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Live Transfer Insurance leads One of the most convenient and profitable ways to gain customers for insurance companies is the service of live transfer insurance leads. For this service, the plan is very simple. You don’t pay for anything except for the live transfer to your company. This live transfer means that each call is pre-screened for quality and then routed to your companies line so the customer can be pitched to. The selling of insurance is a very highly competitive industry and small companies need all the traffic and leads they can get. The Pay Per Call Exchange offers the service of live transfer insurance leads to help insurance businessesall across the nation. Life Transfer Insurance leads can vary in price depending on your needs. We understand that the live transfer leads must be valuable and beneficial to your company so they are competitively priced to fall within the companies budget. Don’t be afraid to call us and receive a quote, as it might double or even triple your leads and in return, profit! live2478271

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Live Transfer Insurance Leads