been the victim of a theft? Have you ever seen your material either written or in graphic form on someone’s website, Facebook page, printed collateral or elsewhere? I have and it makes me madder than a nest of hornets after some yahoo stirred the nest with a stick. There is so much information out there on the web and more is added every minute of every day. As a matter of fact, some facts I gathered from are astonishing. On their site there is a very interesting infographic showing the amount of data generated on the Internet, every minute. YouTube users upload 48 hours of video, Facebook users share 684,478 pieces of content, Instagram users share 3,600 new photos, and Tumblr sees 27,778 new posts published. And that is every minute – not every day.

clipped it and inserted it in my friend’s website. Five years later, my friend got a letter from an attorney with a bill for $5,000 for the use of the graphic element. That is the financial side but there is a much bigger issue at hand: the issue of ethics and reputation. It is considered theft to take someone’s photograph, image or written copy. That is what copyrights are all about.

Get To Know Jack... Jack Klemeyer has designed several successful and highly acclaimed programs to aid participants in enhancing their performance. He is known for his warmth, originality, sense of humor and insight. He has been a student and practitioner of effective sales and communication for over 30 years.

Back to our theft, most do not think of it as theft. Many think because it is out there, it can be used. Perhaps you or someone you know needed a picture for a brochure, website, or blog and did a search and then looked at the images delivered by the search. Innocently a graphic element was borrowed from the World Wide Web. What’s the harm, right? There is big harm! It could cost you several thousand dollars. I have a friend that paid someone to create a website several years ago. The person creating the site went to the Internet and searched for a graphic element they needed, 12

Million Dollar Methods

Be smart, when you need a website built, hire a professional. If you need a graphic element, buy it. If you want creative copy, write it or hire someone to write it for you. It really does not cost that much and the returns of doing the right thing are long lasting.

- Jack Klemeyer

Informational Article | Patrick Conley Is Do-It-Yourself Really Cheaper in Business?


am a huge fan of Do-It-Yourself projects around the house – as a former engineer I love taking things apart and putting them back together – but when it comes to business is it really the best way to go? Let’s talk about some of the common myths and misconceptions about DIY in building your marketing systems. Is it really cheaper? In true dollars spent, maybe initially. But, consider a few factors that may be more impactful than raw dollars spent. Delay factor: We all know what happens when something becomes a DIY project. It gets added to the ever-growing To-Do list and gets put off until tomorrow, next week, then next year. How many potential sales will you lose in that time frame? Learning Curve: Most entrepreneurs are experts at what they do, not necessarily experts in everything – so taking on DIY projects often includes a HIGH learning curve. This requires a huge investment of time and energy on your part to be able to attempt the automation yourself. Even after all of the time and energy spent, you’ll likely have sub-par results because you haven’t spent the 10,000 hours to master the subject. DIY Actually Costs Money (really, I promise): The most obvious costs here are how much more will it cost to fix mistakes that you created when doing it yourself. It often takes an expert longer to pick up the pieces and put them back together when they start from a half-baked project that needs to be re-done anyway. Additional expenses, lost sales, and lost profits should all be considered as part of the true DIY costs.

DIY Stress: Do you really want to deal with the hassle of setting up a complicated pay-

failure campaign? Or a multiple branch marketing campaign with 10 emails per branch? The hassle of learning how to do it (when you probably don’t have the time) can be huge and harmful to the rest of your business that’s being neglected during your new DIY project. DIY Distractions: Will this DIY automation project become another distraction for your business? Was it really the best use of your time or would you be better off delegating it to an expert so you can focus on what your business really needs? DIY Danger: Are you opening yourself up to major problems by not properly setting up your automation? By DIY, your automation can have potential minefields that you’ll have to patch up. Some of these may not be apparent right away, but eventually, you’ll have to deal with them. DIY Results: How many times have you heard entrepreneurs say, “I tried to do it myself and just ended up hiring an expert. Only then, did I see any actual results from my X, Y, Z.” It often takes a professional to get the results you’re shooting for and if you’re going to invest the time and money to automate, you want to be sure you’re getting something in return. When you tally up the real costs of DIY automation projects, does it really seem worth it?

-Patrick Conley Get To Know Patrick... I’m the Founder of Automation Heroes. I’ve taken my background and experience as a robotics & manufacturing engineer to help small businesses generate massive profits through the killer systems and strategies. Referred to by some as an “Infusionsoft wizard”, I like to think of myself as more of a mad scientist – if there’s something you want to accomplish, it’s my mission to figure out how to make it happen.

