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Fashion Image Construction By Millie Carter


Quentin Jones

Joe Cruz Hannah Hoch

Richie Velazquez Franz Falckenhaus

Ben Giles

LInder Sterling

Surrealist art The surrealism art movement started around the 1920’s and is well known for its artists such as Dali and and Rene Magritte. I find surrealist artwork fascinating as it is convincing as a photograph but still absurd. I am intrigued by Salvador Dali’s work because you can really get a feel for the scale of the objects in the image and it looks as if it’s been painted from real life even though it hasn’t. I think collage is a good way to create surreal art as you are merging images together that you might not usually see in a photograph and created a new reality.

Rene Magritte Magritte was a Belgian surrealist artist who was well known for his abstract art. I think the paintings have a bit of a sense of humor to them and I think although they are simple, a lot of thought has gone into placing the elements to create a thought provoking image.

The collages below are inspired by surrealism art and also have a social theme of consumerism. The left collage is one I made out of images from a magazine on Donald Trump and his thirst for power, and the second is a digital collage on consumerism and how it impacts all aspects of our lives. I like both but think I prefer the digital collage as I like being able to add certain texts.

Pop Art Pop art was a movement that appeared around the 1950’s and featured bold colours typically. Although this isn't my favourite type of artwork, I like Richard Hamilton’s work a lot more than the work of Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein. I like the style of his collages and think they work really well as a composition.

Robert Rauschenberg Rauschenberg was an American painter who became popular during the pop art period. His collages caught my eye because the busy ensemble of painted colour and pictures. I think they all tell a story and when you keep looking at one of his art works you notice different things everytime.

These are collages I made from magazine cuttings. I used bright colours and patterns and text i could find in bold colours. I actually think they work very well and look very pop art. The collage is similar to Robert Rauschenberg's work, the colours are more in the style of Roy Lichtenstein.

Shoot 1

Experimental collages

For this shoot, we used studio lighting to photograph products and models. We learnt different techniques for photographing and making a good composition for product shots and model shots.

Shooting items... We used a large crane like tripod to photograph items from above. We also experimented with lense covers to create different shadows over the items. For example these images look like the photographs have been taken under a tree outside. Creating a natural look to the pictures.

I created these photo-montage images using pictures from the studio shoot and pictures of dead flowers I had taken previously. It reminded me of Alexander McQueen so I turned them into McQueen ads.

I love the aesthetic of Linder Sterlings work. I’m crazy about the photomontage element of it and how photographs and flowers are combined, they work beautifully together, with the flowers placed strategically, it leaves the viewer guessing what might be behind the flowers, or perhaps it is to keep the attention on the surrounding areas.

Work inspired by Linda Sterling

Linder Sterling

For my pictures inspired by Linder Sterling, I used some old pictures I had taken on my film camera last summer. I like the muted tones and rare settings that I have in these pictures so thought they would be good to use. I went to the park in Southampton where i photographed some dead and alive flowers and used them to create my own photomontages on photoshop.

Joe Cruz Joe Cruz work is bold and bright, he works using a photocolour and stand out block colours, making interesting and juxtaposing images. I appreciate his work because of the way the colour stands out against the monotone image. Although it is simple, it is effective in making an eye catching image. I made some images inspired by his work on photoshop. The image used is one I took in the previous lesson using studio lighting. I liked this style of these compositions and thought

the bold use of yellow, red, pink and blue made the images fun and interesting to look at.

Pattern wrapping how to wrap a with photoshop Learning patern around an image was helpful incase we wanted to use it to create our own products for our ad campaigns. I practised using the technique on garments as well as hand bags, which was a bit more challengin, but I like the outomes.

Shooting with natural light I actually enjoyed shooting with natural light a lot more than I thought I would, and the outcomes are really beautiful. I learnt how to shoot using the camera in manual which I really enjoyed once I got the hang of it.

Advert experiments using natural light photography I wanted to experiment with making adverts using photography, typography and illustration. I got these images from experimenting with natural light photography. For the Jack Wills advert, I chose that brand because I knew the models backpack was from Jack Wills, I used the brand colours and their logo to create a colourful ad. The one thing I wasn’t sure of is the font used for the hashag. The top one is more like the font used for the brand and the second is a bit more fun.

