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We use a software from Cisco called FireAMP that scans for, alerts and blocks all files that could be a potential threat on our computers. If a file somehow gets through the software and becomes a threat at a later time, the software tracks not only where the file goes on the computer but also if its infects any other aspect of our network. We can then resolve the problem from where it originated.

We protect our data by backing it up daily. We backup our data onto our internal servers which then allows us to move that data into a secure data center. The data is always sent securely over a protected VPN line (Virtual Private Network).

We secure our internet traffic by using firewalls and OpenDNS. The firewalls prevent any unwanted device or file from getting into our network and causing harm. OpenDNS protects us from us unknowingly connecting to malware within webpages.


MRA 2016 Quarter Three Insights Newsletter  

MRA Associates 2016 Q3 Insights Newsletter

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