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DR. GLORIA MAYFIELD BANKS Dr. Gloria Mayfield Banks is an internationally renowned motivational success strategist and sales trainer, who has consistently beaten the odds to achieve extraordinary success. Dr. Banks holds a Bachelor’s degree from Howard University, an MBA from Harvard University and an Honorary Doctorate from University of Maryland Eastern Shore. She has

built a multi-milliondollar enterprise, as an author, a founding partner of Charisma Factor, Inc. (a corporate event planning company), and as an Elite Executive National Sales Director with Mary Kay, Inc. out of 3.5 million women in Mary Kay, Gloria has ranked #1 in the world. | 05



Rachel Luna is a best selling author, Sales Confidence and Mindset Strategist and highly sought after international speaker. A former US Marine, this 4 foot 11 inch firecracker has a reputation for inspiring confident action and helping her clients double, triple, and quadruple their income.

Sarah has been entertaining viewers worldwide for nearly twelve years on HGTV Canada and HGTV US. She first joined her husband, Bryan, on air in 2009 as they rebuilt and redesigned their family home on the hit television series, House of Bryan. Fans watched in record numbers and its overwhelming popularity led to three subsequent seasons in following years.

An international speaker, Rachel has been invited to share her powerful talks across the globe from the US to Europe to Japan and has been featured in The Huffington Post, Forbes, Success Magazine and Latina Magazine among many others.

06 |

Sarah has worn many hats throughout the process of building the Baeumler brand, but the focal point of her efforts recently, has been on her own personal brand. With the launch of Sarah Delivered in 2016, Sarah branched out and entered the subscription box world.

and 2019 $170M making it the fastest growing network marketing company in the industry and recipient the Bravo Award for their rapid growth.

JENNA ZWAGIL Jenna Zwagil is the Founder of HempWorx, Super Affiliate and soon to be Mom to her 4th child. In 2014, Jenna started with MyDailyChoice as an Affiliate. At that time – MDC had 3 nutritional sprays to market. She was able to rise to the top quickly becoming their 1st 25K Affiliate. Then she developed some medical problems. Her husband Josh gave her a sample of CBD oil that he was given from a Kentucky farm that helped her immensely. Jenna had fabulous results and wanted to share and add CBD to MyDailyChoice - Josh said no initially.

Amanda first launched her She Did It Her Way podcast in 2015 and has consistently been ranked as one of the top resources for female entrepreneurs by, Forbes,, Huffington Post, and many others. She Did It Her Way has been downloaded over 2 million times and continues to grow every day.

In 2017, Jenna started her own Shopify website that quickly exploded within 3 months. It was then that HempWorx was added to the MyDailyChoice brand. In 2017 My Daily Choice did $9M in sales, 2018 $100M

Amanda’s signature program, Coach Her Way Academy, is designed to help women take massive action on their business idea, turn their passion into profits, and create freedom in their life.


A message from our


Amanda Jane Clarkson

08 |

Hello Gorgeous Millionairess! We can’t believe we are sharing Issue 3 of Millionairess Magazine with you already. Time is flying by. I had some of my most powerful conversations inside this issue. Our cover story with the one an only Dr Gloria Mayfield Banks is a must read and watch. I hope you love it! Be sure to take the time to read, watch and absorb all the wisdom that these amazing women share with you. This magazine has been created with the sole purpose to elevate your self worth, net worth and life worth. Enjoy the journey. With Love and Gratitude Amanda Jane | 09

Millionairess mastery Did you catch the Millionairess Magazine Live Chat? In case you missed it we have picked out some diamonds to share with you! Publisher of Millionairess Magazine Robyn Gipters sits down with Editor-In-Chief Amanda Jane Clarkson to discuss Self Worth, Net Worth and Life Worth Enjoy! 12 |

Self Worth

Net Worth

Life Worth | 11

12 |


Goals to Gold “Everyone has a story. Your story was created to give other people hope. It was created so that you can serve the world. Your story is a blessing.” Dr. Gloria Mayfield Banks, described as “energy in motion”, is a woman of many stories; The young girl with dyslexia, the victim of domestic violence, the single mother,

the Harvard graduate, the multimillionaire entrepreneur and the Mary Kay Independent Elite Executive National Sales Director. | 13

This world-renowned motivational success strategist has seen through more stories than most of us, but all of them have contributed to the powerhouse woman she is today.

fact that we never really know other people’s stories. We have to remember that. Even when you think you know everything about somebody, you never know their full story.”

