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The comfort zone sounds like something desirable. After all it's a place where everything is familiar and we feel good. Maybe we don't even feel good but the familiarity of this place outweighs the feeling good part. We already developed certain habits that help us survive in this zone and don't even notice how uncomfortable it became. If it becomes too unbearable we can always complain to our close ones and continue doing what we've been doing for years. The comfort zone is like a still water: it slowly becomes a swamp and swallows us. That's why it is so hard to move out of it. Change is very uncomfortable. It means uncertainty, developing new habits, doing soul searches and facing our fears. Change means taking risks. That's why few people venture out of comfort zone. It is important to realize that change is already present. Every new day brings change: we either move forward or we move backwards. So staying in the comfort zone for the stake of stability is just an illusion. Staying in comfort zone means waiting for life "to happen" to us. For example, we can wait till our boss gets transferred out of the department so we will finally be able to breathe. Eventually something will happen so you will get rid of that boss - he might retire, find another job or you can wait till you retire or get fired. At some point you will experience the change, however it might not be what you want and when you want. That's why you have to take control over your life: you have to initiate the change instead of waiting till life happens to you. To move out of comfort zone you need to be fully aware of the present and have the ability to objectively assess the situation without denial and avoidance. This can be a very painful process and sometimes a qualified help might be necessary. But it is a highly rewarding one. It will help you to grow as a person, become much more, accomplish more and contribute to the world in new and more expanding ways. To move forward in life you need a sense of direction. Setting goals, careful planning of action steps and finally taking actions towards realization of your plans can help you venture out of familiar, deeply unsatisfying conditions towards the life of your dreams.

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The Comfort Zone - Good Or Bad  

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