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Roy Miller High School - December 2008 Volume 59, Issue 2

Congratulations to the Academic Decathlon Team

Academic Decathlon members include: (Left to right)- Captain Edward Silguero (12), Alfredo Puente (11), Perla Fuentes (12), Weldon Serino (12), Joey Limon (11), Alvaro Sanchez (12), Rachel Rapier (11), Enrique Garcia (12), and Leslie Reschman (12). Not pictured: Sarai Maldonado (11), Sara Garcia (12), and Angelica Barrera (10). (See story on page 15.)

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The Buccaneer

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November/December 2008

DON’T BE A LITTER BUC! The phrase reduce, reuse, recycle is said all the time, but many students do not know the meaning of being truly environmentally friendly. Many kids just think it is just something everybody says, and leave it at that. Students should care that our future is at a risk with all of the current environmental issues. It is not surprising though that many students think that what they do does not makes a difference. In actuality, students can make a huge difference to make our world a better place. Start with baby steps, making simple changes. Set up recycling stations around your house to recycle plastic bottles and cans. For all those television lovers out there, recycling one aluminum can is the equivalent of three hours of TV time! You can also turn recycling into a game to get your little broth-

ers and sisters involved. Replace your old appliances like your refrigerator and washer and dryer with more energy efficient appliances, or you can just hang dry your clothes after you wash. You can also update lighting fixtures and light bulbs with the newer energy efficient models. You will save precious energy and save some cold hard cash in the end. Some changes to your daily routine can also make a world of difference. For all you hairspray junkies out there, use the pump, non-aerosol bottles. You do not need hairspray anyway; remember the natural look is always flattering. Or, maybe you can even try organic make-up. During the day, leave your lights off at home and just use them at night. Remember, if you turn the light off when you leave a room to save that extra bit of energy. Run

The Buccaneer Staff

#1 Battlin’ Buc Blvd. Corpus Christi, TX 78408 361-878-5100

Feature Editor Angelica Leyva

News Editor Issac Vargas

Assistant Editor Angelica Barrera

Layout Editor Elizabeth Cruz

Photographer Anthony Pieto

Sports Editor Samantha Galvan

Advisor Ms. Diane McCarty

Principal Mrs. Delia McLerran

Editor Sara Garcia

ceiling fans to cool you house or open a window. For all you A.P. students, who constantly take notes, use the front and back of papers and do not skip lines. You can save a lot of money on school supplies this way. Try and carpool with friends when you go anywhere and instead of using the A.C. roll down the windows. This way you will save gas and lower the emissions of pollution in the air. The littlest things can make the biggest impact, so help out and do your part!

Our Policy The Roy Miller High School newspaper, The Buccaneer, is a forum for student news, events and opinions and is produced by students for students and invite the com munity to read as well. Letters To The Editor Letters to the editor must be no more than 150 words in length, must be signed and will be edited for grammar. They may be a hard copy or e-mail and must have a contact number.

November/December 2008

By: Sara Garcia Here at Miller we have a dress code and for some reason people still cannot follow it. Why is it so hard to follow dress code and what is so difficult about sticking to it? Many students use the excuse that we come to school to learn not to be put in ISS for dress code. That is true but another question you have to think about is whose fault is it that

The Buccaneer

you are not in dress code? The dress code was firmly stated in the handbook and was clearly confirmed when we came to school this year. Dress code is set for a reason, not to hassle students on what they wear. After we leave school, we are expected to follow our dreams and achieve our goals as people in the real world, right? Well even

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working at the fast food place, you will be expected to be in a certain dress code and have to abide by it. If not you miss out on job, just like when you are stuck in ISS you miss out on your education. We should all take a step back and realize dress codes are not bad. We just have to be optimistic and find other ways to stand out.

Principally Speaking...

