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The Church Mouse Monthly newsletter for the members & friends of Community Congregational Church of Elburn May 2013 Church Office Hours Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. phone: (630) 365-6544 Pastor’s Office Hours Mondays 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. cell phone: (708) 702-5342 PASTOR Rev. Bennett M. McNeal MODERATOR Mary Royer VICE-MODERATOR Karen Baston TREASURER Sharon Lackey FINANCIAL SECRETARY Judy Taylor CHURCH CLERK Suzanne Ray MINISTRY ASSISTANT & NEWSLETTER EDITOR Sabine Vorkoeper-Orchard ********************** **************** 100 E. Shannon Street Elburn, IL 60119

Growing up in a small town outside Dayton, Ohio, I took pride in being born in the same city where the Wright Brothers invented their “flying machine.” Of the two, only Orville was born in Dayton. His older brother, Wilbur, was born in Indiana, but Ohio claims them both. For many years, the Ohio license plates bragged that Ohio was the “Birthplace of Aviation.” Orville Wright, after being the second man after his brother to fly, died at the very young age of 45 during the month of May in 1912. But his accomplishments were revered and celebrated for decades, and even a century later. Of course, I had nothing to do with the Wright Brothers’ family or their accomplishments, but I like to say that I was born in what became their hometown. In Ohio schools the Wright Brothers’ accomplishments continue to be celebrated. I believe that it’s good to celebrate the accomplishments of others. May and June are good months to do this as we learn about the academic accomplishments of students—both younger and older—who are graduating. Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find specific information about a celebration of our graduates on June 9. Please let us know about graduates, and please plan to be present for worship and fellowship on that date. While we are recognizing the accomplishments of students of any age and at any level, let’s also recognize the teachers who helped those students learn. Let’s also recognize all the mothers, which we will, of course, do on Mothers’ Day, May 12. After all, our mothers were, for many of us, our best teachers.


May 2013

Community Congregational Church

Musings of your moderator… I have been mulling over what to write for this article for a while and, during the sermon Sunday, Pastor Ben said that we are challenged to think big thoughts and bring dream big dreams. And we can be assured of God’s presence and grace every moment of every day. I had an eureka moment that this described what we were embarking on at our last council meeting. At the last meeting we established a subgroup of the council to begin a capital campaign to finance the handicap accessibility for the sanctuary and Fellowship hall, and repair the crumbling facade on the south side of the church. We have begun exploring costs of the repair work for the façade, and will be exploring solutions for accessibility, whatever form it may take. There are lifts and elevators and probably other forms of access, and they will all be explored. Grants are available for accessibility, and we hope to be able to take advantage of these for partial funding. We invite you to keep this project and process in your thoughts and prayers. If you have any suggestions for a solution to either of these, please contact the church or a member of the council. I am excited by the direction the church is taking and believe we are being led by god’s grace, and hope that you do too.


Our ministry teams are always looking for new participants to enrich our programs, groups and ministries. They include: Adult Bible Study Meadows Bible Study Prayer Shawl Ministry Crafters Group Women’s Fellowship In-Reach Committee Christian Education Committee Mission Ministry Maintenance and Grounds Committee There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you are making a difference by volunteering in the life of your church. Call the church office at (630) 365-6544 for more information.

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VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL JULY 15 TO 18 Summer is just around the corner and so is VBS. We are joining St. Charles UCC on La Fox Road to provide an exciting Vacation Bible School for children 4 years old to grade 4. Last year was awesome! Hope you can join us this year. The theme is “Everywhere Fun Fair.” You will find Amanda Eckstrom and Theresa Biddle volunteering in the Bible Story Room. Anastasia Kurth will be in the Craft Room. Karen Diesel can be found in the games area. On Thursday evening, you will find Jason Biddle making popcorn, Regina Kurth serving tacos, and Anastasia manning games. There are still many opportunities for you to get involved. Check the sign-up sheet in the narthex. Registration forms for children to attend VBS are also available in the narthex.

LAZARUS HOUSE DINNER Just a reminder that we are responsible for dinner at Lazarus House on Friday, May 31. We are very grateful to those who have provided these meals in the past. Each meal involves a main dish, a vegetable, a salad, and a dessert, enough for approximately 75 people. We also need one or several individuals to deliver the meal at 6 p.m. Look for the sign-up sheet in Schneider Hall (downstairs) to sign up for the categories you’d like to help with. Lazarus House receives food donations from the community, so they are very happy to contribute their food donations to the menu of church volunteers. You can call them (630) 5872144 to make arrangements to get what they might have for the dish you are planning to make. Cooking for 75 scares some people, so here’s a suggestion: find a friend and do the cooking cooperatively. The two of you don’t even have to make the same thing! Please join us in providing this meal. You will find a lot of satisfaction in this “hands on” ministry!