In this photograph I was wearing mainly Zara accessories and thought I would try and create a Zara advert for their accessories. I created this on photoshop using a graphics tablet to draw the little accessories around the centre. The one thing I wasn’t sure about was the Zara logo and where it should go. I think it looks better in the middle of the image but I also don’t want to take the attention away from the scarf.

Choosing a brand

Here I have chosen two brands I like and am inspired by.. With Zara, I like the way their editorials are shot with a mixture of studio photography and natural light photography. I love the natural light photography shots, and is something I want to re-create. Another thing with Zara is that they don’t tend to advertise and any ads they have I personally think are quite boring,, therefore I would be creating ad campaigns based on nothing which would be a challenge, but means I could take it in a lot of different directions. On the other hand I have Alexander McQueen a designer I very much respect and admire. The creative advertising campaigns are eye catching and shocking, much like all of his work. I think it would be difficult to make an advert that could live up to the standards of Alexander McQueen but could be an interesting route to take. I think although McQueen would be a much more interesting brand to do, I think i would find myself comparing my work to the adverts that already exist and try to create work similar. As Zara does not produce ad campaigns i feel like it would be better to try and create mine for them with my own twist. I want to try and make the campaigns interesting and exciting.

Location photography using location kit These photographs were from our first time shooting on location with portable studio kits. This is something I found extremely challenging however, the results look superb. The combination of natural and studio flash lighting makes for moody and professional images. The edits on the right are done using Photoshop and the Zara logo in different positions around the image. I think the images are strong, but stronger with text.

Work inspired by Quentin Jones

Quentin Jones

I like Quentin Jones’ use of typography in her work, especially the hand painted words. I think there’s a flow in all of her art work and I like the way she uses collage and hints of colour too. To create work inspired by her, I first started by painting with ink into a magazine advert for Giorgio Armani. I then used an image from my natural light photoshoot, and made an ad for Zara using hand painting words (see below) and by painting on photoshop.

Experimenting with natural light photography

I wanted to do this shoot in order to practise photographing in a manual setting using natural light. This is something I find difficult but would like to use it in my final shoot.

I edited my favourite images and then made these photo montages. Using photographs of dead flowers i’d taken beforehand. I also used the handwritten words from my work inspired by Quentin Jones. These collages have mixed inspiration from Quentin Jones and Linder Sterling.

Campaign ideas/about Zara Zara’s demographic is ages 20-30 who aim to dress a little more maturely. As most of their looks are taken straight from high end catwalks, Zara can produce new stock every couple of weeks at decent prices because of their fast fashion policy. As a brand they don’t tend to do ad campaigns, and their brand name gets around by word of mouth and already being a very popular high street store. One thing I like about Zara are their editorials, I think they are always visually pleasing and the photography works well against their minimalistic website design. I’d like to take inspiration from then when photographing for my campaign. When choosing a theme for my campaign I though originally about doing a floral theme as i had focused some of my work in this project, on flowers. However I happen to have a lot of stripey clothes from Zara and thought about doing a campaign based on stripes. When I started to think about where I would like to shoot my pictures, I knew I wanted to shoot on location using natural light and portable flash lights, like I had learned to do in a previous lesson. I thought I could make some nautical themed outfits and shoot at the docks/ocean village in Southampton.

Shoot plan-sailboat dreams

These are the outfits I have planned for my shoot. I am going to take them as options but not sure if I will actually use them all when it comes to it as they might not look good on my model. I have decided to shoot at Ocean Village, Southampton, as I want to get some pictures with boats and water in the background of my images.

I am going to buy a sailor's hat as i think it will tie the look together, and they are very on trend at the minute, with celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner wearing them. Another thing I thought about having was red lipstick as that is very common on Zara’s website at the moment. However I want it to be a decision I make on the day of the shoot so I can see how the the whole look works together.

These are all the images from my final shoot. I am incredibly pleased with how they turned out! I ended up renting out the location kit in the end, even though I wasn’t that confident with using it, I knew it would help me produce the best pictures. Other than just shooting in front of the boats, I also placed my models around the area making use of the blank walls and interestingly shaped architecture in the marina. If there is one thing I would’ve done differently though, it would be placing my models in more outfits! I got carried away with placing them in different locations and forgot to change them.

Favourite images from final shoot...

Composition ideas I wanted to try putting together images like I have seen them on the Zara website. I placed the images into photoshop and added the paint lines in illustrator. Although I like how they look I think they could look stronger and more intersting considering the other techniques i have explored. One thing I like about these are the flowing paint lines going across the page. I think it signifies waves and movement which is suited to my ‘sailboat dreams’ theme. The composition reminds me a bit of a postcard but I want my work to be more collaged than arranged neatly.