By: Angelica Barrera

Mrs. Delia McLerran is extremely excited about this new school year. Her new administrative staff and faculty members were hand-chosen and are very qualified for their positions whether it be in the classroom or office. Students should expect greatness in all aspects involving school. Next, McLerran would like to thank the students for all of their hard work so far. “On November 7, 2008, we had the highest attendance out of all of the high schools in C.C.I.S.D.! If we continue to be number one and

excel in not just attendance, but academics as well, it will pay off in the end.” said McLerran with great enthusiasm. She is also very impressed with the rising scores in math. This year all of the current students in the 9th, 10th, 11th , and 12th graders have outdone all of the students enrolled in that grade last year. This improvement just goes to show you how hard the staff and students have been working. McLerran would also like the student body to know about some upcoming events. Students can sign up for the principal’s advisory team. This team allows students to provide input into various decisions to be made on campus such as the curriculum and

if anybody is interested they should contact Mrs. Ortiz in the counselor ’s office for more information. A job fair will be coming up next month for any senior interested. Lastly, Mrs. McLerran is proud to congratulate the finalists for the CallerTimes Distinguished Scholars. The students are Gabriela Valdez- Spirit, Anthony Silvas- Athletics, Alvaro Sanchez- Academics, Alonzo Revolorio- Science, Nicholas Smith- Career and Technology, and Isaac Vargas- Service and Leadership. These students and all students at Miller are what make the school great. This year you can be sure to find that school will make its way to the top!

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The Buccaneer

November/December 2008

News Beats KEY CLUB Key Club is an organization that helps out the community. They go around and volunteer in the community. They donate to other organizations in the community like the women’s shelter every year around the holidays to help the mothers and children have a better holiday season. They also volunteer at major events like Bayfest and bike relays. They have even done a school clean up. Sometime in late January, they will travel north for a weekend by Fort Worth. It is a Key Club Seminar that is called, “Weekend of a Lifetime”. They go up there and meet with other Key Club organizations across Texas and from other states as well.


Band competes throughout the year. November 22 was the Band District Audition, December 6 was the Region District Audition, December 11 the Winter Concert, January 10 is the Area Band Audition, and February 21 is UIL solo and ensemble contest. Band competed in Battle of the Bands on October 7th and received a 2. The band is under the direction of Richard Blaylock, Eduardo Carrizales, and David Baca. Drum major this year is senior Joe Wilmot.

Band competed in Alice on October 18.


Piano is instructed by Ms. Sullivan. The piano students played on December 9; it is an advanced piano, orchestra, and guitar recital. On December 15, the piano classes will have a piano celebrity in the piano lab for parents and friends at 6 p.m. here at school.

FOLKORICO Miller High School’s Folklorico De Oro performed at the Coastal Bend College Night at the American Bank Center on Thursday, November 18. Mrs. Hilda Cantu is in charge of Folklorico.

CHOIR Choir is taught by Ms. Becky Johnson.The choir worked on the CCISD Holiday Concert at Selena Auditorium, which was hekdDecember 2 at 7:30 p.m. CCISD hosted the 28th Annual Holiday Choir Concert and it featured high school and middle school choirs. Admission wass free.

SWIMMING David Aguilar (12), Angelica

Leyva (12), Rico Gonzalez (11), and Franky Suares (9) are this year’s swimming team. The buses leave at 7 a. m. and return to school at 9:15 a. m. The students swim every morning Monday thru Thursday at the Natatorium at Cabiness Field. All the high schools practice before school. Swimming is just like any other sport. They have meets throughout the year and practice their strokes, dives and turns. Miller has always had a swim team for many years and welcome all students who wish to join the team.

CHEERLEADING Cheerleaders are under a new sponsorship for the rest of the school year, Ms. Becky Fredrickson and Mrs. Ortiz. They will be cheering at the upcoming home basketball games which began November 18 with the Miller versus West Oso game. The cheerleaders also participated in the graffiti wipe-out. Fundraisers will be starting soon for the cheerleaders. The captains of the team are Gabby Valdez (12) and Raul Delgado (12). The rest of the squad consists of Karla Mata (12), Sierra Rodriguez (12), Natalie Gonzalez (12), Chrisie Vasquez (12), Eddie Chavarin (12), DoraLisa Leos (11), TiffaniJo Vasquez (11), Angelica Barrera (10), Miranda Sanchez (10), Dana Sanchez (10), Cassandra Navarro (10), Janette Ray (10), and Joselin Flores (10).