Gloria believes that we all have a story from our past which may define us for a while, but are gifted with it in order to share it with others - as long as it is after you are through the other side of your story, she explains to Millionairess magazine.

This is important to remember when you are struggling with feelings of failure or feeling defeated in your life. In business, if you are told ‘no’, Gloria says to remember that you can’t take it personally.

“No one should have to hear your story until you are finished with it. If you tell people while you are in the midst of your story, it’s just whining. They deserve to hear what you are doing about it, how you got out of your story, or what you did after your story,” Gloria says. Suffering through a violent relationship was a story Gloria had kept close to her chest for more than ten years. “Nobody knew about this. I am a true testament to the 14 |

“You don’t know why they said no to you. You don’t know the true story behind their no. The number one thing to overcome objections is to be prepared for them, because they will come, but you cannot evaluate your performance based on someone else’s life situation and their no,” she says. “I tell myself, ‘Your ‘no’ will not dictate my destiny.’” Gloria spends her time teaching women about how to get the IT factor - moreconfidence. But, it must begin with courage.

“Your ‘no’ will not dictate my destiny.” | 15

“Courage is what builds confidence. Come to realise that every single thing you’ve ever done in your life, you’ve done it for the very first time. Acknowledge that. Acknowledge that you have conquered so many firsts and come through them all. Confidence is built from small successes.” It is also something you need to build up over and over again as you go through your journey.

16 |

“People get trapped thinking they were confident once before and they won’t need to keep building further on it, but they really do. You can walk into a new promotion and be right back down the bottom again. Confidence needs to be re-built in every new situation.” As women, we are often afraid of others opinions, at the detriment of reaching our goals. Gloria firmly believes this will hold you

back from following your dreams. “Every woman who has nailed her dream has had to walk away from other people’s thoughts and opinions about what they are doing. There are three things to remember if you are too focused on outside influence,” she says. “One. You have only one life to live. You and only you will understand your dream, until you are successful at

it. Others will look to justify themselves by giving you their opinion on your dream. Two. Have the courage to go forth. There’s no way to climb if you’re not willing to fall. You have to try. Three. If you fail, you can always go back to what you were doing. You will never be worse off, other than a bruised ego and your ego will get bruised anyway, it just happens. So, take the chance!” There is another way to be sure you aren’t held back by other’s opinions. Being mindful about who you share your dreams with and walking beside people who raise you up and inspire you is such an important part of your journey forward. “Our circle of influence is created by us, it is built by us, it’s also dismantled by us. Your success will have nothing to do with whether you are nice and kind. Every single person in your life will either take you up or take you down. Learn these | 17

powerful words - I love you, but I can’t be with you right now.” Further to eliminating negative influencers and those who bring us down, surround yourself with encouraging people and mentors who help you to feel strong. “We are the best at ‘the copycat,’ but only if you copy the right cat!” Gloria reminds us to choose our mentors wisely. “Sometimes, even just half an hour in the company of the right mentor can be enough. Even minutes! Mentors can give you these tiny golden nuggets which will make a huge difference to your journey, but, you have to ask. If someone can’t mentor you at that moment, don’t take it personally, it just might not be the right time for them. Don’t give up on them,” she says. If you find that you are quitting on yourself repeatedly, acknowledging it is the most important step to changing it.