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Informational Article | Devin Herz Not So Secret Weapons That Will Have You Dominating In 2014


s complicated as business and marketing can be, it boils down to these two truths…

1. Market consistently and effectively 2. Deliver on the promises made to get the business Pretty simple right? By viewing the marketing of your business as a necessity you will have a constant stream of new customers. If you can deliver on the promises made that turned that prospect into a customer, eventually you will have a massive customer base that’s both profitable and extremely loyal. Some of these loyal customers will even become evangelists for you and bring you new business that cost exactly $0 to acquire. So we know the end goal of your marketing, but how do you get there? At DMC we have more than a few different methods that have proven themselves to be extremely profitable for business owners. 1. Marketing Makeovers- With most of our clients we like to first evaluate and augment all pre-existing marketing. • Branding Review and Overhaul- Your brand is your prospect’s very first impression, conveying the right message with that brand can make your marketing much more successful. • Redesign of Stationery, Business Cards, and Miscellaneous Collateral Materials- To maximize the effectiveness of your branding it’s imperative that there is continuity with all your collateral materials.


When they aren’t cohesive it can be quite confusing to a prospect. 2. Direct Mail Domination- Once all the branding is squared away it’s time dominate your market with direct mail. Hands down this is the single most effective way to get your message read. The more targeted your demographic the more successful your efforts will be. • Unique Direct Mail That Gets Response- Standard postcards easily go unnoticed and usually get a 1% response rate (if that), unfortunately this can lead people to believe that direct mail doesn’t work… The fact of the matter is, with the unique and customized mailings that DMC produces, we see response rates ranging from 8-15%. What was that about direct mail not working? • Consistency Pays Off- At DMC we recommend that all our clients utilize at least 6 mailings for every campaign. This allows you the opportunity to effectively introduce yourself, build trust (through education), and eventually close the deal. Too many business owners sell their campaigns (and ultimately their revenue) short by only using 1, 2, or 3 mailings in a campaign. 3. Sales Tools That Make Them Say “Wow”- Without a doubt the most impactful sales

tool available in the world today is DMC’s Print-AVision. It’s a hardbound book with an LCD screen embedded within it. When the book is opened a video plays for your prospect.

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Informational Article Continued... Get To Know Devin... 20 years of marketing knowledge has made it possible for Devin to establish DMC as the world’s premier unique marketing firm. Through high impact and high response marketing DMC has been able to develop strategies and marketing campaigns that grow sales for businesses in a predictable and consistent way. You can focus on your business while DMC focuses on your marketing. www.

• Instant Conversation Piece- As you probably know closing a sale depends heavily on establishing a rapport with your prospect. With this wildly unique piece up your sleeve you have the ultimate conversation starter that makes it exponentially easier to develop a profitable rapport.

• Create a Lasting Impression- Using a sales tool like P r i nt - A- Vi s i o n isn’t something that will fade from a prospect’s mind quickly. Being that it is so unique and has a huge “wow factor”, this tool will leave a lasting impression on your prospect. It’s our experience that the prospect even shows it off to colleagues simply because it’s so “cool”.

To be an effective entrepreneur you should be focused on the big picture, not mired in the minutia of executing a marketing calendar. Your time is your most valuable resource. • An Entire Marketing Staff for Pennies on the Dollar- Our mastery clients are blown away by the level of service they receive with this program. It’s like snapping your fingers and having a 10 member marketing department all for drastically less than it costs to hire a single employee. If a business owner is serious about their marketing and growth they immediately see the value in this. Well there you have it, the broad strokes on what it takes to escalate your revenue and multiply your profit. All of these tactics have proven themselves to be incredibly effective for our clients and can do the same for you, but you’ve got to want it. So do you? Are you ready to commit yourself to making 2014 the best year yet?

-Devin Herz

4. Marketing Mastery- Let’s face it, as a business owner 24 hours in a day doesn’t seem like enough time to accomplish everything you need to. This is why so many businesses are turning to DMC’s Marketing Mastery Program. • Professional Grade Marketing on Auto-PilotWe’ve been in the marketing business for 20 years, we know what works and what doesn’t. Being able to avoid the steep learning curve of DIY marketing means that a business will reap the rewards of effective marketing much sooner. Not only do the profits come quicker, but we spend all the time designing, writing, producing, and fulfilling so you don’t have to. Million Dollar Methods


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A Note From Scott Manning... At the end of the day, after all, why are we here? It’s not to just bring in new customers. It’s not even to make a little bit more money. Really, it’s to go back to the reason, the purpose, the PASSION behind why you became an entrepreneur in the first place. It’s to reawaken the vision and the mission and the drive that you have to do that. You see, every day you and I wake up and we go out into the field to do battle to build our businesses. But the work is in a conspiracy to stop us dead in our tracks. It tries to ruin our goals and destroy our plans. It makes doing business very difficult. That’s why we have a saying that the business owner is the loneliest person on the planet. Any and every entrepreneur knows this. Who is it really that you go out every day and share your big-ass crazy dreams with? You have all these crazy ideas that you drum up in the middle of the night and you want to go out in the world and do them to make a living. There’s nobody that is going to understand how you feel and what you are trying to do and be able to help you, unless they are one of you. Because of Million Dollar Methods, you are very fortunate. You have an opportunity each and every month to be sitting in a room full of like-minded people with their own crazy ideas and dreams. We call them entrepreneurs and we want you to come back each and every month to a meeting where you can get tools and resources to add your success toolbox. That way you will be better equipped to go out and do more things for your business, better and faster.

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