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Question 3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? My music magazine is focusing on women, aged between teenagers to young adults. The music featured in the magazine will be indie/rock- a specific genre in which is not explored through music magazines very often, making it rare. There is a gap in the magazine industry suitable for my type of music magazine, although my TA is women, it could also be appealing towards men. My magazine is unique in a way of which there is no other music magazine out there which represents the same interests my magazine features. A big media production company could be good to popularize my magazine, and with gaps in the market for my type of magazine it would fit in well. Although, it could also mess around with the individual work I have included into my magazine, which many music magazines don’t have. My magazine is unique from any other music/fashion magazine and I wouldn’t want it to be changed by a big company, so there for a smaller media production could be more useful. Bauer Bauer is one of the biggest publishing companies in the UK. Selling women’s brands such as Grazia, Q and Mojo means it covers a lot of music/fashion magazines. I think my magazine would do well with a publishing company such as Bauer as it is a mix between some of the magazines they already publish. It’s a music/fashion magazine- one of which isn’t already published by Bauer and would be the first female focused magazine of the genre to add to Bauer. My magazine focuses a lot on music in the charts, but also up and coming artist and has many individual points in which I’d like to stay the same, but Bauer could take control over the magazine which is a disadvantage. The company does not focus on a music/fashion style of magazine, so if I were to choose Bauer it would help m y magazine battle with other magazines similar to mine, and by being published by a large company it would there for give it a better representation, become more popular and would make matters easier by getting distributed by one of the UK’s biggest distributors such as WHS as the company will already be selling other products to WHS. Hearst Hearst is a medium publisher which has magazine brands such as: Elle, Good housekeeping and Inside Soap. With fashion, Soap and digital entertainment magazines it has a gap in their market to take on a magazine such as my own. The publishing company is a medium size, not being as big as Bauer or IPC. Hearst national magazine company would focus more on my magazine’s individual points, and aim not to change it as a bigger publishing company would. With not as many brands under their belt, Hearst would be able to keep up my magazine’s mix of music and fashion and focus on the individual music genre’s in which my magazine explores. The advantage of this publisher would be their already very popular magazines and how they do not already have a magazine of my type representing them. The current majority of magazines featured for Hearst are aimed at women, but not women of my magazine’s TA- this would advertise my magazine well to older women who may pick it up and could be a high possiblitiy they could buy it for a daughter or a younger friend. Comag Comag is a big publishing company which focus on keeping each publishers product individual. The company focus to help their clients gain competitive edge and to help them gain advantage to get noticed in a increasingly challening marketplace. The consumer magazine market consists of 3,500 titles, generating just over £2 billion in retail revenue. I think my magazine would be best suited to

be published with Comag. It’s a publishing industry which admits to keeping their clients work individual, creative and edgy to gain the highest possible income in the media market. My magazine focuses on different music/fashion aspects and with a publisher like COMAG representing the magazine I believe it could reach the highest ability offered. Comag help designers to advertise their products also through setting up an online version of the magazine to appeal to a wider audience. I don’t think my magazine would go well with self-publishing as 7/10 tiltes don’t go further than 4 years in the industry, according to statistics. Therefor my magazine having an ‘EDGE’ to it would not benefit from a independent publisher as it would effect the sales.

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