“Invest in yourself. Quitting is all in your head. It has nothing to do with your skill, so you must master your mind and your emotional management. Monitor your thoughts, your words, your results. You’ve been so focused on where you fell down, it’s hard to see what you do well. “Write down ten characteristics that make you special. If you are a quitter, you have mastered the skill of comparison. You need to remind yourself that god gave you your skills. Serve the world as well as you can with what he gave you.” Ask yourself if what you are doing is taking you closer or further away from your goal. Gloria says there is a huge difference between a goal and a dream and understanding this will help you get there. “A goal has to match a criteria. It is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and has a timeframe. If it hasn’t got all of those things, then it’s a dream. Dreams are what

keeps us thinking of possibilities and hopes, but there’s something very powerful about a deadline,” she says. The number one thing you need to reach your goal? Passion. It is the most critical element to develop to enable you to complete your journey and stay on track.

and desire win at completion because it causes the creativity to happen, the decisions to happen and the fortitude to come.” This is one of the most inspiring interviews you will ever watch to. Click below to enjoy the full hour of power from Dr, Gloria Mayfield Banks.

“When you are passionate, nothing stops you. Passion

A SUPER POWERFUL INTERVIEW!! Millionairess magazine

Watch the full interview here

20 |

RACHEL LUNA: Step Toward Your Purpose Best selling author, speaker, confidence creator, survivor and thriver, Rachel Luna, helps people get clear and take consistent action, so they can do what they were born to do. Rachel is a survivor of abuse, a former US Marine who served 10 years, an Iraqi War Vet and has most recently stood up to breast cancer. After clocking in over 10,000 hours of 1:1 coaching over the last 7 years, Rachel knows a thing or two about success,

making her the ideal author of her book Successful People are Full of C.R.A.P. (Courage. Resilience. Authenticity. Perseverance): A Step-byStep Guide to Getting it Together & Achieving Your Dreams. Her harrowing story held Rachel back for many years until she decided to take on a mentor, who made her view the setbacks from a new perspective. Rachel was then able to begin healing and step toward her true purpose. | 21

“My life shouldn’t be as amazing as it is today...My parents both died of AIDS, I had two eating disorders in my early teens, a battle with severe depression, a stint in AA, and some other less than brilliant choices all could have made me yet another statistic,” Rachel shares. At 19, Rachel enlisted in the Reserves and four years later was deployed to Iraq. When she was stationed as a caregiver for wounded warriors at a hospital in Germany, she came to a life changing realisation. “I came to know men with missing limbs, gruesome burns and other life-altering conditions. Their positive determination to rebuild their lives forever changed my outlook — life’s too short to continue living other people’s dreams,” she said. Rachel was over $40,000 in debt, had been dating someone for three years, only to discover they were married and her life was falling apart. 22 |

“I knew I was supposed to help in some way, but I didn’t know what that was, so I invested in myself and hired a life coach to help me work through the sludge. The first thing they said was that I would make a great coach! I said ‘what? But I’m a mess!” Her journey toward her purpose began with her own healing. She realised that she had such a story to share and that when she came through the other side, people deserved to learn how she had done it. This was her gift to share. “Within ONE year (with my mentor) I was completely out of debt, ran my very first marathon, kicked my eating disorders for good, met and married the man of my dreams and clarified my calling: helping others find the clarity and confidence they need to step into their full purpose and do those BIG THINGS they were meant to do.” Rachel then became a certified coach and began her own business in 2011.

“For a long time, I allowed myself to be the victim. Everyone allowed me to play the victim card with a ‘poor me’ mindset. My mentor told me that, in fact, I am not a victim. That I am more than just a survivor and a victim. It took a long time for me to understand that, but I eventually went back ready to look at things in a different way.” Rachel discovered that she was not just built to survive, she was built to thrive. She had been so stuck in her ‘story’, that it had become her whole identity. She began dismantling each story one by one - ‘my father abandoned me, my life is so unfair.’ The resentment and pain from clinging to those stories had been keeping her frozen. “When I turned it around and really looked at the story, I could see that my father did not really abandon me. He was around. He gave me to my grandmother, who was financially stable and able

to give me a great life, while he was on welfare! He was there, as much as he could be. It was time to let go of that story and be free.” Rachel now helps others to see how deeply attached they are to their story and to reframe it, helping them step toward their purpose. Rachel was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019 and was tempted to fall into old | 23

habits of a victim mentality again. Tired of hearing terms like ‘fighting for her life’ and ‘the biggest battle’, she made a decision not to buy into the belief that something within her was trying to hurt her or that she was in a battle with her body. Instead, she turned to love. Rachel had already spent much of her life hating her body, feeling shame about her breasts, criticizing the things she didn’t like, wishing away her baby belly and calling her forehead names. She knew it was time for her body to be seen and loved. “So, now I tell my body ‘I see you, I love you, I see you doing your job.’ I see those body parts sticking out for attention and I take the time to hold them, touch them, talk to them and love them.” One of the biggest things Rachel has learned throughout her experiences is to let go of a fear of judgment.

