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I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Derek White aka Dwreck for a couple of hours. We shot the shit, took some dabs, and I had a damn good time. I have known Dwreck through mutual friends for years now. The very first piece of glass that I fell in love with was a Sherlock he made. A friend of mine had it and as soon as I saw it I asked if I could have first dibs if he ever sold it. I still have that pipe, and I have yet to smoke out of it. I've been saving it for the right time. For me, this was the piece of art that began my appreciation of this craft. When we started talking I didn’t expect for the conversation to jump off like it did. As soon as he started talking about the beginnings of his career I stopped him and started recording.

So Dwreck started blowing glass in Ithaca, NY in 1997 with Marble Slinger (who made the movie Degenerate Art). The two met years before they started blowing glass together. Dwreck was in a band and Slinger liked going to shows, so they had a mutual interest in music. Both attended Ithaca College Film School, where Dwreck was kicked out. Slinger graduated and got his degree, but they stuck around together and ended up roommates. Both were working as cooks in vegetarian restaurants. Dereck was at a James Beard award-winning restaurant, making $6 an hour, living just outside of town near Cornell University. This is where he met some local kids that were partying and blowing glass. They met a guy by the name of Pat. Out of all the kids Pat was taking glass blowing the most seriously. So Slinger and Dwreck invited Pat to come live with them and get away from the hardcore partying that was going on. The one condition was that Pat would start to apprentice with Dwreck and Slinger. Pat had a national hand torch that Dwreck and Slinger shared. They would make little spoon pipes and bong slides in the beginning. Dwreck's first piece that he made was a pendant. He blobbed up some colors and managed to get a loop on it. They then went to a Phish show in Maine called the Great Went, which is a big music festival with around 50,000 in attendance. He sold that pendant for $10 at the show and heard a ton of people giving him accolades for his work. He just went from making $6 an hour at the restaurant to making $10 for maybe 30 minutes worth of work. Slinger brought much more work with him and he

sold out as well. Slinger quit his job right away but Dwreck had a girlfriend and was a little more reluctant to give up a steady stream of income. So he was about a month behind Slinger in quitting their day jobs and starting to blow glass full time. They had a ton of adventures and escapades traveling and going to Phish shows selling spoons and slides to all the lot kids. The Phish shows started a nationwide marketing campaign for the glass community, during a time before the internet. Phish shows were these giant events with tons of like-minded individuals. Glass blowing is a great skill in this environment because what undercover is going to learn how to make a spoon pipe to bust some hippies? In the lots of the shows, all the attendees would buy up the spoons and slides. They would even trade for tickets sometimes. In fact, one time Slinger traded a spoon pipe for front row center tickets. It seemed unfathomable to him that they could trade a pipe for seats like that. The scene was creating itself. Lot kids were buying spoons and pipes and all the dealers were buying the headies. Since these people were from all across the country, word of mouth started and the heady pipe scene grew.