November/December 2008

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CLASS COUNCIL Every class has a class council. This year’s council sponsors are Ms. Brown for Freshman Council Mrs. Baldillez for Sophomore council; Ms. Cuellar for Junior Council; and Mrs. Camarillo for Senior Council. Freshman council president is Stephanie Robles. Ms. Brown holds meetings every first Thursday of each month. Class of 2012, remember that the council takes part in a lot of things that go along with your class so it is best to join up with your sponsor and start getting things done now. Baldillez. has the help of President Cassandra Navarro. The sophomore class meets every Wednesday at 4:15 in Room 205. Sophomores, your class is respon-

sible for raising money for the next two years of high school. The more you help now the less stress there is in the next two years. Juniors who are interested in joining their class council can go to Room 313 at 4:20p.m.on Wednesdays. Brittany Reyes is the president of the junior class. Juniors are in charge of the Favorite’s Dance this year, so if you a junior you should come out and help your class with the fund raisers they plan to do like candy sells. President of the Class of 2009, four years running, is Gabriela Valdez. Gabby would like to let all seniors know, “We can use everyone’s help, and if they just decide they want to join we welcome them.” Senior Council

meets every Thursday at 4:15 in Room 204. All class councils take dedication. If you are interested, do not shy away from it and talk to one of your class council members or sponsors.


Welding is a trade program where students will learn all the skills needed get a job after graduation. The welding club is always striving to win in competitions but must raise funds to buy supplies. This year they came up with a new fund raiser to selling BBQ plates and they are also making a fire pit to give away in a drawing. So help support this club and buy tickets.

Congratulations to Miller’s Distinguished Scholar Finalists

Science Alonzo Revelorio




Anthony Silvas

Gabriela Valdez

Alvaro Sanchez

Service and Leadership

Issac Vargas

Career and Technology

Nicholas Smith

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The Buccaneer November/December 2008

During high school a thing most go through are breakups. Did anyone hear about the Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift breakup? Even though they did not officially say they were going out, Taylor Swift is devastated and her heart was broken by Joe. Celebrities have harsh break ups and so do normal everyday people. We asked people on campus what were their worst ways to break up with a girlfriend/boyfriend. Some were straight forward and told us what they would do. Ralph Contreras (12) said, “You’re dismissed!” and some were more sensitive to the others feelings like Issac Vargas (12) who said, “I think we should be friends.” or, like Anthony Ramirez (12) would say, “It’s not you it’s me.” There are many ways to end relationships. Even teachers have experienced them like Ms. Borrer who saaid, “Well, it wasn’t via cell phone that’s for sure, showing up at a football game with someone else would have to be the worst someone has ever done.” Several people like Jose “Peewee” Cruz (12), Thomas Murillo (12), and Gabby Rodriguez (11) said, “Text message breakup” work. A number of people say jokingly,



“MYSPACE!!” and some, like Bella Villarreal (12), said, “It would be funny if they posted a bulletin on MySpace.” Ale Robles (12) said, “I guess it would be worse if someone were to break up with the other person in front of his friends and put him on the spot.” Mrs. Katie Yeager said, “The worst would probably be when they tell their friends to tell you” when asked what was the worst way to break up with people when she was in school. Both Corey Beasley (12) and Enrique Garcia agree that the worst way to break up with a girl would just to start talking with another girl. Mr. Lupe Mireles also said that was one of the ways people broke up when he was here at Miller were to, “just pretend you don’t know them and just ignore them, that would have to be the worst way I’ve heard it been done.” Overall the most used breakup line was, “Let someone else do it for you.” or like Jahier Lawson said, “I guess making a letter (to) breakup but I’m not really sure cause I’ve never broken up with a girl.” There are many ways to break up with people. Just remember the other’s feelings. You do not want them to end up like Taylor Swift who got her heart broken over the phone. Now that is ruthless.