22 | 24

“We are all judging, all the time. It’s part of being human. We are all judging each other and ourselves, but we can still love each other through it. We can just accept that it’s part of our nature and decide to not let it bother us anymore.” “People will always judge, so why not let yourself be judged on who you REALLY are. Let it all hang out and let people judge you for the real you. Just stand in your truth and give yourself permission to offend.”


3 steps to manifesting health, wealth and happiness. Write. Whatever comes to your mind, even if it seems silly or time wasting. Thoughts are like children, they will persist until you look at them. Even if what you write is simple, you are STILL DOING THE WORK, acknowledging your thoughts and giving them your attention.

Shift. Once you’ve identified the thoughts and the beliefs that are coming up, shift them into gratitude. Be grateful for simple things - your pencil, your home, your journal, wifi etc. When you have done that, expand on your gratitude with ’I am so grateful now that…..’ Script. Now, write your life as if it has already happened. ‘I’m so happy I have met a kind and funny man. We are a match made in heaven.’ ‘We did it! I am so happy that this has happened!’ Your

Millionairess magazine

subconscious wants to be right and ego never wants to be wrong. So, if you are writing it out over and over, you will subconsciously begin to manifest, to correct, to take steps toward it. Rachel digs into some interesting insights about taking ownership of your message, feeling good enough, being selfish and giving yourself permission to stand in your truth, even if you offend others. This is a must watch hour, so click below and listen to a truly inspirational story.

Listen to the full interview here | 25

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28 |



Sarah Baeumler has been entertaining viewers worldwide for nearly twelve years, as she rebuilt and redesigned her family home with husband, Bryan, in their own hit television series, House of Bryan. Starting her journey as a ballerina, Sarah always craved an outlet for creativity. Running her own dance studio while also working alongside Bryan as project manager of his successful construction company, Sarah’s creative side was being fulfilled.

“I was balancing the dance studio and three children and we were embarking on building our own home. It was an opportunity to follow my creativity to the interior design process and I really wanted to have a say in the whole process. The more I did, the more I wanted to do it full time” Sarah said. “So, I decided to sell the studio (I still dance, but for myself) and just focus on the building aspect of my life.” | 29

The Baeumler’s have taken things to a whole other level with their largest venture to date, all captured on their hit series “Island of Bryan” on HGTV Canada, as they navigate the biggest renovation of their life; rebuilding and restoring a beachfront resort in the Bahamas. With all of this and their four children in tow, Sarah juggles a lot of responsibility, so she makes it a priority to keep herself balanced and happy. “Mentally, physically and spiritually I’m a strong believer in taking care of the whole temple. You are responsible for your own happiness. It’s so important that you are happy within yourself because boosting your own self overflows to all of your family who benefit from it as well,” she said. Sarah recognises that as women, we often prioritise helping everybody else and giving to others first, which can be very depleting. She knows it is in the best 30 |

interests of everyone, to take care of herself first. “It’s so difficult for women to come to terms with this as caregivers who naturally want to take care of others, but in doing that, we take away from ourselves. It feels selfish, but we need to take that word selfish off the list. Self care is not the same as selfish. Mom-guilt should never be a question.” “Even as it gets busier, I carve out extra time for myself because I know I will need it even more, to grow from the inside outward.” The more Sarah prioritises her own self care nourishes her own individual needs, the more it flows on to her family and they can all benefit from her as a teacher, a partner and a relaxed mom. Sarah has worn many hats throughout the process of building the Baeumler brand, but the focal point of her efforts recently has been to her own personal brand.

