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March 20112 Hello Spring!

Monthly newsletter for the members & friends of Community Congregational Church of Elburn Church Office Hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Phone: (630) 365-6544 INTERIM PASTOR Rev. Michelle Prentice-Leslie MODERATOR Sharon Lackey VICE-MODERATOR Mary Royer TREASURER Tammy Eckstrom FINANCIAL SECRETARY Cindy Doede CHURCH CLERK Karen Baston MINISTRY ASSISTANT Linda Miller +++

The Pastor’s Page…. The entire month of March this year is encapsulated in the season of Lent, that is, the season of self-examination and penance before the highest celebration of the Christian year, Easter, when we praise God for conquering death by raising Jesus from the dead. Many observed the beginning of Lent by participating in Ash Wednesday worship last week. Many others will continue to observe the purpose of Lent by participating in some kind of weekly church event. For our church, this is Soup and Spirit, which will occur for five Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m., beginning February 29. Many Christians practice ‘giving up’ something for Lent, as a physical/mental aid to focus more on spiritual things. Probably one of the most common ‘given up’ things is ‘sweets.’ I remember one friend telling me of a time when he was a kid and gave up candy for Lent, all the while anticipating on Easter morning a whole cache of candy in an Easter basket. What he most eagerly awaited was the chocolate bunny. Easter arrived and the basket was there, and among the candy items was a chocolate item. But the chocolate item was not a bunny, it was a cross. And by picking it up, he could tell that this chocolate cross was not solid, but hollow. While in years before, he had deliciously nibbled on chocolate bunny ears, he found that he could not relish eating this cross the same way. In fact, he could not eat the cross at all. What came to him was the thought of the trivial nature of his ‘sacrifice’ of sweets during Lent. The cross was chocolate and quite edible, but it was not to him – it convicted him of something far deeper than the eagerness to eat chocolate on Easter morning. Denying ourselves favorite treats – or habits – even for a short time – can now seem archaic in our I-want-it-now culture. Yes, it is archaic in the sense of the spiritual discipline. And yes, it contrasts starkly to our culture.

It is difficult for us in this culture to fully grasp what our sense of entitlement does to our bodies and souls. We often worship at the feet of pleasure. We can thus become desensitized to our real needs – the real hungers in our lives. When we decide to relinquish what fails to truly satisfy, we come face to face with some tough questions. Can we believe Jesus Please use our street address when when He says, “People do not live by bread alone, but by every word the comes from the corresponding with the church: mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4/Luke 4:4)? How can we make room for this kind of thought when so much is available to us so much of the time?? 100 E. Shannon Street

Elburn, IL 60119 The Post Office will forward mail for another 6-8 months.


Like the hollowness of that chocolate cross, the outside of our lives may look perfectly respectable to others and at times even acceptable to ourselves, but on the inside we can be tragically empty, ‘looking for love in all the wrong places,’ and doing things that cannot satisfy. The Good News is that the darkness does not last. The season of Lent does end and its ending ushers in the fullest, highest season of rejoicing. The hollow parts of our souls can be filled. It’s worth the wait. It’s worth the effort. And through Him God was pleased to reconcile to Godself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, by making peace through the blood of His cross. --Paul to the Church at Colossae, 1:20

Our website has changed! So has our email address!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Michelle

March 2012

Community Congregational Church

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Musings from the Moderator… I want to remind everyone that there are two meetings every month that are open to interested members. On the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm the Ministry Groups meet to discuss and plan church activities. These groups are always excited to have new members to share the load and bring new ideas. Having all of the ministry groups meeting at the same time encourages interaction between groups and coordination of plans. Then on the second Thursday of each month at 7p the Church Council meets. These meetings are also open to any interested member. The council discusses and manages the business of the congregation and receives reports from the ministry group meetings. See you in worship and at church meetings,

Your Friend in Christ, Sharon Lackey, Moderator

Just from Jessie… We’ve had a great year so far with Youth Group and our Sunday morning study group. We’ve served the church as ushers and worship assistants, as well as done outreach at Feed My Starving Children. Here’s what’s to come! MARCH:


3/7 3/18 4/13-14

5/2 5/20


Sr Hi-COURAGE Begins Jr Hi-COURAGE Begins Bowling Event-TBD GAME DAY YOUTH CONFERENCE!! Begin fundraising for mission trip!


