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Mike Flache

A visionary with a twist By Business Editor Elise Quevedo

He is one of the best entrepreneurial minds I have encountered, and he is a visionary in the world of investment and digital growth. I could not think of a better individual to feature this summer than Mike. I’ve had countless conversations with him, and each time he blows my mind. I now understand why so many Fortune 500 companies are looking for his advice. Mike is someone I highly respect. He has spent many years behind the scenes, advising some of the best brands around the globe, and now it’s time to share with the world who this amazing individual is in his first ever in-depth interview. So, I thank Mike for giving me this privilege. He is a true warrior in the business world!


here are people in this world whose presence is immediately felt as soon as they walk into a room, even before they say a word. That describes entrepreneur, angel investor and advisor Mike Flache, a humble, down to earth, unique human being with a lot of knowledge to share. If I had to compare him to an A list celebrity, so you can understand the type of person he is, I would say he is a mixture of Keanu Reeves and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I say like Keanu because of his humbleness, the way he stays out of the public eye and because of all of the philanthropic things he has done without looking for recognition. And he is like Dwayne, because trust me, when it comes to business, Mike simply kicks ass just like Dwayne does! He does not conform to anyone; he is a shark in business and his successful ventures show that. Don't try to bullshit Mike Flache, as he will see through it in a heartbeat and, just like Dwayne, he will not let anyone stop him from achieving whatever he puts his mind to.

Mike is not your typical entrepreneur and angel investor. Together with talented teams he builds digital businesses worldwide. He believes in emerging technologies, mutual appreciation, and values diversity to accelerate digital growth and develop the successful companies of tomorrow. His mission statement? “Enabling Digital growth to create sustainable added value for people, businesses and the environment” Mike spends much of his time helping build high-tech startups in Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia. In selected cases, he also serves as an advisor to companies from traditional industries to help them master digital growth. He has worked with founders and executives of top companies such as Coca-Cola, MercedesBenz, Huawei, Silicon Valley Innovation Center, BMC and Codetrails, just to name a few. And if that wasn’t enough, he is a partner of venture capital and private equity firms like V/G Ventures, a recognized global thought leader, an international speaker, the creator of the “Digital Growth Sessions”, a Top 10 influencer for digital transformation and a member of the Global Business Leaders Institute.