With the launch of Sarah Delivered in 2016, she branched out and entered the subscription box world. With much success and a series of beautifully created boxes, she was ready to dive deeper. 2017 saw the launch of her new

magazine, CURATED and her interior design service, Refined Living. Sarah says with these different branches to her brand, each one stimulates a unique part of her personality and allows | 31

her to put her heart and soul into all of them.

the amount we respect one another is so important.

“It’s the soulful projects that keep you driven and striving and growing. Creating a soul-filled business through serving others means that on the days where you really hit the dirt, those hard days, you have that big juicy reason to keep you going.”

Allowing and trusting in each other to get their role done, rather than micromanaging helps them navigate through the windy road of entrepreneurialism together.

Working so closely alongside her husband, Bryan is nothing new to Sarah. They have a mutual respect which seems to be the glue holding them together through thick and thin and they allow each other to ebb and flow in the business. “There are times where one of us was more focused on a project or business growth as the other takes a back seat and vice versa. It’s a fluid motion. We know that we can’t both be intensely focused at the same time.” “It’s not about whose goals are most important, it’s about working together and it’s never perfect, but 32 |

“Life doesn’t just head down a straight road. It moves back and forth, it’s a bit rocky or wavy sometimes, so you and your partner need to continue along in the same direction, instead of being set in your ways and resisting growth.” Being a part of a community, taking on mentors and surrounding yourself with others who are walking the walk is a huge part of Sarah’s life. She takes time to travel, expand her contacts and grow her knowledge, touting this as the most important thing to nurture for success. “I love seeking out other women and listening to their hardships and their stories. You can learn so much from the community

that you surround yourself with, but you have to really be able to listen and to understand what they are saying,” Sarah said.

Sarah’s golden advice comes from Mark Twain “Kindness is the language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear.”

“Link the common threads and pull those threads to make your own quilt from them. Learning from the wisdom of others is very important. Talking to different women is wonderful in your own field, but you can learn so much from women in different fields and in different countries. There is so much we can share and learn from each other, so nurturing those mentoring relationships is crucial.”

“Something very special about female entrepreneurs is that we sometimes feel we need this tough shell. But, it’s the kindness, which is so natural in women, that is something we can offer and share. Whatever field or career you take on, remember kindness is at the heart of who you are.”

Millionairess magazine

Don’t miss the entire interview with Sarah Baeumler below.

Watch the full interview here | 33

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Why We Quit On Ourselves, Our Loved Ones And Our Dreams By Editor In Chief Amanda Jane Clarkson

36 |

Have you ever found yourself working toward something, only to become overwhelmed with the desire to quit and turn back? In those moments when you can’t see past the heavy cloud and find yourself wondering how the hell you are going to pick yourself up and make it through, remind yourself there is always a solution. Life can be everything and anything we want it to be, if there is progression. Let’s take a look at the 3 reasons why we quit.


WE ARE NOT LIVING OUR AUTHENTIC SELVES If we are not living our authentic purpose, that thing we are cut out for, using the gift or talent that truly makes us feel good inside and brings us to life, then we are not living as our authentic selves.

It’s important to ask yourself “Am I running in a negative way, in the wrong direction?” If you are unsure, consider whether you wake up feeling as though you are moving toward the light or waking up feeling dread. That feeling of dread usually comes from living out other people’s expectations of you or from people pleasing. Many of us live our lives for others or are living for those dogmas of ‘you should be a doctor, get a good job, earn good money, climb the corporate ladder,’ etc. If your work makes your heart sink, if you feel as though you are pretending to be somebody you are supposed to be or are pretending to be happy to have a job, you can be left feeling like a trapped bird. It can suck a little piece of your soul each day, making you far more likely to quit on the end goal. Even if you do reach that end goal, you will most likely never FEEL successful. | 37

“We can achieve more in one year in the right mastermind community, with the right mentors, than what we can achieve in a whole lifetime of going it alone.� - Napoleon Hill

38 |

We all have a purpose, a calling, a vision, a reason why we are here and it’s not to fulfill other people’s wants and desires for us. Ask yourself “Am I inspired? Am I enthusiastic? Am I holding my gifts inside? Am I holding myself back from sharing what I have to offer with other people because of fear?” If you are running in the wrong direction from your purpose, it is time to stop and ask for help. Life and business can get very difficult and lonely at times. It is not a weakness to ask for help, provided it’s from the right source. It is vital you seek help from those who can help you move forward on your journey toward your authentic self. Sometimes, people feel to keep you where you are for their own benefit. If you are shining light and showing possibility, it can make others look at themselves and bring up their insecurities. This is their issue, not yours. Those

people will keep you where you are, rather than jump at the chance to see you moving forward. So, make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who propel you upwards and forwards and learn to tune out the others.


