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The six types of music magazines I looked at come under the categories of; - Recording the music charts. - Serious music journalism - Amateur Magazines - the Fanzines - Music + Culture - Genre Specific - The Glossy- for music and lifestyle

The first one is a magazine focused to recording the music charts and a magazine that matches the criteria is Billboard magazine. The magazine itself looks at mainstream music which is in the charts. The magazine company also uses the internet and DVD's to allow a bigger audience to get involved with their magazine.

Secondly, I'm looking at serious music journalism. These types of magazine’s take on news-stands to make it to the top and put in a lot of time in researching latest music. Two magazines which do this are NME and Melody Maker which are classic magazines which have been published for years. They both had a reputation for serious journalism but in the 90s NME was forced to 'update or die' which led to the new version of NME, which had to be changed to appeal to a younger audience of music loving fans.

Amateur Magazines such as Crawdaddy was first issued in 1996 by Paul Williams. These types of magazines also include Mark Perry's Sniffin' Glue which was released in 1976 to validate the new punk genre. Since then these magazines are still going on online and Fanzines are written by fans for fans.

Music + Culture magazines such as Rolling Stone come under this category. Rolling Stones was first published in 1967 and it saw an essential component of youth and culture. The magazine focuses on a mixture of music genres, social issues, politics, fashion, photography and lifestyle. It’s a magazine

type that can fit all readers needs as it has a lot of information and cover’s many criteria’s, portraying music as being a lifestyle. Genre Specific music magazines include those of Smash Hits, Mix mag, Kerrang! and several more. Smash Hits(1978) was the first genre-specific music magazine and it brought pop to teenagers and started celebrity obsessed magazines. Smash Hits magazine is easy to identify which genre of music it comes under as the title gives it away, it focuses on mainstream music topping the charts. Kerrang focuses on rock and metal whilst Mix mag is for dance/clubbing fans.

The glossy – for music & lifestyle are magazines such as The Face, Mojo and Q magazine. These magazines offer a mix of music, fashion, lifestyle and advertising and don’t stick to a music genre specific when picking their front cover stars. These magazines are more ‘Image heavy’ and light on text style. The magazines are an insight to what music and artists are trying to portray as they also focus on a certain style for their music.

Types of music magazines  
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