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They got done at a Philly Phish show and got together with a guy named Ezra who had a shop set up with a guy named Marcel in Seattle. Pedro, Jason Lee and Chris Dawson were also there. Soon after, Pat, Slinger, and Dwreck decided to move to Seattle. The three of them packed up a Saab and headed out west. Dwreck brought a Paul Reed Smith guitar and a duffel bag of clothes, and put the rest of his belongings in a friend’s garage. His friend’s mom sold the place a couple of years later and he never got his stuff. It's cool they are still friends, my mom wouldn’t have waited that long. So as they were driving the Saab across country Slinger had to do most of the driving because Dwreck and Pat had suspended licenses. When they got to Seattle they found out that Ezra and Marcel decided to buy a lathe, so there wasn’t enough space for them all to work there. Dwreck, Slinger and Jason Lee all got together and set up a new shop about a mile away. Under the guidance of Jason, this was where Dwreck really started to hone his craft. They lived in the shop for the first month or two. Being from NY, they made friends fast and started to grow some roots in town. Sleeping through Seattle winters on a hardwood floor in the shop, paying dues and staying focused on the art. Eventually, they found rooms for rent and started partying and having a good time. They continued selling at the Phish shows and had a nationwide network of hustlers that helped bring their glass art across the States. Through these contacts and this vast network of people, a lot of other avenues were made available to help fund the lives of the artists. Dereck, Slinger, and most of the artists would work side hustles and jobs to make ends meet. Jason Lee was the one guy who was always focused 100% on glass. Dwreck found himself making ends meet by doing some stuff in Canada for awhile. After a friend of his was pulled over in his car and got his car impounded, Dwreck had to walk away from his Canadian import business. He did manage to acquire some kilns and equipment over this period which helped to keep him creating. After some downfalls, Slinger invited Dwreck back to Seattle to start blowing glass again full time. This lead to Dwreck having to readjust to a low income and different way of life that he had been used to previously. A humbling experience that has helped him grow as a person and an artist. Around the time the internet started being used by more and more people, there was a siege on glass blowers by the US government called Operation Pipe Dreams\ Operation Headhunters. The government cracked down on Mail Order internet sales of paraphernalia. Hitting Chong Glass, Jerome Baker Designs, and a slew of other glass artists and distributors. and Stoneycreek Glass (the two largest distributors) stopped selling during Operation Pipe dreams as inventories were being seized and they wanted to prevent that from happening to them. The artists didn’t have an avenue to generate income, and at this point, the aliases started being used. Derek was always called Dwreck by his uncle, but during the time of Operation Pipedreams, Slinger and Dwreck started selling glass on forums like This became ground zero for the glass scene. They would do a top 100 and Dwreck would consistently make the list with Slinger and Jason Lee regularly in the number 1 and 2 spots. This is when they started noticing they were part of a growing movement. The glass scene wasn’t just a grassroots thing anymore. Slinger moved to Vancouver, kept working but had a tough time being in Canada in this business. Dwreck was motivated at this time, but by his own admission, he was, at times, more into the scene than the art itself. He was setting up places for them to work and often utilized the space as a jam spot to hang out and play guitar while the others worked, always setting that clubhouse vibe. Later they found a rad place and named it Glassworks Park and Jason Lee, Dwreck, Dosher, Eli Z, Amber Pelligrini, and Paco set up shop. Tribe 13, a hippie artist group, shared the space as well. They would have parties and events, and developed their own little scene there. They threw an event during the Glass Art Society conference in 2005ish as an overlapping event. A lot of the glass studios would have open houses or parties that coincide with the GAS Conference around that time. At Glassworks they had Sally Prash, Milon Townsend, and Robert Michelson who wasn’t even making pipes yet. Bob Snodgrass and Marcel were there as well. Since they had this large group going during the time of Operation Pipe Dreams when everyone was trying to fly low, they used this opportunity to start making large collaborative pieces together. Collabs, in general, weren’t common at all and generally not heard of much in the industry. They all took a week where each artist got to use the team to make a personal large heady piece that they each got to keep and had all these pieces on display during the event. Jason would usually be going off making big headies on his own too. So with all this going on, Glassworks was the place to be that night. They had a jazz ensemble and amazing artists had their work out on display. Some were doing demos and Milon was showboating, having an amazing time. It was those large collab pieces that started the seeds that have lead to all the super heady work we see today. Glassworks began to fall apart due to personalities clashing. The shop eventually got shut down, and Dwreck had to get a day job.

Dwreck started working at a printing company and started learning graphic work. He began binge drinking again. One day he tried to parkour off a roof and shattered his foot. He lost his job, had 3 surgeries, and was on crutches for 6-8 months. After he started to heal, Slinger invited him to Philly to learn how to sandblast. He kept learning photoshop and honing his graphic art skills. That is when the website TokeCity was happening. Slinger had just sold a bunch of slides and told Dwreck to get on there. He got on TokeCity using the name Dwreck because Slinger had been promoting him on This is when he started using some heavy metal images and sexy girls in his sandblasting work. Using Misfits skulls and porno images really set his style and reputation of dark art in glass. With that image, he embodied the attitude of FTW and started posting dab/smoking videos when everyone was still worried about arrest because of Operation Pipe Dreams. When Slinger’s movie Degenerate Art came out, the industry swelled, and the demand grew. With drinking and some bad choices, Dwreck found himself stuck under a large demand for paid-for work and on a long road to making it right. During this time he continued sandblasting but his lampwork didn’t continue to progress like the industry did. He was comfortable just sandblasting and it was paying the bills so he became complacent. He also started working with Hitman Glass. He had some great success setting up and orchestrating the glass events for Chalice, but in the end, Hitman Glass found themselves in some controversy that ended poorly. The final Chalice event went down badly. Dwreck has had some struggles and paid some dues getting to where he is today. He has a cat that he loves, he plays guitar and he blows glass. He has sacrificed and continues to do so for the scene, the art, and the culture. Very few glass artists can make a living doing what they love. Many of the artists in the studio where Dwreck works have second jobs, but currently, Dwreck is supporting himself and his cat. His main passion is playing the guitar. Playing allows him to get lost in those moments, even more than when he is blowing glass. I learned a lot from the conversation I had with Dwreck. Here is an artist I have always