Peace, Jessie

Holiday Spirit Thank You Dear Friends, We feel so blessed to be a part of such an amazing community. We are in awe of you! Especially as we continue to grow, it is awesome to witness the Kaneland community coming together to help one another in a small town way. The numbers of families who requested assistance increased again this year. Thanks to your generosity, you made it possible for Holiday Spirit to assist 66 families including 150 children! We would like to genuinely thank you for participating in Holiday Spirit. It is our hope you feel the same joy the children felt when they opened their gifts you made possible. May you and your family find peace, health and happiness in the New Year. Sincerely, Carol Alfrey Associate Executive Director Conley Outreach


PLEASE CALL!! If you are in the hospital and would like a visit from Pastor Michelle, call the church office at 630.365-6544 or Pastor Michelle herself at (630) 267-7555. Remember, because of the new privacy laws, we do not always know when you are hospitalized. PLEASE let us know or have someone call for you.

March 2012

Community Congregational Church

Ministry Reports (from the 2-7-12 meeting)

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129th Annual St. Gall Turkey Dinner Sunday, March 11 11-2p


Membership on the above Ministries is not a lifetime term! Some of the current members have been serving since the inception of the Ministries in 2007 and could probably use a break. Some ministries are even working with a single member. Please consider joining one of these ministries, depending on where your talents or your heart calls you. Think of this as one of the 5 T’s that Pastor Michelle spoke of in one of her November messages. Next meeting: March 6, 2012 Will we see YOU there?

Sunday School News Our small but mighty group of Sunday School students continue to grow in their faith and their love for Jesus. Here’s what’s on the schedule for March:  March 4 Jesus and the money changers (skit in worship)  March 11 Jesus washes the feet of the disciples  March 18 In the garden  March 25 No Sunday School—spring break In anticipation of Easter, the children will share the Easter story with us during worship on April 1. Thank you to all the children who are so faithful in coming to Sunday School and being a part of the children’s message in Sunday worship. Your understanding of and responses to Pastor Michelle’s message come right from the heart and bring us all such joy and delight.

Dine In: $10 adults Carry Out: $8 $7 seniors at the American Legion $4 children 6-12 Children 5 and under: free

ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING Share the joy! You know the joy of giving—the delight you share when your gift makes a difference in someone’s day. Imagine the joy when your gift changes someone’s life. For over 65 years, Christians in North America have changed lives with their gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing. By sharing our resources, we share God’s love and blessing, bringing joy to thousands of God’s children who wait for their seed of hope to bloom. Envelopes for OGHS are in the pews during March.

AMEN Group The AMEN Group continues to meet faithfully on the second Tuesday of each month (note the new day) at 6pm in the Nursery. The group meets for an hour and continues to pray for the special needs of individuals, our church, the community, and the world. It’s a big job! Won’t you come and add your voice and heart to the good works of this group? All are welcome.

Please address all mail to the church using our street address:

100 E. Shannon Street Elburn, IL 60119

March 2012

Community Congregational Church

Happy Birthday Best wishes to these members and friends who are celebrating March birthdays. March 1 March 2 March 3 March 6 March 7 March 11 March 13 March 19 March 21 March 23 March 25 March 31

Dorothy Lemon Chris (Royer) Luxbacher Scott Proctor Nancy Zak Lisa LeMaire Kari Meloun Michael Merfeld, Pastor Bob Meissner Bev Gillett John Krauspe Ethan Butler, Koty LeMaire John Eckstrom, Alan Swan Leah Miller

Women’s Fellowship! All women of the church are welcome to attend the next meeting of the Women’s Fellowship Friday, March 9 at 1:00pm in Schneider Hall. Bring a friend! This isn’t an actual “church” meeting, just a gathering of friends for coffee, treats, laughter and conversation. There’s always a seat for you around the table. Even though this has been “the winter that wasn’t” we have enjoyed the warmth of comfort food at the last few meetings, including soup and chili on the menu. Come and see what Mable Brady and Cindy Doede have in store when they host the March meeting. All women of the church—and their friends—are invited! There is room for all.