November/December 2008

The Buccaneer

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Ghostly Games from Room 147

On Tuesday, November 11, Ms. Diane McCarty’s first period class experienced ghostly activities firsthand. Steven Macias (12), Cathy Rodriguez (12), Blanca Reyes (12), Celeste Solis (11), Chelsea Stakes (11), Brianna Coronado (9), Jackie Murillo, and Ms. McCarty, after viewing BucVision, decided to turn out the lights and test these “ghosties” in the classroom. Steven, Cathy, Celeste, and

Jackie all sat in the “cold corner” to try and see if the spirits came out. Blanca took pictures with her digital camera and caught some ghostly orbs floating around the students in the corner. (See photos below.) Cathy seemed to experience more than the others. She claims to have seen an extra shadow during the flash of the camera. After seeing this shadow, her eyes began

to water uncontrollably. Another instance was when Steven felt a presence behind his head. When reviewing the pictures, there was an orb floating behind his head. Other unexplained activities, is when Celeste claimed to feel something grab her arm and then her arm became cold on that spot. In some moments, the area would become very cold, and then return to regular temperature all of a sudden. (This was a great way for McCarty to teach investigative reporting. There have been many other instances of ‘strange things occurring in her classroom. She never worries though, its seems normal to her.)

Room 147 is known to be haunted especially on the farther side of the room. Here you see Celeste Solis, Steven Macias, and Cathy Rodriguez working on the computers and you see the orb at the top.

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The Buccaneer

November/December 2008

Veterans Day By: Angelica Leyva

November was a busy month for the NJROTC classes. They did the sword arch for homecoming and color guard burning for the Burning of the “M”. They also performed at the Veterans’ Day ceremony at both Miller High and Driscoll Middle schools. Miller ROTC was instrumental in providing a morning, outdoor assembly in honor of Miller veterans on . Veterans from Miller who served in the military are: James Douglas - math teacherMarines; Doroteo Rios- coachArmy-he was awarded 2 purple hearts for wounds received in Vietnam; Charles Woods- teacher teacher-Navy; Luis Ramirezscience teacher-Navy; Russ Layaspecial services chair-Army;

Santos Baldillez- special Ed Para-Air Force; Robert CavazosSpanish teacher-Marines; David Baca- assistant band director-Air force, his father who is also a veteran is under going treatment at M.D. Anderson; Kosta Maravelias- NJROTC instructorMarines; G.(Rod) Rodriguezauto technology teacher-Army, Hank Chinnery- NJROTC-Navy, Calistro Banda Asst. PrincipalArmy; and Robert Garcia- Air Force. We honor ALL veterans and respect everything they have done for this country. Because if it was not for them, this world would be a different place. Freedom as we know it today, would not be ours.

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The Buccaneer

November/December 2008

Graffiti Wipe-Out: Miller Edition By: Sara Garcia

On November 15, Miller High School volunteered to help with the Graffiti Wipe-Out. Ms. Cuellar was the main person in charge of getting everyone together from Miller. Key Club, Class Councils, Crime Stoppers, National Honor Society, ROTC, and other groups came out to help clean up our own backyard. They started on 23rd Street at the Wilkie Tires Company. The reason for joining in on this wipeout was to give back to the community

by cleaning up all the tagging done on walls, fences, and buildings. Cuellar also had help with supervising by Mrs. Ortiz, Mr. Banda, Mrs. McLerran, Ms. Moore, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Baldillez, and parent helper, Ms. Chatterton. Cuellar would like to thank all the students, parents, and faculty that came out and helped. They all came together and painted four different areas between 19th Street and Port Avenue.

November/December 2008

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Miller Wins Graffiti Paint Over!! 53 Students volunteers; 1,070 sq. ft. of graffiti; 28 gallons of paint! Volunteers receive FREE Whataburger Coupons! See Ms. Cuellar in Room 313.