WE HAVE NOT D DREAMS DOWN TO MANAGEABLE AND PURPOSEFUL SIZES. Many of us want to get to the top of the mountain and reap the rewards as quickly as we can, but progressive proactive steps are what keeps us inspired, enthusiastic and moving toward our goals. Progression elevates our self worth. The number one reason we become financially independent is from a strong sense of self worth, so ask yourself “is | 39

what i’m doing right now taking me closer to or further from my dream?” Without progression, we can fall into a state of confusion, muddled thinking and information overload, which can lead to quitting. We need to take the knowledge that we learn and structure and organise it in a way that keeps our path clear and progressive. We need timeframes and structure, mentors, a plan and a strategy broken up into achievable steps in order to progress and raise our self worth. Think about how you spend your time. Are you flicking through all the apps on your phone, getting bogged down in emails, ignoring to-do lists, procrastinating and juggling too many tasks at once? This is an easy way to end up in overwhelm and confusion. Personally and professionally, you must create a structure that is clear and achievable or you will run out of fuel.

40 |


WE PERCEIVE MORE DRAWBACK AND PAIN ASSOCIATED WITH THE JOURNEY OF SUCCESS, THAN THE BENEFITS AND PLEASURE. It is so easy to fall into this trap; the misconception that taking a chance on something we want is too risky. And, we are often surrounded by people who want to protect us with their “what ifs,” so we can only see the downside to trying and quit before we even begin. To reach our goals, it is crucial to work on our conditioning and mindset so we are ready to overrule those negative voices inside ourselves and from others.

We are at war to fight against those thoughts of “be careful, don’t give away the safety net or lose those benefits and stability.” Your need to be guarded from all of those thoughts, so we must condition our minds to protect against these limiting self beliefs and antiquated dogmas. Everyday, work harder on yourself. Surround yourself with people who want you to be great and inspire you to become the best version of yourself. Read motivational books and have conversations that expand your mind. Choose those external voices wisely. Without mentors or a mastermind group, it is easy to quit and stay small. You need others to help guide you on your journey and help you move forward, because we simply don’t have all the knowledge and connections to get us where we need to go. Voices of inspiration can

help you get there faster than you could ever do alone. So, instead of stacking the pain and doubt, stack the benefits of moving through the challenge. The most valuable question you can ask yourself if you are stuck in self-doubt managing a difficult situation is “What are the benefits of coming through the situation and not quitting on it? If I overcome this pain and push myself through, what will my life look like in a year, five years or ten years. Now, what about if I don’t overcome it?” Sit with that truth. When you conquer that, you jump to another level. You have it all within you.

Amanda | 41

42 |


Are Your Magic 34 year old business dynamo, Jenna Zwagil has rocketed to Millionairess status in record-breaking time. Rewriting her mindset and focusing on a soulful business enterprise saw her raise a $9M turnover into a $170M turnover in just three short years.

female earner in network marketing in the world.

Founder of the #1 CBD Oil Brand, HempWorx, wife of CEO of MyDailyChoice Josh Zwagil, and proud Mama, Jenna manifested her way from working at a Wendy’s inside a gas station to becoming the # 1 top

“At 18 years old, I thought network marketing sounded easy and so of course, failed miserably. I thought that maybe it wasn’t my thing, but it did plant a seed,” said Jenna.

