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ew Christian liberal arts colleges have a longer or richer tradition than Milligan College. For more than 140 years, Milligan’s unique mission has been to educate men and women as Christian servant-leaders, whatever their profession. Through classes and activities, worship services and Bible studies, lasting friendships and exceptional faculty mentors, your experiences at Milligan will prepare you to change lives and shape culture through the vocation God calls you to pursue.

We believe real leadership is about service. That’s why everything we do at Milligan — in the classroom, dorm room, or athletic field — is designed to encourage you to reflect on how your faith is related to your career choice and what it means to be “called” to lives of servant-leadership. We know you long to use the unique ways God has created you to make a real difference.

You’ll find the Milligan community to be genuine and real. We’re not perfect, but we’re a real place, with real people, all learning and serving a real God. You’ll find amazing and supportive friends and faculty. And with more than 40 campus clubs and 80 percent of our students living on campus, there’s always something exciting going on.


Milligan’s goal is to educate students to be thinking and acting Christians. You’ll be challenged to think for yourself, to analyze information and ideas, and to explore the nature and meaning of the world. You’ll be taught by professors who are among the best in their fields, and more importantly, they’re Christian scholars who want to see you make a real difference.



xplore your passion, refine your talents, and affirm your faith

at Milligan College. Through quality academics and a focused Christian commitment, discover the world that surrounds you and embark on a journey towards promise and progress. Make a difference.


YOUR fUtURe What you learn in college will help direct the course of your future. That’s why we take academics seriously at Milligan. Our faculty don’t hesitate to ask challenging and difficult questions or explore issues that can sometimes be tricky. We think it’s important for tomorrow’s leaders to be individuals who can think for themselves, analyze information and ideas, and explore the nature and meaning of the world. These are the distinguishing characteristics of a liberal arts college that is committed to a Christian worldview. How

else can you truly understand and explore what it means to be a Christian in today’s society? libeRal aRts At Milligan, students explore how different subjects such as humanities and sciences relate to each other. The term “liberal arts” means that students are educated broadly about the historical, philosophical, and literary basis of our modern society. At Milligan, a unique interdisciplinary Humanities Program lays a common foundation for learning. “Liberal

arts” is also a way of describing an education that prepares students to think, to inquire about the nature and meaning of the world, and to analyze information and ideas. Students also can go beyond

geographical and cultural boundaries through study abroad programs and many offcampus learning opportunities. Many majors also require internships, which grant college credit and work experience prior to graduation.

chRist-centeRed The Christian faith is intentionally shared and explored through the Milligan curriculum. Our conviction is that the primary question, “What does it mean to be human?” cannot be answered apart from the question, “Who is God?” We encourage students to see

God’s hand in all subjects — whether

accounting, history, or fine arts. This interplay between Christian commitment and academic quality is central to Milligan’s identity and purpose.

30+ majORs 1,200 stUdents 75 fUll-time facUltY 12:1 stUdent-fac RatiO 3 gRadUate PROgRams

erent f if d ll a e r a e r e h “T nd types of people a I’ve majors at Milligan. and met great athletes love it! fantastic artists. I he But I really love t m: a humanities progra ches me program that tea k, but not WHAT to thin hink.” rather HOW to t

.adaham , WI Kenos

in Youth Bible with emphasis and Pastoral Ministries

and [wants to be a minister

to teach]

Read mY stORY at www.milligan.edU/RaiseYOURwORld | 7



Australia Cairo China Costa Rica London Los Angeles Martha’s Vineyard Oxford Russia Uganda Washington, DC Humanities European Tour International Business Institute

“stUdYing abROad gave me a new understanding about people and culture much different from my own. it also gave me new friends and memories made with them.”


CanTon, oh

Communications | 9

It has been said that a career is how you make a living, but a calling is how you make a difference. Whether it’s teaching, preaching, creating, deciding, governing, solving, inventing, or writing, God

has a vision for your life. and Milligan wants to help you explore and

develop your gifts and talents to fulfill that vision as you serve God and humanity.

aRea Bible

The Bible major prepares men and women to serve as leaders in a wide variety of settings, including local congregations, local and international missions, and various educational institutions. The core of the major consists of courses in scripture, church history, and ministry. Our conviction is that ministers must know the scriptures and how to interpret them, but they also must know about the world and the people to whom they minister.


Our business students want to make a difference. Whether they assume leadership roles or work behind the scenes, our approach ensures that they’re prepared with technical skills required for solving complex business problems, as well as the ability to think critically about their role in being a positive influence in the workplace. Milligan is a member of the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).


The teacher licensure program is designed for those planning to obtain professional licensure for teaching in early childhood, elementary, middle grades, secondary, special education (PreK-3), and selected K-12 specialty fields. Teacher candidates complete supervised field experiences and student teaching. Our program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), meaning that your degree is instantly recognized throughout the country for its quality.

