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Health Care Aides’ Work Lives Health care aides provide basic daily care for ill and disabled patients that are unable to live independent lifestyles. Usually, there is a timetable that the health care aide must follow when performing routine tasks for the patients. The health care aide will care for the hygiene needs of the patients. He will bathe and dress the patients. He will shave and comb the patient’s hairs. The health care aide will prepare the meal according to the patients’ special dietary needs. health care aides assist the patients to do limb exercises. They will always make sure the clients are comfortable in bed. They record the status of the patients by taking note of any sign of improvement or deterioration in the patients’ health. They clean the clothes of the patients and help them in toileting. Health Care Aides Must Have Kind Nature Health care aides must be friendly, outgoing and cheerful all the time. They should have a humorous nature and know how to entertain patients. Health care aides must have good listening skills and always be ready to listen to what the patients want to tell them. They must be compassionate and caring towards the patients. They must be knowledgeable in preventing infections from spreading. Health care aides must know how to take initiatives whenever help is needed. They also must have good team working skills. Challenges in Health Care Aides Jobs Health care aide jobs may be tough because of having to deal with unhygienic things such as vomiting, urines, feces and bad smells. Sometimes, they have to cope with the death of the patients since they will have got to know them very well after for a period of working at the facility. Health Care Aides Must Be Well Trained In the past, most health care aide alberta professionals never undergo formal training. Nowadays, people who want to enter the field must take part in the health care aide training programs. The health care aide training alberta program will teach them basic skills including administer medications, prepare nutritious meals, assist patients with mobility or impairment problems, carry out care plans, and admit and discharge patients according to the right procedure. Positive Growth of Health Care Aide Jobs Statistic shows that health care aide jobs are growing at a higher rate compare to other industries. It is expected that the growth of health care aide jobs will increase by 69% by 2020. More and more senior patients with mobility problems are turning to nursing homes. This means that more home health care aide jobs alberta will be available in the future.

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Health care aides work with doctors to care for patients’ needs. Health care aides are just like nurses that work at the hospitals.

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