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D’Andre Miller Prof. Delhagen The Writer’s Mind April 21, 2014 Lesson Learned “Are you going to practice today?” I responded with a drowsy “Yes.” So I flipped the covers off and quickly got dressed. My mom said, “Your dad is coming to get you to take you to morning practice.” After hearing that, I nodded my head to confirm that he was taking me. I looked back at my mom and said, “You sure you can’t take me to practice?” She looked at me with a crazy look then said, “Are you and your dad ok?”, “Yes,” I responded. Finally, my dad arrived in his off-white 2012 Nissan Murano. I gave my mom a kiss on the cheek and left my house. “What’s up, son?” were the words my dad spoke when I got in the car. Still tired, I responded “Good Morning, dad.” I didn’t really feel like talking. Anything he asked me just went through one ear and out the other. That probably had to be the most awkward drive of my life. I became elated to reach Camden High School gym. “Go head son. I will catch up,” my dad said. He stayed behind in the car because of the phone call he had just received. When I walked up to the gym doors, I waited for the custodian to come open up the side door. My teammates were already in the gym shooting the basketball around. I greeted them in a cool way, “What’s up guys, what y’all up to?” “Just chilling and getting some shots up.” my friend Donovan answered. My coach and my dad came through the door. Everybody knew what that meant. We all were dressed and ready to go for practice. Coach wanted to talk to us first. The team sat in the middle of the court in a circle. “Alright guys, I know we lost last game because we were terrible on defense. But I

guarantee that we will pick it up.” After a few more words of encouragement, coach directed the team to the baseline. We ran a few sprints then set up for the lay-up line. After quickly moving through lay-up drills, we transitioned to shooting drills until we finished. Then it was the moment that everybody waited for. Scrimmage was the best time at practice because everybody got to showcase their skills and talent. During the scrimmage, coach had a family emergency. “Say Mike (my dad’s name), would you mind taking over me?” My dad quickly responded with a grin on his face, “Yes.” I was stepping out of my comfort zone in the scrimmage. Shooting and dribbling the ball is something I didn’t do on a daily basis in games nor practice. I thought I was doing good until a series of bad plays got me put on the sideline by my dad. Already heavy on animosity against my dad, I went to the sideline angry. I decided to lay down instead of sitting on the sideline. “GET UP, D!” my dad yelled. He yelled it again. After not getting up, he launched the basketball that was in his hands at me. ‘Whizz!’ went the basketball, just barely missing me. I quickly got up with both fists clinched and went over to my dad while he was approaching me. I attempted to throw a punch but he pinned my arms down by my side. All I heard my dad say was “NO D, I’M NOT GOING TO FIGHT YOU!” I was trying to shake loose like a pitbull in a muzzle. All of my teammates on the basketball court turned around to see what was going. My mother was there to pick me up and she just happen to be walking into the gym the same time this was transpiring. She separated both of us. “You two better STOP!” she said. My mom restrained me while my dad went back to finish up coaching practice.


“I can’t do this anymore”, my ex-girlfriend said.

“But why?” I laid on my bed with the phone in my hand and a puzzled look on my face. I kept asking the same question and she kept giving me the same response. After a while I gave up trying to figure out and stopped asking. I asked her, “So what does this mean?” “IT MEANS I’M NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND NO MORE!" I dropped my head like a kid who couldn’t get any ice cream. Felt like my heart was thrown in the trash or on the side of the road. Holding the phone up to my ear with pure silence between both of us, neither one of us said anything for 3 minutes. What I didn’t realize is that two of her friends were with her the whole time she was breaking up with me. I heard the two voices in the background. “Are you okay, D?” I responded with a quiet, low-pitched voice “No.” As my ex-girlfriend’s friends gave her the phone back, I overheard one of them say, “Awww, I feel so bad for him.” That made me feel even worse. She got back on the phone. “Well, I have to go so take care of yourself.” she said. We both hung up the phone. I didn’t want to concede one of the special things in my life. After what occurred, it was extremely difficult for me to sleep that night. I woke up the next day in a depressed state that I did not want to converse with any of the people in my household. I didn’t know what to do because my mind was all over the place. I had moments throughout the day when I just wanted to text her, but I refused. I logged onto MySpace to see if anybody posted a comment on my page. I couldn’t resist myself from going on to my ex-girlfriend’s page. When on her page, I looked for more answers as why she broke up with me. While observing her page, I saw the most terrifying thing on there. Her and another guy were hugged up in the picture. I began to shed a tear. Sitting in my dark room lonely, My mother

peeked in my room and noticed that a few tears was on my cheeks and asked, “What’s wrong, D’Andre?” I was hesitant to tell her because I just wanted to deal with this situation on my own. “I had something in my eye.” For some reason, she saw right through me. “Come on D’Andre, you think I’m stupid?” “No mom.” “Well, explain to me what happened.” “Ok mom, my girlfriend broke up with me.” Her motherly instincts kicked in and she began to discuss methods how I can get by this tough time. “D’Andre, there are plenty of girls that would be blessed to have you. That particular girl did not see your worth but I’m sure another girl will see your worth if you give them chance. You just have to watch who you put your trust in”, She said.

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