Happy Anniversary

Lenten Fish Fries at Sts. Peter & Paul Church

Congratulations to these celebrating March wedding anniversaries: March 1 March 9 March 30

Loyd & Leah Miller Bill & Carol Jahns John & Jan Currier

Rt. 64 & Meredith Road Virgil, IL

43 years 44 years 44 years

Feb. 24, March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30. Serving 5-8pm

If you know of birthdays or anniversaries that are missing from the calendar or listed incorrectly, please call the office so they may be added/corrected. Thank you.

Adults: $10-13 Children (5-10): $4-$6.50 Under 5 free Carry-out is available. More information or to place a to-go order, call 630-365-6618

Congratulations to Billy Osborne! 2012-2013 Illinois State Scholar

Theatre Opportunity Albright Theatre, 100 N. Island Avenue, Batavia, presents “The Cripple of Inishmaan” a dark Irish comedy by Martin McDonagh. Set on a remote island in 1934, this play tells the story of Cripple Billy, who longs to leave the bitter tedium of his daily life, as well as a host of colorful local “characters.” Dates are March 2,3,4,9,10,11,16,17. Fridays & Saturdays at 8p, Sundays at 2p. Rated PG-14 due to adult language. Reservations: 630-406-8838 Ministry Assistant Linda Miller is cast as Mammy O’Dougal, a 90-year-old spitfire whose son has been trying—unsuccessfully—to kill with drink for 65 years.

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Thank You Everyone! Dear Church Family, I want to thank you all for your cards, prayers & the lovely prayer afghan. I am sitting here at Wynscape progressing quite well after my last fracture. The prayer afghan warms my heart and is the perfect weight to warm my bare toes, too. With love,

Mary Royer

March 2012

Community Congregational Church

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March 4 ~ Second Sunday of Lent 9:00 a.m. Sunday School 9:20 a.m. Bible Study 10:30 a.m. Worship with Holy Communion 11:30 a.m. Fellowship 5:00 p.m. Hope Anglican Worship Service

March 18 ~ Fourth Sunday of Lent 9:00 a.m. Sunday School 9:20 a.m. Bible Study 10:30 a.m. Worship 11:30 a.m. Fellowship 5:00 p.m. Hope Anglican Worship Service

+ March 7

+ March 21

6 p.m. Soup & Spirit

6 p.m. Soup & Spirit

March 11 ~ Third Sunday of Lent 9:00 a.m. Sunday School 9:20 a.m. Bible Study 10:30 a.m. Worship 11:30 a.m. Fellowship 5:00 p.m. Hope Anglican Worship Service

March 25 ~ Fifth Sunday of Lent 9:00 a.m. NO Sunday School 9:20 a.m. Bible Study 10:30 a.m. Worship with Reverse Offering 11:30 a.m. Fellowship 5:00 p.m. Hope Anglican Worship Service

+ March 14

+ March 28

6 p.m. Soup & Spirit

6 p.m. Soup & Spirit

Ushering Teams for March March 4—Team #3 Captain: Dan & Nancy Merfeld March 11—Team #4 Captain: Jon & Chris Pangborn March 18—Team #5 Captain: Jessie & Youth Group March 25—Team #1 Captain: Karen Baston

Lazarus House Dinner Even though the weather has been mild this year, clients at Lazarus House are still grateful for the hot meals provided by local churches and other organizations. Our church provides an evening meal on the fifth Friday of whatever months have a fifth Friday. The next opportunity to help with a fifth Friday meal is March 30. Remember, Lazarus House usually has quite a stockpile of frozen food (meat, vegetables, etc.) as well as canned items and bottled sauces on hand that you can use. Just give them a call at your convenience (630-587-2144) and see what’s available. Then plan your meal around what they have on hand. You can even pick up the items way ahead of time and store them in the church kitchen. Thank you for helping the guests at Lazarus House and representing our church in this vital outreach effort. GOD’S PHARMACY—FYI

(continued from Feb.)