admired, and he was just like anyone else. He has had a life filled with experiences and adventure. He's struggled and worked to have the talent he has and the ability to live off that talent. It’s interesting to hear the other side, the difficult and trying times. It’s easy to forget that these beautiful creations are made by people like you or me. People that have struggles and vices and real lives. We all have our passions, some are just relentless enough to chase them.

Whether you like it or not (and we assume the former as you're holding this magazine),

weed is on-trend right now. More and more states are pushing toward legalization, and more doctors are becoming open to its medicinal properties. It's in the news, discussed in politics, and has even become fashionable. And why not? We feel it's past time these gorgeous plants receive the recognition they deserve! With the rising trend, many companies are looking to capture the eyes (and dollars) of consumers in this growing industry, so we've picked out a few weed-friendly favorites:

"Halston's" Sterling Silver THC Molecule Stud Earrings

$80 | Carefully designed THC molecule stud earring measures just under 1" long, or approximately 22 mm and is beautifully made of sterling silver. A clip has been added to assure the molecule lays nicely up the earlobe. Cannabis pioneer Halston Puchek inspired the design. GENIFER M molecule jewelry has become the secret handshake of the cannabis world, and this subtle statement piece is no exception! This cannabis-inspired piece is also available in 14kt or 18kt, white hold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

ASCHE x Blunted Objects Leaf Locket Mill|

$210 | This mysterious locket reveals itself to be a fully-functional grinder, now with the iconic cannabis leaf embellished front and center. Created in collaboration with Blunted Objects, the beautifully crafted 18K gold vermeil locket with leaf embellishment, includes both a hidden magnetic enclosure and cannabis mill. Roll on-the-go with this special edition piece that's sure to stun.


$48 | MELTCOSMETICS.COM Eight individually cultivated dank shades in matte and metallic textures. Inspired by our love for cannabis and the anatomy of the plant, from the lush stems and leaves to the dimensional buds and trichomes.

the 420 brush collection

$42 | Celebrate 4/20 in style with this limited edition set of five luxury, cruelty-free brushes and custom zip pouch. Perfect for any cannabis enthusiast, The Cannabis Collection features silky green vegan bristles and lucite handles with glimmering, cannabis-shaped glitter.

a woman’s guide to cannabis

$15.72 | A woman's handbook to demystifying the world of weed, whether it's being used for pain relief, a moment of calm, or a fit of giggles.

high times sheet set

$49.99 | Vibing with this allover cotton blend printed sheet set. This set comes with everything you need to dress up your bed - a fitted sheet, flat sheet + pillowcases, too!

420 candle

$29.95 | Long nights filled with deep conversation and laughter. Outdoor concerts in the park and summer days in the sand. A cloudy room, drifting to the tune of your favorite album. Light it up, and don't worry about a thing. Notes of Bergamot, Cannabis, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli, & Musk.

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$29.99 | Get ready for an epic weed adventure with Ganjaland! The weed-themed board game from What Do You Meme™ and Lightly Toasted, in which players explore a magical place of fun, adventure, friendship, and ganja, of course. Adults only: This game is intended for ages 21+ because ganja is for grownups :) Always toke responsibly (and legally).

nova labradorite blue crystal pipe

$54.99 | Enhance your innate clairvoyance & insight with a by natural labradorite crystal pipe. This is a handmade bowl made with natural stone, each unique in it's own way.

ShineÂŽ 24K Rolling Papers 2-Sheet Pack

$20 | Handcrafted 24K gold rolling papers made with the finest edible gold.