Humane Learning

This area encompasses a wide variety of subjects, including literature, languages, philosophy, history, fine arts, and theology. Students can choose from a structured English major or the individualized humanities major in which they work with faculty to create a personalized, interdisciplinary major that helps them see and explore the connections and interrelationships between disciplines, as well as the connections between the Christian faith and these academic disciplines. Study abroad is encouraged.


Quality nursing education is combined with an excellent liberal arts curriculum at Milligan. Our B.S.N. program is affiliated with several major medical centers, smaller urban hospitals and clinics, community health centers, modern rural hospitals, primary care clinics, home health programs, and parish nursing programs. Milligan’s B.S.N. program is approved by the Tennessee Board of Nursing (TBN) and accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Communications Fine Arts

Putting graduates in influential roles in a world where mass media are a driving force is our mission. Students gain a theoretical foundation that incorporates Christian thinking, as well as hands-on experience, working alongside professionals in their field through internships and off-campus study programs. Facilities are continually upgraded and include state-of-the-art Macintosh systems, digital media editing bays, a radio station, and television production studios. In addition to learning fundamental skills, theories, principles, and technologies necessary in the making of art, music, photography, or theatre, students learn the history and current trends in the arts. Our theatre program has earned regional and national acclaim, with productions featured at the Kennedy Center and American College Theater Festival. Photo students are selected each year as finalists in the Photographers Forum Annual College Photography Contest.


The music curriculum at Milligan seeks to produce life-long learners and lovers of music, as well as accomplished performers and avid music consumers. The college’s various ensembles and music courses are open to all students, regardless of major. The college has distinctive music programs in vocal, orchestral, and jazz studies. Numerous ensembles perform all over the region and nation.

Scientific Learning

Superior training is what students interested in the medical or technical field will find in Milligan’s science program. Through classroom and lab experiences, various research and internship opportunities, and use of online tools, students can explore new technology and become critical thinkers who can successfully comprehend and communicate scientific knowledge. Small classes and one-on-one personal attention from professors provide an excellent education.

Social Learning

History majors examine human relationships across time and within regional, national, and international boundaries. Psychology majors examine human relationships that focus on self and others. Sociology majors examine the relationships within and among groups of the world, Public Leadership & Service majors examine these relationships from an interdisciplinary approach, and Child Life majors study family systems and child development. Internships and research are required or strongly encouraged.

Graduate & Professional Studies 10 |

tell me abOUt it


Milligan is a recognized leader in adult education, offering three graduate programs and several adult-degree completion programs. These programs provide a quality education, close faculty-student interaction, and career preparation and advancement in a number of fields. For more than 20 years, our adult and professional studies programs have been highly respected by the business community, area health care facilities, schools, and organizations.

Interdisciplinary Honors

major is available in various areas of learning.

What inTeRests YOU? majORs


what can i dO with that?

Bible (General Studies, Missions, Pastoral Ministry, Youth Ministry), Worship Leadership

Bible, Children’s Ministry, Christian Ministry, Missions, Worship Leadership, Youth Ministry

Many grads serve in local churches or as independent missionaries. Some work for organizations such as Christian Missionary Fellowship, English Language Institute of China, Pioneer Bible Translators, and New Mission Systems. Others have pursued graduate studies at Candler School of Theology at Emory University, Cincinnati Christian Seminary, Duke Divinity School, Emmanuel School of Religion, and Fuller Theological Seminary, to name a few.

Accounting, Business Admin (Acctg, Econ, Health Care Admin, International, Legal Studies, Management, Marketing), Finance, Computer Info Systems

Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Economics, Health Care Administration, Legal Studies

Our graduates are leaders in their fields, working for CPA firms, banks, financial service companies, health care organizations, and a variety of other companies, including some among the Fortune 500. Others are working in churches and non-profit organizations and many pursue graduate school.

Select from wide variety of majors in other Coaching, Exercise Science, Fitness & areas depending on your teaching field (see Wellness, Physical Education website). Also: Child & Youth Development, Human Performance & Exercise Science

Our graduates are serving as teachers, school administrators, and guidance counselors throughout the country, and many go on to obtain master’s and doctoral degrees. HPXS grads are successful in the allied health and wellness industry and many complete graduate studies.

English (Writing), Humanities, Language Arts

Many grads are teaching English or literature in public and private schools and colleges. Some are journalists, editors, or creative writers. Some are practicing law. Still others have gone on to work in public relations, to study library science or information technology, and to work in marketing, customer assistance, and in other aspects of the business world. Others have pursued graduate studies, including architecture, English, theology, and medical school.