Illustration/type For the illustration part of my work, I started by writing out some phrases with ink that I can use in my campaigns. Each phrase is something to do with the ocean/sailing etc. I painted the phrases in different styles so they were all a bit varied, but mainly wanted the words to be flowing and nicely written.

Below are some images I took down at the docks, I just wanted to photograph some textures and shaped that I could use in a collage, should I need them.

I also started to make drawings on illustrator, such as this anchor to include in my images. I think it fits in nicely with the nautical theme. I like the fact that it is a thin line drawing so it doesn’t have to take up much room on the page or take the attention away from my model.

I also made these life rings on illustrator but when I was playing around with using them on photoshop, I thought they were a bit heavy and were quite overwhelming for the image.

Campaign front page. This is my favourite image from the whole shoot, I like how it is framed in the centre of the image, and I think it’s a good picture to start my campaign off with. I used the handwritten words I had made to makeup the title of the campaign and put a coloured stripe behind the text. I liked pink or yellow, but thought pink was more subtle, and made the text stand out nicely from the background.

Collage experimentation I was struggling to put together adverts on photoshop and making them look good, therefore I decided to see if i could make a collage out of my images using elements from them, other pictures, and the words I had painted. I used coloured painted shaped much like I had when I looked at Quentin Jones. I thought the collages looked really good together and very eye catching individually. I added in the Zara logo and the “spring summer 2017� design into both of them so I could include them in my final ad campaign.

Putting together my other adverts I wanted to style these images like my two collages but without the collage element, and focus on the drawing and the text. I figured the coloured shapes reminded me of tentacles or hands of the sea reaching out around my model, which I thought was cool. I started off just with the blue colour and some text including the Zara logo and the spring/summer 2017 tag. I then added in pink shapes in order for it to tie in with the collages. I wasn’t sure about my model being outlined by pink, or weather to have the other extra pink bits too. After I added the ‘Be Zara’ text and molded it to go over my models head. I thought the extra pink made the picture a lot more exciting and interesting to look at.

Continued experimentation For my last image in my ad campaign I placed the text along the line of the railings and also molded ‘Zara’ to look as if it was blowing with the wind along with my models hair. I duplicated my image and cut out my model so that any shapes I drew could sit behind the model but not the entire image. I drew the tentacle like shaped again in pink and blue, I also tried outlining my model like I had with the previous image but I think it looks better without the outline, as it almost looks like she is floating above the steps when the pink is behind her feet.



I have really enjoyed the freedom in this project and felt that it has been good not to be steered in a certain direction from the beginning. Although when starting the project I was unsure of what brand I would create my campaign for, it became clear as I worked through my sketchbook. Things I think that have gone well throughout this project have been my experimentation, especially with photography as it is something I didn’t feel as confident with in the beginning. Photography has been the highlight of this unit for me. I have really enjoyed learning all the different techniques and ways of shooting and am happy that I was able to produce the high standard of images for my final shoot. I have enjoyed looking at different artists, exploring their styles and techniques and producing work inspired by them. I’m particularly fond of Quentin Jones’s work and the images I produced inspired by her work, she was a big influence in my final 5 adverts. Even though I originally did not like pop art, I feel as if my final adverts are slightly inspired by it in terms of the block colours and text used. Something I feel as though I could’ve done better looking back on it now, is my final adverts. Although I really like how they look as 5 images, i’m not sure if they really look like Zara ad campaigns. Considering Zara’s brand identity is fairly minimalistic in terms of advertising design, my adverts are very bold and eye catching. However, as Zara only tend to produce editorials, it is hard to compare mine to how a real Zara ad should look. One other thing I would maybe have changed is my theme for my shoot. I decided to go with nautical as I knew I had a lot of Zara clothes that would be suited to that theme, however I feel as if my project was headed down a floral theme as I had experimented a bit with using photographs of dead flowers throughout this sketchbook. Overall I am pleased with my final outcome. I am really proud of how my final shoot went, and think my 5 adverts work well all together. Although there are somethings I might have changed if I could re-do the project, my adverts contains a variety of elements and techniques which work well overall.

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Fashion Image Construction sketchbook  

Fashion Image Construction sketchbook