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Maximize your salon’s earning potential. Let Meevo 2 show you how.

Revolutionary Cloud-Based Software Meevo is the most powerful, simple, and unique point-of-sale and management system in the industry.

Cloud architecture & technology supported by Amazon Web Services

Millennium System International’s Meevo is the next generation of beautiful tools for a beautiful industry.

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The Time Clock, Simplified The Time Clock in Meevo is designed with the user in mind. Punching in and out is quick and beautiful, all while maintaining accuracy.

Clock In

Break Out

Break In



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Clock Out



No messy payroll with double punch ins


Forced clock-in and auto clockout features


Direct access to time sheets, no need to toggle between screens

Your World in One Screen The Smart Center is a live tile representation of data. Everything you need to manage your business right at your fingertips.

Salon Managers

Front Desk Professionals Owners

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Personalize to fit your creative style and your brand


Design dashboards based on roles


See important KPIs in real-time

Tell Meevo What You Want Simplify front desk operations and give your staff more time to take care of clients. The Convobar® is a revolutionary way to look at the appointment book. Type or speak in dates, service providers, clients, and more to instantly find what you need.

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Type Use Meevo’s patented Convobar to quickly search what you’re looking for or create reservations within the appointment book


Speak Use your voice and take advantage of voice recognition to navigate or create reservations within Meevo

A Smart Appointment Book Made for Beauty Professionals Intuitive, sleek, and sophisticated - Meevo’s Appointment Book makes booking and managing appointments simple.



Spend less time scanning for open appointments with the Convobar ÂŽ


Drag and drop appointments


Resource management tools for dividable service rooms



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The Register That Has It All Meevo’s point-of-sale system is robust and easy to use. With elegance and ease, finalize each and every sale without any hassle.

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The Products • Product recommendations • Variants • Product packages


Redeem Packages • Split and merge • Unlimited packages • Upgrade packages


Discounts • Automatically applied discounts • Buy one, get one • Discounts based on client type (employee, VIP, friends and family)

Make Your Business Available 24/7 Meevo’s powerful booking platform allows you to create a customized interface that speaks to your brand. Included with your Meevo subscription, Online Booking provides clients with ownership in the process, giving them control, flexibility, and convenience – a necessity in today’s fast-paced digital world.


Choose a Service

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Security & Alerts Meevo’s advanced security system makes sure that your data is locked down. Monitor your business whether in-house or on the go.

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We Hire People Who Know the Industry

Robert Maconi

Vice President of Enterprise Sales & Owner of Elysium Salon & Spa

Customer Retention Specialist & Front Desk Manager

Lauren Roorda

Gavin Smith

Ruth Gonzalez

Tanya Reece

Rowena Jaico

Janice Hernandez

Bart Halaczkiewicz

Learning Specialist & Beauty & Wellness Professional

Learning Manager & Professional Hairstylist

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Account Executive & Professional Barber

Account Executive & Professional Hairstylist, Make-up Expert

Learning Specialist & Inventory Manager

Program Analyst & Inventory Manager

Cali Curcione

Social Media & Events Specialist & Salon & Events Coordinator

Cristina Lerner

Implementation Team Leader & Salon Manager

Touch Base Please reach out to us if you need any further information about Millennum S.I.’s Meevo or would like to request a quote. We would be happy to assist you! Email: Call: 888.813.2141

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Meevo 2 Test ePack  

Meevo 2 Test ePack