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Marcelle Hanselaar Biting the Bullet


Figurative art can do two things: it can tell a story or create a presence. The first we call narrative art; the second has no name. But if the first is close to theatre, the second is closer to poetry, its nature being essentially contemplative. Hanselaar’s earlier paintings were theatrical, complete with costumes, props and performing animals, but her recent work has veered towards the poetic. Its subject matter, she recognises, is quite slight: “All the weight is in the mode of the figure - it’s really the presence of the person, the skin.” A feel for flesh is something we associate with northern European art, a tradition to which Hanselaar, born in Rotterdam, belongs. But as a woman she has her own approach to nudity, giving its historically male perspective a sometimes disturbingly female twist. Despite their provocative poses, Hanselaar’s female nudes are not about sex. The twisted hips of ‘La Grande Horizontale’ may recall the sexual contortionism of Picasso; the bathing beauty in ‘Spectators’ may follow a line of Susannas and Bathshebas; and the nude draped over the ‘Bed of Nails’ may echo Fuseli’s The Nightmare - minus incubus - but the titillation factor is completely absent. Hanselaar’s women aren’t sending out the usual signals. Their bodies may suggest availability, but their nervous hands and challenging expressions suggest otherwise. Theirs is a solitary eroticism: they are comfortable in their skin (even when, as in ‘Hairy Beauty’, it sprouts hairs in all the wrong places) but they are alone in it.

Even the child-woman in ‘Afraid of the Dark 3’ seems less disturbed by the enveloping darkness than by the light that intrudes on her privacy. If Hanselaar’s women are self-absorbed, her men are even more so. ‘Warrior 1’ wears the accusatory stare of a person looking out of a MISSING poster – lost but not necessarily wanting to be found. The male nude recently entered her repertoire after a break-up made her aware of how little knowledge women have of men beyond their own desires. What does your partner do when the music stops? The men in her pictures, often young and rather feminine, have “a stillness which is not very masculine,” she admits. Like her single women, they take up defensive positions: both, in their different ways, are biting the bullet. One male nude faces ‘That Inevitable Moment 3’ with his thumb casually hooked through his barbed wire belt. Her portrait subjects, too, seem to await development as their images take shape through the veils of paint. After the stillness of the paintings, Hanselaar’s new prints burst upon us like a carnival passing through. With each new etching series, the action becomes more furious and the cast of characters more bizarre. ‘Ways of the World’ adds shadowy homburg-hatted men and burka-clad women to the tarty temptresses and bemused animals of former series. Graphic ideas tend to come to Hanselaar in the middle of the night; only half-processed by the conscious mind, they retain the wild inconsequence of dreams. Her prints are a ribald theatre of the absurd, while her paintings offer a sensual space for contemplation.


Laura Gascoigne


oil on canvas

97 x 76 cm 3



oil on canvas

100 x 90 cm


The Visitor


oil on canvas

90 x 100 cm



Home Sweet Home

oil on canvas

110 x 95 cm


Afraid of the Dark 3


oil on canvas

70 x 60 cm


Study of an Unknown Girl 2 12

oil on canvas

40 x 35 cm

Study of an Unknown Girl 1

oil on canvas

40 x 35 cm 13


Hairy Beauty

oil on canvas

97 x 76 cm


Red Riding Hood 2


oil on canvas

90 x 120 cm


La Grande Horizontale 18

oil on canvas

70 x 95 cm


oil on canvas

80 x 100 cm 19



oil on canvas

102 x 62 cm


Warrior 1 22

oil on canvas

101 x 77 cm

Warrior 3

oil on canvas

97 x 77 cm 23

That Inevitable Moment 3


oil on canvas

90 x 70 cm



Between a Rock and a Hard Place

oil on canvas

90 x 65 cm


Colander Blues 28

oil on canvas

70 x 60 cm


oil on canvas

51 x 41 cm 29

Ways of the World 1 30

etching / aquatint

45 x 39 cm

Ways of the World 2

etching / aquatint

50 x 40 cm 31

Ways of the World 3 32

etching / aquatint

50 x 40 cm

Ways of the World 4

etching / aquatint

50 x 40 cm 33

Ways of the World 5 34

etching / aquatint

50 x 40 cm

Marcelle Hanselaar was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and travelled extensively in Asia and Europe before finally settling down in her studio in central London. Although she studied briefly at The Royal Academy, The Hague,1962-’64, she is entirely self-taught in the medium of oil paint. In 1992/93 and again in 1995/96 Hanselaar was invited to teach painting at the S.W.Teaching University, Chongqing, China. She also taught drawing at Sotheby’s Educational Institute, London from 1989-’99. Around that time Hanselaar became interested in etching and learned printmaking first at Morley College and later at Kensington & Chelsea College. Marcelle Hanselaar’s early painting was abstract but from 1992 her work became completely figurative. She is a member of The London Group and the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE) Solo Exhibitions 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2001 2000 1999 1996 1994 1988 1986 1983 1982

Biting the Bullet, Millennium, St.Ives, Cornwall Sticks & Stones, University Gallery, Northumbria University, Newcastle- Upon Tyne Mama Mama, The Bear is Loose, Quest 21, Brussels Sweet ‘n’ Low, Viktor Wynd Fine Art inc. London Back to Basics, SNAP Gallery, Edmonton, Canada The Weight of Smoke, Galerie de Buytensael, Arnhem The Weight of Smoke, East West Gallery, London Down the Rabbithole, University of Aberystwyth Gallery, Aberystwyth The Weight of Smoke, De Queeste Art, Watou The Weight of Smoke, University of Brussels Gallery, Brussels La Petite Mort, Stephanie Burns Fine Art,Canberra Intimate Conversations, Artonomy Fine Art, Truro La Petite Mort,19 etchings, East West Gallery, London La Petite Mort, De Queeste Kunstkamers, Watou Shouts & Whispers, Stephanie Burns Gallery, Canberra Silence is Easy, De Queeste Kunstkamers, Watou You Said You Loved Me, RM Art, Essen Sometimes I Dream About Reality, East West Gallery, London Incomplete Tales, Erasmus Gallery, Rotterdam All of Me, East West Gallery, London Crossing Borders, Gallery at Royal Crescent, Edinburgh Close to the Bone, New Hall, Cambridge Burying the Hatchet, the Millinery Works, London Collyer Bristow Gallery, London Galerie Reisel, Rotterdam Last Gallery, London Art Space Gallery, London Clare Hall, Cambridge Stedelijk Museum, Alkmaar

Selected Group Exhibitions 2010 2009

RA Summer Exhibition, London Multiplied Art Fair, Christies SK, London The House of Fairy Tales, Millenium, St. Ives The House of Fairy Tales, Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn The House of Fairy Tales, Salisbury Arts Centre, Salisbury St. David¹s Hall Printmaking Biennale, Cardiff International Prints, Qijiang, China North Lincolnshire National Print Open, North Lincolnshire 400 Women, Shoreditch Town Hall Gallery, London and touring BIMPE IV mini print Biennale, Vancouver, Canada, touring London Art Fair, Islington London Original Print Fair Metamorphoses, 4th Biennale de l’estampes de Saint Maur

2009 2008 2007 2006 2006 2005 2004 2003

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2003 2002 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989

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Residency Frans Masereel Center, Belgium Aberystwyth, University of Wales Purchase Prize Originals 06, London Presse Papier Award, Biennale Int. d’estampe Contemporaine de Trois- Rivieres, Quebec, Canada

All works from this exhibition 2009 - 2010

Bed of Nails

oil on canvas

63 x 103 cm

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Marcelle Hanselaar 'Biting the Bullet'