English, French, Greek, Humanities, Philosophy, Spanish, Women’s Studies


“A vocation is a called life of service.” Communications (Digital Media Studies, Film Studies, Interpersonal & Public Communication, Multimedia Journalism, Public Relations)

Communications, Digital Media, Film Studies, Multimedia Journalism, Photography

Our graduates consistently maintain a near-100% pass-rate on their NCLEX-RN exams. 100% are employed at the time of graduation. They work in pediatrics, labor and delivery, oncology, emergency room trauma, and open-heart surgery, to name a few. Several have worked at the Mayo Clinic. Others have pursued graduate work at Case Western Reserve, Vanderbilt University, University of Tennessee, and East Tennessee State Univ., to name a few. Comm graduates have worked for NASA, CNN, Saturn, Dreamworks SKG, Zoo Studio Nashville, Focus on the Family, and Standard Publishing, to name a few. Others are working at TV, radio, and newspapers throughout the country. Some are working in ministry and in businesses or non-profit organizations. Many have pursued graduate studies at U. of Illinois, U. of Georgia, NYU, Duke, Johns Hopkins, and Georgia Southern, to name a few.

Fine Arts (Art, Music, Photography, Theatre) Art, Music, Photography, Theatre Arts

Grads have been involved in national touring companies, regional theatre, regional art agencies, working for newspapers and companies, teaching art, and serving on the mission field. They work at Steppenwolf, Broadway, Barter, Chicago Lyric Theatre, Kentucky Shakespeare Festival. Other fine arts grads have pursued graduate work at Savannah College of Art and Design, Case Western, Syracuse, Notre Dame, and Bowling Green State University.

Jazz Studies, Performance, Music Education (Instrumental, Voice), Fine Arts (Music),

Music, Music Ministry

Music alums teach at all levels of music education, serve in music ministry positions, conduct professional music organizations, teach studio music, and perform professionally. They have pursued further music studies at Northwestern University, Southern Methodist University, St. Louis University, Emory University, Indiana University, the University of Illinois, and University of Georgia, to name a few.

Allied Health, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics

Biology, Chemistry, General Science, Mathematics, Physical Science

Graduates are working in biomedical and biological sciences, education, industry, engineering, healthcare, research, and government services. Our graduates perform very competitively in post-baccalaureate programs (such as medical, dental, pharmacy, and other graduate schools) throughout the country. Many are serving as physicians and medical missionaries throughout the world.

Child Life, History, Psychology (General, Pre-professional), Public Leadership and Service (PL&S), Sociology

Ethnic Studies, History, Intercultural Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

Grads are working in teaching, counseling, research-related work, business, social work, juvenile court systems, veterans work, ministry, community organizations, non-profit sector, organizational leadership, health care administration, pediatric and therapeutic settings. Many have pursued graduate studies at institutions such as University of Tennessee, University of Kentucky, Duke, Indiana, and Purdue, to name a few.

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Education (MEd), Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT), Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BSBA), Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education/Child & Youth Development, Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems

Graduates are working in business and industry, education, and healthcare facilities throughout the world.

Learn more. Visit

what’s in a namesake? Faculty are so important at Milligan that the college has the rare distinction of being named not for its founder or location, but for a teacher. Josephus Hopwood, founding president of Milligan College,

chose the name to honor one of his own professors, Robert Milligan, who “modeled the virtues of Christian discipleship and intellectual formation.” Professor Milligan taught his students that learning should be used to develop the potential of Christian men and women to serve Christ and the world.

chRistian schOlaRs Our faculty are among the best in their fields. More than 80 percent have

our faculty’s primary focus is teaching and mentoring, many are also involved in

earned the highest degree in their field. While

academic research, publishing articles and books, serving in national organizations, and consulting corporations and non-profits. But they don’t just see themselves as professors who happen to teach at a Christian college. They view themselves as Christians who have the opportunity to serve Christ and the world as scholars and educators. They are respected and caring Christian scholars who are committed to scholarship, excellence in teaching, and the faith development of their students.

lifelOng mentORs From your first day at Milligan — and for the rest of your life — you’ll

experience the unique mentoring relationships our faculty have with students and alumni. They are passionate about each student’s success both inside and outside the classroom. They spend countless hours with students — hiking, having students in their homes for meals, leading Bible studies and small groups, and conducting devotions for athletic teams. They participate in chapel, support music and arts events, cook a late-night breakfast for students during final exams, sponsor student organizations, and try not to beat the students too badly in the annual faculty-student softball game on Wonderful Wednesday. Most importantly, they devote hours to talking and mentoring their students.

milligan is consistently named one of the best baccalaureate colleges in the south in “america’s best colleges” by U.s. news & world Report and one of the nation’s top 100 baccalaureate colleges by washington monthly. the college also is recognized as a college of distinction.

l a n o per s n o i t n a tte

erent f if d n a g li kes Mil a m t a h “W es is g e ll o c r e h rom ot f e u iq n u and puts it t n e m t inves the heavy s. The t n e d u t s into its ff take a t s d n a faculty o know t t e g o t time person.� a s a u o y

ezeErE .abeLEn , TENNESS


-Med Biology/Pre n]

iatricia ecome a ped [wants to b





“ milligan is not a perfect place. it is better. it is a Real Place, with real people, and real stories, and a real god in our midst.”