May 2013

Community Congregational Church

BEST WISHES‌to the following members and friends who have May birthdays and anniversaries.

Birthdays 2 Joe Wilmath 9 Matt Merfeld 15 Stephanie Butler 16 Barb Angenendt, Kay Probst 18 Ruth Ann Strong 20 Diane Bergquist 22 Cindy Doede, Mary Royer 23 Rev. Michelle Prentice-Leslie 28 Loyd Miller, Sr.

Anniversaries 1 Fred & Linda Miller 14 Fred & Joann Johnson 16 Duke & Cheryl Krauspe 17 Richard & Karen Mack 22 Dean & Bonnie Anderson 26 John & Lauren Biddle

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CELEBRATING OUR GRADUATES During the worship service on June 9, we will be recognizing congregation graduates as well as graduates within our families. We will continue to celebrate our graduates during the fellowship hour. Please complete the form below and drop it by the office, or simply contact Sabine with the information.

Name of graduate________________________________________________________________ Graduating institution_____________________________________________________________ Future plans_____________________________________________________________________


LITERACY VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Literacy Volunteers Fox Valley (LVFV) has more than 40 adult students waiting to learn English. FVLV will offer a four-session tutor-training workshop on Tuesdays and Thursdays May 7, 9, 14 and 16 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the St. Charles Public Library. Volunteers will learn all they need to know to tutor adults in English and, in the process, dramatically change the person’s life. To sign up for the workshop or for more information, visit or call (630) 584-4428.

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May 2013 Sun



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USHERING TEAM CAPTAINS FOR MAY May 5 Team 5: Jessie VanDeVelde May 12 Team 1: Karen Baston May 19 Team 2: Greg & Regina Kurth May 26 Team 3: Dan & Nancy Merfeld 5



Thu 2







10 am Inreach meeting 11 am Bible Study at Meadows 1 pm Prayer Shawl 6 pm Girl Scout Ministry Daisies 5:30 pm Troop 7 CPR 5:30 pm Confirmation 7 pm Youth Group



9 am Crafters 9 am Sunday School 10:30 am Worship (Communion) 11:30 am Fellowship 5 pm Hope Anglican


6:30 pm Girl Scouts 7:00 pm Troop 7 7:15 pm Boy Scouts



11 am Bible Study at Meadows 1 pm Prayer Shawl Ministry

1 pm Women’s Fellowship

5 pm AMEN

5:30 pm Confirmation 7 pm Council 6:30 pm CE meeting 7 pm Scouts 7 pm Youth Group 7 pm Scouts

5:30 pm Scouts




9 am Crafters

9 am Sunday School 10:30 am Worship 11:30 am Fellowship 5 pm Hope Anglican

6:30 pm Scouts PLC 7:15 pm Boy Scouts



9 am Sunday School 10:30 am Worship 11:30 am Fellowship

5 pm Hope Anglican

6:30 pm Girl Scouts 7:15 pm Boy Scouts




11 am Bible Study at the Meadows 1 pm Prayer Shawl Ministry

18 MOUSE Submission Deadline

5:30 pm Confirmation 6 pm Girl Scout 7 pm Youth Group Daisies 7 pm Scouts



9 am Crafters

11 am Bible Study at the Meadows 1 pm Prayer Shawl Ministry





5:30 pm Confirmation 7 pm Youth Group



9 am Crafters 9 am Sunday School 10:30 am Worship 11:30 am Fellowship


5 pm Hope Anglican 7:15 pm Boy Scouts

11 am Bible Study at the Meadows 1 pm Prayer Shawl Ministry 5:30 pm Confirmation 6 pm Girl Scout Daisies 7 pm Youth Group 7 pm Scouts

6 pm Lazarus House Dinner


Community Congregational Church 100 E. Shannon Street Elburn, Illinois 60119

May 2013


God is still speaking,


SAVE THE DATE May 1, 10:00 a.m.: Inreach Committee May 7, 5:00 p.m.: AMEN May 8, 6:30 p.m.: CE Committee May 9, 7:00 p.m.: Council May 10, 1:00 p.m.: Women’s Fellowship May 31, 6:00 p.m.: Lazarus House dinner

May 2013 Church Mouse  

Newsletter of the Community Congregational Church of Elburn

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