$35 | The Highland, just like its namesake, the popular Denver neighborhood, is designed to integrate into an active and fun lifestyle. These residents need a product that is interchangeable; a day on the slopes, tailgating at Red Rocks amphitheater, camping with the family, or a night on the town. Discreet, organized and responsible; you're always prepared with the weather-proof, odor-resistant, Highland, built in Colorado.

the food has weed in it oven mitt

$12.99 | I won't tell if you don't! Super-insulated. 100% cotton.

bong appetit

$29.55 | Based on the popular MUNCHIES and VICELAND television series Bong Appétit, this cannabis cookbook features 65 'high'-end recipes for sweet and savory dishes as well as cocktails to satisfy all your catering needs! Bong Appétit is for a generation interested in making serious, upscale food – with weed.

mb2e magical butter machine

$174.95 | The MagicalButter MB2e is the world's first countertop botanical extractor, designed for infusing the essence of healthy herbs into butter, oil, alcohol, lotions, and more! Combining an immersion blender with a programmable thermostat and heating unit, the MB machine is designed to create incredible recipes and botanical infusions with little or no labor. The MagicalButter machine grinds, heats, stirs, and steeps your herbal extract, all at the correct time intervals and temperature for a perfect infusion every time. As a result, you achieve your desired infusion easily, safely, and consistently.

levo ii

$349.99 | For the infusion connoisseur, meet LEVO II. The streamlined LEVO infusion process you know and love, with an abundance of improved features and innovative new technology. Now you can prepare herbs with ease with our new Dry and Activate cycles, allowing you to unlock the full potency of your botanical ingredients before you infuse. Connect wirelessly to the LEVO app to control your infusions on the go — plus access your history, use our Time & Temperature Calculator, share & discover recipes and more. Millia Page 97

It was a crisp 45 degrees on opening day of IHemp Expo as over 1,000 attendees flocked to the entrance of the Lansing Convention Center for the show. With a heavy emphasis on agriculture in the Michigan hemp industry, there was quite a bit of heavy farming machinery and manufacturing equipment being exhibited inside the hall amongst the seventy vendors. Whether you were interested in planting, seeds, extraction, harvesting, separating, infusing, or rolling, you were sure to find the exact product to fit your needs. That evening, there was a catered mixer after hours where the attendees, vendors and speakers all mingled and visited booths to socialize. This is honestly something every show should offer because it provided a much more interactive and personal experience for all. There was an educational event on day two that included 52 speakers with varying backgrounds and degrees. They touched on everything from irrigation to pest control, hemp brokerage to financing, genetics to propagation, production to testing, and more! The snow storm which hit on the last day didnĘźt dissuade guests from attending as all the keynotes were jam packed and a large foot traffic was present from the public. IHemp Expo was a very well rounded show that proved successful for all who attended.

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APRIL International Cannabis Business Conference


MARCH Spannabis Barcelona

Barcelona March 13-15

SXSW Conference & Festivals

Austin, TX March 13-22


Louisville, KY FEBRUARY 29-MARCH 1


Boston, MA March 20-22 Cannabis Wedding Expo

Las Vegas, NV March 22

Oklahoma Cannabis Expo

Oklahoma City, OK March 23-24

Australia Medicinal Cannabis Conference

Melbourne March 23-24

International Cannabis Business Conference

Barcelona March 2020


Chicago, IL APRIL 3-4

Denver, CO April 5

The Cannabis Consumer & Business Expo

Montreal, QC April 10-12

Women in Cannabis Summit

Burlington, VT April 11

Cannabis Conference

Las Vegas, NV April 21-23

CBD Senior Health and Well-Being Expo

Newton, MA April 24-25

Sweetwater 420 Fest

Atlanta, GA April 24-26 NECANN

Salt Lake City, UT April 25-26 Cannabis and Hemp Expo

Edmonton, Canada April 25-26 NECANN

Reno, NV April 2020

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Cannabis Wedding Expo

The Hemp and Cannabis Fair


San Luis Obispo, CA June 2020

ExpoCannaBiz Business Conference and Expo

High Times Cannabis Cup

Cartagena May 10-11

High Times Cannabis Cup

Santa Rosa, CA May 2020

International Cannabis Business Conference

Bern May 2020


New York May 28-30


Burlington, VT May 30-31

Clio, MI June 2020


Springfield, MA June 20-21 Alaska HEMPFEST

Willow, AK June 21-23

2020 event schedule SEPTEMBER



Medical Cannabiz World

Atlantic City, NJ September 11-12 CWCB Expo

Los Angeles, CA September 16-17


Uncasville, CT August 6-8


Indo Expo

Chicago, IL September 26-27

Saint Julian's, Malta November 16-17





Portland, ME October 10-11

Chicago, IL December 11-13


Boston, MA October 21-22

Seattle, WA August 2020

World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo

Oaks, PA August 2020

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