.dr curtis booher

assIsTanT Professor of ChrIsTIan MInIsTrIes

teen leadeRshiP cOnfeRence We encourage

high schoolers to attend the Teen

Leadership Conference hosted on the Milligan campus each summer by Youth in Ministry. It’s designed for students eager to pursue God’s call and features Milligan students, faculty, and alumni. Youth in Ministry programming is also featured at the NACC, many state teen conventions, and church youth rallies. See

d o G s e o d t a h W ? e m m o r f t n wa e such m n e iv g has “Milligan to be n io t a d n g fou an amazin d has n a t is r h of C a follower God r e v e t a h e for w m d e r a p e pr ure.” t u f e h t to in calls me

.bec, TkEXyAS

HArLINgEN minor in

ble with a dou ciology Psychology istry and So in M n ia st nselor] Chri to be a cou [wants

chRist-centeRed You’ll soon discover what makes Milligan stand out from other colleges — it is a place where Jesus Christ is exalted. Milligan was founded with the idea that Christian faith should be applied in every facet of our lives. Everything we do at Milligan — in the classroom, dorm room, or athletic field — is designed to

how your faith is related to your career path and what it means to be “called” to lives of service. The “Servant-Leader Experience” is a comprehensive program

encourage you to reflect on

that starts on day one, helping freshmen discern their God-given gifts and equipping them to use those gifts for ministry and service.

chURch affiliatiOn Milligan has an active relationship with the independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. Committed to the restoration of New Testament Christianity and the unity of all believers, these congregations are a dynamic and growing fellowship. Given this commitment to Christian unity, students from various Christian traditions find Milligan a welcoming community.

faith in actiOn Milligan wants to educate students to be

thinking and

acting Christians. Students participate in Spiritual Formation Programming that helps nurture the Christian spirit, character, and worldview. Opportunities include chapel services, cross cultural events, devotional breakfasts, and FCA events. And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to lead worship services, vespers, and Bible studies. We believe that the Christian faith is about serving others, so students are encouraged to put their faith in action, hand-in-hand with faculty and alumni. It’s all about

Certificate in LEADERSHIP regardless of your major, you can take a few focused courses and participate in hands-on activities and mentoring to also earn a Certificate in Leadership. Learn more at

more aware of your culture and the world in which you will live and work.

becoming | 17


“i love witnessing firsthand how god works great wonders in ways that we think impossible. i also love getting to be a part of his great mercy — a god who rules the universe and has a distracting love for all his children, even the ones who seemingly have no hope.”

.ryan (’07)

CarroLLTon, Ga

Business administration

[after graduation, worked in the second largest slum in africa, serving orphans with hIV/aIDs]

At Milligan, you’ll be a part of a small, close-knit student body of around 1,200 students. Our students

you’ll find students with similar interests as yourself, as well as those of different cultures, backgrounds, and views. You’ll find a warm Christian community, allowing you to form come from more than 30 states and 14 nations, so

friendships that will last a lifetime. You’ll hear yourself saying what so many other students and alumni have said about Milligan: “It feels like home.” There are concerts, theatre productions, recitals, athletic events, art exhibits, and other community-oriented activities. And with more than 40 student organizations, you can write for the student newspaper, become involved in social issues, go on mission trips, join the choir or a musical ensemble, study abroad, or serve in student government.

Residence life More than 80 percent of our traditional students live on campus in one of six residence halls or student apartments. This is where much of the community life and social involvement on campus occurs. Each Residence Hall has a professional staff to assist residents and encourage community life and development.

stUdent satisfactiOn We know today’s students have definite expectations about what they want from their campus experience. Milligan students have been found

more satisfied with their college experience and more engaged in campus life than students at similar

to be

colleges, according to several national surveys.

