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What is Physical Activity? Anything that gets you moving!

Benefits of Physical Activity • Helps people achieve and maintain a healthy weight • Reduces feelings of stress, anxiety & depression • Builds and maintains healthy bones, muscles & joints • Boosts energy level • Improves quality of sleep

What is Physical Fitness? Good health or physical condition, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition.

Components of Fitness? 4 Components of Fitness:  Aerobic  Muscular  Flexibility  Body Composition

Some of these activities include:  - Jogging  - Walking  - Cross-country skiing  - Bicycling

Exercise Your Body & Mind Yoga Reduce Stress Increase strength Increase Flexibility Increase Energy

Boston Bruins  
Boston Bruins  

Boston Bruins is the name of an ice hockey team from Boston in Massachusetts. Boston Bruins was started in the year of 1924 so it is the old...