When God created the heavens and the earth, he made many food which are best & most powerful when eaten raw. God left us clues as to what food help what part of our body! Here are some more:  Celery, Bok Choy and rhubarb look just like bones. These foods specifically target bone strength.  Sweet potatoes look like the pancreas and actually balance the glycemic index of diabetics.  Olives assist the health and function of the ovaries.  Grapes hang in heart-shaped clusters. Each grape looks like a blood cell and all of the research today shows grapes are also profound heart and blood vitalizing food. OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!

LENT SAVE THE DATES: Participating in the special spiritual disciplines of Lent is not only about the worshipper. It is also about what it says or does not say to the public. Please mark calendars now to fully participate in Christ's passion:   

Lenten Soup & Spirit Wednesdays Mar. 7, 14, 21, 28 6p Maundy Thursday worship, April 5, 7p Good Friday worship, April 6, 7p We are hosting this year.

Elburn Days Rummage Sale Leah Miller asked that we start spreading the word about the Elburn Days Rummage Sale 2012. If you are in the process of downsizing, moving, or just Spring cleaning, please consider bringing your items to us! We are already taking donations for the sale, which was SO successful last summer. Items will be stored in the west end of Schneider Hall: small furniture, clothing, books, small appliances, home décor, cookware, etc.

March 2012 Sun



Wed 1

March Highlights: March 6 7p Ministry Meetings March 7, 14, 21, 28 6p Soup & Spirit March 8 7p Church Council Meeting March 9 1p Women’s Fellowship March 13 6p AMEN Group March 30 6p Lazarus House Dinner

     


5 Team 3 ushers

9a Sunday School 9:20a Bible Study 10:30a Worship with Holy Communion 11:30a Fellowship 7:15p Scouts






9a Crafty Crafters 1p Knitting

11a Seniors Bible Study at Meadows

2-4p Knitting

7p Ministry Mtg.

6p Soup & Spirit



9a Crafty Crafters

9a Sunday School 9:20a Bible Study 10:30a Worship 11:30a Fellowship

1p Knitting

7-8p Tiger Scouts 7:15p Scouts



Team 5 ushers 9a Sunday School 9:20a Bible Study 10:30a Worship 11:30a Fellowship 5p Hope Anglican

7:15p Scouts



Team 1 ushers

11:30a Fellowship 5p Hope Anglican

6p AMEN Group

7:15p Scouts




1p Women’s Fellowship in Schneider Hall 7p Church Council




11a Seniors Bible Study at Meadows

6p Soup & Spirit

6p Girl Scouts 7p Choir



9a Crafty Crafters 1p Knitting

11a Seniors Bible Study at Meadows


4p Midweek Bible Class



Pastor Michelle in Guatemala


11a Seniors Bible Study at Meadows 4p Midweek Bible Class 5:15p Confirmation Class 6p Soup & Spirit



5:30p Den 11

MOUSE Deadline

5:15p Confirmation Class 6p Soup & Spirit

1p Knitting

7-8p Tiger Scouts


4p Midweek Bible Class 5:15p Confirmation

9a Crafty Crafters

9a No Sunday School 9:20a Bible Study 10:30a Worship w/ Reverse Offering


7p Choir

Team 4 ushers

5p Hope Anglican


6:30p Girl Scouts

4p Midweek Bible Class 5:15p Confirmation

5p Hope Anglican



30 6p Lazarus House Dinner


Community Congregational Church 100 E. Shannon Street Elburn, Illinois 60119

March 2012


God is still speaking,



Dedicate Easter flowers to YOUR loved ones! Orders for Easter flowers will be received through March 20. Cost is $8.00 for lilies & tulips, $9.00 for bulb gardens. You may indicate if the flowers are given in memory, honor or celebration of a loved one, or as a thank offering. Those wishing to take their plant with them may do so after 10:30am Easter worship. A list of flower donors & honorees will be included in the Easter bulletin. Your name


Easter Lily ________ Bulb Garden ________ Tulips_________ In memory of _________________________________________ In honor of


In celebration of


In gratitude for


Amount enclosed: _____________ NOTE: We special ordered 5 Bulb Gardens—first come, first served.

The March 2012 Church Mouse  

The newsletter of the Community Congregational Church of Elburn.

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