sOcial ResPOnsibilitY As a Christian college, Milligan adopts basic moral and social principles and expects students to serve Christ in an atmosphere of trust, encouragement, and respect for one another. You’ll find a community that values your character development as much as your knowledge development. 20 |

community fe e ls y t i n u n comm a g i l l i know “The M I ! e m mily to a f sa me a e h t like e not hav d l u o w with that I s p i h s n elatio r f o y , and qualit y t l u c a nts, f e d u t s other n oth er a d e ttend a I d a h her e p s o staff m t ami ly a f s i h T able! � college. y o j n e ing so n r a e l m akes

on .shann GraY, Tn

ons municati ing] m o C & s lann Busines event p

u work in p [wants to

ons and blic relati

n ociatio s s A s Nurse al stra Orche Nation i h C nd Alpha ep B a iety P c o S ta a The Honor h lp a A g e Phi Psi Om ciety ry So Alpha y o t t ie is c H b re So hy Clu p Theat a r g o Phot iety ouncil C s t w Soc r a A L le b Pre gy Ensem ycholo s P i Brass h ook Psi C Yearb g lo in a f ik f H ty Bu Socie mblers a b R lo ng Clu li Buffa c y c te Re rs Ultima Seeke il e Club c ic n v r u o Se uter C h Club Comm is n a ir p per o S ewspa rt C h s e N n c io e n s o d e C Mis ent Stamp ltural u C overnm s G t n Cros Stude s et ic t a n Quart Fa g in r t e S ehous e f f A o C C F SUB7 lub C h c nity F ren rs Huma Vespe r o f t horale b Habita n’s C e m o W st Clu a c d e a g o Br Herita UMC ies t W ie c o S RE! Honor D MO le b N m A e Ens Jazz lubs age C u g n a irs L l Affa a r u lt u Multic



“ i visited campus before transferring to milligan and i immediatelY felt cOmfORtable heRe. and when i saw a guy carrying a fly-fishing rod across campus, i knew i would find friends who love the outdoors.�


PhoenIx, az

fine arts :: Cross Country

[wants to be a professional photographer] | 23

In Tennessee’s fair Eastern mountains...


wOndeRfUl wednesdaY

twiRP week

One acts & film festival

Begun in 1969 as a day to ease the normal pressures

This tradition goes back to the 1950s. The tables are

Fine arts are a core part of the Milligan liberal arts

of spring fever, the tradition has continued for this

turned and the women are encouraged to ask the

tradition. The festival is kicked off annually with a

annual surprise “holiday.” Day classes are cancelled

men out, as “The Woman Is Required to Pay!”

campus-wide picnic. Student-directed one act plays

one day each April and replaced by a variety of social activities planned by Social Affairs.

and films are shown each evening.

Milligan’s origins go back to an academy founded in 1866 on the banks of Buffalo Creek. The college has a richly storied past, full of people of deep conviction and sacrifice, all committed to the mission of Christian education. we also like to have fun!

PaRdee wateRslide


This tradition goes back to the old Pardee Hall, when

A time for the entire Milligan family — current

the “Pardee Rowdies” would create a fun and cooling

students, alums, faculty — to come together for a

diversion for students on hot spring days. Now the

weekend of reunions, fun activities, and memories.

waterslide appears near Buffalo Creek for various

The annual Homecoming parade features floats from

events throughout the year.

student and alumni groups.

cReeking A definite “must” for couples who get engaged — or friends just looking to have fun. Everyone ends up wet!

...proudly stands our alma mater

Are you ready to take it to the next level? Milligan has a long history of successful intercollegiate athletics. Championship

banners adorn

the walls of Steve Lacy Fieldhouse. In the past 10 years alone, Milligan teams and student-athletes have won more than 50 conference titles and made 58 national tournament appearances. The college maintains high standards for its student-athletes and has produced numerous All-Americans, All-Conference, and Academic All-American players. We also consistently win the Duard Walker All-Sports Trophy for the most successful athletic program in the conference. Milligan competes in the Appalachian Athletic Conference (AAC) and the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

chamPiOns Of chaRacteR Student-athletes are asked to accept the five core character values of the NAIA: respect, responsibility, integrity, servant leadership, and sportsmanship. Throughout the year, studentathletes are involved with local service projects and volunteer their time at local schools and hospitals.

intRamURals fOR eveRYOne Everyone likes to get involved in a spirit of healthy recreational competition, and Milligan has an active intramural program. Activities and tournaments include dodge ball, flag football, basketball, beach volleyball, ping pong, paintball, and bowling.

men’s baseball basketball cross country golf mountain biking soccer swimming tennis track & field

wOmen’s basketball cheerleading cross country dance golf mountain biking soccer softball swimming tennis track & field volleyball

ime “From the first t I set foot on the I beautiful campus, e. knew it was for m senior a s a e m a c I n e h W ied in high school, I tr out for the men’s at in soccer team and s ses. on some great clas ely led God most definit me to this college.”


rYLan haVre de GraCe, Ma history

e [seeking teacher licensur ion] cat for secondary edu

t u o b a t a Wh ? e r u t u f my e r o l p x e to e m s e l ab n s, e d e n e a n g i l s l i ’ “M rld o w e h t , s, t n c o i e s s s r a e p t n i my o w t e s o th e to r e a h e w r a d n a the s i t a h s n a i t and t s i r h C s a e w which d.” e l l a c e ar .erik Ta, fL saraso Bible

be a [wants to

youth m


Your post-graduation plans actually start your first day on campus. In Introduction to College & Service class, freshmen take assessments to determine personality types, gifts, abilities, and career interests. As sophomores, students explore the concepts of vocation and calling. The process continues throughout Milligan’s four-year Servant-Leader Experience.