With a Bachelors degree in Marketing, Jenna has been a successful Network Marketer and Social Media Influencer for the last 10 years in the Network Marketing industry. | 43

exhausted and with no answers from doctors and little more than pain killers to get her through the day, she began searching for her own answers. This is when CBD crossed her path as a possible answer. “I wasn’t impressed at first. I didn’t get any relief and so I wondered if it even worked. I began experimenting with different oils for a year or so until I came across some samples of CBD oil from a Kentucky farm,” she said. Disheartened by seeing the same names at the top of the network marketing ladder year after year, Jenna contemplated getting out of the industry. As timing would have it, she met her future husband, Josh, who was eager to start up his own networking company, with Jenna on his team. That was the inception of MyDailyChoice. Although she was kicking sales goals, a long-term illness plagued Jenna’s body. Constant pain and migraines left her severely 44 |

“Within 7 days, my symptoms began to reverse. I couldn’t believe how effective it was.” Jenna was curious if the oil was as effective on other people and began giving it out to as many people as she could. They all had fantastic results. “I knew I needed to get this out to the public and within a couple of weeks, I was in business with consumers and managing over 100, 000 members on Facebook. It became a massive movement that I

could no longer contain,” she said. It became Jenna’s mission to bring the HempWorx products to the rest of the world, while empowering people to achieve their goals and eventually joining forces with her husband, selling the oil through MyDailyChoice. Jenna had found a fantastic product, but the story is not so simple. Only four short years ago, she had hit rock bottom. Struggling with her path for a decade and dealing with past trauma left her feeling as though she didn’t deserve success. She had filed for bankruptcy and had a debilitating lack of self-worth. “I was crying on the bathroom floor when I realised I had two choices. I could either give into these negative thoughts and continue down this path. Or I could just surrender and let it all go.” “I decided it was time to put my blinders on and focus on protecting my own energy and correct old

thinking. I needed to get uncomfortable and rewrite the track that I had been playing in my mind for too long.” Jenna decided to rewire her brain. “I began with affirmations. Admittedly, I felt I was lying at first, but I persisted and over time it began to sound right. I became grateful for what I had and started manifesting what I wanted. I read a lot of books and looked to mentors to open up my mind and my heart to receive this new information.” Mentors and support networks help us to grow and evolve. Surrounding ourselves with like minded people who stretch and challenge us, while elevating us to grow both in business and life is such an important step in reaching our goals. Jenna says it is just as important to recognise those around us who don’t want us to change and pull us down. | 45

“I remove them from my awareness altogether. I’m very protective of my space and who I allow in it. When you get to a point in your life where you are going to do something regardless of anyone’s else’s opinions is when you really take off,” she says. “I’ve had mentors who challenged my thinking. They would put me in check when they heard me use limiting thoughts and I sought out influencers to guide me to the next level. You have to be in the right environment to grow. Just like plants or children, it’s very difficult to be a positive person surrounded by toxic people.” “It’s not just people you need to monitor, it comes from TV, radio, podcasts, what you are reading, those are the things that shape us without realising us.” Another powerful strategy that Jenna adopted when rewiring her brain for success was the decision to drop her story. “The words that come out 46 |

of your mouth are frequencies and if you are on the wrong frequency, you can’t get what you want. By repeatedly telling your old story, you are on a subconscious loop and will continue to repeat it.” “Your words are your magic. Be very conscious of that. Be careful what you say.” Letting go of past trauma and the story you live by is all about creating a new one and choosing to let go of the old. Jenna recommends writing out your old story; The one about a hard life, bad luck, abandonment, or loss and then write out your new story. Write down the story you want. Now, start talking about that and start filling your life with that story. Tear the old one up and burn it. Let it disappear. It’s not who you are. “Part of our power is being able to reinvent ourselves and become whatever we want,” Jenna says.

“Become fearless. If you believe you can get there, the universe will conspire to make it true. Don’t listen to anyone else, just put them on pause if you need. Remember, you can fail - that’s part of progress. You might make a fool of yourself, but every obstacle is an opportunity for growth.” Figuring out what your mission is will keep you on track through the challenging times. It’s what will drive you and push you to keep going. “I keep my focus on my mission. It’s bigger than me. When I hear from customers ‘You’ve given me

Millionairess magazine

my life back, you’ve given me my marriage back, you’ve given me my health back,’ I know this is not about me. I would be happy without the money, knowing I have helped others.” “The higher you rise, you will get hit with challenges. Your obstacles are a part of the process, but don’t ever focus on the problems, focus on your mission and the impact you can have on others lives. Then everything you want can be yours.” Watch the full interview with Jenna below.