The Buccaneer

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November/December 2008

Strumming to their own tune By: Angelica Barrera

Guitar is still a fairly new, but strong program at Miller. Last year was the first year where students were able to take the class. Previously, the program only offered three class periods but this year six periods are offered. In this class you will, of course, learn to play, but also learn bout music theory through the guitar, how to read music, and how to accompany a singer or yourself. The class requires no experience because beginners to intermediate classes are offered. First year guitar student Mario Gonzalez (12) said, “It’s a fun class. Mr. Garza is a good teacher and he works

with the students’ one on one. He works us hard, but I’ve learned a lot.” Students reflect on what they have learned every Friday with a journal entry to track their progress. The program is growing and will only get bigger and better. The teacher Mr. Garza said, “The guitar students here at Miller are talented and take guitar very seriously. I take a lot of pride in this program and I believe that it will be one of the top programs in Corpus.” Around the end of every semester, students have perform to showcase their talent. This year the performances were on December 10

at 6:30 p.m. and will be again on May 11 at 6:30 p.m. Guitar can offer you a life long skill, or it a be just a fun little hobby. If this course sounds interesting to you, don’t be afraid to try it out. It might be just the thing for you!

Students in guitar write in their journals as a reflection exercise.

Special “THANKS” to our Academy Sponsors:

November/December 2008

The Buccaneer Page 13

Miller Presents to you STILL LIFE WITH IRIS

behind the scenes dress rehersal

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The Buccaneer November/December 2008

Dribble Dribble, Shoot Shoot, Make It In That Hoop Hoop

November/December 2008

The Buccaneer Page 15

A C A D E M I C DECATHLON By: Sara Garcia

Decathlon is a group of students competing in academic challenges within all core subjects and a relay. The theme for the 2008-2009 year is Latin America. This years team consists of Captain Edward Silguero, Enrique Garcia, and Sara Garcia for the varsity team. scholastic team members are: Perla Fuentes, Anthony Silvas, Weldon Serino, Angelica Barrera and Alfredo Puente. Alvaro Sanchez, Rachel Rapier, Joey Limon, Sarai Maldonado, and Leslie Reschman are the honors team. The sponsors are Amanda Thompson, J.J. Nelson, and Namisha Bahkta. At the first competition, which was in Sinton, Miller did fairly well. Alfredo Puente (11) won first place in scholastic music, social science, and literature. He won third

place in math as well. He was the highest scorer in the scholastic category. Silguero (12) won first place in varsity music, super quiz, and social science. He also got second in economics and second overall in the varsity division. Garcia (12) won second in varsity super quiz, Alvaro Sanchez (12) won first place in honors music and third place social science. Joey Limon (11) placed third in honors super quiz, Perla Fuentes (12) placed second in scholastic math, and Cory Rodriguez (12) placed third in varsity music. The Miller Academic Decathlon Team placed third overall as a team and first place in super quiz as a team. On November 20-21, the team competed at King High School. Silguero (12) won first place in varsity music and economics. He also won fourth in varsity super quiz and fifth in varsity art. Garcia (12), who is on the varsity team as well, placed second in essay. Alfredo Puente (11) won second on honors music and social science. He also placed sixth in honors art. Junior Rachel Rapier won sixth in scholastic essay. Weldon Serino (12) placed fourth in scholastic music and Alvaro San-

chez (12) won sixth in honors music. Overall the team did really well, especially because the big schools and medium schools were combined in this competition and Miller took fourth overall. The Academic Decathlon team will be competing in their last practice meet in San Antonio December 12-13. They will be testing on 10 tests which include: literature, music, art, social science, economics, and super quiz. They will also present a prepared speech, do an interview, and write an essay. The goal for the team is to place at regional and move on to the next events. Silguero is giving his best efforts to make sure his team is ready and they are going for the gold.

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The Buccaneer November/December 2008

Bucs Aim High

Nov-Dec Buccaneer  

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