Students come to Milligan for an education and leave to fulfill a calling. Whether they are leaders of great influence or working behind the scenes to accomplish an important goal, Milligan alums are first of all servants committed to touching lives and transforming communities.

caReeR develOPment Milligan’s Center for Calling and Career Exploration provides individualized career assessment services, workshops on interview skills and resumé preparation, internship opportunities, and job search resources. Students and alumni can register (at no cost) for Buffs2Work, Milligan’s online job bank and web-based recruiting system linked to

jobs and

internships all over the world. Upload your resumé for employers to view, see the schedule of recruiters interviewing on campus, and learn about upcoming career events.

alUmni cOmmUnitY Milligan alumni are a close-knit and strong community. You’ll see alumni on campus throughout the year visiting professors, guest-speaking in classes or

jOb & gRad Placement

milligan grads are sought by major employers and graduate schools. after graduation, 75% immediately enter the workforce — most in the field of their study — and another 20% go directly to graduate school.

chapel, and visiting with students in the cafeteria or over a burger at the Grill. It’s amazing how many alumni bump into each other — and find personal and professional support and encouragement — as they travel through life. Milligan alumni support their alma mater at a rate far higher those at the majority of colleges throughout the U.S. Increased giving to capital improvements, academic and student programming, and a growing endowment reflect the college’s mission.

confidence of alumni and friends in the | 29



5 to DO !



ucked away in the appalachian Mountains is a region rich in heritage, culture, and outdoor adventure. northeast Tennessee is a land surrounded by lush mountains, enlivened by rushing

rivers, and draped in undiscovered territory. but

we’re not in the boonies.

Milligan is located in the Tri-Cities region near Johnson City, a vibrant city with restaurants, parks, shopping malls, theatres, and more. We’re 3 miles from Interstate I-26 and within a day’s drive of much of the eastern United states. Come prepared to explore, experience, and discover our region.




The Blue Hole


Buffalo Mountain


Laurel Fork Falls


Ridgewood Barbeque


Daisy Mae’s




Mid-City Grille


The Coffee Company

4. Appalachian Trail at Roan Mountain 5. The Beauty Spot


1. 2.

Downtown Jonesborough First Friday in Downtown Johnson City


Asheville, North Carolina


The Carter Family Fold


Barter Theatre

APPLY ONLINE PRePaRatORY cOURsewORk While no specific course pattern is required for admission, the applicant is strongly encouraged to include in the high school program the following subjects:

Milligan seeks to enroll an academically talented and spiritually committed student body that enriches the learning community and is representative of the diverse society in which we live. Character,

ability, preparation, and seriousness of purpose are qualities emphasized in considering applicants for Milligan College. The college subscribes to a selective admission policy. Our

entering freshman class usually has an average high school GPA of 3.5 and 24 ACT/1100 SAT, which are above national averages for college-bound students. Milligan has a rolling admission process, and students are

n college preparatory English n college preparatory mathematics

encouraged to apply as early as possible during their senior year (transfers should apply as soon as they decide they will be seeking a different college).

n college preparatory science n college prep history and/or social science n two years of a single foreign language n some work in speech, music, or art in preparation for study in a liberal arts


curriculum n satisfactory scores on the American College Test (ACT) or Scholastic

1. Obtain an application form, forms for requesting transcripts and references, a catalog, and other literature from the Admissions Office or from the Milligan College website at

Assessment Test (SAT-I) 2. Return the completed application with $30 application fee to the Admissions Office or submit online. 3. The Admissions Committee will review the application when the following credentials are on file: high school transcript, college transcript (if applicable), ACT or SAT-I scores, and two references. The Admissions Committee may also request an interview. 4. The Admissions Office will notify you of the decision regarding your admission and any relevant conditions. Admission is subject to the successful completion of high school (or completion of current college term). You must provide final high school transcripts showing proof of graduation (or final college transcript if transferring). 5. Submit an enrollment deposit upon admission to Milligan. The enrollment deposit is non-refundable after May 1. Upon enrollment, the deposit will be applied to your account.