Watch the full interview here |47

48 |

AMANDA BOLEYN Does It Her Way After two years in Corporate America, Amanda Bolelyn took the leap and moved from West Des Moines to Chicago to follow her calling. Becoming a full-time freelancer, traveling the globe delivering sales, marketing, leadership development, and employee training with large organizations, gave Amanda the freedom to create a passion project. Little did she know that the passion project, a podcast called She Did

It Her Way, would end up being downloaded over 2 million times and lead her toward a coaching business that would see her ranking as one of the top-resources for female entrepreneurs by, Forbes,, Huffington Post, and many others. Amanda Boleyn had arrived. Her signature program, Coach Her Way Academy, is designed to help women take massive action on their business idea, turn their passion into profits, and create freedom in their life. Editor In Chief Amanda Jane Clarkson chats with Amanda about kicking off the journey into entrepreneurialism and those first few steps toward your goal. | 49

“First, you will need to learn to love the game of being a business owner. There are a lot of mental hurdles that will come along, so you will need to have the right perspective and love the business owner journey, during the high-highs and the low-lows,” Amanda says. Starting out can be a thrilling part of the journey; one that many women leap into quickly. Amanda recommends taking stock of your current situation and making it work for you rather than jump in too early. “Take advantage of having a full time job. Rather than make an emotional leap, which can leave you in a bind, use your job as a constraint on your schedule but become a ninja with your time. Build your business on the side as best you can while working full time until you are bottlenecked out,” she suggests. If you find yourself capped out in your full time job, 50 |

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you are looking at change.” - Wayne Dyer. with no time or energy left to dedicate to your business, you still have options. “If you have no margin (with your current job), consider changing to a bridge job; a job that allows you more time to either figure out what you want to do or, if you already know, time to actually work on it and nurture it so you can be in a good position when you are ready to take that leap.”

Learning as much as you can and taking your business idea as far as you can while you have a full time job is a smart move. Amanda’s top three tips to starting out are: KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. Be clear on what’s going in and what’s going out. How much do you really need to replace your income? Decide how much money is good/better/best-case scenarios for taking the leap.

LEARN. If you want to start a podcast, take a course about how to start one. Learning about what you are about to do will shave time off reaching your goal in the long run. Get clear on what you want to learn, find a course or a mentor and invest in yourself. It doesn’t need to be a massive step, you can start small by watching youtube videos and podcasts. | 51

FIND A COMMUNITY. Find people who are doing what you want to do. Surround yourself with people who you can learn from or support you. There are plenty of limiting beliefs waiting to pop up to challenge you - ‘Can I really do this? What will my friends say? You need a community around you to bolster you through these challenges. When first starting out, it’s easy to think that a course or coaching program is your ticket to success. If you go in with an open mind, start small and build up your confidence slowly, you will find that there is always at least one lesson to learn in every course or program, you just have to look for it. “Investing in yourself is one of the best investments you can ever make. It doesn’t matter if you are moving an inch or mile, as long as you are moving forward,” she said. 52 |

IMPOSTER SYNDROME (Anytime you doubt yourself)

As you become a different version of yourself, it’s normal to have imposter syndrome. It doesn’t have to mean you have issues, blockages, or that you should stop what you are doing. We all have it at different times. It’s really a positive thing, because it’s a sign you are growing.

“It’s up to us to decide what our perspective is. Assess the pain. Ask yourself ‘Is the pain of investing money and risking not getting what you need out of it worse than the pain of doing nothing?’ It’s important to ask if the pain of being exactly where you are in three months’ time is worse than investing money to try and take things to the next level.” Share your goals and dreams with those in your tribe; really put it out there, and when you

Millionairess magazine

are met with a fear of what others will say or think, Amanda suggests assessing yourself. “Does it really matter? Will it really affect you? Go back to the pain assessment - Is it worse to feel the pain of being judged by others than the pain of holding back, not standing in your truth and trying for something you believe in?” Listen to the full interview below.

Watch the full interview here | 53

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