ut ck o Che at : S es T c r N u PARE lpful reso /parents u he n.ed our liga l i m . www

hOme schOOleRs Home school students should follow the admissions procedure outlined. To discuss requirements related to the high school transcript, call 800.262.8337.

tRansfeR stUdents Students who wish to transfer from an accredited college who merit a letter of good standing will be considered for admission. Applicants must furnish official transcripts of all previous college work. If a transfer student has earned 24 or more college credit hours, the ACT or SAT-I scores and high school transcripts are not required.

inteRnatiOnal stUdents Milligan College is approved by the United States Department of Justice for the education of nonimmigrant alien students. International students should contact the Admissions Office for details on applying. | 33

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wise investment

Choosing a Christian college is one of life’s most important decisions. It influences who you become — your philosophy, values, intellectual and emotional preparedness for careers, long-term friendships, and a lifetime commitment to serve. A Milligan education is one of the wisest investments you’ll make. And we strive to assure it’s a sound investment — both personally and professionally. Milligan will work with you every step of the way to investigate all the options available for financing your education.

CoMprehensive CosT For 2011-12: $ 24,360


$ 3,000

board (meal plan)

$ 2,650

standard dorm room


required fees



Total for Year

*95% of students receive financial aid; most are very generous aid packages which make the ACTuAl CosT very realistic for most families.

Costs are the same for in-state and out-of-state students. 2012-13 rates will be announced in Feb 2012.

WHAT NEXT? nOw. Admitted students are automatically considered for Milligan merit-based scholarships, so complete

Don’t shop by “sticker price.” Milligan is named one of the Best Buys in the South among similar colleges by U.S. News & World Report. Our cost is more than $5,000 below the national average for similar private institutions, and about 95% of Milligan students receive some form of meritbased and/or need-based financial assistance from state, federal, and institutional sources. In most cases, the assistance is substantial.

your application as soon as

Tuition only covers a portion of the true cost of education. The balance is


covered through a variety of programs, scholarships, and generous personal,

janUaRY. Complete your

church, and corporate donations. We also have a payment plan that makes

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as soon

budgeting easier for you and your family. See for details and amounts.

after January 1 as possible to

Get an early estimate. If you want to get an early start on the financial

determine your federal and

aid process, visit and look for our cost calculator. This

state aid.

will provide an estimate on your institutional, state, and federal aid. This is just

maRch. Milligan begins

an estimate, however, and it's still very important that you complete the

making financial aid awards beginning March 1. This is when you will know what the “bottom line” is for your family.

admissions and financial aid process to determine the best financial aid package for you and your family.


hOw faR tO?

A visit to Milligan is an important part of your college selection process. Nothing

Indianapolis, IN 7 hrs

can replace personal meetings with our admissions and student financial

Columbus, OH

services staff, who can help you see the reality of a college education at

Washington DC 6.5 hrs

Milligan. Talk face-to-face with our professors and see first-hand opportunities to

St. Louis, MO

9 hrs

Nashville, TN

4.5 hrs

Atlanta, gA

4.5 hrs

be involved in the student life and spiritual life of our campus. Please contact the Office of Admissions at least one week prior to your arrival (two weeks notice is appreciated for an overnight stay, group visits, and any special requests).

Our Campus Visits Coordinator will arrange your visit and make sure your time at Milligan is well-planned and worthwhile.

6.5 hrs

Jacksonville, FL 8 hrs


CONNECTIONS: NEW STUDENT ORIENTaTION Making a smooth transition to college life involves more than simply memorizing a

These one-day group events are a great introduction to Milligan.

campus map. It requires making many connections prior to your arrival for the beginning

n Tour the campus and see the opportunities for you to be involved in the active student and spiritual life on campus.

of the academic year. At our New Student Orientation (in April or June), you’ll meet

n Talk face-to-face with our amazing faculty at a special Academic Fair. Learn more about your areas of interest and our academic programs. n Eat lunch in our beautiful dining hall surrounded by friends and faculty (no charge for student and up to 2 parents). n Learn more about financial aid and scholarships. Learn how to make your Milligan education a reality. n Talk with our current students and their experience at Milligan — in the classroom, residence halls, student activities, athletic fields, and in our region.

faculty and staff who will serve as your academic and spiritual mentors, have your student ID made, receive answers to your remaining financial aid questions, begin new friendships with other Milligan students, select courses for the fall semester, and leave with a course schedule in hand — no need to worry over the summer. | 37

see p. 10-11 for complete list

FasT fAcTS


academic PROgRams accounting allied health sciences applied finance & accounting art Bible Biology Business administration Certificate in Leadership Chemistry Child & Youth Development Child Life Children’s Ministry Christian Ministry Coaching Communications Computer Information systems Digital Media early Childhood education economics education elementary education english ethnic studies exercise science film studies fine arts fitness & Wellness french German Greek health Care administration history humanities human Performance & exercise science Intercultural studies Interdisciplinary honors International Business Interpersonal & Public Communication Jazz studies Language arts Leadership Legal studies Management Marketing Mathematics Ministry Missions Multimedia Journalism Music Music education Music Ministry nursing Philosophy Photography Physical education Physical science Political science Public relations Psychology Public Leadership & service sociology spanish special education sports Management Theatre arts Women’s studies Worship Leadership Worship Ministry Youth Ministry

libeRal aRts

Milligan is a flourishing liberal arts college with a distinctively different approach to higher education. Everything we do encourages students to reflect on what it means to be servant-leaders. Milligan offers traditional undergraduate programs in more than 30 majors plus graduate and professional studies.


Our faculty are respected and caring Christian scholars. 80% hold doctorates. A low studentfaculty ratio offers personal attention.

stUdent bOdY

Our 1,200 students come from more than 30 states and 14 nations, so you’ll find students with similar interests as yourself, as well as those of different cultures and viewpoints.

seRvice & missiOns

Students are involved in a variety of service projects and mission work throughout the world. Many classes encourage service learning, and various student organizations lead service projects.

chRistian cOllege

You get the best of both worlds at Milligan. Our picturesque campus is located in beautiful northeast Tennessee, within minutes of restaurants, shopping, theatres, and cultural activities, as well as plenty of outdoor adventures like hiking, skiing, and more.

Residence life

80% of traditional students live on campus in one of six residence halls or student apartments, creating a true collegiate environment.

Milligan is affiliated with the non-denominational Christian Churches/Churches of Christ and is a member of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (, a group of 100 colleges and universities whose commitment to a Christcentered life goes beyond a mere occasional reference. Milligan wants to educate students to be thinking and acting Christians.

natiOnal RecOgnitiOn

clUbs & ORganizatiOns



Milligan is consistently named one of the Best Baccalaureate Colleges in the South in “America’s Best Colleges” by U.S. News & World Report and one of the nation’s Top 100 Baccalaureate Colleges by Washington Monthly. The college also is recognized as a College of Distinction.


Milligan College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award bachelors and masters degrees. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 300334097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Milligan College.

degRees awaRded

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Education (MEd), Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT)

With more than 40 social, service, honorary, and professional organizations on campus, there is something for everyone.

stUdY abROad

Many majors offer internships, which grant college credit and work experience prior to graduation. Students can also go beyond geographical and cultural boundaries through study abroad and offcampus learning.


Most buildings on campus are wireless and everything is networked. Every residence hall room and apartment features a high-speed data connection, telephone, and cable TV.

athletic POweRhOUse

Milligan has 23 intercollegiate sports and in the past 10 years has won more than 50 conference titles and made 58 NAIA tournament appearances. Men’s Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Mountain Biking, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field. Women’s Sports: Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Dance, Golf, Mountain Biking, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball.

Milligan’s cost is below the national average and most of our students receive generous financial aid. Undergraduate costs (same for in-state and out-ofstate) for 2011-12: Tuition: $24,630 per year; Fees: $900 per year; Room and Board: $5,650 per year. Costs for the following year are announced each February. Visit

financial aid

Milligan is named one of the Best Buys in the South among baccalaureate colleges by U.S. News & World Report. Approximately 95 percent of Milligan students receive financial aid, including academic scholarships, athletic scholarships, and need-based grants. See

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Derthick Loop


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Richardson Rd

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Post Office McCown Business Office Hopwood Church Derthick Hall Hardin Hall (Wilson Auditorium) Paxson Communication Center Gregory Liberal Arts Center Science Building (Hyder Auditorium) Baker Faculty Office Center (FOB)

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

McMahan Student Center (SUB) Hyder House Physical Plant Webb Hall Quillen Hall Kegley Hall Williams Hall Hart Hall Sutton Hall (McCormick Dining Ctr)

19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27.

Student Apartments Steve Lacy Fieldhouse Seeger Chapel Welshimer Library Little Hartland Welcome Center Music Office Anglin Softball Field Anglin Baseball Field Soccer Field

28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34.

Taylor/Phillips House W. T. Mathes Tennis Center David Quillen Athletic Building Mary Sword Commons Pardee Lawn Gilliam Wellness Center Cross Country Training Loop

Office Of admissiOns

PO bOx 210 milligan cOllege, tn 37682 800.262.8337 | 423.461.8730

scan this cOde with YOUR smaRtPhOne tO leaRn mORe.

steP 1: download a free app to your phone to read the QR code. steP 2: take a picture of the QR code with your mobile phone, and you will instantly be directed to your personal website.


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